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  1. So, who else is getting ready to be bombarded with snow?

    We're expecting 18-24 inches where I am, with a chance of three inches an hour at some point tomorrow. Not looking forward to it at all, but hopefully that means next week I'll be able to sleep in next week because school will be canceled.

    So, who else is getting hit? And what are you planning on doing while you're stuck inside the house?

    I'm going to catch up on my rps, and read lots of scary stories about people getting stuck in snowstorms. :)
  2. This is completely average for upstate New York.

    Hell, it had been weird NOT getting this kind of snow until now.

    It's honestly kind of humorous watching everyone freak out thinking they're gonna die from a foot or two of snow. :P Up where I live, we're all just like "Oh, there's the snow we're used to. Finally." I mean, not that I was looking forward to this or anything. I kind of liked having a mild, unusually warm winter for once. Even though it's probably a sign of global warming at work, which I shouldn't be all too happy about.

    "Stuck inside the house"? Pshhhh....~ I'm just glad the high school days of freezing my ass off waiting for the bus so early in the morning that the sun hasn't even come up yet to even begin to heat up the desolate winter wasteland for the day are long gone. Although, trudging across campus once the semester starts next week probably won't be all too fun, either...
  3. We don't get snow over here, it's rarely ever cold enough for it. So instead we just get drenched in rain, which is a good thing cuz we kinda need it right now; stupid California and it's drought. >3<
  4. Remember, this question is coming from someone who lived in Florida for the past 8 years and completely forgot what it's like to deal with snow. XD I'm stuck in the house, because there's no way I'm stepping foot near the white stuff!
  5. Well, I mean, I don't like going outside in the snow, either, if I can help it. Just because we get as much snow as we do up where I live doesn't mean I like it. XD

    I'm just saying that the world isn't exactly stopping over here and closing everything down just because of a little snowfall. XD So people won't exactly be "stuck inside" or anything. Not here, at least. :P

    Hell, I recall snow days being so rare that they'd practically never happen unless the wind chill was nearly bad enough to kill you or the snow was piled tall enough to block doorways. Well, at least in my school district, anyway. I do recall that we were the one district that would stay open even when all the other schools were closed... But even then, fuckin' Lake Ontario's left us all so desensitized to this kind of stuff that the weather has to be damn near apocalyptic to expect a lot of things to start closing.
  6. People who are living in cities that get little to no snow every year have every right to be worried! Their cities won't be prepared for such a heavy snow fall because there isn't really a precedent. People aren't used to driving in the snow, the city's snowplow fleet will guaranteed not be large enough, people may not own appropriate clothes, etc. Living somewhere where we generally receive excessive amounts of snowfall from as early as September to as late as May, as well as temperatures that routinely hit below -40C means that we have certain systems in place to help us out without even realizing it. (Special gasoline, a generally sufficient snow removal system, everyone has winter tires, etc.) We have experience so we're prepared. If a city never gets snow, even just a little bit can be a very bad thing, especially for those people who are homeless or don't have the proper tools and means to protect themselves.
  7. Everything here is getting shut right the fuck down.

    I was supposed to go get a paycheck today, goddammit. >:[
  8. I wasn't trying to say that I don't get why other cities are concerned. I understand that they're less prepared and not as used to it and all that.

    I was just saying that, where I live, I won't be experiencing the "stuck inside" scenario that the OP described, because this is normal.

    And that the amount of snow that the rest of the country is freaking out about (rightfully so, I get it, but, still freaking out nonetheless), is something that we experience every winter. So... that's my take on the current situation, and that gives some insight into what I'll be doing during this "blizzard", as per the OP's question. Because to me, and everyone else in my neck of the woods, this doesn't mean that anyone's staying home from school/work. It isn't even noteworthy enough to call a blizzard.

    I mean, you're totally right and all that. And I wasn't trying to dismiss the concerns of other parts of the world. Just... responding to the OP's question in regards to what's going on over in my part of town. Which I feel is still relevant to the topic at hand.
  9. I'm so jealous. ;__; We're having a warmer winter here and it's just awful. I want my snow and ice! I haven't even had to put on shoes that need socks yet!
  10. I don't think I'm even going to get hit, so, ):

    Plus it's over a weekend. Why couldn't it be over a week day? If we do get hit by snow...

    I've only been working for like half a year, and never in the snowy parts of the year. If there's a blizzard and 2 feet of snow, I don't know if my work is closed??? Open??? Will my boss tell me???? Anxiety!!

    If it was on a week day I'd get out of school but now it just messes with work T.T

    Oh... Wrong kind of Blizzard. :(


    God Dammit! >.<

    *Goes to check window*

    I'd say we have an inch or two of snow at most at the moment.
    Completely manageable... Still prefer the indoors though.

    So unless if it's coming very soon, I don't see any sign of a Blizzard where I am.
  12. What I would give for some snow down here in drought-stricken southern California. You lucky bastards.
  13. Looks like I'm not getting out to work in the morning either. So much for getting good hours this week. >:[
  14. I'm not getting out for the next 24 hours. My truck doesn't have snow tires....=/
  15. I live in Canada

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  16. FUCK SNOW.
  17. Laying in bed, listening to the roaring wind as snow sexually assaults everything. Just heard someone scream ohmygod and crying lolol

    Expecting a foot in NYC.
  18. School cancelling for snow....

    That's adorable.
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  19. [​IMG]
    I can see it being closed depending on how bad the Blizzard is.

    Like if it's creating serious road conditions for school buses?
    It can be argued in the students best interest to cancel for safety reasons.
  20. Eighteen inches here so far, and we're only 1/2 through! Haven't gotten hit with the wind yet. That's coming soon.

    Less than 24 hours trapped with my kids, and I'm ready to kill.....
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