Blitzkrieg wants a Brawl

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  1. So, I'm new here. This is evident by the little caption somewhere to the left of here saying "NEW REGISTRATION" and the little pips at the bottom left of which there is one and also probably some other stuff, not the least of which being that I just said it.

    That all being said, I love duels. Fighting. Mano y Mano. Battle to the death. Preferably the comic book kind so I can fight someone else with new scars and new stories to tell. Fighting is how I develop my personal characters, how I discover new ways to use them, how I flesh out their histories and forge new ones. They are forged in the fire of battle and can always use some reforging.

    Sentimentality aside, stabbing people is fun and I haven't done enough of it in recent memory. This must be rectified. Violently.

    I'm looking for one on one duels. Probably no more than a couple opponents at a time, I imagine that's all I can handle for the moment. No gods but I like my fights superhuman. You come to me, you name the setting, the battlefield, and give me a ballpark power level for the character you want to use: low, medium, or high. Low being normal humans with excellent skill, medium being significantly superhuman (genius counts here, if you're normal but you know how to turn a fire hydrant into a nuclear reactor with a paperclip and some chewing gum, you're medium) and high being city-levelers, your Gokus and Hulks, "Z" level combatants if you will.

    I don't want to see character profiles. Tell me what I asked for and we'll decide who makes first post, but beyond the bare minimum information necessary for writing an intro (basically a name, sometimes less than that) I like my fights to be a surprise. Give me a profile if you feel the need but I have no need for it and you won't get one from me. (If the fight goes on and you feel like I'm pulling shit out of my ass and making crap up just to beat you, ask me and I'll furnish you with a profile detailing the full abilities of my character so you'll know I'm not godmodding. It's never had to come to that before and I hope it won't, but there it is.) I would prefer that you make first post but I'll do it if you want me to.

    If there's anything you feel I've left out that aught to be on a request like this feel free to suggest it. Butuh, barring that, yeah. Fight me. Unless you're a wuss. You wusses.
  2. Admittedly, a fight to the death would be a first for me. But if I think up something awesome, I will be back! You like superpowers but do you have a preference on being hero or villain?
  3. I like my villains. But when it comes to duels the line can blur. Villains can always find a reason to pick a fight and just look at comic books to see all the dumb reasons they get heroes to beat each other up.

    Doesn't have to be a fight to the death either. I mean obviously, logically, most of the time the loser will be smart enough to boogey out of there before they can get murdelated. The trick then is just getting away clean without the victor trying to prevent your escape, should they be the battle to the death type :p
  4. Admittedly, just having a profile with things listed out doesn't mean a person isn't fundamentally god modding but whatever. I trust that the bunch are supposed to be generally at least attempting to be fair.
  5. Of course. I mean simply that when I play a character I plan their precise limitations, but I do like saving things for opportune moments, and I don't want anyone to feel like I'm just coming up with new things just so I won't die. They were things that were always there, I just chose not to use them. Hence the profile. Obviously that doesn't preclude other forms of godmodding but yes the idea is not to do that anyway.
  6. I suppose I could go a few rounds with you if you like, low power scale, though. I get rather tired of those who think that people survive sword slashes to the neck and such. The higher end of the power scale leaves too much to interpretation for my taste and often becomes a game of "Who's going to nuke more?"
  7. Sounds good to me. Setting and battlefield, and will you start or shall I?
  8. I don't really care.
  9. I wouldn't mind testing my combat writing.

    Just a little recommendation, consider also thinking of changing or slightly altering that power system you have there. I have my own personal system if you want to hear it, it's actually a pretty simple three level system almost like yours, though the grouping is different.
  10. Nevvy, how does near-future in a bar in the slums sound to you?

    I'll be glad to spar with you, Wonder. What's your system? Mine is sort of shoddy, I've never been able to come up with a decent power system that didn't require three pages of explanation.
  11. That's fine.

    Here's an easy system. It has more levels but they're self explanatory.

    Normal people
    Normal people (anime) (this is because normal people in anime almost always exhibit unnatural talent)
    Unpowered, skilled
    Minor powers
    Powers w/ some superhuman
    The Nuke Class
    The god tier
  12. It's almost like what Nevvy's got. Only I slap into three more generalized tiers.

    Tier 1: Street Levelers mostly. We start with people who can do some fairly impressive stuff by the standards of a normal person, maybe they can move very quickly, but generally under the speed of sound (unless speed is one of their traits), and in terms of destructive power, the highest on this tier could probably handle a normal sized house, small building, or something along those lines

    Best Examples- My personal best examples would include Spiderman, and most X-Men for powered types. The unpowered tend to fall into this range at the much lower areas, only going higher should they have some kind of weapon or technology to ascend.

    Tier Two: This is where I see things really starting to shift upwards. This is the area where I start grouping characters like Hulk, Thor, Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash, DBZ characters, Iron Man, just to name a few. Generally people who can move at supersonic/hypersonic speeds, going into leveling cities for the lowest, with the most upper levels of the second tier being able to move at the speed of light or faster, with destructive power going into at least being capable of taking out an entire planet or so.

    Tier Three: Tier three is about as high as it goes for me. At this point, only certain characters classified as high level tier two's can just barely go over the bar to be a low tier three (certain iterations of Superman, Silver Surfer, etc). Otherwise, Tier three is comprised mostly of godly beings, cosmic entities, and the like. These are beings that casually destroy a planet or planets, or possibly even solar systems/galaxies/etc, such as Galactus, The Anti-Monitor, and others of that nature.

    This is a basic structure I personally follow. I get into more detail when measuring up two specific characters though.