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  1. Behold... my paintings and sketches that don't really make any sense or have any real meaning.

    "The Eye"

    "Descending Soul"


    "Kifi Cartoonism"

  2. How those are realy good, I'de like to know why you sign you're stuff with an alfa, or is that simply an a?
  3. It's a symbol combining the first letters of my first and last name..... a & t mixed together. Better than scribbling my signature everywhere ^^ My signature is rather horrible looking.
  4. As well it should be.
  5. Awesome work! The proportions in the bodies are ideal! And I love the use of pen strokes to convey your images. And I love the darkness in both your paintings, it's enticingly beautiful! Good work!
  6. Thank you TK ^^
  7. He smiled and patted the child on there head. "I'll go warm her up some milk. You go wash her up."
  8. *curls up into a foetal position in the corner and rocks back and forth*

    No.... no.... not the spoon.... spoon.... bad..... very bad....
  9. (Original Poster: Gwazi Magnum)

    AUGUST 14, 2016

    A long time ago, in the old Wes Dynasty was a man... A very special man named...


    Wait a minute! Wasn't I Russian? What gives!? Anyways currently I'm positioned in a Japanese Military base, not quite sure what the assignment is and I don't so much care. All that's important to know is that I'm here, some teen idol pop star is performing for us, cause that's not odd... Oh, and my mates are here too I guess.


    Tyril was wandering about the Military Base, off duty at the moment and had some time to kill. He could engage in the usual pissing contests the men had with one another, but why do the plain old routine stuff when something new shows up at the base? He made is way to where he heard the Pop Idol singer was last, and showed up just in time to hear the girl getting excited about the stuff at the base. He gave a smug smirk towards this and began to gloat "Oh yeah! I guess you could say this stuff was cool... Maybe. Tanks? Fighter Jets? They are flashy, but you haven't even scratched the surface kids". Then realising he didn't even introduce himself yet he stuck out his hand (wait, what? When have I been polite?) and said "Oh, and you can call me Tyril Wes. Leader of Squad Servant".
  10. those paintings look like oils, which in itself is fucking awesome!

    I'm with Nic, Descending Soul is awesome
  11. Thanks peeps!

    Though it's acrylic ^^;

    My brother paints oils and it stinks!! I mainly work with felt tip pens though. A lot less messy and a lot more clean. I may post another felt tip pen work soon, perhaps more elaborate.
  12. i found that i prefered Acrylics over oils because their quicker to use.....gouache even more so than acrylics.

    still, fucking awesome works.
  13. You probably should keep them in one place at a time so you don't mess with their own timeline.