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  1. The young girl had not been home for very long, and patiently awaited her mothers return from the market. She had wanted to surprise her mother when she returned. Slowly Sayomi walked around the house. It looked different than when she had left. Before it was plain, nothing special about the house, and nearly no furniture. No one in the family had been home more than a few days, and almost never all at once, so it did not require much.

    After her father had died, her mother decided that she was out of the trade. She was done killing people. Sayomi's rose lips stayed in a slight frown as she walked and looked at everything. There were now chairs, and a table, vases and paintings. Everything she never thought that she would see in her house before. To her, it was just too much change, as if a part of her was no longer around. The women didn't even venture upstairs before she decided she was done looking, and sat down at the table, eating an apple.

    It was not long before she heard her mother humming, causing a smile to finally appear on her face. She stayed sitting, and waited, wringing her hands in anticipation. When her mother opened the door, green eyes met green eyes and her mother squealed with happiness, running inside. Sayomi stood up, and hugged her mother.

    "Sayomi! Oh my! You are finally home! I have missed you so much, how have you been? Are you okay? Did the job go okay? Did anyone see you? Are you thirsty? Let me get you so tea. Sit. Sit." Her mother started running around the kitchen, bringing out more fruits and cheeses. She brought out chunks of meats and breads with the tea and went back into the kitchen doing something that Sayomi couldn't see.

    "Mama! You need to calm down. Come and sit with me, and lets talk. I don't plan on going anywhere any time soon, so stop your running around." Her sultry voice rang through the house with authority to catch her mothers attention. When her mother stopped, she walked out of the kitchen and sat down. Sayomi ran a hand through her long black hair, the smile returning to her full lips.

    They sat and talked, Sayomi answering all her mothers questions, except for the one she asked the most. When she was going to stop being an assassin and come home to be with her.
  2. An abrupt knocking at the door interrupted the reunion between mother and child, the rapping coming three times over, followed by a curt, "H-hello?"

    The voice itself sounded rather shaky and out-of-ease, and the man behind the sound was no less so. His small, hunched stature hovered behind the door, casting a shadow into the room from the light of midday. By the raspiness of the voice, it could be told that the man was well into his years, and expecting not to last much longer. As he completed each repetition, the knocks would come faster, and with more urgency than the last.
  3. Sayomi looked at her mother who shrugged. She didn't know who the man was. Instincts told her mother to leave the room and stay out of the conversation.

    "What can I do for you sir?" She asked the man, her piercing eyes stabbing into him. She watched and waited for him to come inside. She had a feeling this was going to go one of two ways. Either he was going to ask for her mother or father and be disappointed, or the man had something for her. Sayomi couldn't see why he would be coming to her, she didn't see anything that would set him off as a target to anyone. Reaching out she grabbed a cup of tea and sipped it slowly, waiting for a response.
  4. "This is the Chi residence, I assume? I heard you were all in a...particular line of work." The man attempts to gain his composure, his hands shaky and his eyes darting to and fro. "Er, anyways, I have a 'job' for one of you...but you look rather young to be in this kind of business. I assume your mother or father is around?" The man smiles nervously and takes a quick glance behind himself before entering the household, seeming to understand the kind of people he was hoping to hire. His steps are begrudging and his movement is slow. His age is apparent through his gait. However, his clothes are much more "ornate" than what would be expected around town, almost royal in nature, composed of reds and purples varying in hue.
  5. Even though Sayomi's lips smiled, her eyes held a dangerous look to them as she glared at the man. "I was not aware that there was an age requirement for this line of work. My father has passed, and my mother no longer works. So it is just I left." She placed the cup down and continued to stare at the man from under her black hair. "It is up to you if you wish to seek my help. But it has been me and only me running the family business for the past year,and you have still managed to hear my name."

    The girl stood at last, her dark purplish grey top matched with her leather pants made her look slightly taller than she was. "You are no ordinary just farm folk. What is it? Someone not agreeing with what you wish to be done? You want to move up by getting rid of someone? Or did your wife go off for a night with another man perhaps?" Out of habit, her hand slid down to the dagger that rest on her hip as she waited for him to continue to speak. They were a distance from the town, but not far enough out to be suspicious. Her mother had been able to make friends now that she had been here, so people had assumed that her and her husband had been merchants and that it was just gossip that would sometimes circulate around about what they truly did. Always using the excuse that they wouldn't allow a family of assassins to just live in their city.
  6. "My apologies!" The man quickly uttered as he realized his offense. "I-I had no intention of... *ahem* well, it's nothing s-so crass as moving up in the world. No, I am far too aged for that kind of desire now. Rather, I desire to avenge my late liege's death. I used to be a close advisor to the King, you see. He was a good friend... Now the queen only keeps me around for the prince." The man wipes his brow with a velvet handkerchief, then continues, "Listen to me babble. I shall get straight to the point! I want the prince dead. I finally pieced it together, you see! The prince, in his desire for the kingdom, must have poisoned his father! He is the only one with motive too, for the king was kind and loving to all his subjects... Even the queen would have nothing to gain, for she would just be forcefully wed to one of those brigand 'kings' from outside the haildom."

    The man took a breath, his eyes darting from wall to wall. With a bit more hesitation, he reached into a pocket on his shirt and pulled out a small, yet weighty, purse of coins. "Any payment you desire should be within this purse. Now, the queen is hosting a public get-together on tomorrow's eve to celebrate the prince's coronation. If you feel so inclined to go, there is also an invitation within the purse." The man held the purse out to Sayomi expectantly, hoping to be on his way as soon as possible.
  7. Sayomi watched the man and listened. If it was not the queen that had wanted the king dead, what was the son to gain. Did he want a war that his father did not? Many ideas ran through her head as she listened. "I trust what you say, only because no where can I think of what you would gain from the prince dying." She reached out, and took the purse and set it on the table. "I will attend the gathering, to look about and get a feel for the castle and to see what I can about the prince. I am not the typical run of the mill assassin. I do attempt to get in and out without as little hassle as possible."

    Slowly her green eyes looked over the old man once more, she was looking for any sort of detail, any at all that would throw her off to this being a trick. "You must not get so nervous. Because then at the gathering, you might seem odd if you were to see me. No one will ever know that it was you that came to me if anything were to happen." Her eyes softened as she looked at him, feeling bad for how all she had acted. It was just second nature for Sayomi to act that way. "The last thing of business is if there is a certain way that you wish him to be killed."
  8. "Thank you so much!" The man cried enthusiastically. After a curt bow and a breath of relief, he continued. "You won't need to worry about me. I am able to keep my composure much better in a crowd than alone, if I may be frank. As for the method of...'dispatch' you wish to carry out, I have no specifications. As long as the deed is done, I shall be content. As fond as I was of the prince at first, I cannot forgive him for what he has done." With his business concluded, the man left the Chi household in silence, his steps still ragged, but his stature considerably less depressed.
  9. Sayomi smiled after the old man then shut the door. She opened the small purse and pulled out only the invitation and looked over it. The money was not an issue for her. "You can't really be doing such a high stake mission... You're father did one much like it and look what happened..." her mothers voice rang through the silence. Sayomi looked at at her and gave a sheepish smile.

    "Mama. I will be smart about it. I will go tomorrow and over look everything and take it all into account. If it is too much, then either I will be as indirect as possible and use perhaps a poisoned arrow, or I will give the money to a brother and let them do it." She brow furrowed as she spoke. She didn't want to worry her mom, but something like this was right up her ally. "At least let me go to the party and enjoy myself. That could be fun. Maybe I will meet some nice boy and finally decide I have better things to do then others dirty work."

    Though Sayomi knew it was a lie, her mother loved the idea. "I have a few dresses I can alter for you to wear." Her mother was gone up the stairs to her room and could be heard from downstairs. Sayomi read through the invitation and thought as she picked up a piece of cheese and munched on it. She knew she could handle the people, but at the same time, she wondered how out of place she would feel. She was never around that many people dressed up. Usually if it was a party, it was a small one where the deed was supposed to be done to make a statement. Not one where she was just suppose to start and plan. Anxiety over came her as she started to think of the mass of people, and hoped that she would not stand out too much.

    "Get undressed young lady!" Her mother shouted down to her.
  10. The next day, within the confines of the castle, the prince prepares for the celebration with aid from the queen...rather begrudgingly. "Mother! We shouldn't be focusing on this party so much! You and I both know that father's death brought about heavy opposition outside of the kingdom. We ought to see to defenses, and the training of the army, and...and..." The prince's voice petered out from irritation. The queen's nimble hands fastened a belt to the prince's waist, and was tightening it to hush her son. "Please, dear," spoke the queen with distain, "stop squirming and drop the nonsense. The people want to see their 'king', and that is you." Another latch tighter on the belt halted any argument that the prince could make.

    Outside of the prince's room, the castle was alive with activity, working to set up the party. Maids and men were fluttering about with tables and dishes, flooding the halls and making the empty, ghost-like chambers into a place fit for all manner of guests. Crowds were expected, but a space between the tables and the king's throne was reserved just for dancing. As more decorations were moved in, the walls began shimmering with silvers and gold. Velvet carpets were laid out, and banners bearing the royal crest were hung. In a few hours, the halls would be filled with men and women of all trades and origins. It was safe to say the prince was becoming increasingly nervous.

    "Mother, what if I'm not what the people want?" The prince asked cautiously. Though he knew that his mother had no interest in his question, it put his mind at ease just to hear the words from his own mouth. "Angel dear, your father certainly set the standard for the royal family. All you need to do is remember what he taught you." The queen hardly looked up at her son while speaking, but Angel didn't mind. His mind wandered to other thoughts, such as the wall of eyes that would be trained on him at all times.
  11. Early in the morning, Sayomi came down the stairs. "My god! You look a mess!" her mother yelled. "Mom! I just woke up! Let me eat!" Her mother didn't allow it. She set to work to get the girl ready. Sayomi was shoved into a bath that was barely warmer than the house and her mother forcebly bathed her. She was used to that. Her mother always did it when she came home from any mission. It was to scrub the garbage and negativity off of themselves. Sayomi gasped sharply as water was poured over her head and her long silky black hair washed. She was finally allowed to eat as her mother brushed and braided her hair in an intricate design, Sayomi knowing better than to fuss about the pain.

    "I am not wearing that!" She yelled as her mother brought out a corset. "Oh yes you are! You are going to see the queen and prince, and if you do not, then you will stand out!" After about ten minutes of arguing, she was wrestled down and forced into it. Her mother was smaller than she was, and was not afraid to use as much force as needed. "I feel like I can't breath in this!" she groaned as her mother tightened it. She didn't need it to help with her figure, since she already had the hourglass shape. Her hips came out, and her waist line in, then back out at her bust. Her mother finally brought out her dress and smiled. "This I have saved for a long time for you. I had to make a few alterations though."

    Sayomi stared in awe at the dress as it was slipped on. It hugged every part of her body, in every place that it should. It was not the typical poofy dresses that most would be wearing. It was slender and held onto her like a person would hold a wine glass. When she looked at herself, it was the most elegant thing she had ever worn. Her mother left her in silence as she made a few more minor adjustments to the dress. Then started to apply her make up. It was almost time for her to be off.
  12. Meanwhile, the prince began to get ready himself. Despite his mother's pestering, Angel had his own preferences when it came to style. Taking off the overly fluffed up jacket that the queen had him throw on, the prince searched his wardrobe for a special suit, a gift from his father. The colors of the apparel were reversed from his father's aside from the vibrant red of the royal house, as it was designed for when Angel would take the throne from his father. Now it was just a suit... The jacket is black, with white buttons and red embellishments. The collar is raised as a sign of elegance for the men of the royal house. The prince was never fond of the symbol, but he wore it this way in respect of his father. A red undershirt finished the upper body attire. Black pants and polished shoes finished off the suit with understated flair.

    After being seated in the throne room alongside the queen, the signal was given for the doors to be opened. "The guests will be here soon." said the queen, giving her son's garb a disapproving glance. "Its a shame you decided to change into such a dull outfit. It isn't fitting for a future 'king'." The prince simply scoffed at the queen's statement, and awaited with ever-increasing fear.

    "Darius..." the prince spoke over his shoulder. "What is expected of me here? ...what would my father have done?" An old, raspy voice answered his call from behind the throne. "F-fear not, prince! Your father taught you everything you needed to know. Simply attempt to cast aside your introversion for this night, and all else will follow!" Angel glanced behind him as the first guests began to enter. "Sage advice, Darius. You aaalways know what to say..." Angel said sarcastically. Turning back around, Angel prepared to receive the guests.
  13. Watching her reflection, Sayomi couldn't believe how she looked. Her mother painted her lips with barely a shade darker than their natural color, and added a dark powder to the outsides of her eyes to draw even more attention to the piercing green. It was so simple, but it showed her natural porcelain skin and the beauty that she naturally held. Her mother pulled the braids out of her hair, resulting in curls of all sizes to flow to the sides of her face and down her back that perfectly framed her face and pulled attention to her figure. "I am making sure that you make this out of their alive." Her mother hugged her and then brought her shoes. Silver heels that took her from her small 5"5' to 5"9'. "You are late dear. The carriage has long since been waiting." Sayomi drew an anxious breath and then went to the carriage.

    By the time that she arrived, the festivities had been under way for more than an hour. She hated that it would draw her even more attention, but as her eyes scanned the crowd, she figured that she would stand out anyways. The carriage stopped, and the driver opened the door offering his hand. She took it with a weak smile as she was helped down. "You look wonderful Ms. Chi. Do not fret." Her smiled widened as she walked, her head held high, her back straight. She held herself with the most dignity that her frightful self allowed.

    It didn't take long for eyes to find her, unsure of how to react to her and piercing green eyes. She walked fluently and unwavering as she handed the guard her invitation. He stared her up and down, looking into her green eyes, and then down to her burgundy dress, and around her curves. She bowed her head and proceeded, chills running down her spine. She didn't like this kind of attention. Her dress trailing slightly behind her, the flattering dress and her overall appearance brought looks from the men she never thought she would get, and angry looks from the women. Finally she stopped and took a drink that she was offered. She already regretted doing this.
  14. As Angel sat in the throne so carefully crafted for his lineage, his eyes scanned the room. Everywhere he looked there seemed to be glances at him. His muscles tensed, and his throat began to constrict. It was usual for him to feel this way, but the magnitude of the feeling seemed dramatically increased. Then the queen, finishing her conversation with one of many dignitaries, leaned over to her son. "Angel, go and mingle with the guests! If you are so insistent on being a gracious ruler, then show them what you are made of." The queen, seeing the panic on her son's face, began to scan the room herself. She too noticed the many glances directed at the prince, but she also noticed another person out of place, stealing as many glances as the prince, if not more. The queen then directed the prince's gaze to her. "See, the young lady in the...unique dress? Start with her. Perhaps you can discuss your equally disturbing fashion senses." With that, the queen went on with her conversations.

    The prince, seeing no other option on hand, finally relieved himself from his chair. Glad to stretch his limbs again, he walked gracefully, if not cautiously, to the lady. Every step he was burdened with a greeting of some sort, but finally he made his way to her...and everyone began to notice. As she finished a drink that had been offered, Angel walked forward with a steady gait. He steeled his nerves, and extended a welcome. "Um... Hello." The shy prince began. "I don't believe we have met. May I ask your name?" At this point, the majority of eyes in the room were locked on the pair, and chatter had died down to a minimum.
  15. As she finished her drink, Sayomi nearly jumped as she was approached by the prince himself. Her hands clamed up as she looked at him, but she figured now was as good a time as any to get started. She let a smile spread across her face as she gave a small curtsy to the prince. "I am Naida." She offered shortly. She never used her real name when working. Or else people would catch on quick as to what she was. She looked around, meeting the eyes of the people around them before looking back to the prince. "Did I get selected for my lack of ruffles and fluff that is usually supposed to be worn?" She asked honestly, not really caring but needed something to get a conversation started. So she thought of the best thing to ask.

    They stood out in the crowd the more she looked at the others. Many of the girls wore lighter colors, like light blues and light pinks and purples, while she adorned the dark burgundy. She lacked the frilliness that the others held, along with the updos that they all wore. She wondered how well her mother had thought this through. Sayomi wouldn't have known what else to wear though, so either way she would be close to this. She often forgot how much every kingdom seemed to vary in appearance. She decided to not let it bother her. If she was deemed not dressed properly and asked to leave, then she would just come in later that night and do what needed to be done. She could take out a few of the guards and set the castle on high alert if she needed to, but she wouldn't get caught at least.

    As they stood there, she almost wished that she had done so, hating the attention that was being drawn around them. Not just for what she was wearing, but now because he was standing in front of her.
  16. "Nadia, hm? It's a lovely name. My name is Angel." The prince gave a bow of respect, then smiled and gave a light chuckle as he continued, "It is true though. The queen had to goad me into talking, and she pointed you out." The prince held his hands behind his back to prevent himself from wringing them, and his stature seemed forcefully held. His face seemed to be the only natural part of his body.

    "Um..." The prince paused awkwardly, not really knowing what to say. "So, what brings you to the party?" It was painfully obvious to him now that they were the center of attention in the room. It was almost like each stare was a needle boring into his skin. He shot a pleading glance back toward the queen, who subsequently got up, and began to speak. "Ladies and gentlemen!" She began, her speech far more vibrant than whenever she spoke to Angel. "I am honored to have you here to celebrate the soon-to-be king of the land! It would seem that the conversations have died down, so I now open the floor for dancing. I truly hope you enjoy your night." With that, the queen sat down and nodded back to the prince with a smile.
  17. Sayomi had to hold her expression as he said the name. She had talked to some of her targets before, some were of wives finding their husbands ready to leave with their money for a younger women, and wanted the victory of catching them attempting to lay in bed with another before the deed was done. She always used different names, never knowing who would be around. "I was almost worried that she was going to ask you to ask me to leave since I do not accord to the average style." She smiled this time truly, with her eyes matching her lips. "But yet, I see that you do not either."

    When asked why she had come, it was almost second nature on what to say, she had rehearsed it so much. "I grew up here in the kingdom, but traveled with my mother and father most of my life. My father passed, and so I returned. What better time than with the prince coming to the chair. I guess I just wanted to see what all I have missed out around here amongst my travels." When the prince looked to his mother anxiously, Sayomi covered her mouth, attempting not to smile. "Perhaps you would feel more comfortable speaking with someone that isn't already bringing attention. Less eyes." She didn't say that just for his sake, but hers. She felt that even though a good amount of specters were now dancing, that the rest still proceeded to watch the two.
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  18. "Oh, I...uh..." The prince stammered, attempting to sway his shyness, albeit without good results. After taking a breath, he began again. "No, I ought to get used to this kind of attention. However, if you insist, I shall take my leave." The prince's face began to turn a shade pinker than normal, and his eyes gazed down at his gloved hands, which had begun to wring themselves with anticipation against his will. "But might I say, you look ravishing tonight. The queen may not be fond of 'unique' styles of dress, but it would seem the entire kingdom is calling for change. Yours is a step in the right direction, and I only hope I can do the same." With that, the prince turned toward the refreshment table, hoping to calm his nerves with a beverage. Nobody else approached him, but many continued to follow him with their gaze.
  19. With the compliment she was given, she could not help but blush a light red. Sayomi never thought that anyone would pay her much attention unless she was actively acting for it, let alone the prince. As he left, she couldn't help her eyes from following him. It wasn't long before her attention was grabbed by an older gentlemen asking for a dance. She didn't really have time to answer with a yes or no before he whisked her away to the dance floor. As the new song started up, the two bowed to each other and began to follow along with the others that were around them. As they twirled about, her hair spun with her in an escapade, the trail of her her dress fanning out.

    For her line of work, Sayomi was extremely introverted, which usually acted in her favor. It gave her the appearance of innocence and eased the people that she was after when they saw her. On such a grande scale though, it helped, but at the same time made things worse. She made eye contact for just a brief moment with the man who had come to her, her face did not change. Before long she was passed off to a younger man, who's glare made her uneasy. She didn't want to dance with him, but not knowing how high he was, she did not refuse. She decided she would wait until the end of the song and then remove herself from the dance floor with the excuse of needing to approach the refreshments.
  20. Angel, still held up at the refreshment table by men and women seeking conversation, noticed the woman he first spoke to dancing. Seeking an opportunity to rid himself of the crowd, he took his leave and approached the dancing couple. As much as he desired to stray away any attention, a familiar face to speak with was a far more enticing option. As the rhythm of the song slowed down, Angel found himself more mobile than ever, dancing from partner to partner with precise intent of getting to the one he knew as Nadia. The prince found himself grateful for the Waltzing lessons that his father forced himself into, giving him the ability to deftly move across the floor.

    "May I cut in?" Asked the prince rather defiantly. At this, the man simply scoffed and walked away, knowing how much flack he would catch from denying the prince. As Angel took the lady's hand in his, he began to lead her in dance. "I apologize for dogging you, but a familiar face is far too valuable for me to relinquish as of yet, especially for such an occasion. Besides, that man seemed rather...edgy? I suppose that's a good word to use. I won't keep you for long though, don't worry." With this said, Angel twirled the girl around and continued with the dance. Though he was able to act confident, his mind was ablaze with worry. There was no doubt that he brought unintended attention with him to the dance floor, so at risk of being locked in a solo dance, he began to maneuver to the outer ring of the floor. If there was anything he didn't wan't, it was to be a hassle for his current dance partner.
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