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    Darren stood in his boss' office. The tall shrewd woman was on the phone speaking one of her many dialects while pointing a finger at him not to move. When she had finally hung up the phone he smiled awkwardly at her. "Mr. West I need you to take over the high school model search. It seems Olivia has chosen today of all days to have her child." Darren blinked his eyes at her crude remark. It was no secret that Madame Yesenia Callow hated children.​
    He had taken the internship at Callow's models right out of college with promises of travels and experience. Of course as a twenty year old photographer in a business that was chock full of photographers he was mostly the go to guy. He had been doing the smallest jobs that were insignificant to most but always handed in excellent work. "Madame Callow... I have the new museum opening today..." She looked up at him from behind her glasses and shook her head. "I've handed that off to George. You take over. You'll be heading to this high school today. Olivia will email you the list of schools once she's birthed the heathen. I pray for her sake she can lose the weight quick, I only hire what I aspire to portray, beauty." ​
    Darren eyed his boss in awe. How she had climbed to the heights of the fashion industry was apparent. She was cruel. He nodded before turning to leave. He grabbed his camera bag and head out wondering how on earth he was supposed to deal with a bunch of teenage girls. ​
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    Raven Gray felt the same about the coming school day as every other day. Not exciting and not dull, somewhere in between. A neutral ground. Sure, she loved learning, it was one of the few things she could do without her sight, but eventually when that was all you could do, it wasn't the most exciting thing. Some part in her wished for something new, something exciting to happen. But you should be careful what you wish for, she always reminded herself.

    This week would be a visitors week however, and supposedly, today, a modeling agency was supposed to come and talk about their field, maybe even find someone to become the next big model. It didn't really interest her though as she sighs, sitting in one of the back seats of the class by the window. Who'd want a blind model? She didn't even know whether she'd be thought of as pretty. She hadn't seen herself since she was 9 years old, before her sickness.

    The sunlight was warm on her pale peach skin as she sits next to the slightly open window and students chat around her. Being a senior in high school hadn't been especially fun so far. There were bullies as there was in any school and she didn't really have any friends. She didn't blame anyone or anything though. Honestly, she'd gotten used to being a loner, and would stutter some if anyone so much as uttered a single word to her out of friendliness. That really didn't help matters.

    The bell rings and the sounds of chairs being pulled back were heard but the talking continued. High school kids would never quiet down unless the teacher was there, and even then, the adult would probably have to yell at them. This was all the same old, same old to Raven. It was like she was living a endless loop in time.
  3. Darren entered the first high school with anxiety growing a pit in his stomach. He was good behind a camera and directing a shoot but standing in front of a large crowd and talking about modeling... He wasn't prepared. The principal led him to the auditorium full of the young teenagers and introduced him. "All right ladies this is Mr. Darren West a photographer from Callow Models. I want you all to be on your best behaviors and listen up."

    The room filled with murmurs as he took the microphone. He smiled a crooked awkward smile and waved. "Well hi." He said before clearing his throat. The crowd giggled and he scratched the back of his head nervously. "Callow models has the high school model search every year as I'm sure you have seen the ads for. We are proud to be looking in your school. There is a lot that comes with modeling and we aspire beauty from within as well as on the outside. I want to know if any of you have dreamed of becoming a model?"

    The auditorium filled with raised hands. He smiled knowing it was going to happen. He went on to tell them the life of an aspiring model and the pros and cons. Little by little half the girls' hands were dropped. He had noticed a girl in the front row, corner seat had never raised her hand and hadn't even looked up at him during his speech. She looked withdrawn and a little uninterested. She was really attractive but in that rough edges kind of way. Out of the room of many candidates, she was top contender.
  4. Raven listens quietly to the man's voice as he speaks of the modeling agency. Somehow, she liked his voice. But she still didn't look up. Or even take any of the words in. She just listened to the sound and flow of the words, nothing else. Her fingers played slightly with the edge of her white shorts, tilting her head.

    This would be an uneventful week it seemed. After a while, the assembly ends and she stands up slowly along with all the other kids who are laughing and talking now busily as they scramble toward the door to get to lunch. She'd memorized the halls and every placement of trash cans, so she didn't usually need a walking stick. Raven had learned to become extremely independent of anyone, staying away from help even from her parents sometimes.

    She turns walking toward the door, her black hair a little messy but silky and wavy, despite her lack of attention to it. Maybe she'd ask to go home early... There was no reason to stay at school today. She wasn't really learning much, not like usual. But something about the presenters voice sticks with her...She liked it a lot...It was soothing and nice. Something she rarely thought about people. It seemed sincere.
  5. Darren was rushed to where he had set up a table with pamphlets and cards, even a portfolio of some of the agency's previous high school models. The table was visited by a mob of girls on their way to lunch asking m dozens of questions and how they could audition. He was caught in a flurry of girls and tried his best to calm the excitable females.

    When the largest group of them had moved on he sat against the lockers behind the table breathing out. He had definitely preferred to stay behind the camera and leave the scouting to Olivia and the other women at Callow's. He still couldn't shake the girl he had seen from his mind though. She was what he considered the natural beauty. She could make it far in the industry.

    As if someone had heard his thoughts he looked up from where he was gathering things up to see her trailing up the hallway her head drawn down. He tilted his head to the side watching her carefully. Why was she all alone? He took the chance walking towards her slowly. "Hey miss..." He said softly tapping her on the shoulder. She startled slightly and he stepped back looking at her. Had she not seen him coming? She was looking down he didn't really understand. "I'm so sorry I'm Darren West, i spoke about the modeling agency today..." He said softly
  6. Raven jumped slightly as she felt someone tap her shoulder. She turned quickly toward the person. Her blue eyes shine slightly. The sort of blindness she'd contracted was special. It hadn't made her eyes cloudy or anything, so it appeared she could still see. Then she heard the smooth voice from before. Her heart stopped for a moment. The modeling spokesperson?

    "U-um...Y-yes? Do y-you need something?" she managed a bit shakily, nervously pushing some hair behind her ear. Why would he want to talk to her? Then the thought enters her mind. No, he couldn't seriously be thinking of asking her....No. "I-I should g-go..." She turns quickly, starting to leave at a quick pace.
  7. Darren watched her carefully. Her mannerisms confused him yet, those eyes. She was beautiful and the way she presented herself made him smile. She wasn't full of herself. Her shaky voice made him smile crookedly. Before he had a chance to say anything else she said she needed to leave and began walking at a very fast pace. He blinked his eyes rushing to catch up. "Oh I'm so sorry I really didn't mean to startle you but please... I'd like to talk to you about modelling for Callow's." His words came out quick as he was walking quite briskly to catch up.

    She did not slow her steps and he wondered why she looked as if she was counting steps. He looked around... she was very odd. He hesitated before his hand came up to softly hold her arm. She turned slightly as his hand closed around her forearm. "Please... I think this is a huge opportunity for you and I promise you... you will make it. You are perfect for this. You are very beautiful and what girls your age should be aspiring to be. Not with large amounts of makeup or unhealthy disorders. Just give me a chance?" he asked his hand still wrapped softly against her skin.
  8. Raven froze as the man caught her arm. Model for Callows? She turns her head toward him, frowning a bit. "S-sir, I'm n-not really c-cut out for modeling..." That was the easiest way to put it by far. "You're n-names Darren right..? Look..." she sighs and pulls her arm back softly, a frown crossing her face. "I-I'm not exactly-..." she shifts her bag over her shoulder slightly.

    There was no way an agency would take her, a blind girl, as a model. She couldn't even see herself, why should she model for beautiful clothes and things she wouldn't even be able to compliment? She wouldn't be able to see anything beautiful, she hadn't except for in her mind for 8 years. She didn't deserve to she supposed. Not now, not any time.

    "I'm blind," she blurts out quickly. If she didn't, she'd probably never be able to say it. "I'm blind, ok?" she whispers now.
  9. Darren stepped back slightly. He blinked his eyes looking around, was this a joke? But as she whispered the words a second time he felt an overwhelming sense that he had messed up and hurt her feelings. He frowned and scratched the back of his hair as he usually did when nervous. "I'm... I'm so sorry I didn't know..." he said not even knowing how to go about apologizing to her. He had heard of many blind models as well as those with other disabilities. They had not let their disability stop them from reaching for their goals. He really wanted her to trust in herself. He didn't know what it was about her, but it was like magic. He wanted to see where it could go. She could be amazing... if only she believed in herself.

    "I know quite a few blind models... Can I please get your name?" he asked bending to look at her face as she tilted it away from him. "The world is not so scary once you try it... the first step is always the hardest. Here's my card...," he said feeling foolish since of course she couldn't read it. He hoped someone, a friend or something, could help her read it, "Just think about it please. The audition is in a week. I'd love to see you there."
  10. Raven wasn't angry. She was used to people not being able to tell. Her eyes were normal looking after all...And he knew blind models? That made a frown cross her face. She'd never heard of that...But why was he so adamant, eager even, for her to become a model?

    She slowly curls her fingers around the card placed in her hand and looks up toward where she hears his voice. "What would I have to do at an audition..?" she says quietly, not stuttering for once. His voice made her feel at ease, calm. It was odd... She blinks a bit, realizing he'd asked her for her name, shaking her head quickly. "M-my names Raven...Raven G-Gray," she murmurs, back to stuttering. Modeling... She pushes a bit of hair behind her ear again, a bit uncomfortable. Raven didn't know how to react in this situation. "I don't k-know the first thing about modeling, Mr. West... W-why do you t-think I could m-make anything out of i-it?"
  11. Darren smiled warmly at her. She was so self conscious and truly had no reason to be. "Raven... Ms. Gray the audition would just be you. Nothing else. The photographer would be directing you on how to sit and we'll see what the camera does." he spoke about photography with emphasis. He truly loved being a photographer. Whether he was photographing an inanimate object or the profile of a beautiful young woman, one he was looking at right now.

    "You don't have to know anything to be one. To tell you a secret I had no idea what I was getting myself into going into the fashion industry for my intern and yet, I have been used as stand ins when they're short on models countless times and I can assure you, I'm not a hunk." he said with a soft laugh.
  12. Raven stares at where, she assumed, the mans face was. She'd gotten pretty good at that actually, so she wasn't that far off base. Listening to his description of what the audition would be like, she shifts a bit uncomfortably before nodding slightly.

    "Maybe...." she murmurs. "Will I see you there?" she adds on after a moment despite herself, fingers fiddling with the bottom hem of her shirt. The man made her feel relaxed, and if that was what she could feel at this audition thing, she might just be able to make it through without fainting. Despite all her draw backs and doubts, it'd be worth a try right? Just one time. There was nothing to lose.
  13. When he heard her maybe, Darren grinned instantly. "I will be your photographer." he said with a soft voice. He couldn't wait to see her there... to get her onto the set and just see the beauty of her once more. He blinked his eyes reminding himself that he was a professional and she was still of course a high school student. He was only a mere three years her senior but either way... he needed to keep his mind concentrated on his job.

    She offered him a small smile and it warmed him. "I look forward to seeing you there Ms. Gray. I promise you, It'll be fun." he smiled. He knew Madame Callow was going to have him photographing the girls because it was a small job none of her other senior photographers wanted to deal with. He would make it worth her time.
  14. Raven nods slightly. If he'd be the photographer, that would be even better. It was comforting knowing it wouldn't be a COMPLETE stranger, not that she didn't just meet this Darren West. It's just the way he spoke to her and his voice made her feel so at ease. And her shyness might not be such a problem when she had to pose or whatever they wished her to do.

    The girl finally responds with a small nod, "Okay...I'll see you there then, I guess, Mr. West," she manages to say without stuttering, fingers still fiddling a bit with the edge of her shirt. "It was nice to meet you." she murmurs softly before turning, walking down the hall once more, disappearing around a corner. Modeling...It seemed impossible to the blue eyed blind girl.
  15. Darren watched after her with his hand on the back of his neck. "Nice to meet you too Raven." he murmured knowing she couldn't hear him once she had turned the corner. He went back to closing the display down. A few more girls rushed to him as he went to leave the building telling them the address they could all go to for the audition. In one week, he was going to be a busy photographer.

    When he arrived back at the office Madame Callow called him in at once. "Any promise?" "There is one for sure." "Good I'll be sure to see your prints when you're done." "Oh... you're not going to be here?" "Of course not Mr. West I'm flying to Milan as we speak." she said turning with a small suitcase trailing behind her. He blinked his eyes and shook his head. What had he gotten himself into?
  16. She did indeed return home early. It wasn't hard to arrange, seeing as she was blind, most people didn't ask questions. Once she made it home, her parents having drove her, she flops onto her bed in her medium sized room, holding the business card. One week...

    (I'm going to time skip here~, I hope you don't mind. ^u^ If you do, tell me and I can delete it.)

    Exactly one week later, Raven stood outside the building that the auditions were held in. She sighs, her hand shaking slightly with nerves. This would be the end of her, killed by her own shyness. Why had she decided to come?! She forced herself to calm down just enough to slowly enter the building attentively, watching where she was going with a white thin cane. The black haired girl slowly sits down in the lobby in a chair she found and sighs a bit, trying to stop her hands from shaking.
  17. Callow Model Agency was completely abuzz with life. There was makeup artists moving about with dozens of girls that showed up for the audition. Each one was going to be allotted twenty minutes. Darren went through the candidates making sure their twenty minutes was used to take five shots and also talk with her about why she wanted to be a model and what she would do if she became Callow's newest high school model star.

    Although he was completely busy his mind kept looking over the long line that moved by slowly hoping to see Raven in one of the seats. "Raul could you please take over while I go get something." he said after two hours of the audition starting. On his way through the line he overheard the receptionist murmuring about the girl with the walking stick sitting in the lobby. "Who would have thought a blind one would show up! It's just unbelievable." she snickered. He walked around the corner and glared at them. "Isn't there anything you should be doing other than gabbing away? I had strictly asked to have Ms. Raven moved to the front of the line as soon as she arrived. How long has she been sitting there?" The women blinked their eyes and smiled innocently but he had already stalked off angrily.

    He leaned down when he saw her. She looked so out of her element. A tad anxious and her lips slightly parted as he was sure she was trying to concentrate with so many new sounds around her. "Hi Ms. Raven. It's Darren." he said smiling. "I'm so sorry you weren't helped. If you come with me, I'll take you to where you'll be modeling." He held his arm out for her to reach for hoping he wasn't being too forward.
  18. All the sounds were overwhelming, making her fingers start to fiddle with a the sash on her simple green sun dress. She jumps slightly as she hears a voice address her. Oh, it was that photographer from the school. She looks up toward him blinking a bit. "It's a-alright, I d-don't mind," she murmurs before standing up reaching out slowly, hesitantly taking his arm.

    She was anxiously trying to decide whether it had been a horrible mistake to come or not. It was obvious by some of the whispers she knew were directed at her that she was completely out of place. She was blind after all... Her fingers curl on his arm a bit tightly, her other hand a bit white as she clenches her folded up stick as the hand trembles slightly. It had become a habit not to go anywhere she wasn't used to.
  19. Darren excused his way through the crowd and opened to the second set room. It was supposed to be used for a second third photographer that had skipped out on the session. It was quiet once they were inside and he was glad that it was where he chose to photograph her. The backdrop was a simple blue screen and two lights were poised towards it. "I'm sorry for all the commotion we weren't expecting so many to show up. Madame Callow is going to have a pretty large portfolio to send to the judges." He mused moving her towards the center of the set.

    "All right. You look really nervous and I get that... I do, and it'll actually make some great shots. I have a girl here that would like to style your hair really quick and powder the most shiny parts of your face... do you mind?" he asked nervously reaching out to touch her arms and move her to where he needed her to stand. He didn't want to startle her.
  20. Raven follows him into the studio, immediately relaxing slightly as the door shuts behind them and the noise dies down into a muffled din. Too much sound...It scared her. Her hair was a little bit messy like usual and her abnormally bright blue eyes were sparkling a bit nervously.

    She isn't as on edge, nor as startled as he moves her a bit to where he needs her to be. Holding out her stick slightly to him, she nods a little, "I...don't mind..Could you take this, Mr West?" she manages to say without falling into fits of stutters, the smallest blush appearing on her cheeks, looking down slightly. She could feel the warmth of the lights on her skin vaguely and she shuts her eyes quietly listening to the very soft sounds that she could and the air around her, taking it all in before shifting a bit on her feet nervously.
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