Blind Date (From Hell!)

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  1. If you've ever wanted to have a go on Blind Date, then here's your chance! However, this is not like the run-of-the-mill TV game show. Here, things GET REAL.

    The concept is simple; you are presented with 3 random people, one of which you will choose to be your new life partner.
    You can choose them based on their appearance only, or their personality only, but not both.
    Only once you have chosen one of the three will you be able to discover the rest of their traits.
    (I.e you'll learn their personality if you chose based on their appearance, and vice versa).

    Simple, right? Right! The catch is, all your potential soul-mates are created by a rather cruel random generator, so while you may end up with your dream date, you may also end up having to choose the lesser of three evils...

    But, the fun doesn't stop there! :D I want to make sure you both live happily ever after, so will then tell you more about your new other half, and, if you're lucky, how many bundles of joy you both can expect!

    So come forth, lonely hearts and find your true love!

    P.s I nominate Diana, Ser K+ and Disgruntled Goat to come on the show! >:3​
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  2. I'm on the show first, I guess. Now, lets get this ball rolling!
  3. The audience is ready :)
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  4. Welcome, and get ready for some luuuuurve!

    Before we begin, two questions;

    1) Would you like me to generate guys, gals, non-specific gender, or any of the above?
    2) Do you want appearance first, or personality first?
  5. Gal, and...hmm...the age old question...personality would render better I hope. >.<!
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  6. Then my I present to you, Gal #1:

    This lovely lady is absent minded and does not explain things to other people in an understandable way. She dislikes traditions and routines and enjoys a flexible lifestyle.
    She is outgoing but cold, self confident, and values knowledge.

    That is your first potential wife. Any thoughts on madame #1?
  7. It would be shorter to list the stuff I like about her...NEXT!
  8. Then let me present Gal #2:

    She is irrational and has a poor sense of judgement. She's irresponsible, but focused on what she does. What she does is regularly drink alcohol, and drain time and resources from others. People consider her to be "dangerous".
    She likes to be the centre of attention and is very charming and cunning. She is also quite dismissive and apathetic.
    She's currently feeling envious.

    I have my own opinions as to how she squares up to Gal #1, but I'll leave it to you to make up your own mind on the matter... <____<;
  9. got worse! I'll take my chances with 3 over both of those if I have a choice...geezers...
  10. This is so intense. :P good luck
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  11. Then here's your last chance; Gal #3:

    This lady is optimistic and highly observant. She is easily bored, so tends to be a risk-taker who is coordinated and loves extreme sports.
    She is extroverted, fair and faithful. She is non-judgemental, dutiful, and prefers to work alone.

    Phew. Looks like you dodged a bullet there if you ask me. But really, I have to ask YOU; Gal #1, #2 or #3!?

    Which of these lovely ladies is about to become Mrs Awesome?!
  12. 3 is the obvious answer with the least amount of drawbacks. Lets see that, hopefully, beautiful face! >~<
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  13. Let's pull back the screen to show you the lady you will now spend the rest of your life with!

    Gal #3 is 5'5" with pinkish skin, hazel eyes and very long, lank silver hair pulled into a bun. She has a softly shaped jaw and a medium build. She wears modest clothes in neutral colours. A notable feature is her accent, which people usually describe as being beautiful.

    Congratulations! Take a moment to admire your beautiful bride while I tell you a little bit more about your soul mate. :3
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  14. Perfect! Couldn't have asked for a better babe. SWEET...!
  15. Her name is Nadia Montgomery and she is from the Philippines. She is a 27 year old stonemason (Random job...). When she's not doing extreme sports, in her spare time, she likes smoking and doing jigsaw puzzles.

    She is super-mega jealous and is equally super-mega unfaithful towards you. (:/) She is not particularly affectionate, and her attachment to you is average. She is quite romantic though, and has a good sense of humour. She's not very mature or respectful, but she's honest and communicates well. She's fairly dominant, and has a fair interest in starting a family.

    Looks like you two are going to have an interesting relationship, that's for sure. And the stork hasn't even arrived yet! <__<;
  16. I know it's random gem makes no sense! I'll go with it though as long as I get can do all the sky diving over active valcanos and bmx crocodile jumping.
  17. I like to think of it as her being one person when out in public, then another with you behind closed doors. :D
    (But yes, sometimes the results are contradictory or nonsensical X3)

    And finally, to make your happy family complete:

    On the 16th of July, Nadia will give birth is a healthy 8lb baby boy who has autism and looks like you.

    Well, that concludes this episode of Blind Date! We have just enough time to get a few last words from our contestant! Does your reality match your dreams? Are you looking forward to settling down with your wife and son? :D
  18. Not if it is like that. That was bonkers coocoo bananas...makes me almost glad to be single actually. ^ω^
  19. Blind date from hell o.o
  20. One can only imagine what choosing Gal #2 would have resulted in... But for #3, I'm not even sure whether to summarise that as a good result or a bad one... the results I've seen... *Shudder*

    Thanks for playing, Awesome! If your marriage breaks down and you're feeling lonely, come back for another try! :D

    *Slowly, creakily turns around to face Sinful*

    Dare you play Blind Date From Hell? O___O
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