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  1. Gerard's hand was burning. In the dim light of the cabin below deck, he tore his left hand free from it's leather glove, only to be met by a barely visible trace of an indigo symbol upon his skin. Judging purely from the pain he felt, he had expected to see the whole back of his hand glowing bright like a blue fire, but it wasn't. The lack of illumination perplexed him more than the message he was usually meant to predict by it's presence; the aching was still so intense, yet even as he stared at the brand, he sensed no innate knowledge of the future fate had planned for him.

    He heard heavy boots thudding towards the door. The wood slammed against the wall as it was thrust open from the outside by a burly man who looked like he hadn't bathed for a few months. "Cap'm, we goin---" The man began to say, but stopped when he locked eyes with the figure of Gerard standing solitary with one hand casting a dull blue glow in the darkness.

    The man's mouth hung agape for a great time, then spread slowly -- as was the speed of his mental state -- into a big dumb smile that made his hefty cheeks and jowls resemble folds of melting cheese. "Is that you is doin' mad-jack down here, cap'm Teagan?" He looked so happy to see that it was something of the sort.

    Gerard D. Teagan swiftly sheathed his hand once again in the leather glove, killing the stupid smile on his crew member's face when the magic disappeared from his sight. He was not a mean-spirited man, he simply had no time to entertain someone who would never get tired of seeing the same trick all the time. "You came to tell me we're close to port?" asked the captain.

    For a moment, the crew member moved his eyes back and forth as if reading an invisible book, trying to recall what he'd came down here to tell the captain. "Aye..." The man murmured, at first unsure, then resounded it a second time with full confidence. "Aye! You is right, you is Cap'm! We comin' up onto port town. Goin' na dock soon, so I heard the wheel man say'd. You wanna be ready?"

    "Yes, yes. Thank you for letting me know, Hughie."

    "Ollright." Hughie began waddling backwards from wence he came. "I leave you to be doin' your mad-jacks then... heeh heeh..." He crept away with a weirdly secretive smirk on his face, closing the door as he went.

    Gerard couldn't help but frown at him in confusion.
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  2. Delicate fingers ran across the dark grey cape that sat upon the lady's shoulders, wisps of dark brown hair framing her face as the rest was spun into a braid that trailed down the length of her back. There was a chill in the air that threatened to bite rather than nip, and she wasn't looking forward to any type of storm. So far the skies were clear, but the clouds that loomed in the far horizon could be a cause for concern should the wind not take them in a different direction. She prayed they would. Summer still had a strong hold on the air, but autumn was determined to get in the first of its change of temperature. If successful, perhaps the storm would be telling of what the season would be like.

    Still, as her and her two servants neared the docks by carriage, Nita Grace Iverson prayed for no storm. She'd only been out at sea twice in her life, once as a young child and the other as a flippant teenager. Neither had been the best of experiences. This journey, she decided, would be given the benefit of the doubt, if only because the third time was supposed to be a charm. Even if it was not her idea nor a strong desire, there wasn't much of a choice. Her father had promised her to a man in a neighboring country to save what little fortune he had left and then gain some. She supposed she was somewhat lucky; the man was King Alston Denne II, a man that wasn't known to be cruel to his people, though he wasn't quite a powerful king, either, given that his kingdom wasn't that large. Many women would kill for the opportunity to become a queen. That was common sense, and it was given support from the many in her neighborhood who would sneer at her in jealousy upon hearing the news.

    The two of them had only met once, as if it only took King Alston one glance her way to know that he wanted her by his side for the next several years. He asked for her father's blessing and now only a couple of months later, she was leaving the only life she knew as the daughter of a near-failure aristocrat to become a queen.

    She didn't quite know how to feel.

    "My Lady, we are here," said the woman in front of her. Amber eyes skimmed to her before they averted to the male servant exiting the carriage.

    "The driver and I will carry your luggage the rest of the way. Please wait in here until your..." he paused, trying to find the right - er, polite? - words for the pirates hired to take her to her new life. "... escorts arrive." With that, he left the two women alone.
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  3. Wooden stairs creaked underfoot as Captain Teagan came up from the barely lit bowels of the ship into the sunlight. He raised one arm over his face to shield against the sun and the strong wind that swept in, blowing more disheveled strands free from his loosely tied hair. The ship's sails flapped loudly overhead in the battering breeze, making it hard to hear anything less than a shout, so the crew was scrambling to shout orders at each other from across the deck. Gerard didn't need to tell them what to do; he'd taught them the kind of teamwork they would need to rely on in his absence, a case that was sure to come in some promised scenario, as Teagan was never intended to be their true captain.

    For now, however, the mantle remained squarely on his shoulders and he had a duty to command the crew. He walked to the bow of the ship, stood there, watched the water being parted by this powerful vessel as it tore forward towards the port town resting on the horizon. The wind carried with it the scent of fish, which was welcome out at sea, but closer to the docks it often smelled terrible. It smelled more like old urine, left to ferment out in the sun all day long. Gerard didn't doubt that the dock workers were the reason for that aroma either.

    It made him wonder how the woman felt -- the one who was waiting for a bunch of pirates to come pick her up. He couldn't imagine her being happy with her soon-to-be-husband's choice of transportation. Gerard even tried to recommend the man to a more reputable seafaring service, but by the time the final decision was made, maybe they'd finished a whole bottle of wine or three by then, and King Alston saw nothing wrong with sending his new best friend to go fetch his bride for him, since they'd bonded over good booze that got them talking.

    It was not long before the ship pulled into harbor. Krosslund Shipping Co., they were known as when they were on civil business, but everybody knew them as the Krosslund Pirate Crew despite official documentation. They were always easy to get along with the law and Teagan was trusted to keep his crew in check, so it was rare that anyone ever took issue with them being around, even knowing they were outlaws by definition. They paid good coin whenever they came to town, which made them welcome in most currency-based communities. Besides, no one could beat Gerard's rates when someone needed something... a little less conventional... to be shipped.

    The less presentable of the men made themselves scarce while the rest worked on extending the ramp to disembark. Shortly after it was situated, Captain Teagan was the first to step down onto the docks.
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  4. Nita looked out of the small window of the carriage wall, wanting to catch a glimpse of the pirates and perhaps prepare herself mentally for the faces she'd see. She didn't pride herself in the fact that she was judging these people before she even met them, but they were pirates and they weren't infamous for their devilishly handsome looks nor their charming manners. King Alston had assured her and her father, Tamil, that she was in the safest hands, but her father was a lot more confident in that regard than she was. Or maybe he just didn't care as much as she did. She was, after all, his path to a new beginning. But if anything were to go wrong, his only chance of rekindling his wealth would be gone.

    The ship slowly but surely pulled into the harbor and Nita tore her eyes away from the window, instead staring at her lap. She found herself becoming quite nervous and she swallowed thickly, looking to the female servant when she cleared her throat.

    "It'll be all right, my Lady," she promised with a soft smile.

    Nita nearly snorted. "I'm being turned over to pirates, Ella."

    "Nay, only for a short while. You'll be wi' the king before you even know it." Miss Iverson sighed and looked out through the window once more as the two men, Jeremy and Mr. Colver, greeted someone she couldn't quite see. "You're not going alone," Ella reminded her. "I'll be wi' you the 'ole time." She leaned over to look outside the window with the lady. "Plus, the company King Alston hired has a good name."

    Nita looked to her with a brow raised. The woman older by only about five years chuckled. "We wouldn't send ya away wi'out doing a little digging."

    In another few minutes, Jeremy left Mr. Colver with the captain of the ship to fetch the two women. Ella exited first and, after taking a deep breath, Nita followed. She dusted her pants and cape off, even though they really weren't all that dirty. She had been asked by her father to wear a dress, but how awful would it be to live on a ship for so long in such clothing?? She did pack a few dresses for good measure, but she knew she probably wouldn't wear them anyway and thus they weren't the best quality she had. In addition, she was sure she was going to be getting a new wardrobe once she was with the King. He'd already sent her many gifts.

    Ella followed a quick step behind her. When they were close, Nita couldn't help but take a double look at the captain himself.

    Devilishly handsome wasn't the typical story for most pirates, but he could be the exception.

    "Captain Teagan, may I present to you Lady Nita Iverson," Jeremy said graciously, as if this wasn't one of the strangest events he had ever been a part of. Nita gave a nod. "And," the servant added, "the servant who will be joining her, Miss Ella Stone." They didn't really think Nita would be traveling alone, did they?

    "It's a pleasure to meet you," Nita said, meeting the man's eye. "I've heard good things about your company." Well, only from the king and Ella... that still counted, right?
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