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  1. Hello! I am searching for a few Bleach role plays. I have recently gotten back into it and I really would love to do a few. Posting it in the mature section hasn't really gotten me anywhere so, hopefully posting it here will.

    Really my only requirements are that you post at least 2 paragraphs per character you play ( I prefer you double if you want me to play a male. I will do the same. ). I also ask that you have decent spelling and grammar and that you are not too repetitive. For example don't start every sentence off with he/she. It can be very annoying and quite frankly is a major bummer.

    Please be understanding, I do work and go to school full time. I get e-mails though so whenever I get a reply to a thread or PM I do my best to reply. I usually get on every day, but things do happen.

    Okay, now here are just some of the pairings I would like. If there is a particular character you want me to play for you feel free to ask! The only way I will say no is if you refuse to double.

    P.S. If you are over the age of 18 and would like this to be a mature role play let me know!

    Chad/ OC
    Uryu Ishida/ OC
    Jushiro Ukitake/OC
    Kisuke Urahara/OC​
  2. I love Ukitake! I will rp with you!
  3. Alright, could you maybe message me?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.