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  1. [​IMG]
    Ark I - A New Beginning

    The Soul Society, It is accompanied by millions upon millions of souls whom travel from the world of the living to rest forever at peace. Children to adults and all ages die within the living world that we know as ''Earth'' and their souls forever leave the body to walk amongst the surface with a chain dangled down from the chest. The world as we know it is pretty cruel and harsh, ruthless and cold, No one is safe from the pain that we all know is called ''Death''. The Black iced cold resonance that emits from its double bladed scythe rains horror from the heavens above upon the innocence of man. No one is safe from the merciless grasp of humanity and its devil spawn hell hounds of the underworld we call ''Hollows'', These Satan warriors dig from the hellish lava spout and stand upon these souls, breathing its cold essence breath behind your neck till you no longer can stand upon deaths door then you turn around. This is where our heroes fly from the grace of Excalibur's mighty hand and land on the surface causing a erupting aura that crashes the buildings and cracks the ground below, the very sight of these deities strike fear into the most fearsome and horrorish spawn of satan. These heroes with there glowing white and blue eyes of justice and there immortal flaming swords strike light upon even the sun that causes even the very earth to tremble at the feet of these warriors thrusts the handle of judgement down upon the creatures of evil cracking there mask and forever clearing the way for peace. These warriors of peace are called ''Soul Reapers'' and they are here to bring justice to all innocent souls.

    You start your journey as a Soul reaper reporting to the head captain of the Gotei 13 in the seireitei, This however is your first time seeing everyone and although you might know a few people it doesn't reflect upon your general judgement of ''Why am i here?'' and ''Who are some of these people?''. You are here to see everyone else and know who is who, Who is a captain and who is a lieutenant. Of course the lieutenants will be beside of the captain who they are in accordance too, however knowing what captain is the trick. After the head captain dismisses you all then everyone is free to do whatever they please rather it be talking to someone or going to there house.

    The Captain sits at the end of the wooden floored room on a white pillow. The room is a bit dark but there are some candles mounted to the walls that lights up some of the area in a slight yellow-ish glow. The captain was hard to see due to the darkness and his face was shadowed as if he wanted to be anonymous, however it was clear he was wearing the captain uniform like most of the people in the room was. After everyone formed a two lined positions on the sides of the room equal to the sight of the head captain he finally began the meeting that was scheduled pretty suddenly. ''Hello Soul Reapers, Captains and Lieutenants alike. Please state the name and position of each of you.'' His voice was rather brute and heavy as if he smoked violently but somehow at the end of every sentence you could barely notice a youthful tone to his voice.

    Shinsaku stood there with patience as he heard the captains words, although he felt the urge to ask about the appearance of the dojo like room he didn't in some sort of fear he might just slap him in the face. In response to the head captain he was too report his name and position along side his lieutenant and that was fine to him but he couldn't stop to wonder why he had to hide his face. As if a sudden turn of attention after a few seconds of awkward silence Shinsaku rubbed the back of his head and began to chuckle a bit before he spoke, ''Well i guess its my turn, haha.''

    His voice was smooth but manly, It was clear he had some charm to him but he personally didn't act like he did. After he got a more serious by releasing his hand from his head and stood tall with a straight face he had to report his name and so forth. ''My name is Shinsaku Saito and i am the captain of the 2nd division. I am also head of the stealth force, Nice to meet all of you.'' He ended that sentence in a smile directed towards everyone and then became silent for the others to speak.

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  2. [xtable=159x23]
    {td}Location: hueco mundo{/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
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    {td} {/td}

    He walked along the endless desert while the moon hung low in the sky illuminating his path, his garb was the same as his kind a simple robe with a black accent where the fabric ended while his weapon, a simple bokken rested across the back of his waist. Most creatures in this place avoided him since their instinct told them he was a much bigger threat than they were but some who had gained their conscious back knew only hubris and hunger and attacked him, most ended their time here at the end of his bokken while a select few retreated to live, though life in this hellish place was a curse all to it's own. He sat down halfway up a dune and leaned his massive frame back to rest as he stared at the sky, he pulled a fist full of sand in front of him and let it scatter into the breeze after he let his mind relax and wander to an almost sleep like state. He awaited the call to the massive castle in the distance while he lay here on the white sands.
  3. Akai Tori >> Octava Espada >> Hueno Mundo<<

    Akai sleeped at his cave which he finded almost a month ago. The cave wasen't very big, but big enought him to live there without hiting his head anywhere and it's was good hiding Place. Narrowing his eyes the pink haired arrancar looked at the night sky, for a moment now he is sensed a strong spiritual pressure close, but far enought him to ignore it. He very wasen't the mood to fight, excpecially a strong opponent. Yawning he just layed to the sandy floor like a cat to it's nest.
  4. [​IMG]
    Location: Soul Society

    Getsuga took a step forward tugging on his captains coat. He unclipped and pulled down the wrappings on his lower face so his voice wouldn't be muffled. His Golden irises glowed as he began to speak. "My name is Getsuga Shiba captain of the 12th division" he shifted his weight a bit "I am also the head of the department of research and development" as he finished speaking he put the wrappings back on his face clipping them in doing so. Finished he took a step back to where he took his step forward.
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  5. PHOTO


    Shisa Kuchiki

    6th Division Captain
    Head of the Kuchiki Clan
    WITH: All Captains & Lieutenants | WHERE?: At a meeting | FEELING?: Indifferent

    The young Kuchiki head found himself in a meeting with the other main Gotei 13 members which also included the captain's lieutenants. He stood there, eyes closed for a moment as the head captain spoke. Surely this was nothing more than just a typical day of roll calls and he couldn't help but feel rather dreary about it in his head.''Hello Soul Reapers, Captains and Lieutenants alike. Please state the name and position of each of you.'' Head Captain stated, to which Shisa opened his eyes and proceeded to slowly look up ahead, Listening to the other captains introduce themselves.
    ''Well i guess its my turn, haha.''
    Pitiful.. How can such a captain be so laid back? Shisa never understood the second captain known as 'Shinsaku Saito', But nonetheless--The male never underestimated him either. While the introductions dawned closer to the young man, he stood there straight and firm. Letting his noble aura be even more known amongst the other members in the meeting and took a deep breath in. "Kuchiki, Shisa." Stated the male, voice monotonous."Captain of the 6th Division, 28th Head of the Kuchiki Clan. It is a pleasure to be here." said the noble kuchiki captain as his composure was kept dull and straight. He wondered what news awaited him--and the other members. If there was any news at all of course.



    Rosina Ootori

    12th Division Lieutenant
    WITH: All Captains & Lieutenants | WHERE?: At a meeting | FEELING?: Sardonic

    Rosina stood behind her captain, Getsuga Shiba in silence for a moment while oldman head captain explained the usual and typical instructions before beginning the actual meeting. One must state their name and position amongst the Gotei 13, and that included lieutenants as well."My, my.. Seems like the second captain is as carefree as usual." She chuckled momentarily as she whispered to her own captain, a sneer apparent on her face ever so slightly."But that smile, Its quite charming to say the least, Captain Shiba." Added the blonde with a lazy sort of grin before falling silent again. Then the Kuchiki head spoke, and she uttered lowly to her captain again.

    "Then theres the patrician.." she sighed barely audibly, Though she wasn't frustrated nor annoyed in any type of way. There wasn't any time for such emotions really. Eventually her Captain began to introduce himself, and thus she blinked keeping her grin and letting out a soft chuckle.
    First name first or last name?

    Didn't necessarily matter really, but nonetheless she proceeded to speak."Ootori, Rosina~." She skipped to the center, and bowed halfway as a hand was over her chest. Her straight locks of hair which was loosely tied at the end bouncing behind her after each skip. Rosina enjoyed being all creative and dramatic... In this case--She was always whimsy and theatrical to begin with. It was a genuine trait of hers that was accepted nonetheless. An eccentric charm of hers believe it or not. This was probably most likely due to her past with Geishas. Her mother being one, and living in a geisha house herself and such when she was younger.

    Her name varied amongst pronunciation: Rose, Rosie, Rojura, Rojuro, Rosine--So many varied versions of her name which people called her, The woman was satisfied with all of them and didn't mind any of them at all. A chuckle came out again, and she was rather amused at the situation as usual. She too, had her own way of diminishing up even the most tensest situations, the slightest bit."Lieutenant of the 12th division, sir. Happy to serve~" Rosina said as she looked up at the head captain, who surprisingly often dealt with her antics as well even though he didn't show it. Shameless indeed--She kept her pride and looked back at Getsuga, sticking out her tongue in amusement before walking back behind her captain.

    "Surely I've impressed the beloved head of the house--No?" She rhetoriaclly asked, Resting her head over Getsuga's shoulder in amusement before standing straight and professional behind the male. One would say she would be at fault often--However she was one to never be underestimated surprisingly.

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  6. [​IMG]

    Jayr had been off in his own world for the past couple of minutes. This last minute call to meet the head captain was a rather strange one indeed, having Jayr reel off to different locations in his mind, assessing all the possibilities of what exactly it was the head captain needed the presence of each Captain and Lieutenant for. The duel-toned boy wanted desperately to reach his fingers up towards his mouth and bite down on each un-cut fingernail. It was a nervous habit that had plagued the young man ever since he was alive, and in all honestly, Jayr had assumed as of late that the nail-biting habit had only worsened since his arrival in the Seireitei.
    Due to always needing to observe his surroundings, Jayr was never truly "out of it"; he was listening, but he was also internally worrying. His multi-toned eyed focused on the man before him, his captain and probably the strongest, most loyal, and caring individual Jayr had ever come across. Captain Saito was the reason Jayr possessed such admirable loyalty, and definitive strength - the slate haired boy gained these positive traits from his captain, or at least, that's what Jayr had assumed this entire time.
    The head captains words echoed in Jayr's ears, finding him now upright and attentive - he was to introduce himself, and it was his duty to produce a polite, respectable and excellent reflection of an introduction to the head captain, as well as all of the other captains in the Gotei 13; Jayr would even extend his respects to those in the same ranking as himself. It wasn't in the mans nature to often extend his warmest greetings to those on the same wavelength of power or below him, but in this case, he would be sure the reflection of squad two was well engaged by the others and looked highly upon by the head captain.
    Jayr stepped out from behind his Captain who had just finished introducing himself. He stood tall with his hands to his sides, reflecting the presence of a noble in terms of honor towards his superiors. Jayr was a stiff, in basic, rudimentary terms, but this was what worked for him.
    "I am Jayr Izushihama, Lieutenant of the Second Division." With a low and respectable bow towards the head captain and the others in the room, Jayr took a step back behind his own Captain, lips as course and pressed as ever - a blank expression of respect running from cheek to cheek on his face. He only hoped his Captain was pleased with his introduction. Jayr went silent as he observed the rest of the greetings and introductions with clasped hands behind his back.


    Tora was heaving madly, her air supply cut rather short due to the amount of exertion she was plaguing upon herself; though there was nothing she enjoyed more. She had a mad grin on her face, one that reflected the destruction she enjoyed so thoroughly - it was a breath of fresh air (no pun intended) towards the woman's general antics.
    She was currently standing somewhere in the outskirts of Hueco Mundo, Zanpakuto at the ready, body wildly reacting to every single low-level hollow around her. She could feel different twitches at her back, a warning sign from her pesquisa that something was preparing to jump, or at least strike at the sixths back. A massive grin rolled it's way up onto the raven-haired ladies face, she was so excited, it felt like she might explode with energy.
    The lizard-looking hollow decided to be the first to strike, out of the four surrounding her. It took a leap of faith, bad move. Tora was easily able to block it's leap with sheer strength, using her right forearm to keep the beast at bay. She could feel the tingling energy wash through her like hot tea - it was the best feeling she could ever experience, hence why she decided to embark on these hunts so often. Honestly, Hueco Mundo was boring, and the only thing Tora ever did for entertainment was attempt to mess with the higher levels. She had learned early in her life as an Espada, around the Cuarto's level was where she had to cut her antics out before she ended up dead - this knowledge came from once trying to mess with Aikuku... and learning the hard way...
    She shivered at the memory, only remembering moments after she was indeed otherwise occupied. Though, thinking back to recent occurrences wouldn't exactly deter her fighting skills against bloody hollows. The weakest of the bunch.
    She giggled to herself in a rather snarky tone, taking hold of the lizard hollows mouth, pulling with barely noticeable strength, causing the beast to fly over her head and land behind her with a big thud. It squawked, loud and obnoxiously, obviously in pain from the throw itself; Tora commended herself on the distance, finding herself back to fighting three.
    She watched the leopard looking hollow to her right, circling with a predatory gallop. She shifted her body to the side, using her sonido to appear right before the creature, taking it for surprise. If bones could shift, she'd image seeing the things eyes widen.
    Tora thrust Mana* directly through the beasts neck, watching as a torrent of blood came flooding from the removal of her blade. She laughed, flashing over to the left most hollow, causing it the same wound, and reveling in the sounds of their screeches of pain.
    The lizard hollow from earlier was smart enough to hobble away, to find some shelter away from the crazy woman.
    She was face to face with the last hollow now. Mana hung to her side, it's hollow center dripping with the blood of the previous -now dead- hollows directly behind her. She watched as the anteater-esque' creature shuffled it's hooves her directly, scrapping the sand with warning.
    Tora merely laughed, charging towards the beast with a hellish and animalistc screech, she gripping the creatures shell, digging her nailed gloves deep into it's hardened outer-self. She heard the tell-tale screeching, finding the pleasurable sounds echoing through her ears. She took the creatures small head in her hands, cracking it to the left.... then the right, ending it's life right then and there.
    Tora hopped off the dead things mighty body, landing with odd grace in the sand. She sighed, feeling her energy diminish just as easily as she had acquired it.
    "Fuck.. I wanted a challenge." She huffed to herself, turning away from the mass pile of carcases and heading in a different and hopefully more fun direction.

    *Mana: Tora's name for her Zanpakuto


    That was all that seemed to encompass Kihimi. She could not hear - or so it seemed. Perhaps the Primera was only in a world of darkness she recognized, or perhaps, she was finally dead.
    She sighed... nothing, not even a gust of air from her parted lips.
    The Primera awoke.
    Dazed and confused, Kihimi's eyes found themselves clinging to the ceiling above her for relief of her dream state, for absolution she was indeed awake. However, one thing still escaped her, there was no sound.
    Kihimi wanted to become frantic, she wanted to scream, however, nothing left her lips.
    She lay still on a massive block of sekkiseki, standing tall in an empty and silent room. She found no obsolescence in the ceilings reassurance of life either, for she knew this could just be a never-ending nightmare she was forced to face, forever trapped in Hueco Mundo.
    She shut her eyes, the crystal blues now hidden by mildly shaded eyelids She lay her hands to her sides, simply accepting the fact it was over, she was either dead, or deaf, honestly, she was hoping for the former, seeing as a life without sound would be awful. Though, loneliness often was accompanied by silence. Kihimi's own brain was betraying her, wrapping itself up in contradictions upon contradictions, and all she could do was play along, there wasn't enough will-power in her own conscious mind to fight such truth and logic.
    Suddenly, her solitude was broken -- "Ms. Primera, you have a visitor."
    Kihimi sucked in a violent breath of air, sound befalling her ears. She wasn't dead...She wasn't dead.
    She wanted to be...
    She pushed herself up to a sitting position with her legs stretched out in front of her before looking down to the Arrancar below her. It's head was hung out of sheer fear and respect, Kihimi had only wished this were a different case most of the time, but alas, it wasn't. She was known as the cold Espada, and though that be true in nature, she found herself regretting it some of the time.
    She sighed, reigning her body and mind back into the life she lived and with a never-ending moment of silence, the Arrancar below her walked away, assuming she had heard the message and most likely to bring whoever it was that had come to visit her, forward.
    Kihimi stood, wobbly for a moment after lying down for so long and merely loosing her mind entirely. She found living in Hueco Mundo pointless, and wanted more. She wanted, life, different scenery, something to actually do.. and like that, upon awaiting her guests arrival, an idea scuttled into her head, living her up as the true Primera, with an eerily vengeful smile placated on her multi-toned lips.

    (Note: Anyone can respond to this if they'd like c:)

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  7. Location: Soul Society

    Aki stood silently as the meeting with the main members of the Gotei 13 commenced, watching as others began to introduce themselves. As soon as she saw an opening to introduce herself she took a step forward, her captain's cloak billowing behind her with the sudden steps she had taken, shining blue eyes meeting everyone else's for a split second as she spoke. "Kobayashi, Aki" She spoke just loud and clear enough for everyone to hear, her voice like dark brown velvet. "Captain of the fifth division and honored to be here." With that she returned to where she stood before, joining her lieutenant once again. She pushed some of her long hair back, slightly annoyed that though she had pinned it back as usual, it always seemed to get out and look messy to her annoyance. Aki then crossed her arms and watched the rest introduce themselves, silent once again. She looked in the direction of the head captain for a second, wondering if he had any news he was planning to give before listening to introductions once again, knowing it was polite to do so.
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  8. Location: Hueco Mundo

    "Why can't every night be as quiet and peaceful as it is right now?" Kaito thought to himself while looking at the forever present night sky in this dim world of theirs. It was during time like this he was reminded of the days he spent wandering these sandy seas in search of a home to call his and his alone. Soon he grew tired of reflecting upon his empty past and retired from his front row view of the wasteland as he hopped up to his feet. "You'd think with having such a grand establishment such as this we would have more things to keep us occupied." On that note he simply sighed and decided on going for a walk which had become one of the few pleasures he took joy in. "I really need to talk about getting my number switched as well since have a huge target on my face just isn't my ideal of fun times....although having this number does allow me some pretty sweet bonuses." And now with his personal debate over 4 being a good number Kaito walked along in silence hoping to find someone to help him out with the arrival of this new conflict.
  9. A Collab between Detective Zero, Artorias and Akashi

    Location: Hueco Mundo

    Summary: Kurono watched atop a pillar as Xenethis broods; the two start picking at eachother's nerves before an unwanted guest arrives. With Tres butting in on Quinto and Septima, irritation only rises before more nerves are struck.

    Bleak. Gray. Dark. Things often seen in the outskirts of the deserts of Hueco Mundo, the only thing standing out from as far as the eye can see would be Las Noches. However where this was taking place was plenty afar from it. Atop what looked to be a large, broken pillar in some ruins stood a lone figure in plain view. Some would say it looked human, but anyone that even belongs to this place knows otherwise. This figure was Kurono Akitachi, one of the Espada, fifth in line. With her arms crossed, her short pink hair gently bristled in the wind as the back of it entailed into a braided ponytail ending at the middle of her back.

    Her outfit the same colors as all the others who've come to wear it, the neck of it was long and wide enough to cover her lower part of the face. At the moment, it was unzipped, a mask underneath covering her mouth and jawline rimmed with 'teeth.' Zanpakuto sheathed on her back, it was almost as long as she was tall, the woman just staring off into nothing with a stern and somewhat angry look to her. She could smell a bloodlust in the air and had a good idea who it was, Sexta. The silence would have otherwise held if her patience had stayed, voice calling out with a rough attitude, "Oi, how long are you going to be hiding under a rock anyways? It's getting boring here damnit...."

    The moon, the odd shape of the moon. For some reason, it always reminded Xenethis about where he was, Hueco Mundo. The emptiness that filled the space from and around Las Noches, was nothing but sand. It was dull, useless and everywhere. With each step, he dug deeper into the sand, with a careless expression plastered on his face. Xenethis was a part of the Espada, being the seventh in line.

    His Zanpakutō was hanging down from his right hip, and as always, like the rest of the Espada, he wears a white hakama, along with a long jacket, and a black sash. However, his jacket has longer coattails than others, while the collar is higher, but black and not white like the rest of his clothes. His jacket is however, not buttoned up, and as always, it exposes his muscular chest. What's left of his hollow mask covers the right side of his face.

    His crimson hair fluttered with the strong wind, before a sharp but familiar voice rang through his ears. "Tch.." Xenethis' golden eyes squinted slightly, before he tilted his eyes up and towards the top of the broken pillar. "Whats it to you?.. Huh?... Always interfering with others when they want to be left alone..." A small vibe of annoyance was uttered through his voice towards the fifth Espada, Kurono.

    Turning around, Kurono's green eye was staring at Xenethis like daggers, "Pheh.. What's it to me, eh? Bite me, that's what. You're sittin' here wading through sand all broody wanting to be alone as if you're the Primera.. For someone lower than me, I'd still expect ya to have some balls, not another pair of legs to bend over.."

    Xenethis disappeared from the sight, using Sonido to appear behind Kurono, on top of the pillar before he responded. "You may be higher in line than me, but if you're looking for something more.. Like a fight.. You may as well say it right to my face.." His expression was casual at the most, his golden eyes gazing at the female Espada.

    A moment later, an evil grin formed on his face. "Having a bout with you should suffice... Quinto.." Xenethis' intentionally made the last word sound condescending, despite being the Séptima.

    Her brow visibly twitched violently as a finger moved to pull away at her collar and then yanked the mask off her face, her eyepatch being the true 'mask' of her hollow self, "Well then I'll say it again. Grow some balls or bend the hell over, dog.. I'll shove this so far up your ass the paralysis will last for months. Think being a Vasto Lorde lets you be all high and mighty while I was still an Adjuchas? I'd be glad to remind you why I'm the fifth here and not you."

    While the two weaker Espada bickered and tempers flared, Aikuku almost went unnoticed before he appeared closer. He had been watching from a distance, not close enough to hear the Quinto and Séptima talk. Saddening, but that was the way of life. Aikuku, or Ai as he preferred, wore the standard Espada outfit with no altercations to the outfit like others. His bright blue hair was tied up in a ponytail as it had grown out to some extent. His Zanpakuto was strapped to his left side as he was right handed.

    A playful smile was on his face as he made his presence known to the two.He always treated the lower Espada with no real respect, almost like children. They were weaker than him and he couldn't take them seriously to save his life. "Now what is going on here?" His voice chimed out as he casually walked over to the two, even stepping between them and ruffling the Quinto's hair. He almost started laughing when he did it. A small chuckle escaped his lips before he turned to the Séptima. "Can't you two just play along?"

    Xenethis immediately noticed another uninvited Espada before him, though felt that he had nothing to add or say to Aikuku, the third Espada in line. He glanced before over to him before shifting his attention back at Kurono, until a figure stood before his line of sight. 'Tch..What is he doing here...' An unpleasant thought ran through his mind, before his eyes met with the Tres'. "That's none of your concern..." He finished, showing no sign of being afraid of the third Espada. Even if it was the Primera or the Segunda, he would've responded in kind.

    If looks could kill, the one Kurono was giving Aikuku was a clear intention of that as he ruffled her hair as she growled loudly, "Get the fuck off me, will ya'? I am not a god damn pet.. The hell do you want if you're here, Ai..." Even the name she spoke dripped with venom, a grimace on her visage yet showed no sign of true retaliation. She'd gladly fight Tres for the fun of it but with what Septima was already starting she wasn't in a mood for that, whether she was seen as competition or not.

    Ai laughed as the two showed him no respect. He really didn't care, but he found it fun to mess with the weaker ones as they tried to bare their fangs and show just how fierce they were. As Ai ruffled the Quinto's hair, he could of simply added pressure and pushed her head into the ground, but that would start a fight and he was never in a mood to fight those that were weaker. You had to impress him to get his attention when it came to fighting, and these two simply didn't have the power; however, if they did attack him then he would have no choice but to put them back in their places.

    "Now, now Kurono. Treat your betters with respect. You want Xen boy over here to respect you, yet you don't give very good examples to follow." He pulled his hand away and back down to his side, posture relaxed as he had no real worries from these two. "I'm here simply because I can be." As the Tres spoke, his smile never waned or broke.

    A small but pleasuring smirk came across Xenethis' face due to how Kurono reacted to Aikuku and his comments. But it waned away at the nickname the Tres used for him. If anything, to him, it seemed as if Tres was an even a bigger asshole than Kurono, but one thing was true. From the Espada, Kurono was the most amusing one. He wanted no part in the small gathering on top of the broken pillar. Aikuku wanted attention, and if anything, Xenethis wasn't the one to give that to him, despite his garbage remarks.

    However, one good point came out from what he said, but respect was something that went both ways. In order to get some, you'd have to give some. Xenethis may be someone who doesn't follow this example either, but it was something they didn't have to know. "And I will leave because I can." Xenethis last word was harsh and definetely the same as what Aikuku said. A moment later he turned his back towards the both of them, before he took a few steps towards the edge of the pillar.

    Tilting his head back, from the corner of his golden eyes, he looked past Aikuku, ignoring him, and straight at Kurono. A sheepish smile came across his face, before he continued. "You can have your fun with her, Aikuku." His attention diverted back towards the scenery before him, the vast desert and the grey but dark sky, and obviously his golden eyes peered over to the oddly shaped moon.

    Not even giving Aikuku a chance to respond to any of Xenethis' remarks and letting whatever bullshit Ai said to her go over her head in ignorance, Kurono snapped a growl at Septima before voicing out, "Ohh FUCK no, you're not trying that with me Xenny boy. This shithead may be Tres but that still doesn't change anything between you and me.. You want to go? Let's go right now, right here. Hell, maybe I'll even call Sexta here so she can make it INTERESTING.. Fuck, it's like if I want to have any fun I'd be better off trying to grope Primera to try and make her not look so damn gloomy all the damn time. I'm sure that'd be interesting. Fuck yeah, dangerous and stupid but it'd be better than your limp-legged ass."

    Ai listened to Xen boy, but before he could laugh at the Septima, the Quinto exploded in a rage of words. He could only start laughing before Kurono could even finish. He didn't even hear the rest, but his lungs could only hold so much air for laughing.

    The words, the high pitched voice, the blabbering, it was all too amusing. Xenethis, albeit his back was turned against Kurono and Aikuku, he had a grin plastered on his face. However, once he turned around, his expression was casual and not caring. A yawn almost escaped his lips. "Hearing you call me Xenny boy doesn't actually sound bad.. You know?.." He carelessly started, before he pocketed his hands.

    "Heh.. You're too amusing.. Hahaha... Sexta?.. The Primera?.. Be my guest... But as of right now.. You've taken the fun all out of me.. So I'll fight you another time, when I have the luxury to waste my time on you again.. Because right now, I find it more interesting to see you raging like a kid. Hahaha.. If you're going to throw another fit, then Aikuku here will surely fondle around with your hair.. Being an object and all.. Quinto" A smirk was all over his face. He was enjoying the moment.

    Still looking at Xenethis with an angered look, Kurono's eye narrowed as she slipped her face-mask back on before she used Sonido to get closer to him, close enough that she'd send a boot to his face and plant it firmly there for the duration of her talking, "Still trying to act high and mighty huh? Go on and give me a minute of your time then, I'll be sure not to fuckin' waste it while I use you as fertilizer to plant the biggest Dumbass tree with your head. Better yet, maybe I'll force you to go and rile the Primera, see how many limbs you may lose. I bet Tres here might even find that entertaining..."

    Xenethis' pesquisa was and always is activated, noticing exactly when she used the Sonido to approach him. 'Another nerve?' He amusingly thought to himself, intentionally letting her get close enough, but before he knew it, a boot was planted on his face, and he was lying on the surface of the pillar, with a very small crater around his head. Kurono's boot covered most of his face' left side, only showing his right side, which was covered by his broken Hollow mask, or what was left of it since he became an Arrancar.

    He was quiet and kept on listening to her useless blabbering that made no effect on him and, or his emotions. Though he eventually became somewhat annoyed by her boot in his face. If anything Kurono would be able to see Xenethis gazing through his mask with his golden eye. His eyes narrowed down before he grabbed her ankle with his right hand, and quite tight at that, which she would notice, keeping her pinned there with him.

    A smirk escaped his lips yet again, before a grin was plastered on his face, followed by a soft but evil "heh" kinda laugh ushering from his lips, which Kurono would be able to see. But at that close range, she had no where to run, and Xenethis wanted her boot off of his face. At that very moment, he used one of his abilities, which would easily hit its target at almost point blank range. Muriendo Empuje. Black spiritual energy sparkled before his left hands index finger, pointing it straight at her head, giving her no moment to react, especially with him grasping her ankle tightly, before he released the beam like energy.

    Ai finally sat up, the laughter dying down from him to notice that Kurono was no longer standing in the spot she was earlier, and now she was over on his right. She was stepping on Xen boy's face, which was fine with him. As the two would handle their own dispute, he stood up, brushing the white clothing off, making sure no sand was clinging to the fabric before turning attention back to the Quinto and Septima.

    Ai watched as the two, or mainly Xen boy, planned on making a real move. Though he would only watch as fighting either one of them, or both of them, would be a waste of his time and no real challenge.

    Watching as Xenethis grabbed her ankle, Kurono's emerald eye narrowed as they looked down on the man, watching him as his facial expressions changed. Hearing him laugh, she wanted to know what he was planning and soon enough she'd see what. With little reaction time at all and where he tried to aim, she lunged her upper body backwards to avoid something fatal, an angle enough to snap her facemask in half otherwise from the fast attack, leaving a lined-trail of blood across her cheek.

    She didn't look angry at all at that point, rather by the end of it she was smirking wildly, teeth bared as her eye shifted down back to him, wondering if he'd let go or not, "Well well.. So you do have some balls.. Guess what. You actually did something. That mean you'll actually try and be a little fun then?"

    Xenethis still had a wide grin plastered on his face, using the same hand which was still grasping her ankle to pull her boot slightly off of his face, before he tilted his head to the side, gazing at Kurono with his eyes. "You sure are weak, being the---" He started, before he used Sonido to disappear and appear behind her, standing with a satisfied expression.

    He dusted the dirt away from his clothes and face, but quite casually, before he finished his sentence. "---Quinto and all..." His eyes veered over to Aikuku for a moment, knowing exactly the type of fun the Tres was having, before Xenethis shifted his attention back at Kurono, and continued.

    "Try a different approach next time, maybe it'll make a difference..." Xenethis turned around, now with his back against her.

    "Hmph.. Pissant, fine. Maybe I will go find Tora, she's bound to be fun with her attitude.. At this point you're killing it.."

    "At least she isn't an attention seeker like you.. Onna.." Xenethis responded, before he used Sonido to disappear from sight, ignoring Aikuku completely.

    "Hah... That's a laugh.. Whatever. Mood's been killed, I'm gone, need to grab a new facemask." And with that, she also paid no heed to Tres as she vanished away in the opposite direction of Septima, leaving Aikuku to his own devices.
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  10. Fubuki Eisei the Liutenant for the 6 division >> Soul society

    She standed behing her captain, hardly sighing she didn't get why they even was called to this stupid and bored meeting. The meeting was always the same, captains spoked a thinking what was happened to their divisions, then there are thoise who are aggressive and begin a fight with anyone. In then end the Head commander only will try to stop the fight, before even going to the case why he called us there. Eisei looked at the other captains and liutenants, noticing that even a half wasen't there.

    Akai Tori the Octava espada >> Hueno mundo

    He managed to take a little snap before a strongs preassured waked him again. What's going one? he thought sensing that thoise preassure all belonged a different users. Mostly all of them was stronger than his, but there was a much more weaklies too. Noticing the preassure belonging a shark arrancar who was attacked him just two day ago with his group "Oh great, the stupid shark rat again" he sighed standing up and walked to outside for his little cave. Facing the arrangar which waited with his ten other hollows. "Okey what do you want this time?" Akai said calmly looking the arrancaras "You lose to me then, what do you think could be different now?" he continued more aggressive way. The shark arrancar didn't answer, and Akai knowed that he needed to win this quickly as possible. So it coulden wake the others much strongers arrancars attention. Getting a fight with them could be suicide.
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  11. [xtable]
    {td} {/td}
    {td}Location: hueco mundo{/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}

    He sat up in panic from a dream of the past, his reiatsu pulsing outwards for miles as his power as Segunda stilled the very air around him. What had been hollows sneaking up on him in his sleep were now frozen in terror as he began to rise and rise and rise to his full height, he looked at the hollows and merely shook his head before he took a step and disappeared towards Las Noches leaving only an after image and the sound of static. His arrival was silent as he walked into the building, he felt Kihimi's reiatsu envelope him, he took a moment as the feeling of loneliness that her power had affected him as he sighed and he leaked his reiatsu out in response before he found a seat in their large meeting room and took it before he began to meditate with his blade to strengthen it with his power.
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  12. Location: Karakura, Earth.

    Matthew walked through the streets on patrol even though it wasn't necessary, he walked passed the people and shops that were in the area, he spied around for other quincys at the same time. He didn't seem to see any so he continued through the streets still he didn't much like the idea of being outnumbered if a few hollows appeared out at once. Fortunately he could assume some of those idiots from the soul society would come down and swing their swords around attempting to kill them as he and his Quincy brethren Gracefully fired from afar and might even hit one by accident how interesting that would be. Slowly Matthew grew bored of walking around and began to head home, he might even do a bit of training to pass the time.
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  13. Location:
    Karakura Town, Japan

    Lucas had just finished getting ready, he was about to step out the door when he remembered something. "oh yeah!!" he exclaimed. "my headband" He said as he went to go grab and put it on. It was then he proceeded to walk out the door to go to collage. He continued walking for about 20 minutes. Finally he reached the collage and sat on a bench. 'hmm' he thought 'there haven't been any hollows around for some time' he decided to disconcern himself with it when he realized the bell rang. Getting up he swiftly but carefully went to class.
  14. [​IMG]
    • Hueco Mundo•

    Kihimi had stopped momentarily in her waiting for said guest to arrive, she assumed they, whoever they were would arrive on their own time. It honestly didn't bug her, the raven-haired Espada was too busy debating internal struggles to give much heed to a potential visitor. She had recently found her way to the large white marble chair atop the sekkiseki stone block she had awoken on. She sat on the cold material, zoning out mentally to any and all feelings around her, say for one overwhelming though welcoming feel of the return of the Segunda Espada.
    Kihimi looked off into the distance, finding herself met with walls of the same, boring colours, and floors of the same boring tile. Nothing was truly different in Las Noches, and it pained her everyday to see the magnificent building that could be seen from the heavens, lack so much originality; though the same can be said for the Espada's outfits, as well as Hueco Mundo itself.
    Kihimi had discovered Las Noches under the reign of the previous "king" of Hueco Mundo.
    "How dare you approach a the King of Hueco Mundo unannounced!" The strange skullified-man looks towards Kihimi, dressed in tattered black robes, eyes as green and dewy as freshly watered tree's on a warm summers day. The King's voice radiated all throughout the lands of Hueco Mundo, causing the hollows that surrounded the mans throne to boast their hearty cackles of agreement.
    Kihimi only stood silent and un-moveable, interested in her surroundings. She looked to the man before her, lips tight with indifference.
    "I are just...lonely...." She responded in monotone.
    The creatures that surrounded her and this so called "King" howled in malice and anger, for this low-life girl had just insulted their ruler, in a sense. Hollows of every kind began stepping towards the raven-haired female. She showed nothing but contempt and solitude, standing stock still in nature, waiting for what was to come next.
    The only thing that filled Kihimi's mind past that vision was images of blood. Crimson red blood, a mass amount, oozing and dripping from many carcasses, bodies everywhere, and the King, resting in his throne, lifeless and forever alone.

    Kihimi flashed back to reality, realizing she had been staring off into space for a long time. She supposed the residents of Las Noches were used to this by now, her occasional moments of zoning out and thinking of the past. Though the Primera was observant, she has been known to lately flash back to her past, find out what she did wrong, why life was currently so unfufiling... so lonely.
    The woman pushed herself up from the seat she was currently occupying, no use thinking over the past when the future was ready for the taking.
    With a simplistic and graceful leap, the Primera jumped from the sekkiseki block, landing squarely in the center of one of the floors many tiles, her weightlessness causing just a slight disturbance in the untouched air around her. She looked both directions, finding many different arrancars to her left and right, all dressed in identical fashions. Kihimi had chosen to wear a rather loose fitting hakama with a general black sash and interchangeable sandles. The only thing that was different about the Primera's outfit was the sword hanging from her right hips side, and the tight, long-sleeved and collared jacket she had partially unzipped to reveal her rather large endowments and the tattooed "1" directly on her left breast. She brought her pointed fingernails up to the skin, lightly brushing the tips over the milky white canvas. This tattoo marked her position among the arrancar, and though many would like to see her head roll, this number showed them exactly who's head would be rolling.
    She looked off to the others with an indifferent and somber glance, passing them by as if they were nothing more than flies in a pile of trash. Moments later she was outside Las Noches, sensing many different spiritual pressures roaming free. If she were correct in her count -which was practically always- their were 5 out of 10 minus her, not in Las Noches.
    Kihimi began to walk forward, needing a moment to be lost in her thoughts, however finding absolutely no need to be in Las Noches.

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  15. Location: Soul Society

    Shizuka Kurenai, Captain of the Fourth Division

    After watching some of the Captains and Lieutenants introduce themselves, Shizuka noted how some were actually missing. In her eyes that wasn't good, but had hoped there was a good reason as to why they were not here. Deciding it was her time to speak up, the white-haired woman stepped forward before one hand gripped at and smoothed out the red highlighted bangs in her hair, "Shizuka Kurenai of the Fourth Division, present.. If anyone causes any foolish mistakes or gets themselves or others injured, you're free to find us." And with that, she stepped back into place visibly fidgeting with her Shihakusho like she didn't enjoy wearing it.

  16. [​IMG]


    Stern expression. Around eight Hollows surrounding him. 'Hmm..' He thought to himself. On top of a building roof. Satomi looked up at the sky, before his emerald eyes landed on the creatures before him. His demeanor unfazed, nor sad nor happy. It was nothing but him being stern. One of the eight Hollows growled, before lashing at him. His eyes squinted, before he used Hirenkyaku, disappearing from sight. The Hollows were unaware of his presence, and exactly where he could be.

    He appeared, but behind the first Hollow who made a crucial mistake, which would lead to its inevitable death. Standing behind it, but right next to it, with Satomi's gun, Mithral pointed at its skull from point blank range. The barrel glued to his skull. Sweat. Sweat was running down the Hollow's face. It was odd, very odd. The gun's capsule shifted, before a *click* sound was heard, followed by blue energy-based bullet erupting, penetrating the skull. Headshot!

    The Hollow was immediately rendered useless, his spiritual energy dissolving into the empty air. "Pathetic!" Satomi uttered. This prompted the rest of the Hollows who became wary to attack, who still felt that by outnumbering the Quincy, they could take him out easily, even if one of their kin just died. It was expected. His emerald eyes glanced over at the rest, who jumped at the second, following the same mistake as the first. He decided. It was time to take them head on. Turning around in 80 degrees, he ignored the rest and went for the Hollow who had eight legs, just like a spider. "Tch!" The sight of the Hollow was disgusting, especially to Satomi.

    The spider-like Hollow became confused, or rather afraid. Which one is it? Satomi wouldn't know, nor did he care. The Hollow spat something unusual at him, whereas, it was easy to dodge. He tilted his head to the side, before glancing back at the rare fluid, which was, like poison but similar to acid, eating away at the surface of the rooftop. His attention diverted back at the same Hollow, who Satomi approached quite fast. The moment he arrived, the spider-like Hollow stood up, using his four legs, while the rest aimed to grab the Quincy. "Slow..." He whispered.

    The Hollow had no chance, his legs were too slow to react, which gave him the opportunity to pull Pandora out, his second gun. Again, on point blank range, he shot the Hollow countless of times, and with each gunshot, the creature made a painful noise, but different. The spirit bullets went right through the Hollow, until there was no life in him, but the holes in the Hollow made sure that the acid fluid came rushing out. Satomi tilted his head back, and noticed from the corner of his emerald eyes that a few more Hollows were right behind him. Perfect! They would get a taste of their own medicine, or at least the fluid that'll eat away at their bodies.

    Satomi jumped away, but made sure that they were in range for what was to come. Fortunately for him, these Hollows were smaller than the spider-like Hollow. This meant that the acid fluid that would explode out, and on to them would shower them completely, and hopefully eating their life away. And just like that, only moments later, they realized they were in a trap, using one of them against almost all of them who were picking a fight with the Quincy. It was more or like Satomi, who brought these Hollows together in order to take them out in one go. So far, so good.

    Still unfazed, his expression was nothing but stern. "GNAAAAAA!!!!" "AAAAAAAAA!!!!" "UWAAAAAAAAAA!!" They screamed, like the abominations they are. Satomi landed on the edge of the building, holstering both his guns. Six down, two more to go. His eyes landed on the remaining two, who seemed quite scared at the time. Satomi gave a certain vibe, the type that'll have them wondering who's next. His white hair fluttered with the wind. The sky was still blue. The day was still good.

    A fat turtle-like and shaped Hollow tried to run away, making threats. "Damn Quincy!.. WE ALREADY HAVE ENOUGH PROBLEMS WITH THEM SHINIGAMI's.. AND NOW YOU?... SCREW THIS I'M OUTTA HERE!!" It spoke, which was surprising, but again, fell under the expectation category. Not a single word was given in response by the Quincy. His eyes squinted as always, which made the Hollow unsure if he heard what it said. The second Hollow that was remaining looked like a mammoth, but they are usually big, but this Hollow was not.

    The turtle-like Hollow jumped off the building, trying to make an escape. "Shinigami..." Satomi whispered to himself, before a quick glance at the mammoth-like Hollow was given, ignoring him completely he ran past him, diving down the building, towards the turtle-like Hollow. The mammoth-like Hollow who remained on the roof, did not follow the Quincy or his kin, and sighed in relief. "AH.. OH!!.. I.. I'M NOT DEAD.. I'M STILL ALIVE!.. YES.. THANK GOD.. WAIT.. THANK GOD?.. HELL NO.. HE WAS TOO AFRAID.. YEAH!.. TOO AFRAID TO FIGHT ME.. SORRY ASS QUINCY.." The mammoth-like Hollow uttered.

    It was happy. It was overconfident. It felt powerful. But before it used the opportunity to get away, a round but transparent capsule bounced on the ground, until it touched the side of its feet, grabbing the mammoth-like Hollow's attention. It could see inside the capsule. Something blue was moving or flowing inside it. "What is this?" It said curiously. It was a Geist Bomb, used only by Satomi, but the Hollow did not know that, and only a second later the transparent but round capsule glowed, before the lid popped open, releasing the condensed spiritual energy. The mammoth-like Hollow understood what it was, whereas its eyes widened, his expression terrified for that one second. However, in the end, it was too late to react. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

    A big blue explosion occured, evaporating the Hollow right at the spot, creating a crater on the rooftop. The energy did its trick, killing the mammoth-like Hollow. Only one more remained. Satomi, who was approaching the last fat but turtle-like Hollow used reishi platforms to jump through the air, to quickly approach the abomination before it landed on the surface. Satomi noticed plenty of civilians in the area. He created more reishi platforms. Using the last platform to amp up his speed, he went extremely fast past the Hollow, slicing him in half, with Seele Schneider. "Don't compare me to the Shinigami's..." Those were the last words the turtle-like Hollow heard, before it too, dissolved, never reaching the ground.

    Satomi removed the Seele Schneider from view, especially because of the civilians before he landed swiftly on the ground. Some of the civilians were startled, wondering where he came from. The Quincy's eyes were closed, before he stood up, wiped the dust off of his clothes, followed by his emerald eyes opening. "That went well.." He finished, with a smirk on his face, he started to walk through the street.
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  17. Guerra's bokken glowed with his power, as red tinged wisps of energy trailed off of it enhancing the blade with the power of rage allowing it to kill. He opened his eye's just in time to feel Kihimi's energy leave the castle taking with it the familiar feeling of loneliness, he started to leak his power again but this time letting it spread throughout the castle and out into the white sands hueco mundo allowing it to permeate the air and surrounding his fellow espada where ever they may be but despite the burning rage that lay deep inside him it did not taint his reiatsu no his reiatsu was calm and meant to ease the negative feelings of his fellow hollows while his blade took in the rage of his reiatsu. He stood and locked onto Kihimi's signature and proceeded to make his way to where ever she had gone to.
  18. cooltext132468463679009.png
    The 5th Quincy

    Location: Karakura Town

    Mei could never shop in the cool and perfect indifference of a supermarket, served by underpaid drones and sucked into purchasing the over processed salty junk. What she couldn't get at the local market she just didn't buy. Every Saturday morning she would drink in the colors, the aromas and the atmosphere like an elixir. She thrived on interacting with the stall holders, each one almost a caricature of bubbly friendliness. They knew her by name and often had kept something back from the stall that they knew she would buy...and she always did. She weaved through the crowds, edging through the dense flow of people with her bags getting more full by the minute. The air was perfumed with produce, the ground was gritty stone and the air a perfect pre-autumn chill. There was no irritating music, just a busker with a guitar. This to her was life, real life, not the sanitized pre-packed convenience world of individual yogurts and personal cheeses.

    As Mei continued on looking for something to buy, she realized that she's now out of the supermarket and into the town square where a wide variety of shops lined the nearby streets: antique and art stalls, jewelry and accessory shops, luxury boutiques, souvenir kiosks and stores selling leather goods, all showcasing an array of the finest Japanese wares. People flocked to them like fireflies to a lamp, enthusiasm accentuating their features. The silvery melody of the drawl of sightseers and the strong, distinct accents of the locals drifted through my ears as they ambled past. There were chimes of bells that tinkled incessantly as the people sauntered in and out of the stores, entranced by the Japanese merchandise. They purchased bags of picturesque paintings, fragile but colorful figurines created from glass, and shirts with cute characters printed in big, bold letters, among many others.

    She couldn't help but smile at the sight. It seems like humans never really got a thing to worry about. The place is so peaceful with no hollows lurking around, and it made her incredibly happy. The hollow activity around the area lessened thanks to her and her fellow quincies eliminate them from existence. "Hah~ what should I do next?" she asked herself as the walked around town, her blue eyes glancing at the shops.

    Of course, she knew that she must do her job right now but she just can't. Today is a special occassion for her: today is her shopping day! The day where she can spend as much money as she want without having to think about the budget, the day where she lose herself and the day to relax. Being a quincy is quite hard if you really think about it.

    Mei stopped for a moment when she noticed a familiar figure. Is that.. Awataro-san? Her eyes suddenly widened as she saw that he's battling hollows. Oh, how stupid of her! She's been too busy shopping for things that she completely ignored the hollows she picked up. "Well, not like he can't handle it.. right?" she asked herself with a slightly worried expression. Mei doesn't really like to approach him whenever they crossed paths because, he kind of scares her. He's always so serious and stoic, completely different from her personality. She's also really afraid of the male species, so she sees no reason to interact with him.

    She then continued on with her shopping, ignoring the cries of the hollows and entered the tailor's shop to pick up her customized cheongsams.
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  19. 611222 (2)2.jpg
    He continued to watch each captain individually step forward and announce themselves. Follow by the remarks his lieutenant made. A slight tick appeared on his for-head but it was hidden by his hair. All he thought to do was to remain silent for the rest of the meeting then yell at her later for it. 'well this sure is boring' he thought to himself 'the only reason I came here was because the head captain said it was important, I could be in my lab right now making potions and experiments that who knows what do' he smiled mischievously on the inside thinking about what he could make.
    quincy_by_shinsheijuro-d5pf6dx (3).jpg
    He only had gotten through three of his classes before leaving he was tired since he wasn't getting any rest.
    He walked down the street making his way to his apartment. 'Dammit' he thought alone 'this is the 4th time this week I've skipped out on classes' angry with himself he decide to stop thinking about it. Crossing a few roads and passing a few shops he heard the dying scream of a hollow, he ignored it. It was the weekend tomorrow so he was gonna probably stay up all night playing games or watching movies.
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  20. Dante Cupid
    3rd Quincy in the world, ''The Sanrei King''
    Suraisu Sokumen
    ''The Slicing Sides Bow''
    Karakura Town ⇒​
    The night time was nearing and the moon was beginning to breach the sun, The day was partly cloudy and although the news proclaimed it to rain soon it didn't stop Dante from leaving his household apartment to buy himself a little hunting tool that he wanted for just a little bit of fun. Dante was already half way to the store that he planned on going to before night arrived and he sensed a cluster of hollows near east of his position, ''Already, huh?'' questioning himself was predictable when sensing such a cluster to which he planned on arriving too before hand. Dante was driving in a old red car that was small in size compared to most top heavy vehicles due to the fact that he didn't favor with inessential running or walking to every venue.

    Finally with a bit of time to spare Dante arrived at the locale Weapon Smith or ''Weapon Store'' to which they call it in the modern age. The sign that was rested on the side of the left window emitted a red light displaying the words that gave the store character ''Weapon Store''. After pushing through the double wooden doors of the entrance the music was about immediate, blowing and booing, bashing and with a bit of tremble the music played with classical rock music that was soothing to the ears of any hardcore alternative who stepped inside. The cashier greeted Dante with just the right amount of volume, ''Welcome, How can i help you?'' it echoed inside his mind and why wouldn't it? Those words have been said for so long from every cashier worldwide, it was a happy greeting that sent a warm home welcome feel to whoever stepped foot inside. ''What about a Bow?'' like all quincies it was clear that of course Dante wanted a bow, the sweet pleasure of cocking that bow and drawing back with a spiked elbow sparked pleasure in all quincies. ''Ah'' The cashier said right before he turned around and reached above his head to unbutton latches that held a very shiny and black bow on the wall.

    ''If your looking for a bow then this is the one for you my friend.''

    The cashier didn't know Dante, however for some reason he picked a good time to walk through the doors of the store because today the cashier seemed a bit more friendlier than most people who work 3rd shift. Without any hesitation Dante slapped down a few dollars that seemed a bit low on price but some of those dollars were 1000-10,000 yen and although a stack of money dropped so carelessly on the table was more than questionable but curiously suspicious it didn't matter to Dante because time was running out and the only thing that was on his mind was the goal. Right before he left he lifted his hand up in a friendly but quick goodbye right before he pushed those double doors to quickly rush to his old red car with his new bow in the other hand.

    ''Alright'' Dante said right before he started the car and drove all the way east to just stop a block away. Right after he pushed the red car door open and got out he pushed a button right below the wheel to open the trunk. The trunk had a vast amount of tools that was pretty primitive in accordance to his powers, however the thought of using such tools made him feel quite young again when things were more simple because he didn't know much but that is all in the past but of course reliving the past at times wasn't necessarily a bad thing. Dante walked around to the trunk and took out a grappling hook that was a bit advanced than most just like his bow, After aiming the hook upwards he pulled the trigger causing the four sided but sharp hook to shoot in a swirling motion, forcing itself upwards against the opposing winds. The forward momentum of the triggered hook caused smoke to emit from the bottom of the device like a rocket launcher. By pulling the extremely long but rough rope downwards the hook slammed down and hooked itself on the edge of the building that Dante previously parked beside. Dropping the device from the rested position it was in comfortably on his shoulder but now on the ground Dante walked back over to the trunk and grabbed a waist lock that he then proceeded to wrap around his waist and then clipped and hooked it in place. Walking back to the rope but not after he grabbed the bow that rested on the passenger sit he flipped a small device attached in front of the waist lock and opened it then clipped it on the rope, Another device was hidden behind the waist lock that he then proceeded to grab and with one single motion of a thrusting arm he clipped the small device to the rope above his head. After pressing a red button on the side of the waist lock the device turned on and with a very swift and immediate motion he was flung upwards as the device gripped the rope and pulled it downwards.

    Eventually within a minute or two he arrived at the top of the building and just when he was about to unclip himself from the waist lock in a half leg off the building and one inside position a huge explosion occurred just a block away on top of another building. Dante's attention was suddenly erupted and inverted to the building not too far away from him, his head immediately shifted and his eyes although didn't express emotion was quite startled.

    ''Idiot, Why do these low level Quincies have to be so reckless..''

    This was followed by a quick shift of motion in a attempt to rush to a vantage point, kneeing at the far left corner of the roof he pointed his three layered bow towards the quincy that was just about to jump off the roof he was positioned on. ''So.. Lets see if your able to be this reckless again.'' He said whilst cocking the arrow and drawing the bow back to a point, the tip of the arrow had a heart shape and at the end of the arrow had paper wrapped around it as if it had a note on it. The note was written way before and it said

    ''Next time think about what you do, If you refuse to do so then the next arrow will not miss... ~ The Sanrei King''

    As soon as his target fell the arrow was at its limitation of draw, the tension between strings of the bow was hard and stiff to the point where it was unable to be stretched any further. ''Move not.. you fuck'' Dante echoed in a mumble right before he released the arrow and string, all of the tension built all released at the same time with the force of strong forceful winds and the arrow shot forward and pierced the air causing a sharp sound to emit along its path to the target. The arrow was so fast and sudden that it was nearly impossible to dodge and as expected the heart shaped tip connected with the targeted quincy's shoulder.
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