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    Grimmjow, the former Sixth Espada was standing idle in the furthest reaches of Hueco Mundo. Numerous thoughts were rushing through his head. Mainly, that bastard Ichigo Kurasaki. It was because of him that he lost his arm to Tousen, and because of him that he was exiled from the rank of Sixth Espada. Fortunately, with the help of the reluctant big breasted girl, whatever her name was, he had his arm back. He was going to reclaim his rightful position one way or another, but first he had to pay someone a visit. Grimmjow tore open the fabric of space, manifesting a portal to the peaceful town where the substitue Shinigami was located. At least he hoped he would find him there. If not, then fuck it, he was going to raise hell anyway.

    With a confident stride the Espada walked into the whimsical gate, and it shut immediately afterwards. Almost instantly he was transported ported mid-air above the town of his desire. Though to be honest he hadn't the slightest idea of where to find Ichigo. So, Grimmjow did the next best thing. Raising his arm he pointed an open palm towards the largest, most crowded building his blue eyes could see.


    A red glow came around his opened hand, and soon pure negative energy gathered itself into a cluster ball in his hands. A split second later, it shifted into a beam, and blasted with incredible force at the Espada's target. A tremendous 'BOOM' rang out, accompanied by an immense amount of debris spewing every which direction. Chunks of concrete crashed into nearby buildings, cars, and Grimmjow even witnessed a large piece land smack dab on a random male human. This caused him to break out into a fit of hysterical laughter.

    "Hahahahahaha! I'm back baby!" He shouted at the top of his twisted lungs.

    This is a Bleach, alternate universe RP. Currently accepting Captains, L.ts, Espadas, Vizards, hollows, Quincys, and fraccions. Limit is one cannon, and two OC(s) per player. In order to play Ichigo, or Aizen, you will need to provide a sample post.