Bleach: War Of Change

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  1. Over a hundred years ago, the Soul Society was attacked by an unknown group that dealt a serious blow to the Seireitei before suddenly retreating. What was left of the Gotei 13 restored their home back to its former glory over the course of 40 years. Ten years later, the unknown enemy launched another assault on the Soul reapers. Unlike the previous attack, the Soul Reaper had prepared themselves for the coming moment which allowed the refurbished Gotei 13 to bring the enemy down to its knees in numbers. However, before they could land the finishing blow, reinforcements came to the enemy's aid and with the extra amount of troops, they were able to overpower the Soul Reapers. One by one, the Captains of the Gotei 13 had begun to fall, causing the Captain Commander to step in. With the Head Captain's strength, they managed to repel the mysterious group....but he and everyone else knew that the next time the group appeared, his power would no longer be enough. It's been 45 years since that battle and the Soul Reapers have been training harder than ever for their pending return. New recruits are also joining every day in order to fortify the Gotei 13's numbers but will that be enough? Who knows?
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  2. "The Seireitei is not very far away from here now. Am I free to go wild now?" An individual with pink hair asked. "No. Unlike the others, I will not be resorting to such primitive methods unless I have to. These Shinigami are intelligent enough to at least interpret my words so a diplomatic resolution is my strategy." Another individual with the appearance of a pale face boy with a jester hat responded. "Let's just say that plan somehow fails, then what? Can I fight?" "Yes you may but I wouldn't advise it. There's a high chance that we won't even be able to stand up to their higher - ups, not alone their head captain. But let's make haste. I cannot stand the thought of wasting anymore time in this place."

    - Squad Eight Barracks, Courtyard -

    "You all have to come at me with more than power that if you expect to even get close to touching me." Rinkei said nonchalantly while standing in the center of the Eigth Division's courtyard. Hundreds of low to mid ranking shinigami were scattered across the entire area. However, most of them were extremely fatigued to the point that they couldn't even stand. Those that remained on their feet clenched their Zanpakutos with a look of unnyielding determination in their eyes. "It's good that you haven't decided to accept defeat yet. With that noted, you should have realized by now that simply charging at me won't cut it. I've already proven that I'm more faster, more skilled and way more stronger than all of you combined. Not only that but I boast way more stamina than you as well which means that it's highly unlikely that you can win by tiring me out. You see where I'm heading with this right?" Rinkei chuckled as the opposing Shinigami's wills began to waiver.

    Even though they had their hearts set on winning, the remaining Shinigami couldn't shake off the man's words so easily. The truth behind them started to pollute their minds one by one. Within seconds, the fire inside of each and everyone of them had begun to dwindle. "War isn't just won physically but mentally as well. Actually, when it comes down to it, you lose a battle not when you lose the strength to fight but when you lose the will to. As such, you cannot allow your enemy to get inside your head, or else your reasons for fighting in the first place are lost with you. And...why do you fight?" Rinkei asked with a serious look on his face. The Shinigamis' wills returned to them almost as if they were waiting for him to say that. "We fight to protect the things we cherish!!!"
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