Bleach Twilight of Humanity - Adept/Advanced - Fullbringer/Quincy Based Roleplay

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  1. The year is 2012 and humanity is secretly guarded by the organization known as The Soul Society whom fight against groups of monsters known as Hollows, and many people in the world go their whole lives without even knowing about it. The Soul Society itself is dedicated to returning the souls of the damned to their place in the Soul Society HQ. The souls who refuse to go to the afterlife, hollows, are proving to be a real nuisance to the Soul Society as of recent and activity has been increasing. There are those who are aware of this organization, for various reasons, and it's Soul Reapers whom protect it as well some even serve as Substitute Soul Reapers in times of crisis or when the need arises. ...As of recently however hollow activity has been on the rise and the society is having more and more trouble handling them all. This rise in activity has also come with a surprising arise of new fighters....Fullbringers. Fullbringers are individuals whom have parents who have survived being attacked by hollows before they were born. In doing so their children gain unique powers and spiritual awareness from their parents near death experience. They are human however and are still confined to their normal bodies. With the rise of the hollows in activity more of those unaware or faintly aware of their powers are having themselves put in danger and forced to learn their abilities or suffer. Also with rise of the hollows. Some of the remaining Quincies are appearing once more but are still few and far between and mostly under the notice of the soul society as a threat or ignored all together for whatever reason. Few normal humans are able to combat these monsters and survive without the assistance of these three parties. And this is where our roleplay starts out with the call of a strange individual calling out to 'fellow fullbringers' and 'my friends the Quncies it is time to end the threats of the hollow'. Will you join this stranger's invitation? Will you defend humanity from the hollows? Or is it simply to find out who this man or woman really is?
    Basic rules:
    1. All basic roleplay rules apply including meta gaming, power playing, and 'god modding'
    2. All characters are restricted to basic to above average spiritual levels. If you want a high spiritual level please ask me first.
    3. Substitute soul reapers and soul reapers are not allowed in this roleplay unless you can make a good argument for a former substitute reaper. Likewise Hollow based Characters are not allowed either as it would be counterproductive.
    4. Minimal requirement is a paragraph (preferably a half along with it) per post and the ability to post at least once every four or five days. If further time is needed please say so in the roleplay.
    5. Most of us won't have that much training but I won't be against your character having training before hand just keep it so it limits it to average power level.
    6. You can be from almost any nation or whatever be it but preferably to be at an age where you don't need to go to school anymore.
    7. You accept the fact that you must inform me or someone of your departure from this roleplay. Doing so without my knowing (leaving the roleplay) will result in me not accepting you into any of my roleplays.
    8. You need to get accepted by me personally to join this roleplay.
  2. I'd like to give this one bump up just to make sure if no one is interested
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.