Bleach: The Void's Chapter

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    Rei Marihana

    Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Captain of squad 11, and the Research department, had begun experiments to create a new breed of soul reaper. He was mostly successful, other than the fact of a mindless sould being the result. Though this error was soon found useful. His subjects were pulled into his plans to take over the sould society, as he has wanted for so long.

    She stepped down the stone path of the 11th barracks, searching for something as she was told. Earlier this morning, her squad leader had sent her to join this one. He, 8th division Captain Shunsui Kyouraku, the usually most laid bavk of them all, had been having suspicions of strange goings-on in the 11 division. He believed her best to investigate, and so she was traded into Mayuri's care.
    The strange people of this squad weren't all that quick to warm up to, she noticed. Maybe in the next mission--​
    "Marihana Rei." A young monotoned female spoke from behind her. Looking, she saw it was Nemu, the lieutenant.
    "The Head Captain has a mission for you, though he wish I deliver the message. There's been a disturbance in the World of the Living. He would like you to see to it."
    "Just me?"
    "Yes. He says he wants to know how you fare in a mission."
    "Oh," she bowed respectfully to the Vice, "thank you, I'll be right on it."
  2. (This picture demonstrates the costume pretty closely…Though there ARE some differences here and there to watch out for.)

    Jotaro Masaru stood at at least 6ft tall with black spiky hair and blue eyes with caucasian skin. He was dressed in a Dark Blue Sleeveless Jacket and similarly colored pants, a Red T-shirt tucked into his pants, which were in turn held up by a black leather belt with a silver buckle to go with his black boots and black wristbands, as well as the red rambo style headband he possessed. He looked at his hands, and smirked. It was strange if anything, being promised power if he were to be an experiment of sorts. Granted, he saw a couple of other 'experiments' firsthand, but he was supposed to be 'special.'

    He was a human given the might of the being known as a 'Void.' For the moment, he wasn't entirely sure what that meant at all. But he could vaguely make it out as some kind of Ultimate Anime Power Up. Growing up, he trained fiercely in a couple different martial arts styles. But now his training was far improved with this spiritual power he possessed now, that likely would enhance his fighting skills...

    Most other Voids dressed in Dark Blue. Some looked more human than others. It was a big gallery of varying beings, but he didn't question it for too long. To make himself special, He gave himself the additional color of red to go with his custom outfit that was familiar to those that had played old NES games...

    "He said I was to get a Zam-Pa-Kow-to…or something like that…Sort of like a blade…Well, I guess I can wait for that later. Always preferred my bare hands…"

    He walked over to a tree, and began to hop a bit, move his arms and stretch. Then he took his closed fist, and performed a Knife-Hand strike (His hand is just open, fingers extended, like a karate chop.), as he proceeded to slice apart the tree with little effort.

    "Okay. Good. I'm not on drugs or anything…Time to go see what these things can really do…"


    After some Shunpo usage, Jotaro appeared at his high school, entering to find that Detention had just begun. As a student, he was always a decent guy. One that certain others often would try to exploit, and impose misery upon. At times they succeeded. And that would now gain them the prize of cleaning the entire building up, with Jotaro taking all the credit for leading them, of course.

    "It's Masaru!" Snickered a random fat punk. "I'mma get his ass today!"

    "Yes, let's wipe that brute off the face of the Earth…" Added in a pretty boy with smooth, silky dark brown hair and full eyelashed eyes that boasted his feminine looks.

    The two each gestured to some much tougher looking guys to move in to attack Jotaro...

    Jotaro himself was walking towards them. When the goons came running, Jotaro was throwing fingertip strikes. Some with his index finger alone. Others with knife hand forms, or the index AND middle finger. These seemingly harmless pressure point strikes were doing far more damage now that Jotaro had extra power, but more importantly some basic shinigami Hakuda training to go with his already formidable human martial arts.

    He cracked his neck when he saw the fat kid and the bishonen...

    He was gonna love every second of this.


    Jotaro would soon find himself sitting on a recliner chair being carried by a couple of musclebound idiots, as various troublemakers from around the school were now bent over, cleaning the floor by hand, at the mercy of the half-human, half-void being before them.


  3. (Yes, he doean't seem like the antagonist of the story at aaaaall. And I should know the names of some of those strikes. I take taekwondo irl. Only a white belt so far, but still. xD)
    She appeared perched atop a building. The energy coming from the highchool area was definately the source of it, though it came as a surprise no others(Ichigo, Chad, Oriheme, Uryu, unless you want them to be included in this) were seen. Although, they must be off fighting off the other threat to the Soul Society. Must have missed this day of school. She flashstepped to the ledge of a window, and watched inside.

    "What the Hell?" She muttered as she saw the source of the spiritual energy hoisted in a relaxed chair. She dissapeared through the suddenly open window, it's curtains fluttering inward with the brisk draft. A distortion in the air in front of him occured as she appeared at the end of the hall knowing only he would see her. She grabbed the hilt of her blade, just in case.
    "Never seen you before, you seem like another one of those Substitutes. Who are you?"
  4. Jotaro cackled a bit, placing a fist on his cheek, and giving the girl who appeared a good look. He felt pretty damn egotistical at the moment, what with him taking out a dozen guys casually. And she was armed…This would make an interesting first real challenge from the spirit world, or whatever that funny looking demon said...

    "I'm Batman."

    after saying those words, he himself flashstepped through, and floated behind Rei with a devilish grin.

    "Though I must say, I'm more on the level of pre-crisis superman. I take it clown-face sent you to gauge my power?…That means you have powers too, no? I mean, in addition to that bizarro sword you got there. I'm sure you need that handicap against my iron fists…"

    The guys were freaked out. They felt a new Touki (Battle Aura) in the vicinity. But they saw nothing…So they freaked out and…worked twice as hard at cleaning while Jotaro faced off with the evil spirit.

    "C'mon then…" Gestured Jotaro with his index finger. "Maybe I'll be nice, and not drop a steam roller on your weak, yet cute ass!"
  5. She spun around in surprise, swinging her sword from it's sheathe. "Aren't you a reckless man for trying to start a fight in a room full of the living. Let alone taunting nothing in front of them. Excuse me for not being familiar with human jokes, Batman, but I don't think.." She stopped for a moment noticing a certain subject she was investigating was mentioned. "Clown face? Funny, that's what I call him too. How does he have something to do with this?" She rose her sword slightly at him, slightly more threatening. "What's he up to?"

    (You're mixibg animes you know, the energy is called Reishi or Spiritual Energy in Bleach, and normal humans can't sense it. So anywho you'd probably look wierd yelling at absolutely nothing.)
  6. (Sorry about that. I know what it's called in Bleach, I'm just a major fan of 'Fist Of The North Star.' But they don't see anything, they just sense energy too for the joke that they think there's a demon nearby.)

    "I'm human, thanks. At least half now. I'm this thing called a void, see? Clown face made me harness amazing powers apparently dormant in me, and given an extra boost by his ghost-shit. Anyways, I'm Jotaro Masaru, thank you for not getting my references…But yeah. He mentioned something about getting some non-brainless high ranks for his new forces…"

    Jotaro was already dashing forward to attack. His fists were endowed with a technique similar to that of the Hierro used by the Arrancar, as he threw a storm of punches towards Rei. At this speed, and with this many fists nearly engulfing the girl, she'd have to do something pretty impressive to escape...

  7. "Bakudo number Eight, Seki!" She called out as a sheild of reishi appears on her right arm, which would paralize and/or repel anything which touched it, keeping the shield matched with the attacks before she had flashslepped to his side, aiming a finger, with which a red ball of energy had formed, a Hado 30, then firing the fiery blast at him.
  8. Jotaro glared at the girl using a shield, but before he could move, she fired a blast right next to him. He casually raised his forearm, watching the blast pass through, making him think the wall was now destroyed. Smoke appeared after the attack, and once it cleared, Jotaro stood there, unmoving. The Hado 30 did a number on him, some bruises appearing on his arm, some blood even seeping out a bit...

    "…Energy techniques ought to be used sparingly." He began to speak through gritted teeth. "But that's just me…"

    He pulled his arms back as if to cup a ball, and leapt forward, forcing his arms ahead, like a classic Kamehameha: But there was no blast. It was just a double palm strike aimed for Rei's chest, using his reishi to generate flames that were engulfing Jotaro's forearms and hands as he struck out for her.



    "Dairyuu (Double Dragon)"

  9. In the instant he struck out she had unsheathed her blade, using both hands to hold and block the attack with it's flat side. "You've already been using your powers anyway, and these humans' memory of it can be swiped away after this too. It's been done before, as I've heard. Either way, my job would be to bring you in, or if you refuse, liquidate your existance. So, since it doesn't look like you'll come back like a good boy.." The katana suddenly became white hot against his palms as she pushed off of him, pointing her middle and index digits in the meantime, a shout of the attack alerting the blast of a higher numbered blast towards him, concealed in it's flame workings was a combined attaxk of electricity which branched out where he might be impacted.
  10. "…"

    "I'm not entirely human, remember?"

    The cuts appeared on his arms, and they burned with the fury of the blast, some cuts even appearing on his legs, having cut through the fabric of his pants slightly, blood seeping down his lip. He was in some pain, but he didn't want to admit defeat so easily. He wanted to try to inspire some amount of fear by not admitting his injuries...

    "Difference between the use of our powers is I use it sparingly. Notice how I only used one special move..." Replied Jotaro. "But hey, if it gives you that unfair advantage over me, go for it."

    Jotaro dashed forward again, using a left front kick on the side of the blade to move it out of the way, electricity painfully coursing through his veins, as he pressed on to try and defeat the shinigami before him. With the same left leg, he threw a variety of kicks, first a side kick, then switching over to the right leg for a round house straight into her side where her other hand would be empty.


    Jotaro grabbed to try and take Rei's collar to go for a headbutt, followed up with him placing his right foot on her chest, not as a kick, but a different technique. He pulled backwards, using his leg to keep her up, as he raised his left leg to come down on her neck, and turning it into an Armbar.





    "Do Spirits Still Use Grappling?"
  11. She zigzagged backwards, dodging as much of his advances as she could, bust was suddedly grbbed by the collar. A painful hit to the head and she had found herself on the ground in his armbar. "Gaah!" She yelled, struggling to free herself. Her free hand set a palm to what of him she was able to. "Sho!!" A burst of energy thrusted powerfully through the hand, the ability's purpose being to push him away.
  12. (So, when does Jotaro finish his 'evaluation' of Rei, and take her to Mayuri?)

    Jotaro kept his steely grip on her wrists, taking her with him as they found themselves breaking through another wall, and going outside, still in the hold, Jotaro obviously struck though, from the chest, down to his crotch. He had to grit his teeth, his sheer rage from the girl using an energy blast in a grappling situation, and on his manhood no less, made him want to take her down here and now. He turned his head to see the nearby construction site. An evil grin began to form, as he tried to break Rei's arm, then let go and get up, to drop an elbow into her stomach to keep her down.

    "Hold on, lemme get a present for you…See, I'm nice enough to do that on the first date, y'know?"

    And he flash stepped away, disappearing from sight...


    A moment passed. A very SHORT moment, when a large shape in the sky began to form: And under it was Jotaro, holding it up!

    "Merry Fucking Christmas!"

    And as he came closer, he shifted positions to go on top of the object, which revealed itself to be a…steamroller? He added his own Void strength to force it into the ground where Rei was, then standing on top, and making the most bizarre cry.


    Then, he proceeded to pound downwards into the steamroller, trying to crush Rei. Her back would be on the ground, and it'd have to be a miracle for her to even pick up her sword with the steamroller pressing tightly against her. Jotaro's reishi was in every single punch, a kind of shield going on the other side where Rei was to try and prevent her from using any more blasts, if there was such a shield (Jotaro just made one on the fly). And if the crushing did nothing, the explosion afterwards of the vehicle had to do some damage.



    Dio Special


  13. (Yup she's done. And was that a Kagamine reference? :O Roda rora!)
    It was nearly impossible to breath after being crushed, barely saving herself with her reishi as a shield so it wouldn't kill her. It was still very effective, and as the explosion took place she found herself coughing blood into the cement. Humans looked on to see Jotaro throwing the large equipment onto the ground in shock, unaware of her being there. Upon trying to mobe herself even slightly, the sharp pain told her that ribs had been broken. "Damn.." She rasped, blurred vision showing that she was finished.
  14. (JoJo's bizarre adventure. Kagamine must have got it from there. ROAD ROLLER DA!)

    Jotaro looked around at the people before them, and began to gather up some Reishi in his hands...

    "There's been an unfortunate accident at the construction site." He spoke calmly. "Some kind of terrorist explosion that sent this steam roller flying and everything."

    And in a brilliant flash of light, he used his shunpo to disappear with Rei, Jotaro being thankful of course, that he was about to perform such a temporary feat. He then proceeded to use a kido spell Mayuri told him to use when he had taken hold of a shinigami in the living world, which would get him to the villainous bastard discretely.


    Jotaro, with Rei slung over his shoulder, appeared in a dark room, snapping his fingers and creating a small flame, colored dark blue, to light the way.

    "Oi Oi! Clown-Face! One weak sap ready for the power of the Void!"
  15. "Don't be so arrogant as to make at me fun with that nickname, boy. Your creator is quite capable of simply cleaving you in half." Mayuri spun to him in his chair and stood, clasping his hands together. "Oh wonderful, you've brought Miss Marihana. Set her down if you will." He made a simple hand gesture after motioning to a spot on the hard floor. "Sai." The command 'Sai' would restrain her arms behind her back, in case she were to try and fight the process. Though she was only part concious, she had been givin attempts to struggle away, spatting silent curses at them.
  16. "As long as you're not planning on doing any bizarro fetishes with the chick I brought, I think we're good." Replied Jotaro. "Now feel free to turn her black robes blue. I could use someone to talk to, unless you don't mind me hanging around your daughter, boss..."
  17. "I hardly see how changing the color of her robes gives you a companion. You may hang around her when I'm finished, this doesn't matter to me. That is if she doesn't end up hating you naturally. Who can say?"
  18. "Psshaw." Was Jotaro's answer. "I have my reasons for the color change being so significant. Besides: She was my first real opponent. I respect her for her strength…"

    Jotaro walked out of the room, licking his lips. He was growing thirsty. And lonely. He hopped on over to sit on the mat floor of this other room, lying down to relax...
  19. Mayuri knelt behind her, pulling her wrists to him and stuck a needle expertly into the vane of her right hand. He injected the syrim into her, to which she cringed as the liquid burning through her bleedstream. The pain grew as it spread throughout her body and she yelled out in writhing pain. "Oh don't be a child, it's not that bad." He taunted, waving the now empty needle.
    She nearly growled at him, regaining some composure and trying to free herself from the restraint. "Bastard. Let me go!"
    "But you just got here, why the rush?"
    "Shut the hell up."
    He frowned. "You'll supposedly be under my control once it takes effect. Nemu," he called behind him. "Fetch Jotaro for me, if you will." She nodded and dissapeared.

    Nemu appeared in his room, bowing politely. "I apologize for the intrusion. You are requested to come back."
  20. Jotaro climbed back up, and nodded. It seemed to be a habit of his to act more respectful in the presence of Nemu, as he walked in to greet Mayuri and his latest experiment, taking a moment to prepare himself to speak to Rei.

    "See, It's nothing personal, but we figured we'd turn you into something…stronger. Note that all assets, whether physical or spiritual, have been taken care of. Now, it must hurt like hell, I'm sure, I myself having been forced into the same thing, but it's totes worth it, man. Welcome to the Corps! Let's hope you become a high rank like me and not lose control over yourself! "