BLEACH: The Three Worlds

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    OOC: OPEN SIGNUPS - BLEACH: The Three Worlds

    Since the start the shinigami have battled the hollows to protect the souls of humanity that exist on earth while the hollows sought to nourish themselves with these very same souls. It was a balance that worked with humanity none the wiser and it was all thanks to the soul king, the soul king had been there since time started and his power kept the barriers that separated the three worlds intact. Protected by the best the shinigami had to offer no one thought the presence of the soul king would disappear and that even as time passed be it decades, centuries or a millennium he would always be there. Unfortunately all things must end and that included the soul king and his power.
    No one knows when the soul king was killed just that one of his royal guards found his physical manifestation with a nice neat hole through his torso where his heart was, a dagger was the weapon of choice for the assassin but their was no clue as to who had done it. At first the shinigami hid the death quite well but the effects of a single death would have terrible consequences for all three worlds. The barriers broke before anyone could stop it and soul society, hueco mundo and earth all crossed into the same realm.
    Humanity was smashed by the many hollows that flooded in and attacked the new population of spiritually aware humans and making more hollows from the souls that hadn't killed but had seen their loved ones devoured, the shinigami response response was intense and swift as the whole of the thirteen court guard squads appeared on earth where the incursions had started, Karakura Japan. The shingamis started to press many souls into service in the form of militias armed with crude weapons that were able to kill hollows though they had little access to the powers of the shinigami.
    We now find out cast in the ruins of what was Japan, each person has received a message, it has been sent to shinigami, arrancar and spiritualy powered humans asking them to come to the ruins of Tokyo to meet the unidentified messenger.
    This is were our story starts.​
  2. Reyes had been dealing with a group of large hollows when she received the message. "Great", she thought as she sliced the another hollow in half with her zanpkuto. She quickly flash stepped past them and slid her zanpkuto back into its sheath as she slowly began to walk towards the ruins of Tokyo. Behind her the hollows began to fall apart as they were all destroyed the captain. Before it would have been rare to see the captain of squad 2 dealing with hollows, but that changed with the death of the soul King. "I'm going to find out who killed him and bring him back alive so he can face retribution."
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  3. Allen had been sitting on a rock his giant sword swung over his shoulder with little to no effort. It was hot out and Allen was sitting in the shade of some ruined building. There was a message on his knee, however it was not within the form of a letter but a hell butterfly. Letting it crawl onto his finger he received the message instantly. "Man it's been a while since I've seen one of those." he chuckled to himself still having the will to laugh. Sensing hollows within the direction of Tokyo anyway he thought "Why not, I'm going there anyway." Not being on the home island of Japan, but on the island of Okinawa, he flash stepped north east of his current position.
  4. Being indefinitely stationed in the world of the living had been an absolute nightmare for this lieutenant. Not being able to return home was worse than all the disgusting hollows she'd come across during her time here, she felt sick as what she loved became a memory, her only recollection to cling to and find motivation from to end the threat. Except there was no end in sight, no answers, for the first time (perhaps in history) the Soul Society had lost all control. All they were doing now was prolonging the inevitable, said some of her subordinates, the ones qualified enough to be on a battle ground like this and fight relentlessly, regardless of weariness. Further adding to her chagrin was the fact Rei was responsible for all of these individuals lives: the shots she called, decisions she made, enemies she chose to pursue - lives were at stake, all depending on her wisdom, which was more than she'd signed up for. "If I wanted to be a captain," She huffed, the end of her blade penetrating the last shadow within their sights - at the moment. "Then I would've signed up to be a damn captain!"

    Yet she couldn't feel any ill regards towards Ukitake himself, he'd become a sort of father figure to her over the years, instead of logically arguing he was in no position to keep his position, her emotional ties just beckoned he get better, she could fight to ensure that.

    "Uh, boss?"

    "What'd I tell you about that nickname? It's Rei. R - E - Oh, a butterfly," Her doe eyes widened, any hint of her having just fought off several waves of opposition gone and replaced with immense curiosity. It fluttered down and she gently extended a hand, motionless as she absorbed the message it bore. "Tokyo? Are they out of their minds? Who's orchestrating this? I can't just - "

    "Uh, boss Rei?"

    "For heaven's sake, what?"

    One of her many subordinates straightened up immediately as she looked at him, knowing she was very different on the field than she was back in the Seireitei - here she was non bullshit tolerant, and he didn't want to provoke anything. "Y - You're talking to a butterfly, mam!"

    "Don't tell me that's all you had to say."

    "You should go! We can stay here and manage!" As he said this with forced confidence, a tail decimated the building overhead, level three in unison before it's owner screeched like something from the pits of hell. "...A-After this one, you should go!"

    "Oafs," The brunette took to the air, pondering on whether or not she should heed the message, or ensure her subordinates make it through another day.
  5. "Are you... Are you insane?"

    It seemed that many were surprised of Megami's decision to go forth with the venture to Tokyo. She even surprised herself with this choice. Usually, she wouldn't go through with something so... Well, undetailed. She had no idea who the message was from but, there seemed to be no choice left. Megumi slowly ran a cloth against her blade ridding it of any leftover's from her previous battles.

    "With the king dead, it seems you all try to worry more about me. It makes me feel as though you do not see me as a stronger fighter anymore."

    It seemed her words brought her squad to a silence. She bowed in respect hoping they didn't offend their captain. She smiled. All it seemed everyone did was worry about her. She had proven herself far more superior to others and yet, was still seen as a.. Child? Sure, that works. She began to pack a few things. Ensuring that she had everything she needed. She went to visit her family hoping for their wishes before her descent. Once she had completed all she needed, she smiled as her squad cheered her own as she began to leave. She would miss them surely.
  6. Reyes reached the destination that was specified in the message. She began to look around the area to make sure it was not an ambush. Then again if it was the would stand a chance against the captain of squad 2. After checking and seeing no signs of ambush. Reyes laid down on a flat piece of rubble from the ruins of Tokyo. "Who ever sent that message better show up soon." She said as she yawned closing her eyes. If anything got with in one hundred yards, she would sense their spiritual pressure.
  7. Malum

    He sat atop what remained of the Tokyo Skytree, the large broadcasting and observation had been the largest thing in this city before the war and now it was the only building sitting at higher then 500 feet. He had a small fire going that he poked at with one of his blades while he felt the few who had responded to his message were arriving, it was slightly disappointing that so few had responded but it would not ruin his plans though it would be increasingly difficult as then went especially if he was right about what he was feeling.
    As he sat by his fire with the tattered remains of his cloak pooling around him he started to pulse his reiatsu keeping in mind to make it as suppressed as possible, those that arrived would feel it out of all the energy in the city but he needed to make sure that he didn't attract the hordes of hollows that dotted the city and while they wouldn't be difficult to deal with he'd rather not alert either sides to his presence for as long as possible. Now he waited to see who would greet him in this lonely tower.
  8. ''HA HA HA!'' A very loud laugh echoed from one of the tallest buildings, a white cape visually noticeable from miles. It was Katsuo Himawari, captain of division 12 who was standing on the edge of the building and accompanied by many other division 12 shinigami. With a smile his hand rose up in front of his face and with closed eyes he yelled with confidence, ''Fear me hollows! K-Star has arrived!'' He then threw his hands in the air and gradually let them fall down slowly, one hand halted to adjust his glasses for a bit of time. His head turned around to face the others, ''Watch this guys...'' He closes his eyes and adjusts his glasses once more, ''I'm going to show you my cool side'' a smile reflects to the others before turning back to face the army of hollows below located on the streets.

    ''Hmph...'' Retaining his egotistical behavior he adjusts his glasses one last time before raising his hand towards the hollows below, ''Hado 81, Kusaripiāsu !'' a very bright golden light shined from the palms of Katsuo before a large barrage of yellow chains shot out from the light and like a heat seeking missile it immediately curved downwards and seamlessly pierced through all the hollows, destroying them. His hand on his hip he turned his head and laughed, ''No need to thank me fellas.''

    A few others in the group clapped and stroked his ego by congratulating him on the victory. ''Yes yes, i know.'' He answered them all before turning back to see if the chains destroyed them all and by his surprise it did. ''Wow.... I'm cool.'' Katsuo shakes his head and smiles. ''No one can come face to face with the legendary, the almighty, the most powerful division in the Gotei 13, Squad 12!!'' He turned around and chanted at the others sitting around him and with response everyone cheered. The loud noise perhaps could attract more attention hollows near the building or even humans or shinigami alike, however they were a loud bunch, a very emotionally expressive group that liked the sound of victory.
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  9. Reyes let out a small smirk as she could hear the yells from a nearby building. "Well looks like I'm not going to be bored." She said as she sat up. She looked up at one of the buildings and saw a good majority of squad 12. Quickly standing up she flashed stepped up the building stopping just in front of captain himawari. "Well lookie here, if isn't the captain with the biggest ego." She said in a monotone voice. "I thought squad 12 usually doesn't leave their barracks."
  10. As Allen approached closer and closer to the old ruins of Tokyo he noticed many presences. Lowering his spiritual signature he arrived to Tokyo seeming to be nothing more than a menos level. He came up on one of the groups he knew them as part of the gotei 13. The organization for once he had worked for. He was actually glad he no longer work for them since he had to do so much paperwork. Remembering the old days was nostalgic he wondered if his old lieutenant was still out there. Looking to see that most of the hollows had been eliminated he decided to wait for the one who called them. Slumping against a wall on top of a building he looked out at the view.
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