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  1. [​IMG]
    The soul king is dead and the afterlife is in disarray no one knows what killed the soul king but the aftermath is apparent as the barriers that separated the three worlds has deteriorated to a point where souls, shinigami and hollows are able to cross into any of the other worlds without assistance and all out war has begun between the hollows and shinigami. A influx of humans are gaining powers from the large amount of spiritual power seeping into their world where most of the battles are fought between the shinigamis and hollows. A group of shinigami, hollows and humans are made aware of...a new power rising that may or may not of had something to do with the soul king's death and this group needs to stop this new threat before it takes all three worlds for it's own purposes.

    • All basic iwaku rules and other basic generic roleplay rules apply here.​
    • You are living in the canon world so interactions between real time characters are possible.​
    • 3 character max limit, 1 canon character max.​
    • Everyone not submitted as a character is automatically a NPC.​
    • No one can be Ichigo, He will be a NPC.​
    • All story/plot based questions can be handled by Dakota since he made the story.​

    Character sheet



    Psychology (Hero or Evil)?

    Authority(If you are in a group with ranks):
    Association(Organizations that or Arrancar):

    Theme song:


    Wiki link (If canon):
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  2. [​IMG]
    Rei "Brown eyes; Orchid" Chiba - 318, appears about 20
    Squad 13 Lieutenant (Gotei)

    A P P E A R A N C E

    Rei's a dainty thing (5'9, 117 lbs), long legged, tiny torso, small bust, swan neck and delicate wrists. Complexion a shade of porcelain, though dotted with the occasional brown freckle. Her oblong face has a feminine structure, gently carved jawline, easily flushed high cheek bones, rose colored (medium sized) lips, flawless nose. Most noteworthy are her doe like, chocolate irises riddled with melancholy; framed with thick, black lashes. Her warm brown (golden highlighted) locks are layered, cascading to her shoulder blades, with a healthy shine though extremely fine. She doesn't care much for fashion, typically pulling her hair back half heartedly, baring minimal make up ; no piercings, but has a (tattoo) from a dare way back when she had her first drunk night with a certain blonde lieutenant. Rei walks with long, confident strides, but when she's bored, sleepy or light hearted tends to move in almost ballerina-esque motions wherever she is.

    P E R S O N A L I T Y

    Rei witnesses life through an odd lens: she often describes things in comical ways, approaches situations unconventionally, and focuses on the big picture which, by her philosophy, is: die to self, be of service. However, she has no real identity, and has struggled to find one since she was young; being a natural empath has led her to absorb the feelings of those around her, from suppressed past wounds to immense desire, so much that Rei can't tell you how she's feeling or what she's thinking, cause they're often not her own. Her lack of identity has brought about a default melancholy when she's uninfluenced (usually meaning alone) that warrants worry, though also openly displays her fragility.

    Her words are literate and harsh, the more critical she is of someone, the deeper she cares about their well being and improvement - she finds her time, personally, to be a precious resource considering the amount of effort she diligently contributes to everything she does, so sugar coating is considered a waste she can't tolerate. Ignorance, foolishness, unnecessary rebellion and ego are also aspects of character she cannot tolerate, know if she bites her tongue, she doesn't care how far one falls. Rei is dependable, though abhors most responsibility; she is also resourceful, rational, and introspective. An immense intellectual, if her mind wasn't clouded with aspirations of finding a character inside herself she'd be further able to mentally advance - brain teasers, philosophy, abstract ideas and understanding others are her strong suits.

    She's a little loud at times, but endearingly gentle, while she might seem a little too indifferent she makes an effort to ease another's stress - even if she dislikes them - because deep down she was raised to be a people pleaser, and often can't fight how she was told to behave, further adding to her inner conflict of do I act on impulse, or knowledge. She doesn't slip up, is well versed with humility though avoids potential humiliation, and seems to spend a little too much time contemplating the hypothetical.

    Rei loves early mornings, deep conversations and to sky gaze - day or night. Being surrounded by nature brings about a sense of serenity for her, exploration, getting lost and taking detours are some few possibilities that excite her. She's a little sheltered, and although she's always honest is a very reclusive individual, she doesn't realize until someone's told her that she shares very little about herself, her life. Rei kind of just lives like a ghost, present for a while and then it's like she wasn't there - she's hard to ground, despite an earthy wit, and never says anywhere too long as she's not sure where she belongs. Rei will spend long times in either the society or secretly stationed somewhere in the world of the living to maintain a sense of flexibility and to se notices she's gone.

    Psychology: Hero


    Cats (animals in general), flowers [has a garden of orchids and summer snowflakes, specifically] (nature), dawn, (deep, intellectually stimulating) conversation, challenges..


    Responsibility, time frames, having her time wasted, being away from (Seireitei) home for a long time, drama, dishonesty, being idle/bored.


    Zanpakuto, which appears as any other katana prior to being unleashed. She has a lucky cat charm hanging from the hilt.

    • (Perfectionist) Detailed
    • Dependable
    • Improvisation (Creative) - Her unconventional methods keep her comrades entertained, and her enemies on their toes.
    • Adaptability
    • Way with words - persuasion through beneficial logic, rationalization and humor.
    • Wonderful with animals (not children)
    • Sixth sense/Intuition - She relies on this more in battle, than her actual training.
    • Natural leader - Which landed her as a lieutenant, she takes initiative if needed and manages an unusual calm when stress is at max (on the outside, inside she's just trying to hold it together.)


    Zanpakuto - "[Name]" Manifested form - A winged albino lion.

    Reiatsu - An illustrious indigo, scented like a fruit you can't put your finger on.
    Sheikai - "[Release Phrase]" Her blade splits down the center, animated as the upper and bottom jaws of a lion, jagged with fangs, relentlessly pursuing where they're directed.
    Bankai - "[Lion]" merges as glass, 'victim' is entrapped within a room of mirrors, all reflecting aspects of the individual. Her Bankai is at first defensive, meant to trap the opposition, though it's purpose is to cause one to come to terms with their true ambitions/nature and reflect on whether or not they continue that path. Bankai breaks when the opposition has made a genuine decision to change their ways, or, upon defiance/violence as that's when [lion] appears within the reflection and devours them.

    Unfortunately, should the opposition be devoured within Rei's bankai, she absorbs their spirt energy, inevitably becoming stronger, but also having a piece of her soul replaced with theirs (soul fragments), further adding to her inner conflict with a lack of identity and tendency to be a little out of character. It's extremely risky and has intensified her night terrors.

    Shunpo - Advanced
    Hakuda - Inept, Rae is not one for fighting nor does she have offensive prowess without her sword.
    Kido - Advanced

    H I S T O R Y


    Born in the Rukon district.
    Spiritual energy was commendable, enrolled in Shino academy at eighteen.
    Passed exams on the first go, graduated early..
    Early manifestation of her Zanpakuto.
    Years later moved to fifth seat on squad thirteen.
    Eventually joined the woman's association as a voice and creative director
    Rangiku and Nanao are close friends
    Became lieutenant of squad thirteen
    Bankai achieved

    Additional info: N/A atm.

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  3. Name: Malum
    Nickname: N/A
    Age: Unknown, estimated to be 1000 years.

    Personality: Malum is reserved in all situations almost to the point of emotionless as he only cares about his objective.
    Malum (open)

    Weapons: He has two small dagger like blades on his person, though whether they are zanpakuto are unknown.
    Skills: Malum is a master of stealth seemingly to be able to erase his signature entirely when he needs to, most of his other skills revolve around the use of his twin blades to fight those wielding larger longer blades such as the shinigami or Arrancar and being able to avoid the ranged weapons of the quincy.

    Powers: Malum has been seen using healing kido before but it is assumed he knows more then just abilities to heal if the estimate of his age is right.

    Psychology: Malum while trying to find this new power that is rising his motives are entirely selfish in that he is gathering this group together for his own ends that just happen to coincide with stopping this war.

    Likes: Music, reading and his blades
    Dislikes: Shinigami, Hollows and Quincy

    Authority: Guide of the team seeking the new power threatening all three worlds

    Association: the seeker team looking for the new threat.

    Theme song:

    History: Unknown

    Malum has shown up in the middle of this little war on earth, he has been made aware of some new threat on the horizon that both the shinigami and Arrancars are to busy to notice or unwilling to care about. Malum has gone about looking for those who have also noticed this power and are willing to stop it, he has chosen each person here whether they be human, hollow or shinigami to destroy this power before it's to late and all three worlds are destroyed along with all of their inhabitants.​
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  4. W.I.P.


    Name: Allen Wheichevic
    Nickname: AL
    Age: appears 18 is 751
    Personality: He is a kind caring person who will put someone before himself. Always trying to keep his loved ones safe. Sometimes however when in battle something inside of him sparks and he becomes a sadistic person. He almost completely switches, as if two minds are controlling one body, constantly taking turns.
    Appearance: Outfit: [​IMG]

    Weapons: Zanpakuto Sealed: [​IMG]
    Mask: [​IMG]

    • Super Strength
    • Super Speed
    • Hand to Hand
    • Swordsmanship
    • Quick Reflexes
    • Flashstep/Sonido/Henriakyu
    • Praying Mantis Chop
    • Flying Dragon: Blaze
    • Swordless Dragon Twister
    • Kido
    • Hollowfication
    • Cero (can only be used during hollowfication)
    • Hollow Sensing
    • Shikai: [​IMG]
    • Bankai: [​IMG]
    Psychology: Hero

    Shikai Explanation: When Allen's shikai is activated he grows another arm, as you can see in the image, with claws. His other arm is changed as well. The mask symbolizes that he live for both the hollows and the humans/demi human. His whole left side lives for the hollows and his right for humans. His eye is always red when he uses hollow sensing but in shikai it's always active. While in shikai he uses mostly hand to hand combat with the occsional slash from his new arm. The cloak on his back is able to block and move of it's free will if Allen is in a spot he can't get out of, moving as fast as a flash step. His shikai holds the ability to create a cross wherever he slashes and if his opponent touches one the an explosion occurs.

    Bankai Explanation: When Allen's Bankai is activated he once again loses his arm. His Bankai has two stages, one with his sword and one with the cloak, he can have one on at a time, but if he needs to he can activate both which will last him an hour in battle.

    • Lots of Food
    • Sleep
    • Family
    • Friends
    • Animals
    • Vacations
    • Being Hungry
    • Being tired
    • Evil
    • bitter food
    • hollows

    Authority: N/A
    Association: Visored but was never really part of the group

    Theme song:

    History: Being killed at such a young age he was a baby within soul society. He and his 'older sister' both lived in the rukongai. Even though they lived in poverty they still lived their lives to the fullest. One day when some hollows had managed to get into soul society, his sister was attacked, because of him. It was when he tried to save her that she cursed him, but not out of hate she did it to protect him. This created the scar on the left side of his face. This gave him the ability to sense hollows via vision.

    He was forced into the academy that fateful day. He vowed to become stronger and stronger so he could protect everyone. Flying through the classes he was the second youngest person to graduate the academy, next to toshiro hitsugaya. He was brought up as a third seat for 11th division, having to fight everyday was tiresome but it did give him some muscle.

    After being in the gotei thirteen for some time he finally reached captain status. He was the captain of squad five. One day while on a mission he blacked out, he had been told by the other vizards around him that he had gained abilities like that of a hollows and that he was banished from the soul society.

    After that he decided it was best he go off on his own an train only to resurface a 50 years later.

    Other: He only has his right arm
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  8. [​IMG]

    Megami Kita

    *The Noble's Pride
    *The Journey

    276 (Appears Late Teens; 16-18)

    Megami is mature and elegant. She acts knowing that each step she makes represents her and her status. She, however, is not perfect and will sometimes give into her childish impulses. She has been raised to be strong willed and caring to all; even the weak. She is not extremely justice driven but she does have her own sense of what is right and wrong. She tries not to act on her emotions and often puts her own emotions aside for what's better for others. However, as strong as she may be, she often feels fear that one day she might not be strong enough.

    Show Spoiler

    Megami stands about 5'0" and 100 pounds. Upon first glance, one would assume she was a weak child and not the Captain of Squad 8. Taking after her brother, she has the same cold stare which shows her naive nature. Her hair is short and wildly ruffled as if she had just woken up. Her eyes are crystal blue and quite wide. She doesn't appear to be the most feminine woman around.

    Zanpakuto named Buraindokingu (The Blind King). Due to her experience, she has control of her Shikai and Bankai.

    *Skilled in calligraphy
    *Able to take pick up sounds of various frequencies
    *Swift and Agile in combat
    *Very wise

    Kido - Megami is a kido master specializing in barriers and seals. Bakudo's are her second strongest with Hado's in third.

    Zanjutsu - A impressive swordsmen. Megami focuses on her movement rather than the strength of her blows.


    *Peace and quiet
    *Sweets (especially cakes)

    *Senseless destruction
    *Becoming a disgrace
    *Being called short

    Authority(If you are in a group with ranks):
    Captain of Squad 8

    Association(Organizations that or Arrancar):
    Gotei 13

    Theme song:

    Born the daughter of the 20th head of the Kita Clan, Megami was considered a noble woman since her birth. Her older brother was destined to become the head if their father were to ever die. They both trained endlessly at their clans mansion. Her brother was a far more skilled fighter but Megami was a better tactican than her brother. It was that same lack of knowledge that eventually got her brother killed leaving Megami to become the head of the clan if something were to happen to their father. Upon becoming captain, she ensured to live everyday in honor of her brother and to bring honor to her clan with each breath she took.

    Megami is a skilled artists and typographer. With her life, and even zanpakuto, revolving around the brush and ink she cannot escape her own creativity. She enjoys landscape paintings as well as still lifes. Portraits are always a hastle since people she paints are always moving. ​
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  10. [​IMG]
    Name: Katsuo Himawari
    Nickname: K-Star, Katsuo of the Divine Chains
    Age: Born in 1620 in Edo, japan. Died 1660
    Personality: Calm and distant from the others yet can show his ego from time to time. He can switch between personalities as if he has a split persona, A guy that attempts to act cool but usually ends up stumbling down. A serious man when at work but out of work he is somewhat crazy and unpredictable, because of this he is usually closely watched by the special forces and due to his instability he is restricted from high ranking documents to work with. Although he is not highly trusted his skills are majorly respected for his known to have once restrained a entire army of hollows with his Zanpakuto. Because of his skills he was appointed to the captain position and only because of his skills, without his chains he would merely be a regular crazy insane individual with glasses. It is also to be noted that he enjoys reading and a lot of alone time which makes him somewhat of a outcast. Previously before his promotion to captain of division 12 he was assigned into the 13th division where he overtime gradually fell in love with the division lieutenant, Rei and still continues to even till this very day.
    Appearance: The traditional gotei 13 robes with the symbol of the 12th division on his back, the edo traditional wooden like sandals and sometimes his hair is stringed back into a singular ponytail.

    Weapons: A katana with a long chain attached to the pommel and a dark red sheath

    • Enhanced speed (Captain skill)​
    • Tactical Reading in combat​
    • Geometric combat specialist ​
    • Enhanced endurance ​
    • Immense spiritual reading and power​
    • Semi-genius ​

    • Utsusemi (空蝉, Cast-Off Cicada Shell): Way of Onmitsu, 3rd of the Shihō. It allows for movement at great speed, leaving an afterimage behind.​
    • Kidō Master: He can use low ranking kido without warning at rapid succession without loss of any endurance or stamina. He has not only created many kido arts but he has also centralized the art of chains and restriction/sealing kido. ​
    • Seal Master: Katsuo can use many low ranking seals without preparation, however higher ranking seals above 80 needs somewhat of a preparation due to the power.​

    Psychology: Hero

    • Everyday rather it be night or day​
    • The taste of warm coffee​
    • A lengthy book he has yet to read​
    • The sound of silence ​
    • Creation of the sealing arts​
    • Research of anything​
    • Knowledge​
    • Himself​
    • Rei​

    • People who question his better judgement​
    • The Arrancar​
    • The gotei 13​
    • The modern era​
    • People​

    Authority: Captain of the 12th Division, Head (yet heavily supervised) of the Research and Development Institute
    Association: Gotei 13, Shinigami

    Theme song:

    Chapter I
    Katsuo was born on a sunny day suddenly in the local hot springs of Edo, Japan in 1620 by his mother, Sakura Himawari. His father died before his birth during the creation of Edo in 1603 by a wandering merchant that sold ''Cleric water'' that was suppose to grant wishes yet stupid as this sounds Katsuo's father believed in it and thus he drank the poisoned water and died on the spot. During his childhood without a father he made friends quickly and practiced his swordsmanship where he later forgot about to pursue his dreams of making medicine for Edo. Although back then it was very hard to make healing attributes work, Katsuo somehow always found a way to fix the problem except for his mother when she died in 1629 from a incurable illness. Later through his lifetime he continued to make medicine for everyone by himself till the stress overtook him in the year of 1660 where he took his own life in his one bedroom house with his Tanto that he purchased the previous night with his well earned money.

    Chapter II
    As he woke up he was a phantom a ghost standing in front of death once more as a hollow had almost eaten his own head before the captain of division 13 arrived and saved him, till that day he was recruited into the gotei under the 13th division and later on promoted into the 12th captain position because of his well earned title of Divine chain.​

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  13. Name: Reyes takahara
    Nickname: queen of death, the reapers princess
    Age: 500 appears to be in her mid 20s

    Weapons: a zanpkuto that looks like a standard katana
    Skills: assainations, shunpo, hand to hand combat
    Powers: reishi, shunko

    Psychology (Hero or Evil)? Hero
    Likes: food, flowers, death
    Dislikes: failure, attending funerals, paperwork
    Authhority(If you are in a group with ranks): captain of squad 2
    Association(Organizations that or Arrancar): gotei 13

    Theme song:
    History: Reyes was born in district 73 and was brought into the fon clan when she began show skills as an assassin at a young age. She began to train and was even put through soul reaper academy under captain soi Fons orders. This is where her skills began to flourish as she graduated at the top her class and becoming the lieutenant of squad 2. She trained under captain soi fon and occasionally yorichi for the next 200 years until she surpassed her masters to become the new captain

    Shikai is turns into a curved reapers scythe
    Bankai puts her in black cloak with a white mask
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