BLEACH: The Three Worlds

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  1. What to expect
    This roleplay is based in the canon world of bleach, if you haven't watched the series then we strongly recommend at least looking up some videos about it to get at least a idea of what it is. I paired up with @Dakota K5 to make this roleplay. The plot has room to change so if you think there needs improvement we are open for ideas.

    The soul king is dead and the afterlife is in disarray no one knows what killed the soul king but the aftermath is apparent as the barriers that separated the three worlds has deteriorated to a point where souls, shinigami and hollows are able to cross into any of the other worlds without assistance and all out war has begun between the hollows and shinigami. A influx of humans are gaining powers from the large amount of spiritual power seeping into their world where most of the battles are fought between the shinigamis and hollows. A group of shinigami, hollows and humans are made aware of...a new power rising that may or may not of had something to do with the soul king's death and this group needs to stop this new threat before it takes all three worlds for it's own purposes.
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  2. I'm in! Excited to see where this goes.
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  3. *Lurking in thread*
  4. interesting
  5. You know I'm in Edward.
  6. Love the support guys, I'll make the OOC tomorrow.
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  7. Ah this is getting a good amount of interest, this is good very good.
  8. Won't be making the OOC today, i haven't had much sleep and i tend to catch up. Tomorrow though i will make it up by putting more effort into the OOC then i would've and make it pretty for you guys.
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  9. @Edward Can I reserve a canon character should I decide to write as one? I apologize if you answered that already I'm unaware.
  10. Who is it?
  11. Now that you ask the indecision intensifies. I was originally thinking Rangiku, Renji, or Mayuri Kurotsuchi.
  12. That all seems fine with me.
  13. Alrighty, I'll make my decision asap and will let you know. (:
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