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  1. --- Karakuta High April 27th, 13:54 --

    The bell rang in the school hallway, letting the students and teachers know that the school day was over. Student after student rushed out as everyone was in a rush to head home.

    Everyone except one girl, who happened to be one of the few the students helped get to the front or at least entirely dodged out of the way. The girl's name was Orihime. She was a bright, energetic and a very beautiful teenage girl. While rumors battled the fact if she was still developing or not, she was still perhaps the prettiest girl in the school.

    Orihime's appearance was virtually unmatched. Within her grey and white uniform, she easily sported 36DD sized breasts that strained her blouse to the point where it looked like when she walked, it always risked bursting. Her abdomen was a bit more toward an hourglass shape. Her skirt was shorter than most of the other girls' due to her wide hips and her curvy thighs. They apparently "went on for days" according to certain cliques in the high school.

    Orihime had her backpack over her shoulder with a book hugged to her chest. She did begin to look around for her friends, in particular one she was fond of the most - Ichigo Kurosaki.
  2. ---Unknown Location---

    The wind howls and beats against the latches of an old window, the house that it belongs to seems weathered and neglected. Inside there sits a man at a table; on the table before him is an exquisite chess board that seems to easily be worth more than everything else in the house together. The pieces seem to be hand crafted, and yet they aren't your usual pieces. The man stares at the board as if willing the pieces to move themselves, he takes a moment to look at the empty chair that is opposite him, as if he expects someone to appear there and make their move. However, all that occupies the chair is a worn and torn Shinigami outfit with dried blood splattered on it. The man leans forward, his elbows resting on the table as his chin rests on both of his clasped hands.

    "It would appear the time has come..." are the only words he speaks as he slowly picks up a piece that looks like a hollow mask and moves it to his desired location, "Let the game begin." As if his words could be heard by the ether, the wind outside suddenly turns violent and it almost sounds as if there is a horde outside his house howling and gnarling, but just as quickly as the sound picks up, it's gone. The man silently stares at the chess board for a while before his gaze falls upon the outfit stretched across the empty chair, he draws in a slow deep breath before grimacing and exhaling.

    ---Karakuta High April 27th, 14:25---

    Ichigo, Ishida, and Chad are all pulled away from the school grounds as they sense a large spiritual pressure coming from a group of Hollows that have suddenly appeared not too far from the school grounds. It would appear that they are simply wreaking mindless havoc while at the same time avoiding any civilian casualties. The gang doesn't waste their time as they begin their assault, Ichigo sending a text to Orihime to watch out for the students around the school ground before he jumps into the fray.

    While the fighting ensues around the city near the school a hollowed hound stalks its prey. It moves swiftly and without sound to not give away it's position, it is determined and moves with a purpose. slinking around corners and behind bushes, until it came to spot its target, Orihime Inoue. This hound was no ordinary hollow, not by a long shot, it was specifically engineered to force the hollowfication of the prey it bit, the more powerful the better, and at the same time the more dangerous. It was crucial to the plan that she be separated from the others, as they would most likely interfere with what was to take place, and with them preoccupied, they would be too slow to stop what was to come.

    The hound sat in wait for the right moment, ready to take advantage of the first sign of her guard dropping. The hound was close enough where it could close the distance between them before she had proper time to defend herself or attack, and in that moment it would lash out at her and sinks its teeth into her delicious flesh.
  3. Orihime checked her phone and noticed the text from Ichigo. She stopped in her tracks and then walked over to a nearby tree. She then placed her backpack down and hid it since she couldn't carry it and run around at full speed. She ran back toward the school, effectively making the distance between her and Ichigo even greater. She was unaware of the creature or its plot. She headed back inside, which made it even easier for its plan.

    "I hope Ichigo is okay," she said to herself. "I have to protect these people though. I wish I could make a building wide shield..." She then looked around, wondering if the school had emptied yet as she checked classroom after classroom.
  4. As the fighting continued in the city, it was Ishida who first realized that something was wrong. He ordered Ichigo and Chad to stop their attack for a moment so that he could better understand what it was he was seeing, and as their attack cea, he was able to determine that these Hollows weren't attacking. He quickly deduced that this had been a ploy to draw them out, but from what?

    "Orihime..." Ishida said aloud in a puzzled manner, looking back toward the school.
    "What does she have to do with -," Ichigo started to questioning before he was cut off.
    "You idiot! These are a distraction to separate us from Orihime!" He turned back and dashed toward the school, followed by Chad.
    Ichigo quickly switched to his Hollowfied form and zipped through the sky towards the school, locking on to Orihime's reiatsu.

    The hound had been silently stalking the girl as she seemed to be checking the grounds. It wasn't until the hound felt the spiritual pressures of the others closing in that it decided to act, no more time could be wasted. As the girl had turned to check the next room, the hound lept from its hiding spot and sunk his teeth into her left calf. His teeth penetrated her flesh, which was all that was required for the transfer to take place, and it nearly happened a moment too slow. The hound barely had time to tear its teeth away from her before a Quincy arrow came darting through the classroom window and struck the hound in the neck. It howled in pain, knowing that it's end was coming, but that it had served a higher purpose in service of its Master. 3 more arrows violently pierced the hound before it perished, and soon Ichigo was making his way through the classroom window to Orihime's side.
  5. Orihime let out a gasp and groan as she felt her leg being bitten. Though as quick as the Hollow died, the damage was already done as Orihime tumbled over as her body already tingled and hurt all over. She let out a pained groan before suddenly feeling no pain. She stumbled a bit, holding her head. "Ow. What just happened?"

    Her vision did go in and out of focus rapidly, despite suddenly feeling fine. She just stood there for a few moments, staring out into the hallway. Once she regained her composure, she began to hear voices within her head. She then turned toward Ichigo and the others, smiling warmly as if nothing happened.
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  6. Ichigo quickly looked her over, checking to see if there were any other wounds as Chad and Uryuu looked on. He was confused as to why someone would lure them out just to attack Orihime, but he'd be damned if he was going to let someone get away with attacking the woman he loved. His anger was replaced with relief when it appeared that she had only suffered a little bite, and he swooped her up and took her to the infirmary so that the wound could be properly cleaned and dressed. He knew that she had the ability to fix it herself, but he felt guilty for his inability to stop her from getting hurt, so he felt the need to take care of it himself.

    "Are you okay?" He asked as he placed her down on one of the beds and began to tend to her wound.

    Chad and Uryuu had followed close behind, checking to see if there were any signs of any more Hollows. Uryuu didn't like the fact that once they had fled back to the school that the remaining Hollows had all seemed to vanish, which corroborated his theory that they were just a lure to separate them from Orihime. He still wasn't able to see what the end game was though. They had failed in whatever they had attempted, right? They had made to Orihime in time and prevented whatever nefarious scheme had been employed...or if they hadn't, there was no reason for an attack to continue now. Even if the plan was to get them all together, all of them would be able to sense the spiritual presence of someone who felt that they could take them all on. That thought though, held no merit, as it was a huge tactical error to attempt to take on an entire group at once, even if they were to be outnumbered, it was best to attempt to take them out one at a time. So, with that thought in mind, he felt that it was safe to assume that whatever plan had been employed had certainly ended in failure.
  7. Orihime stayed silent as she was picked up. Her pupils had become rather large as she was carried, with her body vibrating quite a bit. "I am fine," she said after her wound was beginning to be bandaged. Though her voice sounded a little strange, but not far off from her usual tone. The voices were getting louder in her head, though she did seem unusually relaxed. She almost stared at Ichigo now with a strange look, but again, it wasn't very different from her usual look of admiration from him. She did visibly shiver, letting out a cute cough as she did.

    What no one seemed to remember is that any sort of bite from a Hollow to a human would force them to Hollowfy. It always seemed harmless at first, but it was a deadly condition that would turn any human into a monster, even one with Orihime's abilities. The symptoms were always perfectly masked for the first few hours, as the Hollowfication process was typically rather difficult to reverse - if not impossible.
  8. Uryuu leaned against the wall studying Orihime from a distance, all seemed to be okay, although he noticed her shivering. He wasn't present for Ichigo's Hollowfication, but from what intel he gathered, it wasn't the most pleasant of experiences. He was sure that a bite from a Hollow would bring forth a change, and he was fairly certain that Orihime could simply revert the damage to as if it never occurred, but there was always a slim possibility that he had missed something. He knew that Ichigo had her best interest in mind, but the guy simply wasn't as smart as he was or well-prepared for worst case scenarios. Not everything could be solved by just out powering the next guy, strategy was a deciding factor sometime, and in this case, some things just weren't adding up. He fixed his glasses on his face before stepping forward a bit, "Ichigo, be sure to get her home safely, I need to go look into something," he gave Orihime a small smile before turning to go, "Chad, if you'd please come with me." Bringing Chad along would serve a purpose later, as it was always hard to get Ichigo to hear listen to reason, especially from him, and figured that if he was corroborated by Chad, that his words would be heeded. He was going to see Urahara, and see if that lunatic of a scientist couldn't clear up a few things. He looked back on last time before disappearing from the clinic, his mind racing 1,000 miles per hour as he tried to string together todays happenings. He was certain that she had been the target, but why? It stood to reason that attacking her was the goal, but was it successful? If she Orihime has been infected, with her current level of power and training, can she fight it off? Is it possible that someone intended to try to make her like Ichigo?....something just wasn't adding up. With Chad following closely behind, they both sprinted off, Uryuu hoping that Urahara was actually in his shop for once and not of doing god-knows-what.

    Ichigo finished bandaging Orihime's leg, and noticing that the others were gone, he stood up and leaned in to gently kiss her. Unbeknownst to the rest of the group, Orihime was pregnant, and the only reason they were unaware was because she had told Ichigo not to tell them. It appeared she wanted to tell them herself when she was ready, and Ichigo respected her decision. After a long and loving kiss, he offered her his had. "Let's get you home, why don't you come to my house, I'm sure everyone will be excited to see you." Ichigo couldn't help but be protective of Orihime, regardless of the fact that she was carrying their child, he loved her and would die for her a thousand times over if necessary. He had noticed that she was shivering and had thought perhaps it was due to shock from having been attacked. He's seen her do all except regen someone from scraps, so he was fairly certain that she should be fine even from a little knock from a Hollow, right?
  9. Orihime nodded and took Ichigo's hand, shivering again as her strange expression didn't change. Her ability to ward off most damage wouldn't help that much if she was infected and the infection made her unwilling to fight it.

    As they walked, they'd suddenly be stopped by one of their old friends - Rukia Kuchiki. She was a fair bit different looking since the defeat of Aizen and the fact it was discovered that a Soul Reaper's appearance was indeed based on their own Spiritual Pressure, along with the Reiatsu around them. She was a bit curvier and finally looked like she had some breasts. Her Kimono was slightly tight now due to that now, though not much else changed like her short, cropped rough looking hairstyle. Little did Ichigo or Orihime know that Rukia and Uryu had begun seeing each other, mostly out of curiosity from Rukia since she had never dated before. Though she did find herself increasingly enjoying Uryu's company.

    "I felt some strange presences," Rukia said to Ichigo, then looked at Orihime. "Is everyone alright?" She raised an eyebrow when Orihime tried to say yes, but let out a loud groan instead. "That's not alright, Orihime."

    "Just a little sick, that's all," Orihime said, continuing to sound strangely calm. The voices in her head were becoming more clear, with them chanting "one of us", while another mentioned "that monster inside you is ours".
  10. Ichigo looked back and forth between Rukia and Orihime. He knew that if she had come then something surely was the matter, but before he could manage to try to reassure Rukia that everything was alright, the hairs on the back of his neck began to stand on end. He was beginning to feel a familiar presence himself, and his body seemed to be reacting to it. He could hear his inner Hollow chuckling from inside his head, "This is rather interesting Ichigo, I wonder if a baby can even survive a hollowfication...or do you think the mother just eats it?". He shook his head violently to silence the voice and looking at Rukia he explained what had happened during the day, hoping that she wouldn't come to same conclusion that he was slowly letting himself fully realize.

    Meanwhile Uryuu and Chad had manage to track down Urahara and get the low-down of their current situation. Chad had immediately run off in the direction of Ichigo's house, hoping that he wasn't too late. Uryuu decided to text Rukia, having sensed her presence a little while ago, so it was safe to assume that she was already there. He wasn't exactly sure how to tell her what was going on, so he just decided to error on the side of caution. "Orihime is going to turn into a Hollow, stay away from her and get Ichigo out of there, he'll only make things harder than they have to be. Get all of the Kurosaki's out of that house!". He hoped that the text would reach her in time and prayed that he wouldn't have to put a friend down. Uryuu made his way to Ichigo's while trying to formulate a plan. Urahara had explained how Ichigo's transformation went, explaining the difficulty of keeping such a powerful being at bay. The destructive power alone was going to be a handful to deal with, and on top of that, sealing her movements would prove difficult. Unfortunately, he wasn't going to be able to help at the moment, as his hands were tied up in a situation of his own, but he said that they should be able stop her if she doesn't give in to the change. As long as Orihime fights it, they stand a good chance as saving her from being devoured...and then he let Ichigo and Orihime's situation be known. Uryuu was moving faster than ever to get to Ichigo's house, bow at the ready. He hoped that he would be in time and that she could be dealt with before things got out of hand.
  11. Orihime's eyes were now pure black apart from the yellow coloring of her eyes. She only responded to Ichigo and Rukia in a roar as rapidly a Hollow mask was forming over her face, along with a Hollow's bone armor forming over her shoulders.

    Before Rukia could react, he had already been struck by Orihime and flung into the nearby wall. Orihime's arms were now muscular, long and the claws were razor sharp. She then went after Ichigo, roaring out again. She moved rather fast, almost equivalent to a flash step.
  12. The sudden change was a shock, Ichigo didn't even have time to register what had happened until Rukia's body was bouncing off the opposite wall. Ichigo only managed to take a few steps back from Orhime, only managing to whimper and stutter her name. The next few moments happened rather quick, as she had quickly crossed the distance between them in an instant, and in that same moment, Chad came crashing through the window, charging his Brazo Derecha de Gigante into the side of Orihime, saving Ichigo from sudden death.

    "Ichigo! Pull it together!", Chad shouts as he stands beside Ichigo, eyes trained on Orihime. He's completely taken aback by her transformation, and truly hopes that there's a way to save his friend.

    Ichigo is beside himself with rage and frustration, more so with himself for allowing this to happen. "Orihime, can you hear me? Can you still hear my voice?" He asks as he stares at what was once the soon-to-be mother of his child. He slowly raises a hand to the top of his head, preparing to put on his own Hollow mask, he's not sure what he can do to bring her back, but he plans to do everything in his power to get her back. "Damn it! Give her back to me!" He screams as he activates his Vizard powers, roaring as he dawns his mask.
  13. Orihime jus lets out an overconfident laugh as she suddenly dashes toward Ichigo yet again. The presence everyone felt didn't fell like her at all, as if something was literally trapping her in a bubble and making her act this way. The thick Hollow marrow was still covering her body, but she was extremely agile now despite her exposure being pregnant and her well endowed chest. "Mine," she said, though her voice was mixed with a deep, almost demonic sounding voice. "They're both mine!" She sliced her razor sharp claw hands at Ichigo, ignoring Chad and Uryu.
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