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  1. Okay I wanted to put out this plot see how much interest it gathered and if it's worth getting a thread for it going.

    This is AU the Quincy War occurred During the Arrancar Arc.

    the Stern Ritter army came with a bitter grudge caused by thousands of years worth of countless slaughter of their people,the Quincies at the hands of the Shinigami.

    Led by their King Yhwach his army of elite Quincy Warriors carved a bloody path of vengeance and retribution.

    Outmatched by the ferocious Quincies hell bent on revenge the Shinigami were left with little choice but to ally themselves with the sly traitor Sosuke Aizen and his Arrancar army or be wiped out.

    The combined Forces of the Shinigami and the Arrancar was able to defeat the Quincy army but not without a hefty price,the loss of countless lives for all sides involved.

    A peace Treaty was formed from that day forth that all three races Shinigami,Quincy and Arrancar alike should coexist to prevent any Further bloody battles.

    The newly allied group decided to back Sosuke Aizen's bid for the throne and the United army,the best of all three races marched upon the Royal Realm.

    Not prepared for the might of the Allied races the Royal Guard could do nothing against the onslaught and fell to the larger,superior group.

    Sosuke Aizen took the Soul King's life with his own hands. The Divine laws of succession states the one who kills the soul king takes his place making him Soul King.

    King Aizen formed a new royal guard of 6 hand chosen by himself from among all 3 races.

    Jugram Haschwalth and Babmietta Basterbine representing the Quincy,Momo Hinamori and Shunsui Kyoraku representing the Shinigami and Ulquiorra Cifer and Tier Harribel representing the Arrancar.

    The Captain Commander Genryusai Yamamoto was one of the Casualties and after a Mourning period Jushiro Ukitake was made the new Captain Commander.

    The first thing Ukitake did was to fill in the ranks of Captain and Vice Captain who are now gone as a result of the bloody war,several of the Vice Captains and Seated offers were given promotions to fill the missing spots along with several Arrancar and Quincy.(to be decided upon creation of the Roleplay)

    Ukitake opens the Soul Academy to all who are willing to learn be they Shinigami,Arrancar or Quincy.

    100 years later and and the peace Treaty still holds strong and the Academy still accepts Students teaching them as they grow and learn.

    That's the plot.

    OC's submitted will be students at the Academy as they learn and grow eventually being recruited by a Captain,joining a Squad and rising in the ranks.

    OC's will require a Bio and can be either A Shinigami,Arrancar or Quincy with separate Character Sheet templates for Each.

    OC's if desired can be the child of 2 Canon characters but must PM me for permission.

    Well everyone what do you think? Does this sound like something you would join?
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