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  1. Been wanting to Rp Bleach for a while, but never really got around to it, and there hasn't been many good threads about it lately, so I decided to see who was interested in the idea of a Bleach Rp. If there are enough people, then we could all get together and make a cool rp, with missions and plot and training and squad and all that shiz. Alternate timeline, a huge character limit (about 120) and sandbox rp with some plot made by the gms.
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  2. Hello! Still interested in Bleach RP?
  3. Yes. A New Dawn dropped out suddenly, and left me craving Bleach. I must get my fix.
  4. Well then first we would want to be sure how many people are to be let in and how would we go about this. Would it be in the Bleach time line we know or alternate?
  5. Alternate. And considering we need 26 people just to fill the leadership positions, I don't think having a character limit would be prudent. As for how, I have a few people that might be interested in captain/lieutenant level positions, which would give us a starting base. And then it'd be a mostly sandbox rp but with some plot created by the gms.
  6. So 26 people to fill in captains and lieutenants along with possible lower seats and then there are possible villains... Would we be able to get around 26 people?
  7. I was thinking more like, one person having multiple characters if they are confident enough. I know that a few friends in the old bleach RP had like four or five characters to themselves. Hopefully if I can interest them to come by, we can get a few more people as well.
  8. Well then that may be better. So anything else to add?
  9. Some sort of proficiency system to prevent people from trying to make a 'master of everything' kinda character. And a power level thing, in case people want to play like Ikkaku, with their strength higher than their rank.
  10. We would probably need to get a few people and talk it out before doing that.
  11. Well.... If you don't mind a beginner like me, i would be interested.
  12. Bitch I had twenty get it right.
  13. Heh. Love the Envy stuff.
  14. Twenty? Thats...a lot of characters. How did you find time for all of them?
  15. Envy rekts alll the shit, unless it comes to a pissed off man with fire hands.
  16. Mustang for president.
  17. No life. -cries- That and its fun making a guy shout about justice.
  18. So are you and the others going to join here? I would like to have you.
  19. I possibly will, dont know about the others.
  20. I sent them all a pm wih a link for this place. I hope they come by.
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