Bleach Setting RP, OnexOne Preferred (Multicharacter RPs, OCs Welcome, Additional Info Inside)

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  1. Hi everybody The name's Dr. Freak and I'm a huge fan of Bleach. I've been interested in doing an RP either similar to it or right in the Bleach universe (this usually ends up with mixing OCs with established characters)

    I'd prefer OnexOne with the RP.
    The partner must be willing to at least write more than 3 sentences, especially for an action scene.
    The partner must not mind that there can be smut within it, but the main focus won't be smut.
    The partner must also be able to play as multiple characters.

    This is my F-List!

    I personally don't like FutaXMale or MalexMale. Please do not incorporate it into RP.

    I'd also like to refrain from creating a Mary Sue kind of character if we do go the OC route.

    There are two scenarios with how a Bleach RP could go with me. The first scenario is playing as OCs, children of the main cast from the anime/manga.

    The other way is just using established characters or reworking the story.

    We could also just take the general premise and rename everything and add our own plots, twists and turns.

    This is my main OC, Natalie Kurosaki. The picture isn't 100% representative of the character, but it was the closest I could find.

    Look forward to hearing from you!
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  2. Small bump with content. I've linked to my F-List for you guys since this is made for 18+ ideas. :p
  3. Another bump! Still interested, though particularly for in the mornings (EST), as I have no one to talk to around then XD
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