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    That link is to the OOC of this rp.
    Feel free to ask any questions you have about the rp there.
    A list of what captain and lieutenant positions are open is in the OOC. To keep the RP going, I will be roleplaying the positions until they are filled in.
    The plot of the rp is also in the OOC above the list.

    Ichigo having just gotten his soul reaper powers returned to him, is on his way to his 3rd class of the day at Karakura High. He looks out the window as he walks just pondering a lot of things over in his mind. So much had happened while the soul reapers and Ichigo himself were all up in Huego Mundo. All the battles that Ichigo and his friends fought while in huego mundo, including the final battle against Aizen, had been a wide range of experiences for the lot of them. Many secrets and allys were revealed also during the time that all the battling took place, including the fact of Ichigo's father himself having been a soul reaper of captain rank. It's been three months since that battle and now everyone in the soul society and the world of the living alike are trying to readjust and rebuild what was lost.

    Meanwhile at the Karakura Middle School, one of Ichigo's younger sisters, Karin Kurosaki, is also heading to her next class. Karin herself has been able to sense the hollows from further and further distances away sense her brother had returned home.
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  2. It was not her day.
    3rd Division Captain Akumu Katsume thought as she Shunpo-ed her way back to the 3rd Division's Barracks.
    After Gin's Defection,The Third Division was forgotten for a while. now Aizen was defeated,She was left to deal with the paperwork.
    As she arrived at the 3rd Division Barracks,Katsume cursed loudly again,Stamping towards her office and began dealing with the cursed Paperworks.
    she was on to her fourth document when a deafining roar echoed throughout The Division.
    in a heartbeat,her lieutenant had came to her and informed her that another Hollow was sighted near them.
    It was seriously not her day. Godamnit. she'll take on Gin again sometime.
  3. Ashido arrives back, having just been able to escape Huego Mundo due to the gate opening that the hollows used to get through. No hollow was around Ashido from what he could see when he arrived in the soul society, but from what he felt he knew that a hollow or two were somewhere in the soul society. He figures he'd just have to go on a search for any signs of where the hollows he was sensing could be. And Ashido does just that. As he's walking along and looking around for a trace of the hollows that were in the soul society, Ashido is in deep thought. It has been several centuries sense he was last in the soul society after all.

    Down in Karakura town, Karin is at her locker gathering her books and getting ready for her last two classes for the day when she starts to sense a couple of hollows nearby the Karakura Middle School area. She thinks silently to herself, knowing her brother Ichigo has at least 3 more hours until the Karakura High School lets out for the day. She also heard Yoruichi earlier in the week say that their group was going out of town for a few weeks themselves meaning none of them were anywhere nearby. Karin, thinking that she would have to face the hollows then herself, puts her bookbag inside her locker and places her books back in there too. She then rushes out the doors of the middle school and looks around to see which direction the hollows were approaching from.
  4. "Tch..." Haruna Sakuni was stuck in Karakura town, sent by the other division captains to keep watch over Ichigo and the rest of his family, if something had gone astray. Shouldn't this have been Rukia's job? 3 more hours. 3 more hours until she was released from this physiological prison that these people called school. "Ugh... Ms. Midorima? I may I go to the nurse's office? I feel sick." Ms. Midorima scowled at Haruna and clenched her teeth. "Alright Ms. Sakuni. You may go to the nurse's office." She got up out of her seat and quickly walked down the steps. Hollows. Hollows, AGAIN. Oh crap, Karin was going to try and find them. She brushed black hair out of her eyes and cursed under her breath. Now she had to go catch them. Woohoo. What fun.
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  5. ryuuto was running through the 3rd squad barracks, he was late for his fist day as liuetenant he reached the captains office he knocked and then entered. "captain katsume. im sorry for being late" he bowed in respect to his superior. "a hollow was spotted just to the west of us. do you want me to send a 4 man team to deal with it."
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  6. Karin after getting a feeling as to which direction to go in, due to all the intense pressure being admitted from it, Karin takes a left turn and starts going off to search for the hollows. She's not sure how many hollows she'll come upon once she reaches the exact location. Due to this, as Karin walks, she's in deep thought about the safety of her friends, and that of her sister Yuzu.

    Over at Karakura High, Keigo also get's the sense of hollows nearby while sitting at his desk. He gulps and blinks his eyes a few times as he senses about 5 of them while looking out the window. So as not to alarm anyone else in the classroom, Keigo asks to be excused from class, and after getting permission, he leaves the classroom, and walks down the hallway to the school exit, feeling more and more nervous with every step he takes towards the doors to the school, sweat drops dripping from his forehead.

    Up in the soul society, Ashido comes upon the soul reaper academy, and he starts to reminisce about his days there.
  7. Charing out o f the high school, Haruka slams into Keigo, falling back on the floor with a groan. "Owwwwww! Keigo..." Keigo helped her up and she brushes off the dirt from her clothes. "Hollows." The word takes Keigo by surprise. Who would his friend/crush know? "Hollows. I know your Ichigo's friend and I know you can sense them. I should properly introduce myself. My name is Haruka Sakuni, leader of the 10th squad in the Soul Society." Now, shall we go?" "If we don't want an angry Ichigo on our tails blaming us for Karin's death, then we should probably go!" Haruka said before sprinting to the destination for where her inner GPS was telling her to go. She shivered. An angry Ichigo was NOT a good thing to see.
  8. Keigo nods and follows after her. Keigo is completely terrified about fighting the hollows, but he knows in his mind that Karin can't take them on alone. He takes a couple of deep breaths trying to calm himself as he continues to follow Hakura, though it doesn't help him much. Hearing Hakura say she's a captain helps to give Keigo a little confidence boost though.
  9. Felix knocked back another shot of sake as Madarame made more empty threats. "You couldn't hit anything with that useless shikai." Felix said as he slowly climbed to his feet. He pointed his sword directly at his chest. "One more time Madarame." Madarame only laughed as he hopped to his feet, fell over, and got to his feet again. "Grow, Houzukimaru!" he called out. Felix swayed unsteadily, but decided to continue anyways. "Howl, Kyōshin sutaffu (Resonating Staff)!" Felix's sword lengthened and turned to wood, forming a single staff. He kept the end pointing at Madarame as a compartment opened in the tip. "Būmu. (Boom.)" he muttered, and a loud 'pop' sound echoed from deep within the staff and out at Madarame. For now, as long as Felix kept his sword released, he would control Madarame's hearing. The howling of wild apes tortured his eardrums.

    Felix flashed behind Madarame and swung his staff at his legs. Madarame leaped over it, swiping his bladed staff at Felix. In an attempt to dodge the swipe, Felix fell on his ass. Madarame pointed his blade at Felix's throat, ending the spar. "That was bull, Madarame! I could take you on if we went all out!" He said as he reached for the sake.
  10. Ashido, a few minutes later, comes upon Felix and Madarame's sparing area, having watched some of the battle before it ended in Ikkaku's victory as he arrived. He doesn't say anything but instead just stands still where he's at and looks to the clouds in the sky.
  11. "How. Much. Father?" Keigo asked through clenched teeth. "Not much," Haruka responded, swiping pitch black bangs from her pale skin. A black kimono and the familiar sight of a captain's coat was on her, and the katana she carried was in her right hand. Haruka spotted the raven-haired girl sneak off, going through a series of alleyways and streets. NOPENOPENOPE! She dashed, panicked, and laged behind the girl, waiting to see her next move as she reached the hollow's lair. Except, there were more than one. Raising up her sword, Haruka had said in a clear, loud voice, "Utau, naichingēru!" (Sing, Nightingale!) Before leaping into the midst of battle.
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  12. Keigo watches Hakura as she fights the hollows. He then looks to Karin, whom he sees set her soccer ball on the ground, to which Keigo blinks his eyes wondering what Karin's going to do.

    Karin then kicks the soccer ball, putting as much force as she can behind her kick, and sends her soccer ball flying straight through one of the hollows heads.
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  13. "GODDANGIT KARIN!" Not only had she attracted the attention of ALL the hollows, they were lumbering towards her. Charging, Haruka shot a pure black arrow from her former sword, (now a bow) through a hollow, and separated the blades that made the bow. (Pitt style>;D)

    Grasping daggers in both hands, Haruka slashed through the hollows, and shouted at Marin and Keigo to cover their ears. Haruka, oddly, began to sing. The hollow surprisingly stopped as they began dropping dead, one by one, until they fell, dead. "Good Nightingale."
  14. Karin blinks her eyes at what just now happened.

    Keigo says nearly breathtaken at the sight of the attack Hakura just performed ""

    Karin "Yeah..Same opinion here..That was incredible.." Karin, a few minutes later, goes over and picks her soccer ball up from where it landed and puts it back into it's holding net.
  15. Captain-Commander Yamamoto sat at his desk, filling out the last of his paperwork for the day. He couldn't believe he was finishing so early; there was usually so much more to do. Requisition forms, transfer forms, forms detailing experiments that the 12th Squad wanted to do and their possible benefits and drawbacks, assassination orders, sabotage orders, complaints from the noble houses, forms making sure all squads got what they needed to function, forms making sure the 11th and 12th squads didn't implode...the list went on. So for him to be done with it so early was a very rare treat.

    That didn't mean that he didn't have work, of course. The Captain-Commander always had work. However, with this, he could take care of a few things personally, rather than send Sasakibe to do them in his stead. He stood up and walked over to his door, thinking on what he needed to do first. Welcoming Ashido back (it was about time he returned, though the fact he did so alone told Yamamoto all he needed to know about where the rest of his unit was), personally checking to see how the latest experiments were going and what ideas the Captain of 12th had that weren't yet ready for actual experimentation yet...and of course, there was the matter with Kurosaki.

    Kurosaki was both one of Soul Society's greatest assets and one of its greatest wild cards. He had saved them during the Winter War, and yet he showed an obvious disregard for Soul Society's laws. He was young, foolish, and idealistic to his core. He simply couldn't comprehend the shades of grey that governed existence, and in someone so powerful, that was extremely dangerous. A younger Yamamoto might have had Kurosaki assassinated, but that was an option the Yamamoto of today was loath to choose. Assassinating a young man who had helped them so greatly in the past would not be just, and would have catastrophic consequences if it failed. Yamamoto had decided to let him live out his life as a human, and hoped the experience of age would help him see the shades of grey that yet eluded him.

    However, that did not mean that Yamamoto could just sit back and wait. There were a few things he needed to make sure Kurosaki understood before his eventual death, if only so that the Central 46 wouldn't come to a...regrettable conclusion. Even if Kurosaki didn't agree, he was much less likely to align against them if he at least understood why they did what they did. At this point, it was all he could really hope for. Kurosaki was not a member of the Gotei 13. Yamamoto held no actual authority over him. Until the boy joined Soul Society as a permenant resident, understanding and cooperation were all Yamamoto could ask of him.

    It was with these thoughts in mind that led Yamamoto to make his way to the Senkaimon (after leaving Sasakibe in charge of the division while he was gone). While the Ashido situation could be resolved more immediately, the Kurosaki situation was more important. He felt the slight burn of the Gentei Kaijo place itself on his chest as he arrived in the World of the Living. If he remembered correctly, Kurosaki was still in class. This was important, but not so important that he would interrupt the boys education. He passed the time by walking among the civilians of Karakura Town. It would provide him an excellent reminder of just what the Gotei 13 were formed to protect, and that was a reminder he wasn't able to receive too often.
  16. Keigo having returned to class a couple of hours before, feels Yamamoto's enterance. He doesn't know Yamamoto yet though, as he only knows Renji, Ikkaku, and Yumichika from the soul society so far. He wonders what Yamamoto could be doing there, but knows if he asks to be excused from class again, that questions will rise up, most like from Ichigo. He knows also that, although he doesn't understand it considering it has to do with Ichigo's sister Karin fighting in the battles against the hollows, it isn't time just yet for Ichigo to become known to the hollows attacking all over the place if he hasn't noticed already.

    Meanwhile Karin is still walking the sidewalks of Karakura town and still staying alert to whatever might happen next. She carries her soccer ball in it's holding net in her hand and shoulders her backpack on her left arm. She looks across the streets and notices Yamamoto walking along. She notices he's in his spirit form instead of a gigai so she knows that no one else can see him. Karin not knowing anything about Yamamoto really except what she heard Kisuke Urahara and Yoruichi Shihouin and having heard he was the head captain as well, knows he's there for some reason and decides to stay nearby, at least until Ichigo got out of school to which her brother still had another hour and a half to go.
  17. ryuuto was dealing with the hollow that just appeared in the soul society. he was holding own without releasing his zanpakuto.
  18. Ashido, while still walking along, soon comes upon the area where Ryuuto is fighting the hollow in. Ashido stays silent so as not to distract Ryuuto, but grabs the hilt of his zanpakuto getting ready to step and take action in if needed.
  19. ryuuto gets knocked into a wall he gets out "ok now im pissed." he holds up his zanpakuto "kill ryuuzetsu" his zanpakuto transforms into a black and red scythe. he begins fighting the hollow againending the battle in 3 swings of the scythe. he lands on the ground and sheathes his zanpakuto.
  20. Ashido witnesses this and blinks his eyes in astonishment. Ashido could tell that Ryuuto, the new 3rd division lieutenant, was very strong and Ashido had felt it as well. Ashido still keeps his silence as Ryuuto sheaths his zanpakuto. While staying silent, Ashido looks around this area too, as he did when he was over in one of the 11th division areas earlier that day.
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