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  1. Up in the soul society, Ikkaku who is beside himself, is thinking about the three open captain positions, while laying in a nearby meadow area. He considers helping out in many areas if and whenever asked to help out, whether it be training soul reapers of lower rank than him or advising and leading any group of soul reapers on missions. But Ikkaku sticks by the fact that even though he's willing to help he doesn't want to switch divisions out of the one he's already in, and the fact that he wants to follow captain Zaraki the whole time he's in the 13 quart guard squads.

    Meanwhile in the world of the livlng, Uryuu is sitting outside in the quartyard beneath the shade of a tree and thinking about his battle that he had with the 12th captain and what Mayuri had revealed to him. It still angers him to this day and time and he doesn't know what to do about it yet except to keep getting stronger, to keep helping everyone out, and trying to find a way to bring what Mayuri did to the knowledge of the rest of the soul reaper captains one day. He didn't know what the other soul reaper captains would do with the knowledge of course but he figures that they should be informed if they weren't before.
  2. (just an fyi im gonna use a fan character) A girl with blonde hair down to her shoulders is running through Soul Society. She is late meeting her captain, Captain Kenpachi, AGAIN. She mopped sweat off her face and continued running.

    In the world of the living, Ichigo is sitting in his room, waiting for something to happen. He hadnt needed to extirminate hollows all day, and he just waited for anything to happen.
  3. The young girl sat upon the roof of some human, waiting in the world of the living. She was flipping through an open phone rather feverishly, still in the school uniform she had on, even after her school having been let out hours ago. Her light pink hair was cut in a bob fashion, cerulean eyes trained on the lettering that occupied the space of her cell's screen.
  4. Ichigo sighed and slid his window open, letting cool air spill into his room. He took in a deep breath and walked to his bed and sat down.

    The young blonde was still running through soul society, panicking as she was sure she had managed to get herself lost. She was a newer Soul Reaper and this was only her second time meeting her captain. And she was late. Again.
  5. Ikkaku sees the young blonde girl, the new soul reaper who just recently joined their division, running past the meadow in which he lay. Though the new girl didn't notice Ikkaku laying in the meadow, noticing her makes Ikkaku realize what time it is, in which he lost track of himself due to being so preocupied with his thoughts.

    Karin is out and about and beside herself as well on this mid afternoon walking around Karakura town carrying her soccer ball in it's holder net. She didn't feel like waiting around for her friends after her school let out because she didn't know why but she felt she might get attacked for some reason by a hollow and knew that if that happened, due to her friends not being able to see the hollows, they would be able to attack back, much less defend themselves from the hollows attacks against them. The hollows haven't attacked her so far though, but she keeps walking on her own anyway, feeling that something strange is going on even if she's not aware of what it is yet.
  6. A suddenly very loud loud ring of her phone caused her an abrupt alarm, practically tossing it to the air, and fumbling to catch it. However she failed after the effort, and it dropped down below, presumably to the ground. Sighing in annoyance, she looked over the edge of the rooftop, only to see her phone's fall had been stopped. It sat below on an open window, and was luckily not broken. However it was a second story window, and she thought of how impossible it would be to retrieve it now. Surely she couldn't just knock on whomever's house this was and say, "Hey, I"ve been hanging out on your roof, and I seem to have dropped my phone into your house." No, perhaps she could parcour herself down and get it. Maybe it's within reach. She shrugged, leaning down as far as she could, stretching an arm towards it. How embarrassing, she thought.
  7. The young girl tripped while running, and nearly faceplanted. Once she got up she looked around. "Fantastic Im totally lost." she muttered to herself, looking around.

    Ichigo heard a little thump and looked out the window, noticing the phone. He stuck his head out the window and looke aroubd.
  8. "Wait that's mine!" She blurted out, suddenly understanding how odd the situation would look to him. A pink haired girl on his roof with a shocked look which turned to an embarrassed one, reflecting the distaste she felt with herself then, and an outstretched hand towards the phone which had magically found itself on his windowsil. "E-eh... Hi there..?" She said nervously pulling back the hand.
  9. The girl sat down frustrated.

    Ichigo looked up. "Why are you on my roof?" This was confusing to him, there was a girl he didn't recognize on his roof and now she looked embarrassed.
  10. Ikkaku catches the new 11th squad member within his sight a few minutes later and goes up to her and says as he approaches "Hey you there. Is anything wrong?"

    Yuzu hears the commotion and Ichigo questioning someone from where she's standing out in the hall. She also thinks of how Karin hasn't arrived home from school yet knowing she saw Karin after school but doesn't know where she walked off to.
  11. "I-I was just.. I don't know.. um... You have good reception." She sputtered out the words, hoping they were believable enough. She wasn't really sure why exactly she liked these rooftops so much. Maybe it was just the view.
  12. "I was supposed to meet the captain 20 minutes ago. But i dont know where im going." She sounde irritated, and she looked at the man who noticed her.

    Ichigo raised an eyebrow, then held her cell phone up to her. "Well, here." He didn't believe her reception excuse, but he wasnt going to question it.
  13. That was a terrible excuse. She nodded, taking the phone, careful enough not to drop it again. "Thank you," she muttered before adding quickly, "Ah-I'm sorry if I'm trespassing."
  14. Ikkaku well I'll lead you back to the 11th division. I'm late in getting back myself.

    Yuzu still outside Ichigo's door, hears Ichigo talk to the person again and says to herself. ~ "It seems whoever that is my brother is talking to dropped something into his possession." ~ Yuzu still feeling worried about Karin, but not knowing if she should knock on Ichigo's door or not hearing him talking to the girl, just sits on the top of the steps wondering where Karin went off to.
  15. (also using an OC which I'll provide onfo on later if needed. Jessica Stansell is probably at least slightly familiar with the basics of the sheet.)

    Raven walked out of the Urahara Shoten, mumbling something to himself. It had been a while since that collection of odd events. Kuchiki Byakuya's rare trip to the living world. The Urahara Shoten shutting down for over two weeks. The abscence of a shinigami assigned to Karakura Town for a while. These things were unsettling and for his reasons as usual, Urahara wasn't sharing the details. Nonetheless, the city had been gaining its fair share of hollow attacks and then some, not that he could lift a finger to do a thing about it. In any case, it would probably be good to get a fix on that less than subtle substitute shinigami and his band. Namely, that meant poking around now and figuring out if this would be yet another emissary from the Gotei 13 that he'd have to avoid. Straightening his tie, he headed in the direction of the most gaudily obvious source of reiatsu that was leaking all over the city, absentmindedly fidgeting with a small silver cross. His mark of treason.
  16. Karin walks past the Urahara shop a few minutes after but heading in the opposite direction of her house which to the shop caretakers would look a bit odd unless she were with her friends. She's by herself though and not really paying much attention to anything around her.

    Back at their father's medical clinic, also thier house, Yuzu looks from sitting on the steps to the door of Ichigo's room again knowing that their father Isshin would be home soon and that Ichigo was usually the one running late but this time it was Karin.

    Ikkaku studies the surrounding woods that they are in to determine which direction to go in to get back to the 11th squad barracks.
  17. "Thank you." The girl said, then added. "Im Paige by the way."

    Ichigo smirked. "Not really an issue." Then he pulled his head in the window and went to leave his room.
  18. Ikkaku "Nice to meet you Paige. I'm Ikkaku Madarame. I'm the 11th division's 3rd seat. And you're welcome. Now follow me. It's this way that'll lead us back." Ikkaku leads Paige through the woods back to the Seireitei.

    Yuzu hears Ichigo opening his door and looks to it as she stands up.
  19. Paige followed him, her face flushed from embarassment. "Im not usually getting lost, but for some reason i have no idea where anything is." She felt like a failure for not showing up on time again.

    Ichigo stared at his sister. "What are you doing?" He wondered if she heard him talking to the stranger. He frowned, but waited for an answer.
  20. Ikkaku "Don't worry about it Paige. You're still new here. You have to give yourself a little time to get used to the sereitei streets and the areas around them outside the gates."

    Yuzu looks to Ichigo and says "Well Karin hasn't gotten back home yet so I came out here to wait for her. I overheard you talking to someone when I walked by your room and figured you were busy. So I just came over here to the steps and sat down where I could wait for Karin the get home and see her when she came up the steps. It's getting kind of late in the evening though considering it's nearly 8:00." She sighs feeling a bit worried and looks down.