Bleach RP

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  1. I'm thinking it may be cool to start a bleach roleplay. I have some ideas on a plot, if anyone is interested in it don't hesitate to message me.
  2. There will be energy blasts, no?

  3. I'm in.
  4. Whatever that means, Yay! :D
  5. Ack. pic glitched.

    Here's the next best thing:

  6. Oh okay then xD So you wanna help plot the story with me then?
  7. Depending on whether or not you want this as a mini-group thread, I could squeeze this idea in with my many others~ :3
  8. @Arisu: Meep. Sure.

    @Mitten: Hurm? o.o
  9. Well in my idea, Mayuri is all evil (He already is but you know what I mean c3c) and does expirements on his squad, and with a few of them it is successful and he turns them into a new race of soul reaper/monster things. I've thought of the name Void. Hollow's and Voids, y'know? I have no idea what they look like though. That's something I'd need most help on.
  10. Just a heads up, I'm not a big expert on the series, so If I derp, then sorry. D:

    Oooh. Voids.
  11. GO WATCH THE SHOW!!!!! NAO!!!!!!!!!! I might be interested in this depending on a few things
  12. Yes yes you must waaaaatch it. And what's it depend on?
  13. I've seen my share of…stuff.

    I watch it casually.
  14. Do you know some characters and how to make your own? You dont really have to know the story of the show thoroughly, since we may be doing original Bleach stories.
  15. I know some names, powers, etc. Say Ichigo or Rukia, Cero or Shunpo, ETC and something will come to mind.
  16. Well anything you need to look up you can find on the internet anyways. Just make a character and if you want to use kido (that's where the energy blasts and magic-like abilities are used) look that up, though you can make up similar moves for your zanpakto also, just tomake it simpler. I could help too I guess. I know a lot about the show and how to make characters. I have maybe 5 I made in my free time, just for fun. xD
  17. Okay, I'm sorry, I'm going to have to back out on this RP! It looks really interesting but I have too much stuff to do both in Iwaku and in real life! I hope you get this going and good luck with it though! ^^