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  1. Have you ever watched Bleach? Well, the first time I did I fell in love. Once I learned about RP I made a storyline. Many years have been put into this story and I bring one of the final arcs here. This RP is for original characters based off Bleach ONLY. In this separate story from the manga, Aizen never existed and Six who was just God King has been slain. When it happened Kyyuketsuki, a hollow and he were dragged to hell. Suddenly Quincy appeared and took over Hueco Mundo. What will happen? Who can tell..

    1; No Metagaming. This is when you read something ooc and use it in RP or when you take one character and use it in another story.
    2. No God Moding. Though it isn't the story of Bleach it's in the same universe. Keep your powers in the universe as well.
    3. You may only have one character in this RP and you may only choose from Hollow[Arrancar], Quincy and Shinigami.
    4. This story is located within all of the Bleach Universe. Therefore you may Only RP in that universe.

    Example; Name: Six.
    Species: Shinigami.
    Gender: Male.
    Rank: Captain.
    Position: Thirteen Court Guard Squads, Twelveth Squad.
    Zanpakuto/Spirit Weapon: Asimilácia.
    Zanpakuto Ability/Epiphte: Absorbstion of reishi at the core.
    Other Skills: Shunpo, Ho ho, Kido etc.
    Short Summary of your character and backstory. Know that we will want to get as many as possible but we don't want only captain ranks.

    Thank You, Hope You Have Fun.

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  2. Oh! I'll post up a CS later ;3

  3. Name:Solo Lagrimas



    Ranks:? (Previous Espada)


    Spirit Weapon:Verrat

    Epithet:"A" for "The Anonymous"

    Other Skills:Hirenyaku, Ginto, Spiritual Awareness, Expert Blade To Blade Combatant

    Summary:"Solo" (Original Name Unknown) was born as a half breed between a Quincy and a Shinigami. During that time, Quincy were hunted to "extinction" and burned much in the way witches were in Salem. He grew up as a bastard oblivious to his creation. He ventually followed in his mother's footsteps becoming a Shinigami himself. He soon learned the truth by a sort of "accident" which is still unknown. The Soul Society came to discover this and he was exiled to Hueco Mundo as a form of "execution". Using his power of "Anonymous", he masqueraded as an arrancar for a very long time. His heritage was only revealed recently when he defeated the Godking. His current status is unknown as he escaped and has not been seen since his confrontation with the mysterious Quincy.

  4. Name:
    Han Edogawa
    Thirteen Court Guard Squads, Third Squad
    Shikai: Tokei no Hoshi || Bankai: Jikū no Ryōshu
    Zanpakutō Ability:
    Altering or exploiting the existing target's original composition and sequence of events.
    Other Skills:
    Shunpo, Hoho, Kidō, Hakuda, Zanjutsu
    Short Summary:
    Han's earliest memories were of his rebirth in eastern Rukongai, which he eventually came to see as a second home of sorts. Fortunately, it was either by fear or repulse that he's left alone by most of the recently and long reborn souls—he has yet to know that his body's spiritual energy is rather scary, to the point that he slows down time or slightly alters the makeup of matter around him. Decades and a few missions made by Shinigami to Han's home brought his existence to light, to which he was taken in to the Academy, and after a short while graduating flying colors to his name and a low seat in the Third Squad. The rest of his ascent in ranks to being Captain of the Third Squad is standard—learning and connecting with his Zanpakutō's twin spirits, pulling off feats of bravery and skill, and staying close to his morals in field and at work.
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