Bleach RP Partner Search

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  1. Okay, I have been watching a lot of Bleach recently, including the movies. It is what I really am craving. Here are some things you should know.

    ~ MxF, MxM is all good to me.
    ~ OC x Canon, OC x OC.
    ~ If it is OC x Canon I do prefer that we double, meaning I'll play your favorite Canon to your OC as long as you do the same.
    ~ This can take place in any story setting. (movie? The Arrancar Saga, etc. Or we can come up with our own story.)
    ~ Be as active as you can be, I will be as well.
    ~ Absolutely no one-liners.
    ~ 2-5 paragraphs is usually what I can post, sometimes more. I tend to mirror.
    ~ Be able to push the story along with me, I don't want to be the only one.

    Characters I like:

    Ichigo {any form}
  2. Bleach is my second favorite anime. However, I'm not up-to-date with the Final Arc. (The plot-line continued in the Manga.) Additionally, I haven't watched the anime for awhile, so everything isn't 100% clear. (Ex. I would need to look up events to refresh my mind.) I wouldn't mind creating a setting of our own. (Or pick a popular Arc. For example, the Arrancar Arc.) I'm totes fine doubling up! (I ask for Ichigo x OMC on my part.)
  3. I'd totally be fine with that then. I have just finished watching the Arrancar Arc myself so I'd be cool with it. You may choose if you wish to play as Renji or Hisagi on my part. :3
  4. Both are great choices. However, I'm more familiar with Renji than Hisagi. (I'll try my best to portray him correctly!)
  5. Alright then, so we are going with the Arrancar arc? Would you like to PM your character?
  6. Sure! The Arrancar Arc is one of my favorites. I'll send you a PM!