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  1. Hey everyone. Well I haven't been on here in a while due to work. So I was just trying to think of some ideas for roleplays. I have several I want to do currently, but I thought of doing a Bleach RP right now because I haven't done a rp to the bleach anime in a long time. So if any of you all would be interested in doing this Bleach RP with me, then feel free to join in.

    Original characters are allowed. I will be playing some of mine as well during the rp.

    Plot story: It has been 3 months since Aizen's defeat at Ichigo's hand. Now the head captain and the rest of the captains and the lieutenants of the 13 court guard squad divisions are in a hurry to fill in the positions of the 3rd, 5th, and 9th captain seats and looking for any possible candidates.
    Meanwhile the hollows have been a bit out of sorts since the end of the battle, having lost Aizen who was ruling over huego mundo. Due to this they've been striking randomly in both the soul society and the world of the living.

    List of Captains and Lieutenants

    1st Division Captain:Aken Jizo
    1st Division Lieutenant:

    2nd Division Captain:
    2nd Division Lieutenant:

    3rd Division Captain:|Curiousity&InSANITY|
    3rd Division Lieutenant:wolfs rain

    4th Division Captain:
    4th Division Lieutenant:

    5th Division Captain:
    5th Division Lieutenant:

    6th Division Captain:
    6th Division Lieutenant:Dogma

    7th Division Captain:
    7th Division Lieutenant:

    8th Division Captain:
    8th Division Lieutenant:

    9th Division Captain:
    9th Division Lieutenant:

    10th Division Captain:Katherine
    10th Division Lieutenant:

    11th Division Captain:Red Reaper
    11th Division Lieutenant:

    12th Division Captain:
    12th Division Lieutenant:

    13th Division Captain:
    13th Division Lieutenant:

    If you wish to be one of the captains or lieutenants post here and I'll add you in to the list.
    I will be rping the positions not filled in the meantime so as to keep the rp going.
    There's the RP thread
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  2. Ooh! A Bleach RP!!! Can i have the 3rd Seat Spot? :D
    (If i can of course.)
  3. Okay. I added you in as the 3rd captain.
    And the rp thread is up. And the opening post is up as well.
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  4. I'd be interested in possibly joining. I'll have to think up a good charrie though
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  5. Ooooh~
    I call 10th captain!
  6. Okay Dogma.

    And okay to you as well Katherine. I added you in the list as the 10th Captain.
  7. can i be 3rd squad liuetenant
  8. would be interested in the 11th squad captain position if possible and i already have a character in mind
  9. Okay wolf's rain and Red Reaper. I added you two to the list.
    The rp thread is up and the link is in the OOC.
  10. I'll take sixth lieutenant. Can I still have a bankai though? I had an idea for an 'unfinished' bankai that I liked, but I don't wanna be captain.
  11. The 6th lieutenant? Okay I'll add you Dogma.
    And yeah sure you can a bankai.
  12. This is indeed interesting. I'd join but I am in another Bleach RP, unfortunately.

    Anyhow does this have a plot? Or do you just make one as you go further into the story?
  13. Well I listed the plot up above in my opening post here, though it's a bit short I admit. I haven't been very skilled at thinking up plots beforehand for my RPs, rather than just making the plots as the roleplay is going along.
    But, if you do decide to rp in this bleach rp of mine as well, basically I have the time frame being after Aizen's defeat, and after Ichigo gains back his powers as well. I haven't watched far or read far into the fullbringer saga yet so I didn't want to include the fullbringer characters considering I don't know much about them therefore I probably wouldn't be able to RP scenes with them accurately so I just skipped it to the time frame after that.
    Well except Ichigo, sense they said he was a fullbringer in what I have read of that arc. But as you know, he's the top main character and has been shown in nearly every single episode, so there's enough in tell for me to roleplay scenes with him in them accurately anyway.
    I'm also going to roleplay my bleach OCs a little while later on the RP, to which I have soul reaper descendant OCs and Quincy descendant OCs alike.
  14. Hmm. Our bleach RP is set 500 years AFTER the Aizen arc. So we kinda started there too, but ours like an alternate universe with our own plot and alot has happened there. But we only have some canon characters like Kyouraku and Urahara. They are strictly NPC though. Anyhow, enough about that. We are not here to talk about the RP I am in.

    As for your Bleach RP. I will have to think about it. I'll definetly let you know though. It does indeed look interesting. But I am not sure if I want to join two of the same RPs. Therefore, it's hard for me to decide :(
  15. May I be Yamamoto?
  16. Yeah sure you can Aken. I'll add you to the list now.^^
  17. You're welcome.^^
  18. To those who haven't posted yet in the RP, sense we are on the 5th page now in the rp, and to those who may have posted once in the rp but may not have posted for a while therefore might need to know where we are in it, I thought I would give a bit of an update to what's happened so far in the RP.
    So. So far Hollows and Menos have been attacking in both the soul society and the world of the living/Karakura town.
    I have been playing Ichigo's little sister Karin, in which Karin has been fighting the hollows, and has now met the head captain, and is currently accompanying Yamamoto and walking at his side along the streets of the town, while Yamamoto's surveying Karakura town and taking note of all that is happening, Karin doing her best to help him as she can.
    I've been playing Ichigo's other little sister Yuzu too, to which Yuzu has been starting to gain her powers, though I'm leading towards Yuzu gaining quincy powers sense her's Karin's and Ichigo's mother was a quincy, to which neither Ichigo, nor any of his friends, Uryu, Orihime, Chad, the other soul reapers, ect..are aware of yet that Yuzu is becoming a quincy. Yuzu is in the state of mind where she isn't in knowledge of exactly why, not knowing yet herself that she is developing ablities of a quincy rather than the abilities and powers of a soul reaper like that of her brother and sister, but knows her powers are different than that of Ichigo and Karin. Yuzu's planning currently to ask Uryu, knowing that his powers are different from her brother's as well which is why she's planning to ask him, but she hasn't yet asked him.
    I have been playing Ichigo also and he, as I said, has his powers of a soul reaper back inside of him. Though sense one of the RPers wanted it and has posted about Ichigo being in this condition, I went along with Ichigo still being weakened from his battle with Aizen. He is currently in hueco mundo again about to fight the new hueco mundo ruler, in order to save the 10th captain who has been taken hostage and carried through the garganta, but Ichigo is currently lurking in the shadows while trying to come up with a plan of action.
    Yuzu, is currently at Urahara's, Uryu and Orihime being their with her, them all having seen Ichigo follow after the one who took the 10th captain hostage and went with the 10th captain in arms, back through the garganta, into heuco mundo.
    And I've been playing Ashido Kano as well. He has come back from being trapped in Hueco mundo, to the soul society and has been facing menos and hollows sense his return. But having been searching for the head captain due to orders from the 10th captain, Ashido has come to the world of the living to Karakura to search for Yamamoto and give him the news about what's going on.

    So there it is.

    And to those who haven't joined the RP yet but want to that update is for you all as well.
    and the positions still open in the captains and lieutenants list, if you want to join the list, are the

    1st Division Lieutenant,
    2nd Division Captain,
    2nd Division Lieutenant,
    4th Division Captain,
    4th Division Lieutenant,
    5th Division Captain,
    5th Division Lieutenant,
    6th Division Captain,
    7th Division Captain,
    7th Division Lieutenant,
    8th Division Captain,
    8th Division Lieutenant,
    9th Division Captain,
    9th Division Lieutenant,
    10th Division Lieutenant,
    11th Division Lieutenant,
    12th Division Captain,
    12th Division Lieutenant,
    13th Division Captain,
    and the 13th Division Lieutenant.
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  19. i have to ask can we make a OC?
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