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  1. (can someone explain what's happening? i'm lost and if i don't ge tan explanation i'll have to drop out)
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    (okay Moonbeam..Well your character Paige is still on top of the roof at Keigo's house..Keigo is currently going to get Ikkaku who is asleep in his room because Nevvy's character Raven wants to talk with Ichigo's house they are all in their rooms asleep except for Karin who is not able to sleep due to the current situation about the hollows appearing one after the next being on her mind therefore she is just laying in her bed and looking up at the ceiling of her's and yuzu's room..out in other parts of the town I added one of my original characters Kenyuka Kuchiki into the RP and he, Renji, Kibalover's character Tsugumi, and Gicofokami's character Johnathan are talking with eachother at that coffee shop about the situation about the hollows. I'm RPing Renji's character as well and had him just explain that the gateways to huego mundo are unstable which is why the hollows are showing up and comming through more often.)
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    (Reading back isn't all that hard. It isn't like there's a real mess)
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    (( OOC: Can i join? ))
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    (yeah sure you can^^)
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    (( OOC: Allright can i be my own character or do i have to be on of the existing ones? ))
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    (Yeah you can RP your own character.^^ I've got several OCs that I'm going to be RPing in this rp and I've already RPed to of them so far.^^)
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    (( OOC: Allright i got a character in mind should i put my CS : Character sheet : on here or what? ))
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    (If you want to add a character sheet here for your character that'll be fine. Or if you want to explaine who your character is while you RP him or her that's fine as well. I have character sheets for a couple of my OCs in the OCC of another Bleach RP that I was part of. But I'm just Rping my OC characters and explaining who they are while I'm RPing them here. One of my OCs that I made I named Kenyuka Kuchiki and I made him to be the younger brother of Byakuya and Rukia.)
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    (( OOC: Ok ill just add my CS here then ill start.. ))

    Name: Shaki dasheen

    rank: assistant captin

    Age: 231 looks 23

    Description: Being kin to Komamura he would have the fox face but slightly more agile than him he would have a a good uperbody strengthe his banki is unknown so far he has not yet needed to yet his banki will be shown later on down the line when he needs it the most.
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    (okay^^ I like your character Eclipse^^.)
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    [don't mind me, just wondering which characters are taken...]
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    (Your good Miss Blair, take your time.)