BLEACH RP (IshiNemu pairing)?

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  1. Hello everyone, htank you for checking this out! I've been having a certain craving lately, which is a Bleach roleplay regarding the Uryuu Ishida x Nemu Kurotsuchi couple. I know this is an extremely underrated pairing, so I'm hoping that I'll have some luck!

    I have a strong preference for playing Nemu but I can try my hand at playing Ishida as well~

    A few things to know:
    - First off, I'm not fully caught up with Bleach, so I strongly prefer an AU setting. (Unless you don't mind my lack of canon knowledge... ^^;;)
    - I'm 18+ years of age and while I'm fine with adult scenes, I prefer to avoid PWP.
    - I can roleplay over private messages or threads~
    - Not picky at all about length or grammar. I'm a very casual RPer, so don't be intimidated!
    - My average post length is about two paragraphs, but I'm adaptable!
    - I can plot with my partner or go with the flow. ^^
    - I will never leave a person hanging without giving a heads up or writing a status in my profile!
    - While I'd appreciate for you to do the same, I won't be angry if you don't.
    - Long term or short term are both fine with me, but long term is preferred~
    - If you have any questions, just ask! We're both here to have fun! x3

    If interested, please message me or post me here? Thank you very much for reading this!
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