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  1. My third Bleach RP (OOC thread)


    [:Taking place in Karakura town:]
    It's been a full 2 years sense Sosuke Aizen was defeated by Ichigo Kurosaki. Ichigo's been gaining his powers back bit by bit as time continued on for the past couple of years and has nearly gotten back to 100% but still is needing a little more time before he'll be back at full power. One of Ichigo's younger sisters, Karin, who has had her abilities developing rather quickly sense day one, has been facing the hollows in her brother's place while he's been recovering, as she always did when he was away in the soul society, though Ichigo has no knowledge of this. And Ichigo's friends Keigo, Tatsuki, and Mizuiro have been developing more and more in their spiritual powers as well in the past 2 years, along with Chad, Orihime, and Uryu improving their strengths and abilities sense Aizen's defeat.

    [:Taking place in the Soul Society:]
    Sense Aizen's defeat, as before, ever sense Aizen's betrayal against them, the 13 court guard squads in the Seiretei have been without 3 captains, as Gin Ichimaru former captain of squad 3, and Kaname Tosen former captain of squad 9, followed Aizen, who was the former captain of squad 5, off to Hueco Mundo. The head captain, sense Aizen's, Gin's, and Tosen's defections, made it top priority for everyone in the 13 court guard squads, whenever the time allowed, to be on constant search for any individuals that could be suitable candidates for the 3 open captain positions, to which as long as those 3 captain positions were vacant, the 3rd, 5th, and 9th divisions were without protection and guidance through battles, therefore making the 3rd, 5th, and 9th divisions more vulnerable, other than the protection and guidance the lieutenants from the 3rd division, 5th division, and 9th division could give their subordinates. Not to mention the 3rd division lieutenant, the 5th division lieutenant, and the 9th division lieutenant, due to being acting captains in their divisions, are needed to be standing at post as their divisions leaders, and therefore aren't able to assist in the situations where soul reapers of at least lieutenant rank or even of captain rank are needed to help, this putting the lower ranked members of the 3rd, 5th, and 9th divisions more at risk when they are away on missions.

    Captains and Lieutenants list

    1st Division Captain:
    1st Division Lieutenant:

    2nd Division Captain:
    2nd Division Lieutenant: Roxshi

    3rd Division Captain: Kazuaki Bara
    3rd Division Lieutenant:

    4th Division Captain:
    4th Division Lieutenant:

    5th Division Captain:
    5th Division Lieutenant:

    6th Division Captain:
    6th Division Lieutenant:

    7th Division Captain:
    7th Division Lieutenant:

    8th Division Captain:
    8th Division Lieutenant:

    9th Division Captain:
    9th Division Lieutenant:

    10th Division Captain:
    10th Division Lieutenant:

    11th Division Captain:
    11th Division Lieutenant:

    12th Division Captain:
    12th Division Lieutenant:

    13th Division Captain:
    13th Division Lieutenant:

    Other Soul Reapers

    Ashido Kano: me
    Kusaka Sojiro:
    Senna: wolfs rain
    Ikkaku Madarame:
    Yumichika Ayasegawa:
    Hanataro Yamada:
    Maki Ichinose:

    Ichigo's Crew

    Ichigo Kurosaki:
    Uryu Ishida:
    Chad Yasutora:
    Orihime Inoue:
    Tatsuki Arisawa:
    Keigo Asano:
    Mizuiro Kojima:

    Ichigo's family

    Isshin Kurosaki:
    Karin Kurosaki: me
    Yuzu Kurosaki: me

    Uryu's family

    Ryuuken Ishida:

    Urahara's Crew

    Kisuke Urahara:
    Yoruichi Shihoin:



    Shiba Clan


    Kasumioji Clan


    Arrancar list
    (Aizen's top 10 Henchmen)

    Coyote Starrk: me
    Barragan Louisenbairn:
    Tier Harribel:
    Ulquiorra Cifer:
    Nnoitra Gilga:
    Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez: Kazuaki Bara
    Zommari Rureaux:
    Szayelaporro Granz:
    Aaroniero Arruruerie:
    Yammy Llargo:
    (Other Arrancar)

    Wonderweiss Margela:
    Tesra Lindocruz:
    Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck:N o c e u r
    Yylfordt Granz:
    Nakeem Grindina:
    Di Roy Rinker:
    Cirucci Sanderwicci:
    Ggio Vega:
    Luders Friegen:
    Asguiaro Ebern:
    Lilynette Gingerbuck:
    Abirama Redder:
    Luppi Antenor:
    Findorr Calius:
    Gantenbainne Mosqueda:
    Hammerhead Arrancar:

    As in the last bleach roleplay of mine, if you want to be one of the captains or lieutenants, just let me know and I'll add you to the list. And if you want to be one of the other characters listed let me know.

    And also like in the last bleach rp of mine, along with Ashido, Karin, and Yuzu's characters which I'll be playing officially in the rp, I'll play the roles of the captains and lieutenant's positions that are open until they are filled, as well as the other characters' positions that are open until they are filled, in order to keep the rp going.

    Also I'll be RPing my Bleach OC Characters in the rp as well, in which I'll post them up in a second post here once I do the rp's IC thread.

    So now. Let's get started.
    Here's the link to the IC thread
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  2. (Hi again I'm back) can I be senna I loved her character in the movie and was kinda sad when she died.
  3. My Bleach OC Characters

    OC character 1:
    Kenyuka Kuchiki:
    Younger biological brother to Byakuya Kuchiki, and younger adopted brother to Rukia Kuchiki, to which neither Byakuya nor Rukia know the truth about Kenyuka's identity to them, though Rukia has met Kenyuka in person before. Kenyuka is a teenage male, age 14. He is a student at Karakura middle school and team captain of his school's boy's track team. He's good friends with Ichigo Kurosaki, to whom he also formed a strict rivalry with through the track sport, him and Ichigo being teammates in track, sense Ichigo was in 4th grade and Kenyuka was in 3rd grade back when they joined the boy's track team in elementary school, Karakura's elementary school track teams and Karakura's middle school track teams combining both the boys teams from Karakura elementary and Karakura middle combining, and also both the girls teams from Karakura elementary and Karakura middle combining.
    Kenyuka is also on good terms with the head captain, and has come up from Karakura town to the soul society to assist the head captain whenever requested.
    Kenyuka has faced many hollows and about 10 menos so far experience wise.

    OC character 2:
    Keegan Kira:
    Younger brother to Izuru Kira. Keegan is a 14 year old middle school boy. He is on the Karakura middle school's soccer team and will often play soccer games with his team against ichigo's sister Karin Kurosaki and her friends when they challenge them, to which Keegan's formed a sort of rivalry friendship with Karin. Keegan has yet to fight a menos, but he has fought down countless regular hollows.

    OC character 3:
    Griffen Ukitake:
    Great nephew of Jushiro Ukitake. Griffen is 15 years old and a student at Karakura middle. He suffers from Tuberculosis as his great uncle Jushiro does. Despite this, Griffen fights down over 30 hollows per week and 1 menos almost every month. He's the team captain of the Karakura middle school's swim team. He is good friends with Ichigo's younger sister Yuzu, as he met her once when he fell ill at school collapsing in the school courtyard and coughing up blood, following his first fight against a menos. Yuzu raced to Griffin's side, not having seen what he had just defeated, but having seen him suddenly collapse in front of her, and she called up her dad, Isshin Kurosaki, right away, to which he rushed over and helped his daughter Yuzu lift Griffin up once he and Yuzu get Griffen's condition stable, and race him to the hospital, Isshin carrying him. Sense then he's been somewhat protective of Yuzu, knowing that by what he's seen, Yuzu isn't that aware of the hollows, nor can she see them all the time yet.

    OC character 4:
    Robby Omeada:
    Younger brother of Marechiyo Omeada. Robby is 11 years old and a student at Karakura Elementary. Robby looks up to his older brother Marechiyo, his knowledge of his brother being a lieutenant, and he also looks up to his brother's captain, Soifon. He's also good friends with Tatsuki Arisawa who's a senior over at Karakura High, as well as Kisuke Urahara and Yoruichi Shihoin.

    OC character 5:
    Kyannu Hitsugaya:
    Younger brother of Toshiro Hitsugaya. Kyannu is 14 years old and a student over at Karakura middle. He is short in height as his brother is. But Kyannu just about every day proves that one can't judge a book by it's cover, reguarding Kyannu and his height. One task he deals with for instance, is being the team captain of the Karakura middle school's wrestling team despite his very short stature. He gets a lot of challenges because other students don't believe, sense Kyannu's short as he is, is strong enough. But he proves it to them when he pins them seconds later after they start the challenge match. Another trait he share's with his brother is his lack of tolerance with heat. In fact, when the heat is severe enough, Kyannu will sometimes get real dizzy and nearly collapse from it. He's fought several hollows while under these conditions before too.

    OC character 6:
    Orphan 5 year old. Jacob is a kindergarten student over at the Karakura elementary school. He's an orphan, age 5, and he's also a quincy like Uryu. Jacob's fought many hollows, as his powers developed so quickly and advanced to such high a level, that hollows started to sense Jacob, when he was but 3 years old.

    OC character 7:
    Orphan 11 year old. Roam is a 5th grader over at Karakura elementary. She's an orphan, age 11, and she too is a quincy like Uryu. She made good friends with Uryu while on the battlefield going up against 5 hollows at once. She didn't meet him until after 2 of the hollows were taken down, in which she took those down, but Uryu took down the rest of them. This caused her to look over to Uryu's direction and spot him, to which Uryu looked back to her, him being astonished of course that Roam's a quincy, to which he can tell she is right away with that one look. Uryu then sort of takes her under his wing and protects her as well as trains her somewhat.

    OC character 8:
    Orphan 13 year old. Eugene is a student over at Karakura middle and a class mate of Yuzu Kurosaki's. He's also a quincy as well, and he's sort of a loner. But even though Eugene doesn't like interacting with others that much, he's very protective of his friends, to which he protects all of his school mates, and all of his home mates, Urahara having designed the orphanage he lives in, to which Roam and Jacob live there as well.
  4. Yeah sure you can be Senna^^
    And yeah I loved her character too^^

    I'll add you to the list.^^
  5. OOC: Is it possible to be an enemy , like an arrancar ? .. if there are no enemy then could i be Squad 3 captin and use an OC charater? but if its not possible then i would be happy to be the captin of the 11th squad.
  6. Hey Kazuaki. You say you want to be one of the enemy characters? Okay sure.
    I'll have to add the arrancars to the list. I should have their character names up for you to pick from shortly.^^
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  7. i would like to be Grimmjow .. please
  8. Okay Kazuaki^^ I'll add you in as Grimmjow.
  9. Can I reserve the 2nd LT spot? I have my CS posted mid morning. Will our OC's meet the arrancar?
  10. You want to be the 2nd lieutenant? Okay sure Roxshi^^
  11. Name: Tsuji Kitahara
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Bio: Growing up in the Soul Society, Tsuji was apart of the Kitahara household. His family may not be as well known as the Kuchiki house, but infamous for their brute strength. Learning quickly, his parents decided they would send their son to learn more about the Shinigami. He excelled in school and turned out to be a great student. Determined, strong-willed, and efficient, Tsuji graduated and went to be apart of the 13 Court Guard Squads. He worked his way up and eventually became Lieutenant of squad 2.
    Personality: Being apart of the Kitahara family, Tsuji took on some of his family's characteristics. He has very little paitience for people who act like they own the place. He gets irritated when people don't listen to him or ignore him while he is giving orders. Other than that, Tsuji is the type of Shinigami to die fighting for his fellow squad and the Seireitei. He takes his positon seriously and will not question what is being asked of him. He may act serious and seem harsh, but he really enjoys being with his friends and lets down his guard. Overall, Tsuji wants to be recognized by his actions and be remebered by what he has done.
    Shikai: Strike to kill, Shineita
    Bankai: (learning to master Bankai) Obliterate, Shouheki....?
    Other: He does not like people who have a lack of motivation or effort. Dislikes loud people.
  12. I wish to be Nelliel, though I'm not sure how to make her part of the RP or put her in it... XD
    Also can nel have more of a 'grown up'/true form on?
    I'm still trying to figure out ways to make her a 'kid' though.... D,8 since changing at will wouldn't be so fun compared to changing unexpectedly XD
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  13. You want to be Nel? Okay sure^^ I'll add you to the list.
    And sure. If you want to RP Nel roleplaying her adult form, it's fine with me.
    And I see.
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  14. Yeah it's okay that he's learning to release it. ^^
  15. @ Jessica Stansell Do you like him as a character in your Rp?
  16. Yeah I do^^ I like your character Tsuji a lot Roxshi^^
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  17. Yoshitaka Hojo

    Like the captain of the 10th squad captain Yoshitaka Hoga is also one of the youngest looking captains. He was assigned Captain of the squad 3 after obtaining Bankai. The squad quickly warmed up to Yoshi and recognized him as there captain thanks to his kind nature. After the betrayal of there previous captain the squad needed someone like Yoshi to lead them. He is said to be like a father figure for them, He is always teased from the 11th squad because he tends to avoid fights if they are not necessary , So no one really knows what his Shikai or Bankai abilities are.

    ( i will update his shikai and bankai when he actually uses them, for now he will use kidou and regular sword fight)
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  18. Your OC character Yoshitaka looks awesome Kazuaki.^^ I like him.
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  19. Reserved.. Doing nel tu CS since there'll be slight changes