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  1. THIS RP IS ALREADY UP! check the Modern section! :P sign ups!

    Why not? I have always wanted to have a bleach RP! For my beloved favourite anime! Anyone have any ideas?
  2. I haven't any ideas for such a roleplay, but I would be immensely interested ^^
  3. I'm in, I'm changing my avatar to my character >:3
  4. *claps hands together* WONDERFUL! Now, should we include Ichigo, Rukia and that lot? Or should we go with a pure OC approach to this? We could even go down the arrancar and hollow route if you wish!
    Possibilities...they are endless! (And a lot of them like to bounce around in my head! XD) so, first, should we stick to the plot?
  5. Well, I haven't watched bleach or read the manga. (I'm too into naruto shippuden and I haven't been watching that much lately either) But I'm interested and possibly give it a go. Of course, I'll research beforehand.
  6. Awesome^^ I'm in.
    I've wanted to get a bleach rp going on here for some time now^^ But I didn't have time to start it yet between schoolwork, and my other rps on here^^lol so yeah thanks for starting it^^
    I think it would be awesome to include all the characters from the show as well as all our OCs
    I have several OC characters for bleach, some I've drawn pictures of, some I haven't. I'd probably take me a while to type up all their background stories unless I could explaine their background stories as I RPed them.
    Also I have many plot scene ideas for my OCs as well as many plot scene ideas for the regular bleach anime characters (as in the ones in the show). And I have plot scene ideas for the bleach anime characters like Kouga Kuchiki, and Ashido Kano and others who didn't get as much screen time on the show as well.^^
  7. Such amazing stuff! Oh, and D'evil, I am continuing to gasp dramatically here. Personally, Bleach is so much better than Naruto- and Ichigo has such an inspiring way of doing things. Even if the fights do drag out a bit! XD but then look at the SASUKE retrieval arc! Heck...that was long!
    so, I also agree, mixing in the OC's and the Usual characters is a good idea! So...should we make our OC people part of the Ichigo and people gang? I don't know...the possibilities are buzzing round my head!
    And by the way, between what episodes did each of the bleach movies take place? Just out of curiosity.
  8. I'd enjoy to play an OC xD Time to open up the old notebook and Gimp and get drawing! I've only watched up to episode 60, but there isn't anything that google can't answer, so I'll be using it heavily if we go into some of the more recent episodes. And mayhem, I don't know what the movies are in. It's all way to jumbled sometimes, lol :D
  9. The movies are considered to have never happened, they don't fit chronologically in the arcs at all...likewise to some of the filler. The Amagai Shuuske arc could not have happened because it depicted Sado and Uryu with their new and improved weapons. Logically, they didn't have time between their foray into Hueco Mundo and facing Aizen for them to have occured.

    The Memories of No one theoretically could have occured whenever, I guess, but no one remember what happened.

    They're just...interesting adventures, but don't fit anywhere within the cannon bleach storyline.
  10. The episodes the movies were shown between?
    The 1st bleach movie Memories of Nobody was shown between episode 63 and 64. The 2nd bleach movie Diamond Dust Rebellion was shown between episodes 143 and 144. But I can't remember at the moment what episodes were before and after the 3rd bleach movie Fade to Black - I Call Your Name was shown.
  11. THANX GUYS! Very grateful for the info! But Rp wise? Who has a basic idea of how we are going to do this?
  12. I do! It would probably be easier to set up factions for each group, like the soul reapers, vizards, arrancar, quincies, bounts and fullbringers. As for following the main plot of the story, I believe it should be changed slightly, but still follow some form of plot from the series.

    It would make it more interesting to include all of the races from the start unlike in the plot, but that would make the entire thing kind of boring, so it would be great to have the OCs incorporated, but not having certain characters reveal their powers, abilities or race until that time comes. Personally, I think it would be best to maybe have it to where people choose if they want to be in Ichigo's group, start in Soul Society or Hueco Mundo, there are a lot of possibilities to be had here. Each character's story would be different unless they were with a certain group.

    It makes it more interesting to have different people on different paths. Then, there is the possibility of doing a backwards time skip, in where the vizards (Shinji, Love and the others) are still soul reapers, similar to the anime, but we include Ichigo's father, our own OCs, maybe Ashido (from Menos Forest), and even a lot more quincies and have a lot of conflict. There are a lot of possibilities for a Bleach RP, so it's hard to choose. Heck, we could do the time skip into the future and start there, or even just make a spin off completely alternate universe type of plot, similar to what they're doing with the new Naruto movie (Sasuke give flowers to Sakura!! Please, someone agree with me this is just messed up!!)

    We could do a group and make separate threads for each group and for people who want to do a certain plot line or time line.
  13. A group would probably work better, since an RP with this many possibilities for race and story line, as well as people like me who have only seen a handfull of episodes. That way, people who don't know what the hell a vizard or fullbringers are can still RP and have a good time. Plus, I love multiple characters x3
  14. I say we just do an OC. Having the originals would be fun, yes, but slightly confusing if not all of us are caught up.
  15. Ah yes! You have only watched a handful of the episodes! I don't know...could this pose a problem? I don't think it will, but yeah, maybe an OC one will be better- actually, what if it is a mainly OC RP, yet we include the main plot in the background. For instance...we have them in the soul reaper academy or something, and keep the rescue Rukia arc in the RP, but it's...not the main plot if you get what I mean?
    we could inc operate the main story line later on in the RP, even make them part of the main character gang if we want to! If we want to mix races...I guess we can do what You said Ichigo! And not reveal the characters powers till later on!
    Would that work?
  16. 今、あなたは私の言語を話している :cool:
  17. O.o I do not know what this says! ARGHHHH! *complete confusion*
  18. I'd like to join! I've only read about 15 chapters though, so please explain it to me (or link me an explanation). Also, i'd always vote OC
  19. I don't Know. I Just Use an Inner Hollow in the outside world. :P
  20. I'm definitely interested. And I vote we fill the spots of the originals with OC's, and follow the basic plot, but allow it to branch of according to our characters choices or just if we feel like it. This way we have originality, but also have lots of plot we don't need to necessarily think up from scratch, and also if we veer off and our plot stops we can come back to the original.