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Alright so I'm going to make this short and sweet because if you've watched even a little bit of bleach then you will know what i'm talking about, if you haven't watched bleach then i'm sure if your interested to join you can look up the names of the things I'm about to say and know simply afterwards.

This bleach roleplay will include everything from the show and if your looking to becoming a Division Captain in the Gotei 13 then you will need to know your stuff. Before we get into the rules i will need to discuss the plot and to why i'm not making one. The reasoning behind why i'm not making a plot for this roleplay is because conflict will arrive by itself. It is only human to come into conflict with others eventually thus this shall make the plot for this roleplay, rather it be conspiracy, betrayal, or straight up invasion this will be the plot or should i say plots. I look forward to continuing this roleplay till the end of time essentially there will be more than one plot and those plots will be due to conflict made by characters.

There will be 4 classes, Soul Reapers, Arrancar, Quincy, and Human. In accordance to what class you belong too determines where you live and what your role is. If your a human then you live in the world of the living(Earth), If your a soul reaper then you live in the sierietei and work in the soul society. If your a quincy then you also live on earth but with powers similar to a soul reaper but well... you know what powers you have if you don't look it up. And Arrancar, for these i will only allow everyone who wants to be arrancar automatically be a Espada and within the limitation of 10 members. The Espada live in Las Noches so this is where you guys will live until you decide to attack then that is when you leave obviously.

I won't go into great detail about each class, however i will describe them in a short summary so if people who want to join and not know much about bleach will understand and will be able to join.
  • Soul Reapers - They are souls/Ghosts which are called Shinigamis, They usually wear traditional japanese black kimonos and usually carries around their Zanpakuto(Sword). They have high spiritual energy that gives them immense strength and speed. Soul Reapers can use Kido(Spells) along side Zanpakuto powers, these spells are usually yelled out before they are conjured but high ranking Shinigamis can use these spells without saying anything but essentially that makes the spell weaker.
  • Bakudō (縛道, Way of Binding): Supplementary spells which can immobilize an enemy or have an effect besides a direct strike. They may seem subtle, but these spells can give their users a tactical advantage when used properly. These are a broad category of defensive spells which block/repel attacks or freezes enemies in place. This class of spells include Kidō Barriers & Seals.
  • Barriers (結界, Kekkai): Focused spiritual energy formed into a solid form of energy. This energy can take on many shapes or colors as determined by the user. Barriers are protective in nature, and can be as simple as a barrier only protecting one direction or encompassing all sides of an area. Barriers can be used for containment, and some barriers can be used offensively. Barriers can mask spiritual pressure and can make one spiritually and physically invisible. The strength of a barrier is dependent upon the power of the user. Weak barriers are easily breakable, while strong ones can last for centuries. Barriers created by noble blood are said to be unbreakable by those of lesser status. Certain barriers can be placed beforehand and activated later, while others require certain artifacts and time to activate.
  • Seals (封, ): Somewhat similar to barriers, but far more powerful and require far more preparation to create. Seals can only be used by those of sufficient spiritual power being who are meant to hold the most powerful and/or dangerous artifacts or beings. Seals are usually hard to break.
  • Hadō (破道, Way of Destruction): Offensive spells which inflict direct damage to the enemy. Their effectiveness differs depending on the user. It is said the effectiveness of the higher-ranked spells are beyond imagination.
Zanpakutos can use powers as well. They can use elements from a vast list, however each one must have a specialty and limitation of one element and there cannot be another one similar to it. So Bob over there can't use the same element as you. Every Zanpakuto has a name and also has a inner form may it be a Yokai(ghost) looking animal or a actual human looking figure, regardless the only person that can see this figure is the user of the zanpakuto. Every Zanpakuto has two forms or rather three,

First would be the normal sword figure called the sealed form which is regularly a katana. Second form is called the Shikai which is simply its awakening form that comes with a ability like transformation of the blade. The shikai form once activated will transform your blade into a unique form of obviously your choosing, may it curve more or have spikes beside it or something outrages like it gets unhumanly larger and can extend itself. Simply said, The blade changes shape and gains special abilities by chanting a Kaigo (解号, Release Call), or release incantation. Using the Kaigo, followed by the name of the Zanpakutō, activates Shikai. It is crucial to memorize each phrase, for every Zanpakutō has a different incantation.

The Third and final form is called Bankai which in general detail is the full form of you and your swords power balanced into one full brutal force of spiritual energy that transforms your zanpakuto to its final form state that requires no chant like the Shikai form when using Kaigo. Only Division Captains and Arrancar can unlock Bankai.

Most Zanpakutō look like regular katana, with slight variations between them as one would expect between different swords. Their variations are commonly:
  • Katana (刀): The term katana may be applied to the standard-size, moderately curved, Japanese sword with a blade length of 2 shaku (606 mm / 23.9 in) and longer. The katana is characterized by its distinctive appearance: a curved, slender, single-edged blade, a circular or squared guard, and a hilt long enough to accommodate two hands.
  • Wakizashi (脇差, Side Insertion): A short blade between 30 and 60 cm (12 and 24 inches), with an average of 50 cm (20 inches). It is similar to but shorter than a katana, and usually shorter than the kodachi. The wakizashi was usually worn together with the katana. When worn together, the pair of swords were called daishō (大小, large and small). The katana was often called the long sword, and the wakizashi the companion sword.
  • Nodachi (野太刀, Field Sword): The nodachi was more difficult to wield due to its size and weight. The average length of an nodachi is 65-70 inches long (approx 165-178 cm), often with a 4-5 foot (approx 120-150 cm) blade. The length of the hilt of the nodachi varied between 30 to 33 cm (12 to 13 inches). Due to its weight and size, its cutting capability and range exceeds those of a katana.
  • Tantō (短刀, Short Sword): The tanto is commonly referred to as a knife or dagger. The blade is single or double edged, with a length between 15 and 30 cm (6-12 inches, in Japanese 1 shaku). The tantō was designed primarily as a stabbing weapon, but the edge can be used for slashing as well.
Soul Reapers travel to the human world to kill hollows which are basically large Yokai figures that humans can't see but they feed on the living.

Soul reapers cannot be seen either.
  • Espada - Are hollows that have ripped there mask off. Espadas have tattoos and normally they have the tattoo number according to the number espada they are. Since i'm allowing 10 then for tattoos for example if your the 2nd espada then you will have a tattoo of a 2 somewhere on your body. Espadas wear white kimonos and a black outline, they can wield zanpakutos and have equal power to division captains similar to soul reapers. Espadas are the evil organization of the world so they may be the first conflict in this roleplay.
Espadas are basically evil versions of soul reapers with demonic powers. They usually have small bits of mask attached to there face after the forceful pull of the mask removal and black holes in there chest because they once were hollows.
  • Quincy - The priests of the world. They usually wear long coats or caps or something fancy like suits or anything else that might stand out slightly. They use strict powers from a bow and gather surrounding spiritual energy to form arrows. Quincies are the complete opposite of soul reapers but they both have the same goal in mind, to save the world from hollows. However, Soul reapers purify hollows so they can turn into souls but quincies destroy hollows so they cannot find peace. Quincies are the brutal force of warriors who completely hate hollows without question, to this being the fact they destroy hollows instead of purifying them which makes the spiritual world and the human world unbalanced which might cause the world to be destroyed thus this is the cause to why soul reapers eliminated most of them. Some Quincies are for equal peace and some still have hatred against the soul society for what they did so due to this i will only allow 7 Quincy in this roleplay.

  • Humans - Needless to say, they are human. Just to make this roleplay more interesting i will give all character humans enough spiritual energy to form basic spells and enough spiritual energy to defend themselves against small hollows one on one, however they can barely see hollows. Hollows to them are large heat waves instead of full figured objects. They can also sense hollows just like souls from the soul society or quincy or arrancar.

Every spell, Every weapon, Every theme and style will be fully customized via you. Explain every spell you can use including title and description.

To make this clear you must know as much as me to become a division captain and if you don't know much about bleach then you can join too and become anything besides a captain. You can become a captain by simply titling yourself as one, however if the division is taken then you can't be the captain of it because someone else is. Remember 13 divisions.

If your interested then post below so i can know that you are interested, when enough people is interested then i will make the character sheet thread and other threads so we can start.
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