BLEACH ROLEPLAY!! Ulquiorra and Orihime! PLEASE CLICK!

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  1. NOTE:I had this moved from the one on one roleplay request forum, because I do want this roleplay to have mature elements in it, so I do eventually want it to have sex in it. Which is obvious at the moment. Hah. I'm a loser.

    So with so many animes that I do enjoy, I love Bleach. But I have not been keeping up with it lately, because we can all agree on how damn long it's gotten, no?

    But I do love Ulquiorra. And Orihime. And I really like that pairing. So I was thinking of doing a Roleplay of it? ^_^ I would be just fine with the setting of her still being held at the castle. Aizen's. But I'm also fine with coming up with a different setting. I'm open to suggestions!

    Me. I would be playing Orihime. But I would give her a bit more of a backbone, per say. Because I don't always like it having that "damsel-in distress" sort of "I-can't-defend-myself" thing.


    So. If you're intresed PLEASE PRIVATE MESSAGE ME. And we'll discuss things.

    [RAINBOW]Thank you. c:[/RAINBOW]