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  1. What? Bleach?!

    Hey! You like Bleach? Awesome. Then I hope you will continue reading this interest thread. I got something cool to tell you about then! If you happen to like to be part of something organised quite well, then I would like to invite you to also continue reading.

    What 'kind' of Bleach RP is this?

    Rising Blades is about the Shinigami within the Bleach Setting. Do know as first that this is an Alternative Universe. This means that canon characters don't make an appearance. Though that doesn't mean you can try to use one as character appearance or something like that, cause let's be honest : we all have canon characters we quite like and once thought about to RP a similar kind of character. Just else approach the GM with the question and I'm sure that you'll be helped out!

    This kind of RP is focused about the Shinigami and about the problems within and outside of that faction. For now it is the only faction that can be joined, but I can say that it will be fun to just start out with only Shinigami. Who knows what the future can hold once it all get started, right?

    What are the asked requirements?

    The requirements are not really that 'taxing'. All that you need to have and be is to be active and able to cooperate within a group. Because we're all different, it is normal to ask to not discriminate and be what we like to call an asshole. The RP has great people that can help you and your character improve and develop further, without being assholes. ;)

    The only other thing that is being asked, but you already likely expected this, is that you can write some 'decent English'. This doesn't mean that we don't accept starting writers! Hell no, but what that implies is that you try your best. It is fine if your grammar and spelling isn't the best of the best. Fun and great interaction is valued over the ability to produce an essay without one grammar or spelling mistake.

    Also don't feel intimidated by big posts and collaboration posts. Again, we love to help you out and hope to be able to write and - more importantly- have fun together. Which includes new people, like you!

    Okay, I want to join this! Where can I apply to join?

    Right over here. That is the OOC of the RP. Hope to see you soon onboard!
    Take care and enjoy your day/night!​

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.