Bleach: Precipice War

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What power level would you like the RP to start out as?

  1. Mostly Rookie Level

  2. Mostly Lieutenant Level

  3. Mostly Captain Level

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  1. Well, making a Bleach Rp, and looking for interested people. It will be based on three groups, the Gotei 13 forces, the Arrancar Army, and the Human World faction. People will have a wide variety of options to chose from for characters (Like any race, try me.)

    Well, here's the story if anyone's interested.

    There will be 3 type of spots to fill, the rookies, the liutenants, and captains, and their equivalents for the other races. The characters will be mostly the younger generation.


    Outer rukongai lies in the hands of the hollows, and the human world is overrun. With the shinigami hard pressed to hold their own territory, they have largely ceased in their protection of the humans. Whether a stroke of luck or an unfortunate circumstance disguised, Humans have began to awaken spiritually, perhaps by the presence of so many hollows, or perhaps by the influence of some other force.

    Meanwhile, the very fabric of Hueco Mundo is in a state of collapse as the hollows leaders attempt to save their race, while their home falls around them. What has led to such terrible circumstances is hard to say, and few have the time to consider it.

    In response to the looming threat of hollows, the humans have risen to the occasion, most joining the banner of the mysterious Honda, Takehiko, their ilk blaming the shinigami for their predicament and thus seeking to bring them to justice...or death so they might answer for their perceived sins. While hard pressed, the humans are as numerous as the hollows, if not more so, and so combat remains in a deadlock between the forces of the living and the army of Hálitola, Armonía, a powerful arrancar matriarch who has taken charge of Hueco Mundo and its fleeing inhabitants. The vanguard of her army, El Miedo, are split between the two worlds, forcing her army to fight a two front war, while her enemies fight against her forces primarily, and amongst themselves only when possible.

    On the Shinigami's front, a war of extermination is taking place as the Gotei thirteen's forces attempt to cull the hollows once and for all. Their army led by Hatta, Hirokoga, the Captain Commander, is a steadfast one, never faltering before what might seem insurmountable odds against them. With their plentiful resources, it is the Shinigami who know most of the force which appears to be the source of everyone's grief, as somewhere in the Dangai lies an enigmatic disturbance in the natural order of things. The biggest did it get there, and what exactly is it?

    This is what you must discover, if ever this terrible conflict is to ever cease.​
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  2. Someone's interested.
  3. Well, that's encouraging actually. Thank ya.
  4. I'm in.. :)
  5. Hmmmm. I'm up for this.
  6. Sweet, I get one or two more players, and I'll get up the OOC
  7. Hmm, well this is going well.
  8. I too, am 'The interest'
  9. -slaps the table- @Ganryu I think we have enough now? ;o
  10. Oh freak, tables are getting slapped here! Things are getting serious!

    Hecks yeah we have enough. I'm going to get the OOC up tomorrow, hopefully in the morning. Everyone be thinking where they want to be: with the Seireiti, the Arrancar Army, or the Human World Forces. You can have multiple characters.

    Looking at the poll, the majority are going to start at Lieutenant level, but I will give lots of hugs to anyone who makes someone a newbie.
  11. I would much prefer your guidance if I should make the designated newbie.
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