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  2. Hálitola, Armonía - El Reina[​IMG]
    Theme I/|\Theme II

    Basic Info
    Name: Hálitola(Breath-of), Armonía(Accord).
    Alias/Nicknames: El Reina(The Queen).
    Gender: Female.
    Age: 896.
    Age Appearance: Mid Twenties.
    Race: Human-->Plus-->Hollow-->Arrancar.
    Aspect of Death: Transcendence.
    Rank & Faction: Queen of Las Noches and leader of the Miedo.

    Additional Appearance Information
    She stands at 5'8 and weighs 140 lbs.
    Light Smirk
    Concealed Rage

    Personality: Armonia is a woman possessing a tremendous presence of mind, not to mention domineering willpower, making her the perfect leader amongst beings whose only allegiance is to the powerful. While displaying intense confidence and the occasional amount of intimidation on those around her, Armonia is largely a peaceful and loving woman. Despite being a hollow, and despite her position as the Commander of the Miedo and the Hollow army as a whole, she is surprisingly caring for both her subjects, and their enemies—seeing those who oppose them merely as unfortunate casualties who, if it were her choice, she would not have disturbed at all. All in all, Armonia is a peaceful woman with a fierce desire to protect the hollows whom she deems her children, going to great lengths to do so. If there is one fear that she does hold, it is that her children will all perish, leaving not a trace of their being--'cept their shadow written in the books of the world's history. That is if the victors choose to even mention them. This is not a possibility she intends to allow others to have.

    History: Will reveal Icly, but below resides a base outline of her life thus far.
    "In this world the strong tread upon the weak, one day I hope to balance this relationship, but for now I will settle for peace as my goal. For in peace, much progress can be made," – Hálitola, Armonía
    • Mother in human life.
    • Always working in order to pursue her dreams. Children have terrible accident.
    • Tries to live past it, can't as a hollow “eats” her.
    • She emerges from the hollow, turning into one herself
    • Blah blah blah, evolution
    • Blah blah blah, vasto lorde
    • Blah blah blah, becomes natural arrancar
    • Blah blah blah, Hollowkind are my children.

    CQC(8/10): She is equally skilled in both Zanjutsu and Hakuda, making her a truly frightening opponent in either field.

    Hollow Techniques(10/10): As powerful as they come, Armonia has such a mastery of these abilities that she has created her own unique forms and as such rarely utilizes the base abilities, especially if she is taking someone seriously.

    Sonido(10/10): Quick on her feet does not even begin to express the speed and sheer mastery of footwork that Armonia is capable of. It has been said, by those few who have survived an encounter with her, that she is so fast that it almost seems as if she can be in two places at once.

    Defensa(7/10): Armonia's regeneration is especially powerful, allowing her to regenerate at rather high sped with the assistance of her abilities. On the other hand, her heirro is strong enough to fend off the skills of your average captain.

    Reiatsu(10/10): Utterly tremendous. There is little else to know.


    **Segunda Etapa Hollow Techs- 7, Reiatsu- 9
    **Sonido- Sonido-4
    **Gran Rey Cerro- Hollow Techs-6
    Custom Skills

    Cáscara('Shell'): By condensing her reiryoku around her body, typically her limbs, Armonia is capable of hardening the energy into a form of armor. This is equivalent to a high end heirro. However, this technique serves a secondary purpose, as once the heirro Is damaged the reiryoku will condense into smaller forms, which will take on the shape of the tiny pale butterflies that flit about her form prior to her resurreccion.

    Crisálida('Chrysalis'): In ability she may harness in any of her forms, Crisálida allows Armonia to do a variety of things, the most notable of which is the creation of arrancar. Through intermingling her own reiryoku with that of another hollow and then forcing it to harden into what closely resembles a Chrysalis, Armonia is capable of using her abilities, and aspect, through the application of her tremendous reiryoku, to force the evolution of an individual. This means that not only is she capable of creating exceptionally powerful arrancar, she can actually force the evolution of a hollow. However, one ought to beware of this ability, for should she choose to she may use it to maim, kill, or stunt the growth of a hollow trapped within—almost regardless of their power. Lastly, this technique's capabilities are greater in her release forms. Normally she can merely turn a hollow into an arrancar, but in Resurreccion she can turn a Gillian into an Adjuchas, or an Adjuchas into an arrancar. Finally in her Segunda Etapa, Armonia can even turn a normal hollow into a Vasto Lorde, and accelerate their natural transformation into an arrancar. This is the ultimate form of this technique's transforming properties.

    It should however be noted that this technique possesses applications outside of influencing the evolutionary form of hollows. In fact, Crisálida can be utilized as a defense technique, in addition to an attack of sorts. When in either of her release forms, Armonia can use this technique to create a cocoon of reiryoku, in which she can place a shred of isolate energy. The longer the cocoon remains undisturbed, the more powerful the isolated energy becomes. The reiatsu surrounding the cocoon will increase over time, and should the cocoon remain intact any longer than one minute, piercing it will simply release the stored power, causing an immense explosion. Armonia can store up to three portion of reiryoku in a given cocoon at a time, and can create up to four cocoons simultaneously. The more cocoons the slower the cultivation of the reiryoku within them. For each cocoon the amount of time goes up by 30 seconds.

    Enjambre cero('Swarming Hollow Flash'): While Armonia is capable of normal cero, she tends to forgo its use after utilizing her abilities, instead resorting to this specialized technique. As Armonia continues to use her ability, small butterflies of her reiryoku will begin to form, flying about daintily. Should these butterflies be exposed to Armonia or her enemy's blood they will expand rapidly, then explode, the reiryoku that made them up seeking out her enemy. The reiryoku of a single butterfly is slightly stronger than a normal cero. Should she however choose to attack with eight the power of the attack, should all of its reiryoku hit the target, is comparable to a gran rey cero.

    Pre-Resurreccion: Possessing a rather bizarre zanpakuto, Armonia, upon the utilization of her abilities will gradually alter in appearance going from her normal state, to one covered in inky vein-like markings. Her sclera gradually fade from white to black, and her reiryoku will begin to emit in increased quantity, before condensing into small pale blue butterflies, which flit about her person. This transformation becomes more and more drastic as she continually uses her abilities, eventually causing her to take on a rather sinister appearance. As to her abilities, Armonia's reiryoku is capable of eating away at most materials, including flesh. Oddly, this capability is not seen in her release state, and so it is theorized that the ability is essentially the representation of the arrancar's larval stage, wherein she whittles away at the limits of the world. The butterflies about her form are composed of incredibly dense reiryoku and emit a small field of reiatsu in their wake. When near another individual, Armonia can utilize these butterflies to better perceive her surroundings through how other bodies interact with the reiatsu surrounding the butterflies. Should Armonia sustain wounds and still possess reiryoku to spare, she may expose the swarm to her blood, allowing her to reabsorb their reiryoku and use it to rapidly heal physical damage.

    Sealed State

    Drawing her blades against their opposing arm, she draws blood and proclaims, “Crawl from your carapace...” causing a huge rush of reiryoku to erupt from her arms and engulf her form in a black and golden chrysalis. A brief moment passes before the chrysalis twists, its energy spiraling away from her form as she reveals the splendor of her form with a flourish of her blades and the simple phrase, “...Mariposa plegada('Furled butterfly').”

    Abilities: Enhancing her already impressive physical attributes, Armonia's resurreccion does not come without its failings, as her once decent hierro is decreased greatly, allowing even a 4th seat shinigami to pierce her skin with some effort. Nonetheless, this sacrifice in armor makes her blindingly fast due to her decreased weight. The tendencies of her reiryoku change as well, ceasing to eat away at material, and instead infusing anything she touches with power enough to destabilize its physical form. Upon her release into this form, Armonia's presence plummets as her reiatsu is funneled into both her blades and the space directly around her body. As such, all but the weakest individuals can easily withstand the meager force of her reiatsu once she has entered her resurreccion. Hopefully such people are not fooled into believing that this means they stand a chance.

    Ala retorcida('Twisted wing'): Utilizing the reiryoku naturally channeled into her blades upon release, Armonia can extend a golden energy from her zanpakuto. This creates a flat plane between the blade's inner edge, when held in reverse grip, and her arm, thus forming a wing. The edges of these wings are capable of acting as a cutting surface, or to block strikes. However, what has earned this technique its name is Armonia's ability to detach the wings from her arms and wrap the reiryoku that makes them up around her blades. Armonia may then release the reiryoku in a conical form by stabbing her blade in a given direction, releasing a lance like explosion of piercing, burning energy, which extends 2 meters from the given blade. This attack's power is equivalent to that of a highly condensed cero.

    Cosecha de sangre('Blood Harvest'): By stabbing her weapon into the flesh of another, Armonia may pull blood from their body at a slow rate. The rate is slow enough that blood loss will not be an issue till over twenty strikes with a duration of four seconds each. This technique is passive and is applied to any of the sharp points of her weapons, including the small protrusions on its guard. The active form of this typically passive technique require she has gathered at least 30 seconds worth of blood overall. Once this requirement is met, she may proclaim the technique's name and slash, releasing a golden crescent of reiryoku. This blast will track its target for up to one minute, upon hitting any surface it will explode violently, releasing force enough to send most flying. The damage it does is essentially blunt force damage as the shockwave from the strike will pass through the bodies of anyone nearby, causing internal problems. Strong hierro or barriers can however impede the blast sufficiently.

    Aleteo de las alas('Fluttering of wings'): Extending the reiryoku channeled through her blades into flat ribbons of energy, which trail behind her blades, Armonia begins this technique. Once created, these ribbons of reiryoku gradually increase in length as more and more rieryoku is channeled through them. Should their edges touch a surface they will leave portions of reiryoku behind equivalent in length to the wound they cut into flesh on contact. While this reiryoku seals the wound it has a far more dangerous effect, it makes the damaged area feel as if it were not hit at all. This effect is akin to a neurotoxin tricking the nerves in contact with it. The longer this reiryoku remains on its victims the more it mixes with their own reiryoku, slowly poisoning them. However, this poison does not kill, instead it makes it increasingly difficult for the afflicted to manipulate their reiryoku. The more cuts, and the longer they last, the more drastic the effect becomes until all abilities are nearly impossible to utilize to the possibility of failure, or worse, backfire. The most potent form of this ability is activated should any of the six ribbons—three per blade—reach a length of four feet. At this point Armonia can release the reiryoku therein, creating wide fan-like protrusions with the main portion of each blade as their central fin. For a period of three minutes she can retract and extend these fans allowing for rapid and unexpected attacks at close range. At any point during this time she can whirl either blade to form a shield from the corresponding fan, or slash to extend it in one direction, their maximum reach that of four feet.

    Segunda Etapa To be Revealed.

    Casana, G. Lecor - The Glorified Guillotine[​IMG]
    Theme I/|\Theme II
    Basic Info
    Name: Casana, G(uile). Lecor.
    Alias/Nicknames: The Glorified Guillotine; The Beastial Beheader; The Tempted Tigress; May add more.
    Gender: Female.
    Age: 26.
    Age Appearance: 26.
    Race: Human – Fullbringer.
    Rank: Human Coalition General.
    Additional Appearance Information: Standing at 5’10 and weighing in at 142 Ibs Casana possesses a strange feline grace to her aptly revealed form. She is a woman of little refinement and incredible tastes. She possesses the face of a tigress, brutal, demanding, and strangely elegant. Her eyes have bags beneath them which are subtly hidden by her eyeliner which is put on to look as a blackened shadow on her face. Though her eyes may appear dark, they are a dulled emerald green with a strange quality to glow with a speckled golden hue as if gold dust dwells in her eyes. Going down she has an average neck and a slim build with toned, incredibly sleek muscles. Her skin is mostly well kept but appears to be rough around her shins and forearms from slight abrasion. This is likely due to the bracers she wears on those two spots. These bracers cover most of her outer forearm and shins and are typically very enchanting pieces of work –just like the arcane wearing them- and are of a read coloration with a golden cross embellished on their form. The ones on her shins are conversely all golden in coloration and have black crosses.

    Now, unlike most of her family, this particular Lecor reveals much of herself to the world and only covers herself when she deems necessary. Covering her moderately ample bosom is a hardened leather shirt with soft padding beneath its tanned form. Even this measure of clothing goes down only to an inch or so above her pierced belly button. Going further down we complete her honed hourglass visage and reveal her red and gold belt with crest of her family –a vicious prowling tiger with the talons of a hawk- which holds up a black plaited skirt going down to just above her kneecaps. Unlike her chest, Casana’s hips are not very accentuated but are still enough to catch the eye with their tantalizing sway. Not only this, but her shoulders as well are adorned with the red and gold armoring, though they are not as protective as say, a cuirass. Part of her lower thighs are protected by the identically colored armor and do assist in her protection. Returning to below the waist we find that she wears leggings, though they are cut so as to not touch the inner thigh but circle up and attach to whatever she chooses to wear within the darkness of her plaited black skirt. To finish off the effect are black, pointed tip and rather smooth, foot-ware made of a partially hardened metal with inner padding and coverings for the feet. Last of course, and standard issue, would be her white, though entirely clashing with the rest of her, cloak. Everything else can be ordained from whatever reference you choose to set your eyes upon.

    Last of all, the bracer on her left hand has 2 small chains linked to the side facing the wrist, these chains move forwards up to her gloved hand which has many, small, interlocking plates that allow complete freedom of movement. The guantlet/glove that is on her hand however does not go past the first knuckle of her middle finger and the same goes for the two fingers that lay on either side of it. Instead, the chain's three rings go around these fingers. The biggest one, and middle one, goes around the middle finger and holds there as a ring, while the other two rest on the fingers next to their elder brother. All three act as rings on her fingers and where one would think t find more chain...they strangely, but is all as it appears? Is she maybe more strategist than drunken lunatic, call her a 'floozy' and find out.

    Personality: An unrefined woman with an intense gaze of emerald green and picture frame of luscious brown strands, Casana is a fierce tigress of a woman with a sharp temper and an addiction to the finer things. Despite being a member of one of the Holy families she is known to often jab at her fellow man and even be outright insulting. However, do not take this as hatred or dislike; Casana is often drunk to varying degrees and is generally known to not give a flying fuck about manners. Despite her general nature she can be pleasant if she so chooses, it’s just getting the vagrant to do so that’s a pain. In battle she is likely less refined than the average Lecor and their ilk. For those who have seen and not been the unlucky individual against her it is known that a kind of grace appears in her fighting form despite the apparently unrefined nature of her combat style.

    She is brutal and actually masochistic in battle and just loves it when her prey strikes back. She has the tendency to show a more sinful side of herself the more battle crazed and intoxicated she becomes. Strangely, though she is masochistic, she is not a sadist by nature, and despite her nurturing she never became one and defiantly denies to ever do so. Even to the Asylum’s she so graciously ushers to the more hellion realms she is not overtly cruel. Now do not take it into mind that she has problems harming an individual, or downright insulting their very existence for that matter, it is simply that harm is not something she believes normal, pleasant people should have to endure. At heart, somewhere deep deep below the alcohol and violent tendency, is a kind woman with a complex to help rather than hinder or hurt. In short, she is a healer turned bloodlusting mercenary with a stark love of the more sinful aspects of life. It is only her constant praise to the lord and reproach for her sins that keeps her as a supposedly righteous individual. Last it should be noted that normally she has little to no temper…but the problem is she is an angry drunk so unless you can stop her from taking a swig from her ever present wine, brandy, or rum…good fucking luck.

    "World's fulla cruelty...but hey, if ya can't beat 'em, join 'em," – Casana, G. Lecor.

    In Europe there exist several families who call themselves holy, but in truth are simply tainted by the influence of hollows, imparting them with the abilities of Fullbring. Among these families is the strangest of their ilk, the Lecor family. Strictly religious, but of a different sect of Christianity than the other families, the Lecor family are known for their sadism and cruelty in battle. Their crest is that of a prowling tiger with vicious teeth and saber-like talons. Her mother, Aresta Setina Lecor, was once a kind woman, despite her upraising, and when Casana was born, taking her great great grand mother’s name, and her grandfathers middle name, Aresta continued to cherish her third child even after she discovered her more arcane attributes. It was only when the playful use of her abilities caused her to kill her father, Matel Gion Lecor, that her mother became a sullen little bitch and her streak of sadism finally manifested itself.

    The still 6-year-old girl that Casana had once been, was forced day in and day out through torturous routines of training and…other unfortunate activities. Her mind sullied and twisted by the wiles and will of her darker mother the girl attempted in a last stand to defy the tyrants rule. She did not become a sadist, she would never enjoy inflicting pain, she would not become her mother! Aresta, upon discovering her daughters activities, the girl still only at the ripe age of 15, punished her and lashed out with a violence forbidden in an attempt to murder the young child. It was only the broken shard of glass in her hand, empowered by instinct that saved her life and ceased her mother’s tyranny. The shard lengthened and stabbed directly into the woman’s shoulder, missing a lung by only a single inch, thus humbling the woman through sheer fear of her daughter’s capabilities.

    The torture ceased and the training did too, no discipline could be wrought any more by the woman, and with the ruined muscles of her shoulder, she could never raise her hand to harm again. Casana, even through all that time grieved her father and despite her effort to resist the cruel sadist that was her tyrannical mother, she developed first a dull hint of masochism. Through her teenage years, from 16-19, she became increasingly more pleased by any pains inflicted upon her and learned to accept and make strength her body’s strange flaw. To this day, she has never regretted anything of her past, with the sole exclusion being the father she lost so early, too early, that crushed collapsed her very world upon her. Now, the days of her adulthood, she has honed her skills to a subtle, but strangely jagged, point and made due with all she could.

    Her father dead, her mother silently mourning the loss of her own strength, and a daughter risen above both. The days that follow, she only seeks to right her wrongs by spilling the blood of her lord’s sinners onto the ground as well as her own in repentance to the dishonor she has brought to his name. The Heathen, wishes only forgiveness for what she has done…and what, she knows she will do. Do you dare stop her from simply seeking salvation; From seeking forgiveness? I would not advise it, if you are wise…then you as well should not struggle, for struggle -as she knows well- only brings more pain. And for you pain is no luxury, her however, she is a different matter all together.

    Stats(0): 30.
    Fullbring Affinity- 0.
    Brawling- 8.
    Bringer Light- 8.
    Object Manipulation- 9.
    Stamina- 5.

    **Multiple Fullbring Objects-Object Manipulation 7.


    Custom Skills
    Her three core abilities, the skills below are the very fulcrum of her fighting style, allowing her a great deal of versatility with most any implement, though her favored tools are her armor and weapon of choice: The Grim Quillotine.

    Enhance: Her weakest link in regards to her three core abilities, Enhance allows Casana to increase her speed, strength, flexibility, durability, and endurance together or individually as long as she has reiryoku to do so. She can also increase the durability of objects that she is in contact with, which works in tangent with her Enchant ability. Nonetheless, this ability is not very well developed meaning that she can only move in explosive bursts of speed and strength, rather than maintaining such continuously. When Enhancing objects she can maintain it for considerably longer, allowing her to make the cloth of her clothing as hard as, say, leather. Using Enhance she can briefly get to speeds that allow her to disappear from sight, and in regards to strength she can easily break bones, but not so easily break metal, while she certainly damage thin stone. It should be noted that the smaller the area she enhances, the more effective the enhancement is, this is due to her own skill level, rather than the limitations of the technique itself.

    Enchant: Extremely able in the use of this core ability, Enchantment allows her to lengthen, widen, expand, and generally alter the distribution of any non-living object's mass/shape. However, this ability cannot change the base shape of the object, meaning that a long rod will only become wider or longer, but its overall shape will, more or less, remain the same. Casana can use this ability to great effect, but can only do so to things that are in contact with her reiryoku, or her body. Due to her level of skill the change in the effected object's form may happen almost instantaneously to the untrained eye. However, the larger, more foreign, the object, and the more complex the change the longer it will take. Nonetheless, these changes still tend to take, at most, a minute or so.

    Negation: An ability allowing her to expel her reiryoku violently, Negation usually weakens other reiryoku-based abilities and has a sort of "burn" effect on material it is exposed to, particularly flesh. The reiryoku necessary to negate someone else's spell is roughly the same as the amount of energy in the ability, unless specific techniques are utilized. Casana is capable of applying negation to her weapons to augment them and can release blasts of it should she choose to.
    Normal State: Normally her primary Fullbring can be found on her left hand, its rings on three of her fingers, and the rest of it attached to a gauntlet of sorts.

    The Grim Quillotine: Invoked by channeling her reiryoku through its form, the Grim Quillotine is a weapon of many functions. Upon being invoked, this deadly instrument takes the form of a chain with small spikes along its length, the links interrupted in three places by several rings. Should you ever find yourself against its arcane might, it's best you steel yourself for the worst, for Casana truly gives no quarter.

    Abilities: While possessing none of its own truly unique capabilities, the Grim Quillotine is exceptionally responsive to Casana's core abilities and as such gives her the greatest amount of versatility in comparison to other objects, the only exception being her armor. Beyond this, the Grim Quillotine does have several forms or states that Casana employs more often, not that these are the limits of the weapon's transformation in any way.
    The Grim States
    State of the Impala: Extending the link at either end of the Impala and shrinking down all behind and then widening them so that they become trapped in a linear state and easily held, almost like the handle of a sword, she then extends the straight and pointed end creating a blade from the links. The blade is of course double edged with a deadly tip and the ability to quickly lengthen and partially shrink its handle back into chain form so as to swing in deadly arcs. This is likely the weapons that has given her the title 'The Beastial Beheader'.
    State of the Ouroboros: By shrinking down either side of the chain and quickly wrapping the rest of it around the two smaller rings she expands the rings size creating 3 chakrams which are linked together by the chain which can easily cut, since she thins its edges to a point. This is one of her lesser-used weapons and is equally capable of lengthening its chain and lashing out suddenly with an explosive burst of arcane speed.
    State of the Chimera: Using all of the bladed sections of the ring she elongates all the blades simultaneously and widens the two outer rings into chakrams which remained linked to the now empowered blade links. The middle ring remain, thickens, and widens to become something that a hand can easily hold; She tends to quickly shift both or one of the outer rings at various times in order to hold and release them as weapons or handles respectively.
    State of the Quillotine: Utilizing the middle ring she widens it into a bracelet and then tightens it around her right wrist. She then widens the two smaller rings and puts those around her pointer and index finger, once this is achieved she uses the same application of the blade links as she did with ’State of the Impala’ after she wraps the blade links around her fingers and angles their points forwards. This means that she gains a weapon that can either augment her own punches or suddenly extend into a plethora of elongated blades. She has to be careful with this application of her weapon lest she stab herself with the blades, additionally the small portion of the blade links do in fact dig into her flesh somewhat which only serves to stabilize them and amplify her battle craze and thus the intensity of her gluttonous guzzling. Overall this gives her a strange thrill and potentially an exponential boost in fighting intensity as well as a deadly weapon capable of easily skewering her prey.
    State of the Tigress: Sometimes referred to simply as ‘The Claws’, the State of the Tigress is probably one of her arcane weapon’s most trademark of forms and has gained her the title ’The Tempted Tigress’. This begins with her moving the center ring behind her body and then getting the two outer rings each around one of her wrists. After this, by making the chain links large enough to fit snuggly around her fingers, she is capable of forming bladed edges pointing upwards from the back of her fingers and downwards from the inside. Additionally there is always one link dug into the space between the furthest part of the fingernail and her knuckle. This final link, one on each finger of each hand, allows its bladed section to elongate into curved claws giving her a fabulous set of 10 curved, tearing extremities on her hands. This is by far her favorite out of her Grim States but is still the most seldom seen as it damages her hands, despite regeneration from enhance, and is also difficult to activate due to the complex positioning.
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  3. Kuchiki, Harime - Kōrihime[​IMG]
    Theme I/|\Theme II/|\Theme III
    Basic Info
    Name: Kuchiki, Harime(Crystal eyes).
    Alias/Nicknames: Kōrihime(Ice Princess).
    Gender: Female.
    Age: 14
    Age Appearance: 14-15.
    Race: Plus–>Shinigami.
    Rank & Division: Unseated member of the 7th division.

    Additional Appearance Information
    Harime stands at 5'3 and weighs 125 lbs.
    Gigai Appearance
    Alternate Pic

    Personality: An esteemed member of the noble family of Kuchiki, Harime is a proud and aloof individual, preferring to rise above her emotions as a show of maturity and superiority among others. In this way she upholds a facade of cold, uncaring apathy, looking at the world through a lense of objectivity and logic. Still, despite her efforts, no one is perfect, as beneath the surface Harime is just as much a young girl as any other, with wishes, dreams, and aspirations. Among her flaws is her haughty nature, made more noticeable by her proper manner. Still, beyond these things is a girl desperately trying her utmost to rise up and do proud to her family, in particular her father to whom she holds immense adoration.

    Beyond the mask of nobility is a secret love for excitement and a drive to rise above the rabble and distinguish herself to society. Still, she is a rather lonely soul, as her position drives her to push most away with the facade of cold that she drapes about herself, causing most to flee her and thus depriving her of friends that, deep down, she so sorely wishes she had.

    "There is room for both beauty and cruelty in this world. Whether the two are equal however, is hard to tell," – Kuchiki, Harime.

    Raised as the scion of the noble family of Kuchiki, Harime has been pushed to do her utmost for her entire life. Everything from her daily activities, to social interactions have been carefully watched and graded by her mother and father both. She has been groomed for greatness, and while she bears this burden proudly, it is a heavy one, and she is young. While she never complains or protests the harsh expectations laid for her by her predecessors, and parents, she is secretly weary of it all, wishing she could just live a normal a common girl. Still, she is a proud girl, and while her brief moments might be spent daydreaming of another life, she instead spends them training, so as to hide the hard lump she feels in her heart.

    Enrolled in the academy early on, Harime did stunningly in all fields however, at the behest of her father, was pushed to focus her efforts on the art of combat and synchronicity with her zanpakuto. Still even when she discovered her blade's name and proved to her father that she could achieve shikai, she was given oh so little recognition.

    With each continued success her father merely raised the bar and she withdrew further into her aloof facade, trying to impress him with maturity, and hide from her own emotions.

    As she neared her last year of the academy she felt immense relief, but also building trepidation. Her fears were realized when, upon graduating, her father made no effort to show that he was happy with her effort, he merely nodded, a look in his eyes saying that it was to be expected, she was a Kuchiki after all.

    She cried that night.

    As their battle concluded, then interrupted by the actions of the Instructor, Harime could not help but be slightly surprised as her ice dissipated, revealing the glowing pink shield that surrounded Reku. They had tied, and as her eyes turned away, looking to the crowd where her father stood, watching, she bit her lip as he turned away.

    Swallowing hard, her eyes turned back to Reku as she sheathed her blade where they stayed, bearly maintaining the facade of calm that defended her. "You're lucky I was holding back," she managed to say, disdain in her voice, before she turned away and strode gracefully from the arena—anger just barely apparent in the speed of her walk. What Reku wouldn't realize was that it was not just anger, but disappointment and sadness too.

    She had failed her father again, and she knew that going home now would only earn her his cold stare, or a long, harsh lecture. So instead she went back to her division, where she closed the sliding door of her room, and froze it shut. No one dared enter for the duration of that night.

    [insert captain – Harime interaction?]

    Still, those were happier days, two years ago, when they had not yet been at war. Things are different now, and whether her father recognizes her or not, Harime's primary concern is survival. If she can manage that with dignity, perhaps the man will notice her after all.

    She doubted it.

    Stats(0): 12.

    CQC- 4.
    Kido- 0.
    Hoho- 0.
    Zan Resonance- 4.
    Reiatsu- 4.


    **Shikai- Zan Resonance-3
    Custom Skills

    Zanpakuto Spirit Personality: As cruel as the arctic winds, Seishin is unforgiving in her nature, never relenting and never giving any quarter. The spirit holds a certain fondness for her master though, hoping to help her where she can, but nonetheless she is a creature whose love is not expressed in gentleness, but through subtle cues hidden in her jagged icy exterior. It is in this way that Seishin has harshly pushed her counterpart to greater heights, though recognizing her talents and listening to her worries unlike her ungrateful father. Yes, Seishin is like a caring mother with a harsh sense of discipline and a strong penchant for tough love.

    Inner World

    Zanpakuto Spirit

    Sealed State

    Shikai: “Tessellate,” Harime's cold voice drones, an inch of her blade slipping into its sheath, “...Reitō seishin(冷凍精神 'Frozen spirit').” Its name stated, Harime pulls it once more from its sheath, and with it emerges a growing wisp of reiryoku. With its emergence, a gentle frost settles upon her clothes, bathing them in a glowing white that freezes and remains.

    Abilities: Reitō seishin is a creature of order and purity, its master a being of stark and unyielding cold. These aspects mold its abilities, which lay within the glowing wisp of energy that drifts about its master's form. This wisp constantly emits tiny ice crystals, creating a trail in its wake. Should these crystals come into contact with anything 'cept air and their kin, they begin to tessellate, generating more and more crystals of ice, which rapidly engulf whatever they touch in beautiful fractals. However, this is not its only ability, for the frost may encroach upon the internal structure of what it touches, its ice forming within, rather than manifesting externally. In this case, the ice will attempt to bring its structure to a perfected state, increasing its durability and general effectiveness in any given area. Unfortunately, this perfection is fragile as the ice it is wrought from, and so it is doomed to destruction.

    Beyond the wisp's primary functions, it will move to defend its master, as it is after all a partial manifestation of Seishin, her sword spirit. In close range combat, should an opening be noted, or a command given, Seishin will strike, in an attempt to make contact and spread its ice on Harime's opponents. Seishin's wispy form, while appearing fragile, is in actually rather robust as it is composed of one 1/10th of its master's reiryoku. However, what makes it difficult to destroy is the method through which it generates ice. In essence, Seishin uses the reiryoku of which it is composed to draw in surrounding reishi. As it is drawn in, the reishi is condensed into minuscule frozen crystals—a process which is fueld by the reiryoku from which it was create--it is for this reason that Seishin is so difficult to destroy as the ice within its form is so dense as to be exceedingly difficult to shatter or melt. It should be noted that direct contact, especially if prolonged, will generate ice over a surface at a drastically increased rate and density in comparison to merely coming into contact with the crystals that the wisp sheds. Lastly, while Harime may command Seishin both through their bond, or vocally, Seishin's movement and behavior is not directly under its master's control and so it will move in the way that it deems most effective, rather than what Harime considers such.

    Should Seishin's form be destroyed, or dispersed by its master's command, the spirit may emerge once more from its sheath. However, each time it does so it requires at least 1/15th of Harime's reiryoku to do so.

    Tachi-mai(裁ち枚 'Cutting sheets'): Drawing a line through the air with her blade, the wisp following the motion, Harime creates a thin blade of ice. Once formed, she states the technique's name and taps the thin blade with her own, sending it flying forth at an impressive speed. As the ice sweeps through the air it leaves behind glistening crystals of ice identical to those which emanate from the wisp. While the thin sheet is fragile if struck, the ice is nonetheless capable of cutting through most mundane materials. Last among this technique's tricks is the almost invisibly thin thread of ice crystals which stretch from the point of contact, which drove the technique forth. This thread stretches all the way to Harime's blade, allowing for her to alter the trajectory of the sheet should she manipulate the thread with movements of her blade. It is a devious technique to match her zanpakuto's unforgiving and cruel nature.

    Hyōmaku(雹幕 'Hail curtain'): Holding her blade high in the air with its orientation vertical, the wisp gravitates to her blade then flies about it at high speed, the crystals that exude from its form creating anywhere between ten and forty-three shards of hail, each of a length of six inches. Following this, the wisp dissipates, staying as such for the duration of the technique. Should any of these shards strike a surface they erupt outwards to cover a three meters radius of space in a mere two seconds. Each of these shards, no matter their amount is connected to a tiny thread of ice crystals in the same manner is Tachi-mai. Not least of this technique's strengths is its reaction to assault should it be struck by energy. When such occurs a given shard will begin to grow rapidly, making it much more difficult to immediately destroy should the reiryoku be designed to damage or destroy. This effect is one of the results of using the wisp's condensed form to create attacks.

    Shimo no genzen(霜の厳然 'Grave of frost'): After freezing any measure of ground-space with the ice of Reitō seishin, Harime is able to call upon this technique at the cost of one fifth of her reiryoku. Upon the activation of the technique all surfaces coated, or frozen by, Seishin's ice undergo a rapid transformation as the growth of the ice is temporarily amplified several times. In addition to simply causing any patches of ice to increase greatly in size and density, Shimo no genzen may also cause spikes and pillars of ice to erupt from all laden surfaces. While Harime has not yet mastered this technique, it is capable of additionally refracting light between portions of ice, making it a blinding technique to be within the midst of. Furthermore, should she gain more control over its formation she is capable of aiming the various protrusions. While aware of these facts, she has not yet attained the control necessary to execute said functions thus limiting the effective power of this technique.

    Shikoromo(死衣 'Shroud'): Utilizing the wisp of her shikai Harime is capable of creating a dome with a radius of 8 meters max. This dome--or sphere--has two functions, it may either act as a defense, creating a super dense layer of Seishin's ice on the perimeter of the structure, or an attack, instead filling in the barrier entirely with ice. Regardless, this technique requires roughly 3/10ths of her reiryoku each time it is used due to the sheer density of ice and the speed at which it is generated.

    Tsuki no namida(月の涙 'Tears of the moon'): Perhaps the most powerful of her techniques, Tsuki no namida is an ability that is barely within reach of the young shinigami. By giving Seishin 3/5ths of her total reiryoku the spirit's manifestation rapidly expands, dissipating outwards for ten meters in every direction. As this occurs all moisture, and free reishi, in the air is frozen into tiny marbles of ice, which remain suspended for the duration of the technique. Each of these many marbles is connected to Harime's blade via minuscule threads of translucent blue reiryoku. Currently Harime can only maintain this area for one minute before Seishin collapses back into its normal state. Following its use Shikoromo, Shimo no genzen, and Hyōmaku are disabled for a duration of four minutes.

    Tsuki no namida, when mastered can last a total of eight minutes during which the tiny crystals of ice that coat Harime's clothes resist the touch of their kin, making any portion of her body covered in clothes temporarily immune to the effects of her zanpakuto. It should be noted that this however comes at a steep cost, as the moment the technique ends, the ice on her clothes will begin to freeze through them and touch her flesh, gradually increasing her abilities till she is entirely frozen in ice. The only escape from this inevitably fatal effect is to seal her zanpakuto, and once she has done so she cannot release it for three minutes.

    Bankai: Not Achieved.
  4. Satoshi Kuroda

    Show Spoiler

    Name: Satoshi Kuroda
    Gender: Male
    Appearance Age: 24
    Race: Shinigami
    Rank: Lieutenant
    Affiliation: Seireitei

    History: The Kuroda family is an old aristocratic family within the Seireitei. As one of their number, Satoshi had plenty of expectations heaped upon his shoulders. He was expected to be both a great warrior and a proper nobleman, and at least in terms of outward appearances, he grew to meet those expectations. His performance in the entrance exams for the Shinigami Academy acquired him a place in the first class.

    Satoshi’s greatest skills lay in his swordplay and impressive reiatsu and reiryoku. The one thing he held little affinity for was Kido, and he let this skill remain neglected. One day, he chanced upon another student that was attempting to improve upon their clearly less than satisfactory swordsmanship. Satoshi approached to offer some advice in his admittedly playful but entirely sincere manner. The girl quickly became irate and exploded at Satoshi for no reason. Satoshi left her alone, but he found the whole incident rather amusing, and began visiting the girl from time to time to have a little fun pushing her buttons. He even continued visiting her after having graduated from the academy.

    The girl’s name was Yuka Naoe. She is perhaps the person Satoshi loves to bother more than anyone else, due to her over-sensitive demeanour. He still shows up to pester her from time to time to this day.

    When the Hollows invaded the Rukongai, Satoshi’s father died in the initial wave of fighting. Satoshi, who had never felt close to his father, was not greatly disturbed by his death. More than anything, he saw it as a cautionary tale; his father had been so eager to throw his life away on the field of battle to slake his thirst for glory, and Satoshi now saw how easily that could cost someone his life. He felt vindicated in his belief that being pragmatic in combat was paramount. He would fight, but he would never be a fool…

    Personality: Satoshi’s personality can vary depending on present company. In the company of a superior, he keeps his tongue in check and speaks respectfully, even if he lacks any form of respect for that person. Around others, he’ll be polite, though not deferential, but will take the opportunity to make fun of someone if they provide him with a good enough reason. When he is more familiar with someone, he will drop the polite talk, though he’ll continue to speak his usual refined speech. If he’s with someone he’s particularly fond of making fun of, he will carry on making fun of them the whole time he’s with them, and it will take exceptional circumstances to make him stop.

    He just really loves to rip into people sometimes.

    It’s very difficult to earn genuine trust or respect from Satoshi. He cares little for demonstrations of power or bravado, and prefers to see people display their intelligence and/or proper logic. To him, the ability to be pragmatic is paramount, and little else besides that matters when making decisions. Only someone that could live up to his ideals would gain his adoration.

    Fighting Style: If faced with a new opponent, Satoshi prefers to take his time, study their movements, and watch for patterns. His style is a defensive one; allowing the enemy to come to him and attacking only if they expose themselves within his range. Once he has an idea on what to do, he will begin to put his plan for victory into place, pursuing his opponent as necessary to accomplish this.


    CQC- 5
    Kido- 1
    Hoho- 3
    Zan Resonance- 5
    Reiatsu- 6

    Race Choices:

    Close Quarter Combat: Zanjutsu


    **Shikai- Zan Resonance-3

    Custom skills:

    -Perception: Favouring a more defensive style, Satoshi has trained himself in the art of fixing his eyes on his opponent and reading their movements. This allows him to anticipate the moves of faster opponents and prepare a counter-attack. This ability doesn’t give him the ability to read everything, but he can usually keep up with the movements of somewhat faster opponents.


    Name & Release:
    Stand Tall, Toride
    Power: Toride is capable of producing barriers that can block attacks from all directions. While hardly weak, it’s entirely possible for multiple attackers or a single strong attacker to overwhelm these barriers. Toride can also fire a powerful beam attack from its tip, capable of smashing through several buildings.
    Relationship with wielder: Toride is a stoic creature, taking the appearance of a large stone statue, with little to say about anything. Often, Satoshi is left saying a great many things to what may as well be a big wooden wall, that doesn’t seem the least bit fazed by his cutting barbs. However, Toride does care a great deal for the wellbeing of others, and sees it as only right to do what is necessary to protect them. So long as Satoshi continues to fight to protect others as a Shinigami, Toride will be quite pleased.

    Yuka Naoe

    Show Spoiler

    Name: Yuka Naoe
    Gender: Female
    Appearance Age: 21
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Race: Shinigami
    Rank: Rookie/Low ranking Officer
    Affiliation: Seireitei

    History: The house of Naoe is a noble family, though not one of any real importance. Rather than place importance on concepts such as prestige or honour, the Naoe have always been dedicated to the ideals of justice and fairness. With her parents dead, Yuka was raised by her aunt to value their house’s ideals first and foremost. Yuka would eventually enter the academy, though her exam performance was nothing special and she entered one of the lesser classes.

    Later on, she would develop a talent for using Kido, and was always a fast and agile combatant. However, she struggled early on with using her Asauchi, and she always hated that fact. One day, when she was attempting to practise her swordplay, a rather rude and conceited individual showed up to make some backhanded remarks about her technique and offer her some patronizing advice. After a brief exchange, she ended up yelling at him and telling him to leave her alone. He did so, but then he got it in his head to keep hanging around her. He even kept showing up after he had graduated from the academy himself.

    His name was Satoshi Kuroda. Yuka had never met a more loathsome person. But she had to admit, after all his ribbing, she drove herself to be somewhat more competent with a blade, even if she was nothing special. She is still determined to do better.

    When the Hollows invaded the Rukongai, Yuka hoped for the chance to the chance to do something right. However, Yuka failed to accomplish anything of real note, and more importantly failed to save a single soul. Her failure to make anything of herself dogs her to this day.

    Personality: Yuka is a passionate person that believes that a Shinigami should do more than just preside over the orderly passage of the dead. Her idealism is what drives her to fight, but it can often cloud her judgement when a more tactful or pragmatic approach would serve her better. She is simply far too stubborn to accept the idea she should do anything other than what is right, whatever that might be. She is also hot headed and quick to anger, but usually only when being deliberately annoyed or in the face of a perceived injustice. She is usually more than capable of being civil and respectful, and is quite friendly with anyone she has no reason to dislike.

    She is quite a humble person, often to the point of being hard on herself for her own failures. While not necessarily lacking in confidence completely, she is more than aware of her deficiencies and can be quite self-conscious about them. However, this is often what drives her to attempt to better herself. That, and when someone ticks her off about something.

    Fighting Style: Yuka’s fighting style is very direct. While not necessarily using only CQC, Yuka prefers to attack her opponents head on and try to deal as much damage as possible. With Kido being her greatest strength, she will focus on slamming her enemy with as many damaging Hado techniques she can muster. While it’s not her forte, she’s trying to improve upon her CQC and will try to make use of it if the situation isn’t dire.


    CQC- 2
    Kido- 4
    Hoho- 3
    Zan Resonance- 1
    Reiatsu- 2

    Race Choices:

    Close Quarter Combat: Zanjutsu

    Zanpakuto: Yuka has yet to manifest her Zanpakuto and continues to wield her Asauchi, much to her personal dismay.

  5. Name: Mika Satomi
    Gender: Female
    Appearance Age: 18
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Race: Whole/Plus
    Rank: Lower than rookie currently?
    Affiliation: Human World Coalition
    History: Mika was born to a brilliant chemist, Takumi Satomi. He was known as a bit mad, but truly devoted to his work, and his country. He had developed many chemicals for industrial use. Mika and her brother, Kenichi adored their father.

    Mika was always clumpsy, but helpful. She never aware of spirits around her, and lived a carefree life.

    One day she followed her father into work, when an accident happened, a fire started in the lab. Quickly the lab was evacuated, and firefighters came to set out the blaze. In the aftermath, Mika's body was found.

    The fire was blamed on Takumi.

    The fire however was not his fault. Before the fire, Mika had tripped, and several of the tubes fell from place. Not wanting ot be yelled at for being clumsy, Mika had quickly put them back, but had made a mistake in which chemical belonged where. Mika couldn't go without telling her father not to feel guilty, that the fire was her fault, not his, that she was still happy, even though she didn't know where she was going.

    Mika found herself a spirit, a strange chain attached to her, and no one able to hear her. It was hard to breathe or move, but she kept herself moving.

    Mika tried following her Father home, trying to explain, but he couldn't see her, and drove off.

    She kept walking after him on the side of the highway, not letting that stop her, when a hollow found a lone whole, a perfect target. It attacked Mika. In the danger, Mika jumped to the side, feeling a strange feeling as she did. It followed up with a lunge, drawing blood as it did, but it did not manage to kill her.

    The beast looked back to see her alive, and lunged at her. Mika tried backing up, only to trip backwards. The beast dove over her, only to fall straight infront of an incoming truck.
    The hollow rolled over the hood of it, managing to just get up, injured from the encounter. It screamed in rage and pain, and ran away.

    Mika had found herself lucky to have survived, and suddenly found herself able to breathe easier. The encounter began to activate her spiritual power.

    She several days later found herself at her home. Her father was a wreck, dark rings under his eyes, and her brother had run away from home following a fight with him.

    Mika tried explaining the situation to him, that the fire was not his fault, but he couldn't see, or hear her. She tried for over an hour, without success. She tried writing on the walls, only to convince their mother their house was haunted.

    Mika left the house crying, not sure what to do. As she left, she found herself face to face with the same hollow as before, cracks on its mask from the truck. The hollow was in a rage, and attacked her immediately. Mika dodged it's attack again, finding it somewhate easier to move this time as opposed to the last, the same strange feeling, the spiritual power.

    The hollow cried again in rage, only to see her father sitting in the house behind them. It growled as it looked at him, and a different kind of fear fillled Mika. It shifted it's attention from the whole, and started towards him.

    Mika panicked and jumped at the hollow, not realizing what she was doing as she punched at it. The hollow cried and turned back to her, surprised it had been hurt, though slightly.

    Mika started to run, but whether fortunate or not, it forgot about her father and started to chase after her. As she made it down the first street, it got closer and closer, despite Mika running full speed. She sharply turned the corner, grabbing a street poll to redirect herself. The hollow came to a full stop, weary of running into traffic again, giving her a little more time as she kept running, fear again going through her body, though she refused to just die.

    The hollow started up again, closing near her by the 3rd street. Mika tried the street poll trick again, only to find the hollow doing the same thing, nearer now to her, near on her heels. There was only a nearby mill infront of her, Mika continued towards it. Mika looked to see a small security office to a nearby mill. She leaped into it, only to hear crashing behind her. The hollow bent the frame of it, it's head stuck inside, screaming at her, snapping at her. Mika screamed, and punched at it, hiting a crack on it's mask, a weak point in it. The crack deepened, and the Hollow pulled it's head back in pain, still in the security box.

    Mika grabbed the nearest thing to her, a piece of pipe, and jabbed at it's eye, causing it much more pain. The hollow roared in pain as the repeated jabs to the eye injured it, and eventually freed its head before running off, leaving Mika very dazed in the small little box.

    Mika didn't know what she was supposed to do, unable to be heard or seen around her, and with the monster that she didn't know what it was tracking her down. She quickly learned it wasn't the only of it's kind. She knew she was a ghost of some kind, but she refused to go on til she had found some way of telling her father that it was alright. She was haunted by his darkened eyes.

    Personality: Mika is a very kind girl, who goes to great lengths to put a smile on other people's faces. She doesn't like to see people sad around her, and it's her happiness to make others happy around her

    She's clumpsy, and clueless in the new world she's found herself in. She is a scientist's daughter, and naturaly very curious about it, but admitted feels overwhelmed by what she sees, the strength of those around her, and the strangeness of the next world. Other people would describe her as 'she has a lot of questions'. When she learns something, that only makes her more curiuous.

    One of her most defining characteristics is her courage. Even forced in this new world, forced to fight and run from monsters, she has one goal in mind, and keeps going, despite the impossible odds, and all the indicators she doesn't fit it.

    "I don't know everything, and I don't have to. I know what's important to me."

    Fighting Style: Mika as no experience in a fight, and goes with desperation in it, whatever it takes to survive. She has an iron will, and refuses to let people around her die, or herself. Threatening those around her often causes her to interfer.


    CQC- 1
    Kido- 0
    Hoho- 1
    Zan Resonance-
    Reiatsu- 3

    Race Choices:

    Close Quarter Combat: Hakudo

    Note: Her Soul Chain is her weakest point of her body, as it's what keeps her in her form. Her force of will prevents it from eating itself, or at least slows it down to an extremely slow rate at which it decreases. Anyone who shakes her hard enough will cause it to start deterorating.
  6. Sunōfurēku Tatasuko

    Main Theme
    Allias/Nicknames: Rēku

    Gender: Female

    Appearance Age: 14

    Race: Shinigami

    Rank: Lieutenant of the First Division

    Affiliation: Seirietei

    History: From the beginning Rēku has only known the soul society. She wasn't born inside of its world or anything, but it's still the only life she's truly lived, for how can one claim to truly have lived in the human world if they never even entered into it before dieing...? This was the sad reality for Rēku, dieing before she was even born. Adopted into the Tatasuko clan before she was even able to remember, and trained from the day she could think for herself. This was the will of the fates, this was the gift she was given instead of living a life in the world of the living, and she liked it.

    After grasping the basics of what she would need Rēku quickly entered the academy at an extremely young age. Her goal was to quickly rise, or at least as fast as she could, through the ranks and try and restore honor to the mostly forgotten Tatasuko clan. After all, it was the least she could do for them after they took her in as an infant, raised her, and she was even trained by her uncle, the captain of the twelfth division himself! Well if he had time to spare for her anyways, and if not she would practice on her own.

    This attitude however quickly shattered. Once she had gotten through most of the academy Rēku had changed. She was excessively more friendly, and while her overall goal was still to bring back pride to the Tatasuko, she was going to be happy and not let that weigh her down. After all it was a personal choice and goal she had decided to do. Then she had finally made it. Rēku graduated the academy at the top of her class in several areas.

    It was at this point that Rēku met her captain. Tsukiumare, Hiakarui was his name. Captain of squad five and a man in which Rēku came to respect, mostly, and looked up to. Someone she could go to for advice on personal manners and also if she wanted help becoming stronger, which she most definitely wanted. Their first encounter wouldn't be anything too special though. The man didn't really uplift himself, in fact he did the complete opposite of that. It was almost as if he down played himself so not to make others feel look down upon by his clearly superior self. Sadly she didn't make any seated position right out of the gate.

    Six years later Rēku had become the sixth seat of squad five, clearly a vast improvement since her entry into the squad, but this didn't satisfy her. At this point she was much more known by her division, and others as a...delinquent. Rēku was good at what she did and was acknowledged for that, but the problem was what she didn't do. If something didn't interest her Rēku had a bad habit of not doing it, shrugging it off till someone else had to do it since it must be done, or flat out making a joke out of the whole thing, either with some kind of paint or the childish act of hiding it. Granted Rēku had become quite the little artist at this point thanks to said delinquencies.

    Then two years prior to today's events the ex lieutenant of the fifth division fell in battle in the outbreak of the war that encompasses the realms, and also the time when her uncle disappeared presumably having died investigating an anomaly. This gave Rēku the chance to step up to the plate and become the newest lieutenant of the fifth division, a role she takes...Not too seriously. Still lacking the attention span for manual labor beyond fighting which she still considers a game, she is always one to either lighten up the mood, or piss people off with the snap of a finger. A wild card would be putting it mildy when it comes to the new lieutenant. Both on the battlefield, and in any other situation. Finally a year ago she transfered to the first division becoming the lieutenant for that division instead seeking to reach a higher level.

    Personality: Rēku acts exactly how she looks, a child. She giggles, smiles, plays around, everything you'd expect of a normal little girl. Who could blame her? After all she is a being less than the age of thirty. She's very kind, though jokes around a lot, curious, eccentric, and nothing close to serious, because of course that would be nothing short of boring. Now a side of her that is never shown is her smarter side, the one that hides and mocks people through her sarcastic nature, or belittling of them on the battlefield. With her unique mind and skill sets she doesn't hesitate to outsmart people and rather enjoys while still having fun.

    Fighting Style: On the battlefield Rēku is still but a child. Her behavior lacks seriousness in every sense of the word, only wanting to have fun. Her idea of fun however can be quite sadistic. Taunting her opponents, followed by continued teasing and just loves talking too, then finally entering into her bankai where she will either get serious, or still just enjoy herself. Then she'll finally end her opponent...Some say that Rēku turns to her bankai too easily, but lack the understanding of her bankai. Her shikai is only a stepping stone to enter into her bankai, her zanpakuto being a more strategic minded one.



    CQC- 4 : Having grown significantly since Rēku left the academy she focused her skill mostly into hakudo when it came to a combat fighting style, but wanted something different so she incorporates a small amount of zanjutsu into the mix as well since she trains a lot with Captain Tsuhi, one of the most amazing swordsmen ever seen in the history of soul reapers in Rēku's opinion.

    Kido- 0 "...No...

    Hoho- 4 : Rēku's speed is not the most fantastic thing seen in the universe, but it is of course quick enough to be considered the level of a lieutenant, and mixed with her flexibility she's happy to use it for her hakudo & zanjutsu mix.

    Zan Resonance- 6 : : Spending years talking, playing, painting, gazing, and several other activities, Rēku and Ryūshi Tōzoku have bonded greatly, and yet the challenges set for Rēku were not always obvious, and were often hidden. In the end though most of them were of the mind, something that would allow the two to truly know one another, to bond and trust each other with their lives. After all these two were a team, a union, a sickle and chain...

    Reiatsu- 6 : Rēku has a slight tendency to either let this slip in public with lesser level shinigami to force them to their knees occasionally and always playing it off to embarrass or humiliate people. Of course for her it is just a joke, though it has been known to damage peoples pride, and even cause resentment for the fun loving lieutenant. In battle though Rēku is in complete control of her reiatsu. Using it to augment her attacks to back up her physical strength since she's really small allowing her to strike several times more than the average girl her size.


    Race Choices:

    Close Quarters Combat: Rēku prefers the use of Hakudo, though does like a flare of zanjutsu to go along with it...


    **Shikai- Zan Resonance-3
    **Bankai- Zan Resonance- 6; Reiatsu- 6

    Custom skills:

    None so far...


    Sealed State: A normal zanpakuto with a blade length of thirty-three inches, a standard blade, though not for a small girl of her size. She has only worn it around her waist once, and based on the uncomfortableness, not to mentions stares she had because of the it, she keeps it strapped to her back letting the cord run along her chest with a cherry blossom emblem that sets right above her heart. The tsuba is actually the outlines of a flower as well though more intricate and also not flat like most tsuba. The petals themselves are empty space in which Rēku likes to slip her fingers into to pull out her zanpakuto overly dramatic like.

    Inner world & Sword Spirit

    Name & Release: Ryūshi Tōzoku (Particle Thief)
    "Devour and create...Ryūshi Tōzoku..."

    Power: The power of Ryūshi Tōzoku is definitely an intricate one, though fairly simple, and still very complex. While the blade may shorten once released into shikai, it becomes double edged and it also glows a pink-purple hue and the blade itself changes to a light purple. The glow hides it, but the blade is also segmented in one inch intervals. This means there is a total of twenty-seven blade bits. Each of these blade bits are capable of detaching and becoming their own free flying entity that is always constantly moving. They do this by devouring anything within a three milometer radius of the blade bit. This means that these bits don't actually cut, but rip away and take in whatever it appears to strike.

    After taking in new material the blade bits then exert a new particle out of the back almost like a jet. These sparkles of purple and pink light are a new energy source exclusively created by Ryūshi Tōzoku. Since these particles are constantly being created out of whatever is brought into the blade bits and being an energy particle the blade bits act like a conduit almost. Thus the blade bits are all superheated. If one were to somehow actually physically touch the blade itself they would quickly regret it as whatever they touched it with would be severely burned and possibly even melted. The one exception to this seems to be zanpakuto themselves. The blade bits are unable to devour them and thus they are capable of deflecting them away without harm.

    Some things that should be noted about this shikai is that she controls the blade bits personally, that is until the blades have taken in the blood of her victims she no longer needs Rēku to guide the blade bits. Ryūshi Tōzoku once she has tasted the blood likes to hunt on her own, and as long as Rēku doesn't need her help she will enjoy the hunt, this however is limited on time an requires more blood to keep her interest or she tends to fall asleep again requiring more blood to wake up and hunt again, normally lasting three minutes and twenty seconds before falling asleep automatically. Another fun fact is that opponents' zanpakuto abilities that are absorbed depending on what they are have a possibility to create an additional particle that Ryūshi Tōzoku is unable to create on her own.

    Relationship with wielder: Rēku and Ryūshi Tōzoku, the pair were united only a year ago. Yet these two have formed the perfect unison. A bond of trust and care. Ryūshi Tōzoku
    enjoying the child like side of Rēku and also the smarter hidden side. While Rēku takes comfort in having a compassionate zanpakuto like Ryūshi Tōzoku who looks out for her and she can actually trust.

    Name: Suisei Ryūshi Tōzoku (Comet Particle Thief)

    Power: While entering into bankai all of the particles that were created during Ryūshi Tōzoku's shikai the blade changes once more, but only in color, from pink-purple to a vibrant pink, and yes the blade bits still fly to their hearts content. This time though they move faster, and they do physical damage. Not just regular slashing though. No...These do much more. With all of the stored up energy particles inside just a single touch of the blade or any one of the bits is enough to begin melting it's victims, whether it be a person foolish to touch Ryūshi Tōzoku with anything but their zanpakuto, or a concrete building. Ryūshi Tōzoku will slice through them all leaving the wounds melting in her wake whether it flesh, metal, or concrete. It has even been known for people to get minor burns from being too close to them, even the trees set ablaze, and the waters to steam. As for hunting, if the blade bits cut into an opponent and melts their blood onto the blade they may hunt once more, this time lasting for four minutes and twenty-seven seconds if there is no more blood tasted.

    This of course is just the blades movement and side effects. It's true ability is utilizing the energy particles in different forms. Whether it's a shield utilizing multiple bits, lasers, or other uses. The bits can come together in odd ways to do many unexpected things. For example they can come together in a ring and rotate faster and faster which causes a much larger singular beam. Also it should be noted that this ability is extremely powerful and has the potential of a large scale explosion several times more powerful than any cero seen to date. It should also be noted that this is limited to the remaining particles. In essence this bankai is limited to the amount of particles it creates in shikai and intakes once entered into bankai. In other words Suisei Ryūshi Tōzoku based on output has the potential to among one of the strongest zanpakuto in the areas of offense and defense. Lastly it should be noted that her bankai is only recently developed in the last two years and will continue to grow and change as time goes on.

  7. Kibe Sofu

    Name: Kibe Sofu
    Gender: Male
    Appearance Age: He looks to be 27



    Race: Arrancar
    Rank: Captain Level
    Affiliation: Arrancar Lord

    Human Life
    Kibe was a human once upon a time, a delinquent as the Humans would call them. As a human, he didn't care about anyone or anything, he would go out and steal and break things. The older he got, the more violent and dangerous he got. His family kicked him out of his home, living on the streets was easy because he knew all the places he could crash for the night. He continued to steal, vandalize, and began to get into fights with locals. He thought he was the toughest man in the world and was not afraid of anyone. He never killed anyone, and he actually helped out troubled kids or even orphans if they needed some money, a place to stay, etc. He was a complicated man, that hid behind a tough exterior to shield his heart that actually wanted to help out those in need. He made wrong choices in his life, and if he chose correctly he could of helped those kids a lot more.

    On the day of his death, he decided to try a much larger theft. He had been doing some purse snatching and muggings, even held up a small convenience store once. He wanted to rob someone rich, or rob a bank, but he couldn't do it alone. He planned on doing the ol' robbing a bank trick, and he needed a gun to hold the place up and a vehicle so he could get out of there. So he planned on stealing car, and that is when everything went wrong. The car theft did not go well, the police were called and he was not going to go to jail and tried to ran away. He was shot and killed. He never was passed on to Hell or to the Soul Society, he stayed in limbo on Earth, slowly turning into a mindless Hollow.
    Hollow Life
    As his last days of being a soul, he regretted not being able to make correct choices and help those that are in need. He was finally willing to accept that he was a mess, but he was already dead and turning into a Hollow. He didn't know what was going on. He traveled to the broken home that once was his family, watching but unable to interact. A chain now in the center of his chest, it angered to see his family living so happily without him. They didn't know that he was dead, and they wouldn't even care if they found out. They killed him when they kicked him out, the didn't try and fix him. Over the months, and close to a year, he transformed into a mindless, soulless hollow.

    He had some intelligence left, he sought out the ones that he always fought with, his own family, even the Police Officer who shot him. He devoured their souls, devoured dead souls waiting for a Shinigami to come by and save them. All he did was devour. He encountered a Shinigami once, a low ranking one, it was clear that it was his first day in the World of the Living. Kibe got away with his life, sneaking away.

    His hunger for souls was no longer sated by the Human's and he began to hunt down and devour his own fellow Hollow's. Years of doing this led him to the 'Gillian' class Hollow, but he didn't stop devouring. He continued to devour and devour. Fleeing to Hueco Mundo, he was able to feed on more Hollows at a faster rate. Until one day he transformed again into the Adjuchas class. His mind was his own again, no longer hearing the whispers of the thousands of hollows compromising his body. He was smaller now, in a humanoid form. He had memories, thoughts, and was one again. He didn't stop devouring Hollows, knowing that if he stopped then he would revert back to a mindless Gillian. In Anger and sadness, he ripped his Hollow mask from his face, and transformed into an Arrancar.
    Arrancar Life
    Kibe did not know that ripping his mask off would result in another transformation. The hunger that was constantly pestering him, the whispers, the words. They were all gone. A piece of his mask stayed though, a horn coming from the left side of his head, covering up his black hair on that side. He had gained Shinigami like powers, his clothing consisted of black robes almost like a Shinigami's. The bottoms were frayed, the top robe is open, revealing his chest and the hole right in the center of his chest. He stayed in Hueco Mundo, training and killing now. Eventually, the Soul World was invaded and the Shinigami were hard pressed.

    As an Arrancar, he had fought a few shinigami and Captain's. They were strong, but the Hollow's had numbers and he believed that they would win, even with the World of the Living being attacked. It changed when the Humans began to fight back, somehow able to call on some sort of Powers that allowed them to see the Hollows and fight. It irked him, something inside gave him an odd pride to defend the Hollows and Hueco Mundo.

    Kibe's Personaliy
    Kibe is a rather cold individual to Shinigami and Humans, and anything else that is not a Hollow or Arrancar. He still carries a tough exterior, acting like he is cold and not afraid of anything. He is actually protective of those that he grows close to, he is no longer a mindless beast roaming around, devouring souls.

    Fighting Style: Kibe's fighting style is to avoid prolonged fights, aiming to overpower his enemies with his power. He knows enough CQC to get by in a fight, but he mainly focuses on using his Cero/Bala/Hollow Techniques to win fights and obliterate his opponents.


    CQC- 4: Kibe is at a Advanced Lieutenant Level of his CQC, able to fight against most Captains of the Gotei and and Human. His current level is high enough that he hasn't pushed himself to get better.
    Hollow Techs- 7: Kibe's ability to shoot Cero's and any other ability is at a Master Level and is deadly with his ability to combine deadly Balas in combat.
    Sonido- 4: Kibe is not the fastest Arrancar in Hueco Mundo, but he is fast enough to get by in fights. Only needing speed if he is trying to dodge, not attack.
    Defensa- 6: Kibe's Hierro is strong enough to fight Captains without problem, until they use their Bankai. They will still have trouble cutting him, but he has to be more careful to avoid their attacks.
    Reiatsu- 9: Kibe has a massive amount of Spiritual Pressure, this amount is used as a fear tactic and to his advantage. If the enemy isn't brought to their knees or to the ground by his Reiatsu, then it would at least slow them down which would give him an advantage.
    Race Choices

    Defensa: Hierro - Kibe has a strong Hierro, strong enough that a normal Shikai couldn't cut through, but a Captain's Bankai could.

    Custom Skills
    Hollow Techs/Reiatsu - Cero Explosion: This Cero starts off like any normal cero, but when it hits its peak, it does not shoot out like a normal Cero. He can 'let go' of the Cero, the charged ball of energy floating forward to its destination or until it collides with something, causing a massive explosion just a Cero normally would.

    Hollow Techs/Reiatsu - Burning Cero: This Cero is enveloped in black flames, once the cero is fire and it reaches its target. It will explode, sending flames around in a small radius, and the area will continue to burn with the flames for several minutes. A max of 5 minutes. Deadly Cero if hit someone is hit by it.
    Resurreccion: Kibe's Resurreccion is a large unsightly beast like creature. He is encase in a full body armor of all white, with black cracks running down over the tough exterior. Glowing red eyes, and a growth spurt, hitting the height of eight feet.

    Sealed Zanpaktu form: The Zanpakuto is a normal katana, the hilt color is a vibrant purple while the blade is a jet black. The length is standard, and the guard is a standard one. His Zanpakuto is nothing special to look at, but it isn't for looks.

    Name & Release Command: La Noche Oscura - "Night is upon us, Burakkunaito"

    Power: The Resurreccion gives Kibe extra armor, increasing the power of his Hierro. His speed isn't affected at all, staying as fast as he would without the Resurreccion activated. The only real power that this Resurreccion gives is "Kuroi Hi" (Black Fire). When "Kuroi Hi" is activated, a black/purple fire envelops his arms/fists. These black flames burn brighter and hotter than any fire that could be normally made, his Resurreccion's armor protecting him from his own ability. He is unable to project the fire in any sort of attack.

    Segunda Etapa: Kibe's second Resurreccion form (no weapon) is much like his first one, but not as 'bulky'. In this form, it may not look like it, but he still has a Strong Hierro. This is his Final Form and in it, his Hollow Tech's and Reiastu are boosted.

    Power: He still has the ability of his "Kuroi Hi" but what is added is the ability to project it in "slashes", and "explosions". (Slashes as in like, Getsuga Tensho.)
  8. [​IMG]

    Name: Tara Matsumoto
    Gender: Female
    Appearance Age: 16
    Race: Quincy
    Rank: Rookie
    Affiliation: Human world
    History: A shame upon the tradition of the quincys. Tara is fairly terrible at most of the things that quincys pride themselves in and has been from the start. Her family wasn't particularly prominent among the quincy pecking order but she probably took the cake, leading them to all new lows. Her archery skill was below average for a normal human, forget quincys. On top of that, she doesn't even do well in school as a C average student and can be pretty clumsy. Then there's the rest with not much good. Even her good points are rather deplorable. As such, she is the black sheep of the Quincys.
    Personality: Tara doesn't fit in with the Quincys at all. She isn't talented and only seems to excel in the matter of saving her own hide. Coupled with her innate fear or cowardice as the others call it, she doesn't have a particularly good reputation. Mainly, she doesn't like conflict and prioritizes getting away in one piece. About the only exceptional thing she can do is Ransotengai and defend herself. It is even more ridiculous that her ability to run away is dismal too. While she is a quincy, Tara doesn't think like most quincys do and would probably be happier as a normal human. Of course, her family would sink to the lowest pits of the totem pole if she quit and she doesn't want that.
    Fighting Style: Fight? Ha. Let's try "try not to get hurt". Forget about hurting the other person. It isn't like she can't hurt anyone but she's not good at it and it isn't a priority.

    Blut Arterie- 1
    Blut Vene-6
    Quincy Items- 2
    Reishi Manipulation- 2


    Ransotengai- Blut Vene 6
    Blut Vene
    Hirenkyaku spurts (more like a single direction spurt of speed)
    Ginto spells - Gritz and Heizen

    Custom Abilities:

    Quincy Cross: Standard issue quincy cross
    Spirit Weapons: A standard reishi longbow.
    Quincy Items: 10 ginto and a quincy cross.
  9. Agaki V. HopeThe King of the North
    Theme of Hope
    /|\P.R. Theme
    Basic Info
    Name: Agaki V(ille) Hope
    Alias/Nicknames: The King of the North (from his tennis days)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Age Appearance: Early twenties
    Race: Human - Fullbringer

    Affiliation: Human World Coalition
    Rank: Co-Leader

    Additional Appearance Information:

    The jacket in the appearance picture does not have the glittery/spikey part

    Hope is a tall, striking individual that looks as foreign as he actually he is. Standing at 6'2'', he is far more agile that what one could assume at the first sight. Although he keeps his hair somewhat short, Hope often opts out for the messy look, rather than having to comb and style it every morning. His eyes are actually a very light tint of blue, however they might seem light green or grey – if the sun rays decide so. Fair skin compliments his eyes and leaves a pleasant memory of his presence, unless you anger him. His physique is naturally athletic – muscles well defined due to the years spent partaking in various sports and activities, mostly tennis. The skin on his hands is rougher compared to other surfaces. The silver cross he wears on his neck has a skull in the middle – a fashion accessory rather than a symbol of his past.

    Compared to his family, Hope is in almost every aspect more like his father than any other member – except in appearance, which is more a gift from his mother; while his sister, on the other hand, is unlike anyone. His choice of clothing stems from his early age and the influence his father had on him, being a biker. Consequently, his favorite leather jacket is a gift from his father – bearing a logo of his motorcycle club on the back (a white sword with wings, small green blades protruding from the tips of its feathers – a golden ribbon encircles the blade, „Vincere Aut Mori“ written on it). His leather gloves are a parting gift from his sister, back when he moved to Japan; although he lost one – he keeps the other with him at all times.

    On his feet, Hope wears black boots – going halfway up to his knees. Since the boots are heavier than most footwear, he does often decide against wearing them, choosing speed over comfort, although he is used to the weight.


    Most of his personality arises from sports and the fact that he was always considered a prized child of the family, while his sister was criticized for not being more like him. The more they treated her as such, the more resentment he felt towards his family. The more anger pent up inside of him. Unlike his family, Hope did not consider himself a prodigious child, nor did he desire to prove himself as the beacon of his family. He could care less what his family had wanted from him. The only person he cared for was his sister, not even giving himself more attention. The way his family exploited his natural talent for sports only drew him further to escalate in other areas – like school; an aspect of life that he never achieved ultimate greatness in, but managed to hold his ground with steady paces. His decent results and athletic prowess were the reasons why he was able to enroll college in Japan and move away. The fact that his father is of Japanese origin did a lot to help as well – hence his knowledge of the language and the culture. Knowledge that is far from perfect, granted, but not to throw away either.

    Although adapting to a life in a new country is far from easy, his intense and competitive nature aided him to escalate amongst his peers. No one dared to mess with him, if Hope himself didn't allow it. Combined with his fearless personality, nothing was to stop his desire to bring his sister to live with him. Everyone who stands in his way, won't find themselves in the hands of a merciful opponent. Being beaten up badly should be the least of their worries. Better to stop than to suffer later - is his motto; he would rather finish someone off than suffer the consequences from not doing so, later on.

    Teamwork is not a foreign term for him, as he was used to being a part of a larger entity; thus also familiar with the term „self-sacrifice“. Although he found that he works best on his own, Hope is intelligent enough to realize that sometimes working together is much easier. He would rather not say whether he was an optimist or a pessimist, as he considers himself to be a realist – looking at the things the way they are at a given moment. Nothing is black and white in the world, not from Hope's perspective.

    He is a keen observer – nothing from his surroundings escaping him. Most of the time, courtesy of his father's genes, his blood boils for adventure and he finds himself in the middle of a scenario before even blinking; even more if it means standing up for someone. Yes, most people do say he is a nice individual to have around, after knowing him for more than a few minutes - but just try pissing him off.

    “If you think for a second that I am better than her in any way – screw you.” – Hope

    One could go on a limb and say that Hope was born to a family of megalomaniacs – which would be a pretty fair assessment. Born in Norway, he was advertised by his family from his earliest days – they pushed him in front of the cameras, to film child commercials. It was only a few years after his birth, when Hope found his raw talent for sport, that the family started seeing him more than a mere money income. No – from that point on, they saw him as an entire gold mine.

    His father, the only person that seemed to genuinely care about him, was more away than at home. Which of course led to his mother and grandparents pulling the strings; Hope would only later find out that his father never knew what his wife was doing behind his back.

    But, he was fine with being used by his family as nothing more than a tree of money. After all, he was a kid, not knowing better. Back then, as long as he was treated fine – everything seemed perfectly fine in the world. That changed the moment his sister was born. It was easy to see that his mother wanted another son, but instead she ended up with what they referred to as a useless piece of trash. A young boy that he was, seven years old, Hope still realized little of his family’s true feelings. He was able to feel that they were treating the two of them far from equals – but he was far too naive.

    Growing up, he started seeing the true faces of his family. He grew smarter, while they grew older – more reckless. Masks started shattering. And so did his patience and kindness. His father occasional disappearances became more and more frequent, up until the point when he was almost never at home. He also realized that his sister might had not even be his father’s child, which would explain why he cared little about her; although it was a pitiful excuse of a reason. His mother’s substance abuse became more and more visible – her sadistic nature growing in severity.

    He was unable to bear the sight of his family more and more with each passing day. As long as he was successful, he was still treated better than his sister – but that was the thing that he despised the most. Continuously, she was treated like the lowest scum, lashed out on and humiliated. And he was able to do little to stop them. No – he was afraid to do anything. After he grew stronger, fear seeped out of his body, all thoughts resting on protecting his sister. When she gave him a pair of leather gloves as a gift for his birthday, even though she had no income that he knew off - Hope's anger boiled over. To see his sister give him presents even though she was treated as a nobody... His family were the first to witness his wrath. No longer would he allow them to traumatize her. No longer would she be a victim. His grandparents were the first to witness that he meant business. As long as he was by her side, he figured - his sister would be fine. But, fate would have other plans for the siblings. Hope's sister was the first to come into contact with an unknown power, her body struggling to adapt to the sudden impulses of energy. Not long after her, Hope's untapped strength awakened as well - he assumed it was due to his proximity to his sister. Since they did not know what it was, but did not seem to be hurting them in any way, they decided to keep it a secret. Not that they had anyone to tell it to.

    After a year of collecting information, Hope learned the name of their powers - by small bits he was able to pick up on through rumors and whispers.; fullbringer. But, the more he knew, the more he was assertive on meddling with them. An act which brought forth unexpected occurrences in the pattern of his sister's energy. The presence of her powers made her sicker by the day, a completely different result than Hope's. Afraid and inexperienced, Hope refused to watch his sister get hurt by something that he brought upon her. In an act of desperation, he decided to try and literally suck the powers out of her. Though he would later learn that was more than possible, Hope did not know what he was doing at the time and made the matter even more complicated. After the makeshift ritual, the storm had subsided, his sister feeling better. But her powers did not go away. Instead, she was sheltered from her own energy, by a part of Hope's powers. As he would soon find out, it worked both ways. Hope felt a stinging pain in his organism as he tried to train. The feeling was easily ignored, but it lingered on for as long as he was using his abilities.

    Somehow, he had contracted a part of her abilities - a part of her pattern. But at least she was safe, able to protect herself whilst not feeling the consequences of her overwhelming power. Time had passed and Hope earned himself good enough grades to enroll in a college – the score boosted significantly by his sport achievements. He was able to finally leave the family behind, fly across the ocean into a new life. But the escape had a great price attached to it – his sister was unable to come. All of his income thus far was seized by his family and he was left with no resources to sustain both of them in a foreign country.

    He was ready to give up on it and stay by her side, but she adamant about him leaving. She promised that she would be able to hold out until she was able to move away; or until Hope was in a stable enough situation to support them both. Reluctantly, he swore to do everything in his power to give her a better life.

    Two and a half years have passed since the moment he stepped on the Japan soil. His goal was still out of his reach, but he was taking bigger and bigger strides towards it. He was fortunate enough to meet some good-standing people during the years, and was granted a few good jobs on the side. Shady jobs, yes, but jobs nevertheless. As long it was for a good cause and he was not asked to ruin someone's life, he figured – there was nothing stopping him from earning more money.

    Only recently, news of his father’s passing had reached him, but he was unable to attend the funeral. According to family’s friends that were there, his sister was not in the best of shapes – looking thinner than ever before, sicklier. Of course, the two stayed in contact, but she would never tell him directly that something was wrong. She was always like that, not wanting to burden him even more. Hope was able to little but, ironically, hope that she would be able to hold on just a tad bit more. If need be, he’d say screw college and work days and nights to bring her… home.

    Fullbring Affinity - 6/10

    Brawling - 2/10

    Bringer Light - 6/10

    Soul Manipulation - 1/10

    Stamina - 5/10


    **Complete Fullbring- Fullbring Affinity 6.


    Custom Skills

    Hope's non-Celeste abilities serve as a foundation for his entire fighting style and the strategies he utilizes during the battle. Although it is possible to utilize the power of his abilities without his Fullbring, it is that much harder to transfer his own Reiryoku into another object or person.
    Janus' Sickness:

    The trademark of powers was brought upon the failed attempt to rid his sister of her powers; managing to transfer a part of her Reiryoku (from now: Parasite Reiryoku; P.R.) in his body. Due to the parasitical nature of P.R., he soon found out that it lingered - leaving him with two Reiryoku patterns. Upon closer examination, he found out that P.R. had the effect of corrosion over the inhabited body. Whilst dangerous, it seemed that their blood relation allowed Hope's pattern to shield him from the corrosive negative effects, allowing it to exist within him without rust appearing (though other side-effects are still possible, as explained in the downsides section).

    Due to the extensive training, he was able to master the control over P.R., although not its effects. Meaning that the wasted amount regenerates over time like his own pattern; also that he is able to shift between the two pattern, having the free will to choose which Reiryoku to use - mixing both Reiryoku to unleash them at the same time is possible, although the effects are still unknown, as Hope had no time to further examine it.

    It is important to note that his Fullbring only reacts to his Reiryoku pattern and won't activate if Hope primarily fills it only with P.R., rejecting it instead. The mixture of both, he found out, works.

    (The color of his own Reiryoku is plum, while of P.R. blue)
    Pattern Manipulation:

    The primary ability of his two Reiryoku patterns, allowing Hope to manipulate them even when they leave his body. Meaning that he is able to use it outside of his body to shield himself from enemy's attacks, by stacking it in front his body. Or use it as an offensive tactic by seeping it into an opponent's body through an open wound (or any of the usual entrances to the inside of the body, given that the person is knocked out or not opposing it).

    Though the effect of P.R. on an object/person is known to Hope - the pattern sustaining itself without any further prompting from Hope, he has never managed to sustain his own Reiryoku inside of a foreign object. Thus the effect of the possible collision with the body of a different host is unknown, although not impossible to achieve.
    Pattern Manipulation - Parasite Reiryoku:

    If using P.R. to shield himself from enemy's attack, any object that comes into direct contact with the pattern will be contaminated - rust covering the object in question in a manner of minutes. Though it is possible to cleanse the object of the P.R. by infusing it with more of the host's Reiryoku (if the object in question is a spiritual weapon), but the smaller the object, the faster the process of corrosion is. Vice-versa, the smaller the object, the lesser the amount of host's Reiryoku needed to cleanse it of the P.R.

    If P.R. is seeped directly into a person, it's effect varies depending on the amount of P.R. with whom one is infused.

    A smaller amount is able to reach the maximum effect of paralyzing a limb, over the span of a potential battle - while it would take a lot longer for it to reach more dangerous effects. However, a smaller amount of P.R. is definitely easier to eradicate from the body - but at the same time it is harder to pinpoint the source, sometimes not before it's already over and the limb is paralyzed, rusted from within.

    The larger the amount, easier it is to pinpoint the source (for example, if an entire body is contaminated with P.R., an individual is having less trouble focusing on the pattern and locating the source). Although it does take focus and ability to destroy the source, the power lays withing the reduced amount of time it takes for the rust to appear all over the organs and blood vessels.

    Hope's ability to manipulate his Reiryoku outside of his body may seem powerful, but it does not come without major downsides. One directly linked with his Fullbringer.

    • The more of his own Reiryoku he releases, that much more is his body open to the effects of P.R. - while not threatening to turn him into rust from inside out, as he is the primary host - they do hindering his ability to focus and may even put Hope's life in jeopardy, by seeping life force from its host. While P.R. will never deplete its host from all life force, by leaving him on five percent makes him extremely vulnerable to any further attacks.
    • (In case the Fullbring is activated) The larger amount of P.R. he releases, the harder it is to sustain his Fullbringer, as it rejects being even activated in its presence - which may even lead to Hope being unable to activate his Fullbringer, should he be depleted of his own Reiryoku.

    Normal State:

    The dormant state of Hope's Fullbring is a glove received from his sister; it is unknown whether both gloves would serve as his Fullbring as he lost the other one shortly upon awakening his powers.
    Celeste, The Claw of Burdens:

    Invoking the Fullbring (by channeling Reiryoku through it) generates a claw-like hand in place of Hope's fist. It's size is approximately four fists long and three fists wide (the size relation shown on the picture) in its default state, not affected by any abilities; it's two blades are made of Hope's Reiryoku and were initially much smaller - but as his power grew, so did the blades. Ever since accidentally (and permanently) making himself a host of P.R., the growth of Celeste had ceased.

    Realm Shift - Opaque:

    One of the core abilities of Celeste is its ability to shift between the two realms of its state; first of each being the opaque realm. Using Hope's Reiryoku to channel its blades, Celeste is able to clash with another object and inflict damage like any order weapon - the density and sharpness of it's blades decided by the amount of Reiryoku infused into it.
    Realm Shift - Ethereal:

    The second realm Celeste is able to tap into is the ethereal; by either sucking back or manipulating the Reiryoku away from the blades, it's state becomes airy, passable and almost non-existent - although a thin outline is always visible, it is only an indication of the blade shifting to another realm.
    Mercurial Claw:

    Once every two minutes, Hope is able to shoot out one of the claws in the desired direction. While the claw is surging towards its destination, it is able to shift realms, although only twice. The other claw is changing its realm accordingly. It travels in one line, unless Hope uses his own ability to aid in its path, although at that point he is unable to make it switch realms.
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  10. Tsukiumare, HiakaruiJin'yoku no Hato[​IMG]
    Theme I/|\Theme II
    Basic Info
    Name: Tsukiumare(Moonborn), Hiakarui(Bright sun).
    Alias/Nicknames: The Red Lotus; Jin'yoku no hato(The Blade-winged Dove); Akaru; Tsukima; Tsuhi.
    Gender: Male.
    Age Appearance:

    Race: Humans –>Plus–>Shinigami.
    Rank & Division: Captain of the 5th Division.

    Additional Appearance Information
    Hiakarui stands at 6 feet and weighs 203 lbs.
    Calm Contemplation
    Hidden Mischief
    The Sun's Relief

    Personality: With a personality as glaring and bright as the sun, Hiakarui ought to be a very happy individual, yet such is far from the case. In fact, rather than display the brilliant enthusiasm and vigor of his true self, he hides behind a mask of intense self depreciation. This begot by events in his past and an unhealthy misunderstanding of the world and those in it, Hiakarui appears to others as an intensely caring, empathetic, but sadly downtrodden man trapped by his own insecurity. While loved by those of his division and a good number of those beyond, Hiakarui is similarly looked down on by others for his lack of confidence.

    Still, if anything he is a compassionate man, always seeking to help anyone he can, even if it earns him only more disdain. He cares little for himself, instead turning his attention to others. He secretly loves to be the center of attention, but does not allow himself to be in the spotlight, making others believe him timid. While this is often the case, those who have seen him in combat think quite differently of the young captain. To them he is a steadfast man with a deep compassion for his allies and friends, willing to do anything to protect and assist them. However, beyond this he is fierce like the burning brilliance of the sun, yet calm and patient like the somber moon.

    Of course, there are those that think him too kind, as even to enemies he has been known to show mercy, but only if his life and well-being is the only one at risk. In this way, he is selfless to a fault, mindful only of others.

    Still, below both his calm empathetic exterior and his bright enthusiastic interior is a deep sense of fear and longing. The former aimed at driving people away and being alone and the latter derived from his belief that he cannot express his true self.

    History: Revealed ICly/TBA.
    "The past...should remain just that, the past." – Tsukiumare, Hiakarui.


    Incredibly capable when it comes to wielding nigh any weapon, it has been said that despite some possessing skills slightly superior to Hiakarui's own base ones, that few can truly surpass his mastery. Those who have never been witness to his tremendous skill in combat fail to understand how this is possible, but to anyone who has seen him draw his blade and fight for the lives of his comrades, well they understand that he is peerless despite what one might think. The truth of the matter is his graceful, but blindingly fast style is both a perfect offense and defense, which when combined with his tremendous physical strength and dexterity creates a cyclone of strikes, ripostes, swift dodges, and flawlessly timed blocks that simply cannot be beaten. It has been stated that Hiakarui's skill with a sword is practically unrivaled when combined with his speed and manipulation of reiryoku. In addition to this skill, he has been known to possess tremendous strength in Hakudo, though not nearly as much skill. This allows him to deliver powerful strikes in hand-to-hand combat, though not to deal with individuals more skilled in the art.

    Kido(0/10): Possessing essentially no ability in the area of kido despite the immense level of control he has over his own power, should Hiakarui attempt to cast even the simplest of kido it is certain to fail.

    Hoho(6/10): When it comes around to speed, Hiakarui is about average for the likes of a captain. However, what is truly notable is his general mobility, agility, and flexibility, allowing him to maneuver with incredible skill even without the use of shunpo. Nonetheless, his flash step is said to be somewhat hampered by the captain's intensely compressed reiatsu, making him only capable of utilizing it fully upon the release of his zanpakuto into shikai. Even with this in mind, his speed should not be underestimated, lest one be taken by surprise and cut down in the same moment.

    Zan Resonance(6/10): Possessing the bare minimum amount of resonance to equal his fellow captains, Hiakarui's relationship with Nisshoku kōshin is a begrudging one, as his zanpakuto spirit has essentially been forced to reveal its secrets in Hiakarui's quest for self improvement, though not for his own ends, and rather for those who rely on him. As such, while Hiakarui does in fact possess bankai, and a frightening one at that, Nisshoku kōshin remains adamant in his refusal to teach his counterpart the rest of said release state's abilities, of which there are at least two more. The spirit has refused to do so until Hiakarui has worked towards bettering himself, and while the shinigami has desperately, and continually, done so, the spirit remains stubborn and unyielding. Hiakarui has yet to understand why, and it may take a long while yet.

    Reiatsu(9/10): Possessing a tremendous amount of both power and will, Hiakarui's reiryoku takes on the properties of both his true self and his facade making it a unique blend of fierce overwhelming heat, and soothing cool. As such, unless he has released into bankai, Hiakarui's reiryoku will always feel like a gentle, comforting warmth. Beyond the sensation of his spiritual power is the sheer amount, which is rivaled by oh so few among the gotei 13, though Zume Tatasuko and the Captain Commander surely match, or surpass, his expansive strength. Due to the sheer amount of reiryoku he possesses, Hiakarui is tremendously difficult to outlast in combat, as he can continue on for hours if it is required of him. Even further is that should he be deprived of his reiryoku to the point of near-death he will still not fall or take to knee—instead standing against all threats to his allies likely at the cost of his own life. Last of all, Hiakarui's sensitivity to energy is incredibly developed, so much so that, in tangent with his empathy, he can actually read the mental and emotional state of anyone within fifty meters of his person. While potentially strong enough to bring anyone below lieutenant to their knees, Hiakarui constantly and intentionally suppresses his reiatsu for the benefit of others. However, as a consequence for having done this for literally hundreds of years at a time, his reiatsu has created a crushing atmosphere directly around his person. This atmosphere of reiatsu is so dense that it actually slows him down in addition to making him a beacon to anyone with half decent sensory capabilities. Still, this bane does come with some advantages, such as any physical strike being amplified in its weight and the fact that he can further focus his reiatsu into a sort of force field, so as to block strikes where his blade cannot reach. This reveals the level of control he holds over his spiritual power, which is decidedly impressive.



    Custom Skills (To be Added)

    Zanpakuto Spirit Personality: A rarity among zanpakuto, Nisshoku kōshin possesses two spirits, which often manifest themselves in the form of sisters, one clothed in black with glowing blue eyes, and the other in gold, with eyes a fiery red.

    The first of these sisters, who Hiakarui calls Tsuki, is a calm woman, often offering him advice or attempting to placate her fierce sister, softening the harsh truths she tends to deliver. She is kind, empathetic, and holds a deep longing to see Hiakarui meet the fullness of his potential, even if it means sacrificing some of herself unto her sister. Comparatively, her sister--who Hiakarui refers to as Hoshi--is a harsh, but bubbly personality, possessing little tact and an incredibly honed sense of justice. She is fierce and unrelenting, not to mention stubborn and gives Hiakarui a great deal of grief, not to mention sass on a daily basis. While harsh, she is not cruel and does understand, once reminded, when she has taken something a step too far. She is aware of her impatience, and makes up for it on days when Hiakarui is particularly downtrodden, doing her utmost to cheer up the man in any way she can think of. She is indeed the stark contrast to Tsuki.

    While only present should Hiakarui enter his inner world for the purpose of training his bankai alongside the spirits, the being he refers to as Sakujo will be present. Identifying as the child of Tsuki and Hoshi despite them both being female, Sakujo is often unmoving and complacent, not responding to the shinigami no matter what he does. So far, only Hoshi and Tsuki have been able to garner any form of response from the girl. As such, Hiakarui is currently not at all sure what the third spirit's nature is. If only he knew.

    Inner World: Hiakarui's innerworld is a tropical rainforest shrouded in darkness, with the moon overhead, the sun hidden behind its form. In bankai, the sun manages to emerge from the moon's shadow to shed its light on the vibrant world.

    Zanpakuto Spirit
    Tsuki and Hoshi.
    In bankai, Sakujo joins Tsuki and Hoshi.

    Sealed State

    Shikai: With his blade drawn, Hiakarui moves his zanpakuto into a horizontal position at waist height in front of him. He then moves his open palm above the blade as he chants, “Set adrift the Moon's shadow. Impose upon the Sun...” as he states the words the reiatsu compressed around his form is laid upon the blade, surrounding it entirely. The air shimmers about its form as he raises it into a vertical position before him.

    With blade raised, his reiatsu is released in part from his form where it condenses behind him into two circular formations one upon the other, both with a ghostly blue glow. As these form his release is complete and the name of his blade is revealed, “...Nisshoku kōshin(日蝕行進 'Eclipse Procession').” From this moment forwards a small shadow slowly eclipses each circle and the dance of Sun and Moon begin.

    Abilities: With the appearance of the two symbolic bodies behind his form, Hiakarui's shikai takes effect, casting a shadow that grows from non existence at a rate of two and a half meters per minute and a maximum radius of ten meters, with its point of origin being either Hiakarui or the blade itself. This area has one of three effects depending on the stage of his shikai. Once this shadow, which is the physical manifestation of the shadow that gradually obscures the larger circle's form, has fully expanded the blade's tendencies are sealed off, turning Nisshoku kōshin into a terrible weapon indeed.

    Taiyō no megumi(太陽の恵み 'The Sun's Blessing'): A passive ability of Nisshoku kōshin, this technique is applied within a gradually shrinking area of space that starts at the epicenter of the circle and effective only outside the shadow's touch. Put simply, Taiyō no megumi creates a pleasant warmth within the effective area. This warmth reacts to bodily damage and will mend it on Hiakarui's allies, in addition to removing his awareness of pain once the initial strike has ceased, though he remains aware that he is wounded and to what extent. Anyone with killing intent for Hiakarui or his allies who is caught within the shadow laden space will find that any wound they have sustained from Hiakarui's blade will begin to burn as if set aflame. This secondary effect remains active till the shadow fully eclipses the 10 meter radius, at which point Kōkan no zeppeki is activated. It should be noted that despite this technique ceasing to be effective as the shadow gains dominance, its nullification of pain is retained throughout the release of Nisshoku's shikai and will only be lost if the blade is sealed or released into bankai.

    Kōkan no zeppeki(光環の絶壁 'Coronal Precipice'): As the larger circle is eclipsed this technique is triggered immediately causing two intertwined effects to persist within the shadow's breadth. The first notable change as the eclipse of the solar circle occurs is a soft blue light that becomes visible within the 10 meter radius. This light augments Hiakarui's blade, creating a wavering ethereal shell along its length. This allows the effective cutting, piercing, and blocking area of the zanpakuto to increase by three feet. The blade's weight becomes threefold and through Hiakarui's manipulation of the shell's reiryoku distribution this weight can be moved about its form. Finally, in addition to this shell of reiryoku, the light will invade the psyche of those who remain within it for more than a minute at a time. This light will, for the duration of the technique, emit a calming aura within the effected area. As the shadow fully covers the area Kyōki no tentai kage is activated and the reiryoku shell is made visible as a blue light shimmering in the somber gray of the eclipse.

    Kyōki no tentai kage(狂気の天体影 'Madness's celestial shadow'): As the Eclipse's procession comes to an end, bringing Hiakarui's zanpakuto into a state of completion, this technique is activated, shedding its infernal gray light within the zanpakuto's area of influence. With continued exposure, those under the eclipse's sway are pulled towards aggression, their killing intent increased, and inhibitions decreased as time goes on. However, aggression begets recklessness, and so as time goes on, this increased lust for blood will only weaken the afflicted. The longer one remains within the light's sway, the worse it becomes, eventually turning Hiakarui's opponent into almost unthinking puppets to their own lust for violence. This technique can be resisted, but ultimately its influence cannot be entirely averted and will continue to seep into the psyche of those within the eclipse's maddening light.

    Bankai: “Bankai,” he states with trepidation, his voice followed immediately by a tremendous rush of reiatsu, as the circles collapse and he is obscured in a mire of dust and blinding light. All at once, the light winks out, and a voice proclaims, “...Ten no sōretsu(天の葬列 'Celestial cortege').” Emerging from the light, Hiakarui grasps in each hand a single blade, each wreathed with light: One blue, the other gold. In the air behind him where before there were two circles, now there is only one, black in its center, and white at its edge, all between a gray-scale. A gray light emanates from his form, tinged only by color where it meets his blades. Unveiled is the true nature of his self, be wary should it be pitted against you.

    Abilities: Anchored to the space directly around Hiakarui, the light which emanates from his blades, and the circle behind his form, Ten no sōretsu's abilities are much like that of its shikai, 'cept far less forgiving. The primary ability of Ten no sōretsu being its condensing of Hiakarui's reiryoku directly in the space of his body, through the conduits of his blades, and into the form of the circle at his back.

    The gray-scale formation behind him emits a constant aura of maddening influence so potent that even non-sentient objects are repelled from its form. This effect wreaths Hiakarui's entire body, making it far more difficult to reach his flesh with cutting implements, and increasing his speed through his manipulation of the repelling effect. However, the gray-scale formation's function does not end there, as it also defends Hiakarui from blunt force assaults of a magnitude twice the size of his body, and no less. As such smaller more precise attacks are more effective in dealing damage to Hiakarui's form, rather than all out blasts.

    Moving on from the formation and to his blades one enters the realms of sun, moon, and their child: the Eclipse. First among the functions of his bankai's blades is their ability to be merged into one cohesive whole at any time so long as one blade remains within its master's grasp. When split into its two forms, Hiakarui's moonlit blade possesses multiple ultra-thin shells of reishi around its form all molded to the blade's shape. While Hiakarui can use these shells to extend the effective range of the blade from its normal 30 inches to an astounding 83, the primary function of this blade is the effect it deals upon those it strikes. Any wound delivered by the moonlit twin imbues into the victim an incredible serenity, which while possible to resist, is so overpowering that all emotions and thoughts are drowned 'cept those of violence and aggression. This ability, when coupled with its sunlit twin is a devious one indeed.

    Unlike its moonlit twin, the sunlit blade of Hiakarui's bankai emits a constant flow of reiryoku around its form, which condenses into shells of energy every twelve seconds, layering over those created prior. While this effect is taxing on Hiakarui's stamina, it is well worth the effort, as while the sunlit blade may not extend its cutting length, it will burn anything within a blade shaped space of 40 inches, in addition to its cutting length of 30. Should the sunlit blade's cutting edge open the flesh of another its influence will accentuate and amplify one's own natural violent impulses, increasing one's propensity for recklessness, aggression, and bloodlust considerably.

    These are the abilities of his bankai, though there remains the final movement in the celestial dance in which he partakes. This movement is the ability of the Eclipsed blade, which is only unveiled en full upon the activation of Gyōretsu no ōdzume. Till its activation, the combination of the celestial twins into the eclipsed blade will cause a feeling of mild apathy to intrude on the consciousness of those struck by its blade. Furthermore, the eclipsed blade is surrounded by a shell of reiatsu, allowing it to create waves of intense almost physical weight several times that of its own. This weight's shape can be manipulated by Hiakarui, but only extends two inches off of the blade's edge, and .5 inches off of the flat portion of its form. It is a frightening weapon indeed, which remains simply a component to a bankai equally as cruel and unrelenting.

    Taiyō mosu(太陽燃す 'Solar flare'): An ability of the sunlit blade, this technique may be activated at any time as long as the aforementioned blade is moving, even if only minutely or for the briefest of moments. Upon activation, the heat that wreaths the sunlit blade is fed a portion of Hiakarui's reiryoku in a powerful burst, causing it to suddenly expand outwards from one, or both, of the blade's edges. Should the blade be slashed during the four second interval in which this technique remains active, the heat can be thrown off by the force, expanding along the trajectory of the movement up to 20 meters. The reiryoku induced flare of heat is capable of melting through flesh easily. It should be noted that when thrown from the blade, it merely expands off of it in the given direction, rather than actually being thrown off of it. As such, the heat will not vanish until it has first returned to the blade or Hiakarui runs out of reiryoku to fuel it.

    Migoto tsukihi(見事月火 'Lustrous moonlight'): A primarily passive technique, Migoto tsukihi relates to the shells of reishi, which surround the moonlit blade. When the blade is moved, these shells move about, loosely following the movements of the blade. This effectively means that these blades can cut anything that attempts to enter the space that the moonlit blade has just passed through. However, should Hiakarui utter the name of this technique, it will enter an active state in which he can speed up or slow down any of the reishi shells, allowing his blade's cutting power, or area of effect, to expand or retract. Additionally, Hiakarui can manipulate the positioning of these reishi blades with considerable focus once the technique enters its active state.

    Gyōretsu no ōdzume(行列の大詰 'Procession's finale'): Passively activated any time the two blades meet, Gyōretsu no ōdzume's immediate effect is the creation of a powerful shockwave of reiatsu, which easily repulses nigh any attack within a two meter radius. This is the technique's only passive effect, and it is additionally the only one that Nisshoku felt necessary to allow Hiakarui. Until the shinigami is capable passing the spirit's test, the remainder of this technique's power will remain outside of his reach.

    The remaining techniques of Hiakarui's bankai are unknown to him due to Nisshoku's unforgiving nature.

  11. [​IMG]

    Isiro Sanida


    Appearance Age:

    Shinigami -> Vizard


    Human World

    Isiro once was a Captain of the Gotei 13, keeping his Vizard side a secret from the rest of the Shinigami. He was the Captain of the 5th Division, his ability with Kido fitting for his Captains Role in the 5th Division. The longer he served in the Gotei 13, the harder it was to keep his Hollow side a secret, not because he couldn't control the Hollow, but because he wanted to learn more. He took every chance he could to get away from everyone and everything to go into his Inner World and speak, even train with his Hollow Spirit. This was when he began to separate from his Zanpakuto, she didn't like or enjoy the fact he ignored her and chose a Hollow beast over her. He wasn't intune with his Zanpakuto anymore, and he noticed it rather too late. Eventually he was questioned on why he was disappearing so many times, so he decided to tell the truth. He resigned from his position after the truth and left without much of another word.

    Now that he left the Soul Society, he traveled the World of the Living in a Gigai, learning about the Humans and Quincy. He also took this time away from everything, deep away from Civilization and everyone to work on his peace between the two spirits within his Inner World. He had many arguments and fights, even times he wanted to just ignore both of them and forget about who and what he was. He didn't give up.

    When the World of the Living was attacked by the Arrancar and Hollows, Isiro fought alone until he came across the Human Coalition force. He spoke with one of their Leaders and after a time of discussion, he decided to join them and lend his expertise and wisdom and what he knew and his abilities. He soon found himself in a place of Leadership once more as a 'Leader' he willingly took the position, but he told the Humans, Quincy, and Fullbringers what he was before accepting. He waned them to know that he was a Shinigami and what seemed like a Hollow, making him a Vizard.

    Isiro is a kind and compassionate man. He cannot judge because of his current situation. He cares about the Humans, Quincy, and Shinigami alike. They all deserved to live peacefully together, and maybe the Hollows and Arrancar do to. No one understands the Hollows really, they were just treated as a threat. For good reason of course. Overall, he is nice to those that deserve it, he will show no hostility as long as they don't.

    Fighting Style:
    Isiro is both defensive and offensive. He tries to learn his opponent first, and preferably wants them to try and use a rather Powerful attack on him so he can copy and use it against them. He stays more on the Defensive side until he feels like he can gain an upper hand/advantage/hit in/on his opponent. He is very careful and precise on what he does.
    Stats: 30

    CQC- 2 - Isiro is considered Novice/Mediocere level in terms of Combat.
    Kido/Hollow Techs- 10- Isiro is a Master in Bakudo and Hado
    Hoho- 2 - Isiro is lacking, Lieutenant Level, at Shunpo and Speed.
    Soul Resonance- 6 - Captain Level
    Reiatsu- 10- Immense Pressure and Power, He focuses more on his Hollow Mask than Bankai.


    **Shikai- Soul Resonance-3
    **Unlimited Mask- Soul Resonance- 6; Reiatsu- 6

    Custom Ability:

    Sealed State of Isiro's Zanpakuto.


    Name & Release & Power:
    "Nijuushin" is the name of the Zanpakuto "Mimikku Nijuushin" His Zanpakuto doesn't change form or anything noticeable. The true nature of his Shikai is the ability to Copy or "Mimic" his enemies or even allies attacks. To copy an attack, he has to visibly see the attack being used from start to finish, if he doesn't then his Zanpakuto will not be able to recreate the ability. So far his Zanpakuto has been able to copy any attack, Zanpakuto Attacks, Ceros, etc. If the attack is 'Element' based like some Zanpakutos are, he will still be able to recreate the attack but it won't have the same effect or power as the original caster. If the Zanpakuto attack comes from the sword (I.E. Everytime the sword touches something, that something has increased gravity. So nothing is actually cast.) Then he won't be able to recreate that ability. The drawback to being able to copy attacks is that he can only copy one attack every five minutes, and can only cast the attack he has copied every minute. Meaning he can use/cast the copied attack a total of five times before it is wiped away from his Weapon's 'Memory'. He cannot get rid of a copied attack, he has to wait out the time limit.

    Relationship with wielder:
    The relationship with Nana, his Zanpakuto Spirit, is very strained. Once, many many years ago, they were rather close and close enough that he almost achieved Bankai until the day his Hollow Spirit showed up. She noticed that he took interest in the new spirit, and the Hollow Powers that came with. She grew jealous, throwing a fit and straining the good relationship they had with one another. Isiro tried to fix it, by giving her some time with him and ignoring the Hollow, but soon after he suggested that the two 'get along' and what not. She is still mad with him, furious that he calls on his Hollow Powers to give him an edge in fights instead of her, trying to achieve his Bankai. Maybe one day, when he is done with the Hollow, he will come back and finish his training with her.

    His Inner World.


    Hollow spirit:
    His Hollow Spirit, Hollow Isiro, wears a white Shinigami outfit with a black jacket hung around his shoulders just like him. The hair is white, the pupils are white and the irises are green, not yellow. The skin color of his Hollow is a mixture between a light grey and white. Hollow Isiro's voice is a pitch or two higher, with some distortion like many hollows and once he puts on his mask, the two voices overlap creating that weird voice all Vizards have when wearing a mask.

    Relationship with Vizard:
    One could call the relationship between Shinigami and Hollow has always been strange, but being able to see a Hollow Spirit inside of his Inner World, it worried and bothered him at first. He knew nothing about Vizards, or the Hollows for that matter. He thought they were simply spirits that never made it to the Soul Society and passed on to Hueco Mundo, becoming Hollows. The fact that he had one inside of him made him question everything they knew about the Hollows and Arrancar. He decided to dedicate his time, learning and questioning his Hollow but never getting much of an answer. As his bond strengthens with Hollow Isiro, his relationship with his Zanpakuto is left with the deafening blow. He tries to make the two co-exist with one another, to come with acceptance that he is taking 'aid' from a Hollow and also asking aid from her. While he resists the cruel side of the Hollow, he listens to any possible advice that may be held within the venomous words that pour from the Spirit. Maybe one day he will get the answers that he seeks, and can move on from there.

    His mask. The mask is a bird/avian shape, almost a skull that covers the top of his head. Two horns on the Mask, at the back near his head. A dark green diamond pattern starts at the bridge between the eyes and goes up to the middle of his mask before ending in a line. The front portion of the mask has a 'beak' going over his nose and his mouth. The 'jaw' comes from behind his ears and over his jaw line, a few small spiky teeth along the front end. He can grab the beak and open the mask so his full face is visible or he can close it, 'protecting' his face and hiding his mouth. When he creates his mask, it appears in a dark green hue of energy over his head, the mask closing when it is finished creating.​
  12. Reikuhara Veritahl | Quincy | HWC Commander
    Name: Reikuhara Veritahl; Reiku; 'Rei'
    Gender: Female
    Appearance Age: Early 20s
    Height: 6'2"
    Appearance details: Eyes are a purple color instead of red
    Race: Human - Quincy
    Rank: Commander
    Affiliation: Human World

    History: T.B.E.

    Calm, collected and kind-hearted. Holds a serious demeanor and an almost mother-like charm about her.

    Fighting Style: Thinking the fight through, she uses her speed to keep her distance from enemy attacks while studying them to eventually find loopholes in their defenses. She's not one to attack in reckless abandon but to make every shot count towards an end result.
    Stats: 40 points

    Blut Arterie- 8
    Blut Vene- 6
    Hirenkyaku- 10
    Quincy Items- 6
    Reishi Manipulation- 10

    Race Choices:


    **Vollstandig-Reishi Manipulation 7; Quincy Items 5
    **Ransotengai- Blut Vene 6
    **Seele Schnieder- Quincy Items 4

    Custom Skills: N/A

    Quincy Cross:
    Cross (open)

    Spirit Weapons: Her reishi forms an elegant but simple designed longbow. Aside from that, she also carries a real bow which she tends to use more often. (see below)
    Bow (open)
    (It's a little larger than this)

    Quincy Items: 4-6x Seele Schnieders (She always keeps a minimum of 2 NOT to fire at all times)
    4x Gintōs

    Theme Song:

    Kairi Veritahl | Substitute Shinigami | HWC Captain
    Name: Kairi Veritahl
    Gender: Female
    Appearance Age: Early 20s
    Height: 6'2"
    Appearance Details: Eyes are a purple color
    Race: Human (Substitute Shinigami/Soul Reaper)
    Rank: General (Captain level)
    Affiliation: Human World is her highest priority, Seireitei otherwise to a minimum due to reasons and obligations

    History: T.B.E.

    Unpredictable at best, loyal and kind to friends and family, serious to her duty, lax socially, enjoys her battles a bit too much

    Fighting Style: Often seen as reckless, she'll try and stay in the opponents face through nearly the entire battle, finding that the longer the battle drags on, the more she enjoys it. May not be wise to get her to enjoy it.
    Stats: 30 points

    CQC- 8
    Kido- 0
    Hoho- 6
    Zan Resonance- 8
    Reiatsu- 8

    Race Choices:

    Close Quarter Combat: Hakudo or Zanjutsu Specialist? (which will your character use more?)
    A mix of both rather


    **Shikai- Zan Resonance-3
    **Bankai- Zan Resonance- 6; Reiatsu- 6

    Custom skills: N/A

    Zanpakuto: (Spirit form to the right)

    Sealed State:
    appearance (open)

    Details: It is longer than an ordinary katana, closer to that or beyond a nodachi/okatana. With each differing stage of the zanpakuto, they each change the host's capabilities both physically, mentally and spiritually. In a way, the essence of the zanpakuto and host become one in balance.

    appearance (open)

    Name: Keito
    Release: "Force unto submission all who oppose.."

    Power: Upon release, the blade itself vanishes as two gauntlets form around Kairi's hands and shin-plates of similar design appear on her legs. This is where she spends most of her time fighting. The zanpakuto itself essentially bonds with her this way, increasing her strength and durability. In its Shikai state, Kairi can temporarily double or triple her power for a short time with a boosting move she calls Kyouka-Ni/Mi (2/3). As well, besides the boost, the attacks themselves have unique effects to the opponent should they connect. She can either add an intense increase to kinetic force to add a hell of a punch, or a lingering effect that will eventually numb the areas she attacks. The numbing is differential depending on how many times and where the opponent is hit, as well as their resilience. There is a visual difference between the two, as if she goes straight for the powerhouse, her fists would spark with an aura that looks like its crackling with lightning. With the numbing effect, they'd see a fire-like aura.

    Relationship with weilder: Finds their weilder's amusement for battle entertaining, sharing a similar view towards the subject. Honor is something it feels strongly for in battle and finds killing something to avoid if necessary. For if one is to find an equal, why vanquish them when there's more fights to come? Among other reasons....

    appearance (open)
    (Minus the glowing palm, think of it just armored)

    Release: "Shatter their will into nightmares.."
    Name: Keito Kuraiga

    Power: This is where things get intense. When Bankai is released, a red glow emanates brightly from her right eye and her entire right arm morphs to a giant, monstrous-like gauntlet/claw. Her attire also changes along with it, in which it is said in this release her zanpakuto's true form shows itself most as she nearly takes his entire shape in appearance and attire. With greater power and speed, her previous abilities are obviously increased while gaining much more destructive capabilities. The sword returns to the fray in the shape of a giant blade, much like a zweihander which she seems to swing around with ease. Despite gaining the blade back, she still retains most of her fighting through her body. As destructive and overpowering this bankai may be, it's dangerous to stay in it for too long.

    Depending on form, the longer the battle goes, the more straining it can be on her body in all aspects that it increased. Pushing too far can damage herself and even render her unconscious, and if much greater, lead to drastic injury or even death.


    Theme Song:

    Shizuka Kurenai | Shinigami | 6th Division Rookie (Unseated)
    Name: Shizuka Kurenai
    Gender: Female
    Appearance Age: Looks to be in the early 20s. As for her outfit, she actually tries to wear what's displayed above when able, usually in the case of a gigai. Otherwise, the standard shihakusho
    Race: Shinigami

    Rank: Unseated - 6th Division (Rookie)
    Affiliation: Seirietei

    History: Growing up in one of the wealthier districts of the Rukon area, she was found by a few shinigami that were scouting for people to join, and she, among others showed the common traits of such to become academy students, such as the hunger. Progressing decently enough, she showed a knack towards learning and controlling kido, proving to be a prominent choice towards kido-type shinigami.

    It was around the time she graduated that she discovered her shikai and the name of her zanpakuto. At best, when she first visited her Inner World, she was taken aback by the appearance of her sword. It was a woman, no younger or older than she in appearance, but was definitely more.. Provocative.. After she graduated, Shizuka was picked for a position within Division 6. Over time, she found to highly respect her Captain with how he acted and took care of his men.

    Personality: Usually calm, lively. Smiles often and cheery, though she can be rather invasive of 'personal' info and light perversions for humor. However, when her guard's down, she can usually fall victim to prudish behavior on her part, mostly to blame on her own zanpakuto's behavior. When serious, her smile drops as her brows terse, tone usually getting a little deeper as she focuses at the task at hand. When she's like this, her emotions usually wash away, leaving only determination, a cold, calculating look and to some, intimidation upon her visage.

    Fighting Style: Strategizing only when necessary, she tries to elongate the battle and wear her foe out to defeat them. As well, she tries to rely on kido if possible before the need to use her blade.
    Stats: 12 points

    CQC- 1
    Kido- 6
    Hoho- 1
    Zan Resonance- 3
    Reiatsu- 1


    **Shikai- Zan Resonance-3

    Custom Ability: N/A

    Zanpakuto: (Spirit form to the right)

    Sealed State: An 80cm long katana from hilt to the tip of the blade, the hilt ornately designed; copper inlaid upon the guard, black rayskin and white braiding.
    Appearance (open)

    Appearance of second blade (open)

    Name: Kaiyuri
    Release: "Surrender your will, Kaiyuri."

    Power: In Shikai form, Kaiyuri transforms into a pair of 90cm katanas, the original still retaining its form but a longer blade, where another of a particular color scheme comes into play with the hilt ornately designed; gold inlaid upon the guard, red rayskin and traditionally black braiding. In this form, its power resides in an ability to send out slashed 'waves' of energy that are black with a white outline to their color. Physical contact with them would cause moderate lacerations, not as bad as getting cut by the weapon itself but they are focused. This technique is named 'Munashii Setsudanki'

    Some can see this as a further emphasis on her grip on kido, only to further prove her growing skill as a shinigami.

    Relationship with wielder: Often preys upon Shizuka's prudish behavior at times, she loves to toy with the woman and even influence what she does and thinks. It can be seen like either an older sister who loves to tease their sibling, or due to her appearance as it shows, as an actual succubus. No matter the case, she willingly supports Shizuka's actions and decisions wherever it may lead them.

    Bankai: (Not obtained yet, will still detail)

    Details: In Bankai form, Kaiyuri transforms into a different weapon entirely as she becomes Kaiyuri-Hana. The twin katanas morphs even longer and combine, taking the form of a giant scythe.
    appearance (open)

    Name: Kaiyuri-Hana
    Release: "Succumb to your desires, Kaiyuri-Hana

    Power: The abilities in shikai still remain and strengthen in this form, a robe donning over her attire with a torn hood. Atop of being a different weapon type entirely and larger, her reach is immense in close-combat and if struck by this deadly blade, a 'scar' appears upon the slash, leaving a lingering burning feeling that eventually feels as though their soul is being drained of their being. The stronger the opponent in willpower and other factors, the slower this will take effect. The only way the effect will disappear is either through defeating her, her bankai goes away, or she removes it by decision. Munashii Setsudanki can also leave this mark, but only direct contact of the blade leaves more fuller, efficient 'scars' to take effect on the opponent. As well to add for said ability, its power, size and range does increase in her bankai form.

    Theme Song:

    Kurono Akitachi | Arrancar | Argén of El Miedo
    Name: Kurono Akitachi
    Gender: Female
    Appearance Age: Looks to be in early 20s
    Appearance Details: The 'Hole' she has as an arrancar/hollow is where her solar plexus would be and underneath the clothing she wears a mask much like Halibel's does in the canon, but it's a removable cosmetic in this case.
    Race: Hollow - Arrancar
    Rank: Argén
    Affiliation: Arrancar Lord

    History: Like most of her kind, not much is remembered of her past as her mind cleared enough for rational thought once she became an Adjuchas. Once that happened, she found a goal among all the devouring, to gain more power with a purpose. She spent several years below within the Menos Forest, watching how the circle of life for hollows had gone. It was a vicious cycle, where those that were weak were destroyed and those that were strong thrived. It was no different to the circle of life we all know, but as it went on between sentient and not-so-sentient hollows, it only fueled an anger within. She was a victim of it as a predator to her prey but deep within she strived to fix that cycle.

    Personality: Always looks angry | Ill-tempered | Mouthy | Psuedo-psychotic | Prideful | Despite these, respects honor

    Fighting Style: Quite reckless but cunning, often looking for exploits to abuse especially when the environment is in her favor.
    Stats: 20 Points

    CQC- 4
    Hollow Techs- 4
    Sonido- 4
    Defensa- 4
    Reiatsu- 4

    **Segunda Etapa Hollow Techs- 7, Reiatsu- 9
    **Sonido- Sonido-4
    **Gran Rey Cero- Hollow Techs-6

    Custom Abilities:
    [*]Able to fire ceros from her hands and mouth, as well as possessing the ability to utilize Cero Cornea - a cero not as powerful as ordinary ones, but fired from the eyes and is much faster and harder to detect
    [*]Strong Hierro rather than regeneration
    [*]Balas are a hot pink color (more of a detail really)
    [*]Berserk - Intense will and adrenaline (along with her 'psychotic' personality) in fights will keep her going through fatal wounds until it all but wears off. Afterwards, the extent of her injuries will come flooding back into reality if any recieved.

    Sealed Zanpaktu form: As seen in Kurono's appearance
    Name & Release Command: "Devour the shadows, Kumorikira."

    Power and Details: Horns appear behind her head and a skeletal-like armor takes shape covering her body, wide, bony wings spreading from her back. Each 'bone' sharp and jagged, followed with a long, thin tail with a two-pronged fork at the end. Another interesting factor in this, most of the segments are blackened and the mask that takes over her face encase the entire right and upper left portions. The place where the 'eyepatch' resided turns into a cracked 'scar' with a yellow eye within. At best, she'd look similar to a gargoyle in a way.

    Resurrección Special Ability: Despite the usual increase in speed as is with most, her power thrives in the dark. The less visibility there is, the more potent she can be. Her tail can provide a powerful paralyzing agent if struck in a vital area. The darker the place, the stronger she grows. In this sense, reiatsu affects her more strongly in the dark.

    Segunda Etapa- N/A (Not obtained yet or not trying to yet)
    Power: N/A

    Theme Song:
  13. [​IMG]

    Name: Tsuneo Sawamori
    Gender: Male

    Appearance Age: 28-32
    Actual Age: 786

    Height: 5''11
    Weight: 179 LBS

    Race: Shinigami
    Rank: Captain

    Squad: 6th Division

    Affiliation: Soul Society - Seireitei

    Fighting Style:
    A calm and collective style. Does not act rashly unless absolutely neccessary. Prefers to fight both close range and mid, but can be equally dangerous if its a battle in long range. If anything, he likes to play tricks on his opponents to confuse them in order to get a superior advantage over them. He can be an annoying opponent to fight. A long fight will only be more interesting for him, and perhaps even more beneficial.

    Tsuneo is a thinker, and quite creative in his mind. Optimism is just a plus. He is always calm and casual. Tends to make silly jokes that may not even be funny. He's a constructive man with a very positive aura around him. He is very caring for the ones in his division and shows it as much as possible if a reason requiring it appears.

    Tsuneo Sawamori was just a boy in the 55th District of the Rukongai. Living quite the normal life during his time there. He was neither poor, nor did he have a noble life like many others did. He had a knack for doing what was required for him in order to survive. Albeit surviving was not an issue for him. A smart young boy known throughout his district to be an helpful person. If anything, he was the type to take on others burdens on himself, and take care of the problem, if he could. Help the people who required some extra men, or help some old women cook some food.

    The reputation of the capital in Soul Society was quite positive in his district. There were many times where he, along with many of the other kids, strolled around in the streets of his respective home, only to see many of the patrolling Shinigami there from time to time. His admiration for them was quite high. Especially when the likes of Shinigami, who had that white haori on them. They looked so strong in his eyes, like the guardians of Rukongai. There to serve and protect the souls from anything dangerous. It was something he wanted to become himself.

    Once time passed by and he grew, in order to achieve his goal, he tried his best to get inside the Seireitei, and see the beautiful view, wondering what else might be there. The most important thing in his life was to become a Shinigami to protect not only the souls of Rukongai, but also the humans of the World of the Living. Eventually, his great interest in becoming a protector reached the ears of the Shinigami patrolling the 55th District.

    There were times when the Shinigami would search for potential people in the Rukongai in order for them, or at least give them a chance to become something more, to become a Shinigami, just like themselves. He was sought out by a couple of Shinigami who gave him exactly what he desired. A chance at entering the capital, Seireitei. Once he gladly accepted, without thinking it over, Tsuneo had no idea that the path ahead would be quite harsh and difficult.

    If anything, he never did have a natural talent for becoming a Shinigami, but he showed some degree of potential. Finally a part of the Shin'ō Academy, he did his utmost to become a Shinigami to be reckoned with. Time passed by quite quick during his time in Seireitei. Falling down countless' times only to get back up, that was his motto. Never give up.

    After decades and decades, as he grew, he finally passed and became an unseated member of the 6th Division. During his time there, during what he encountered as a Shinigami, both in the Rukongai and even the World of the Living, his personality, his attitude became much more lax and caring. He eventually rose up in the ranks and was eventually promoted to Captain.

    Unique Traits:

    Master Reiatsu Pressure
    Master Reiatsu Resonance
    Massive Spiritual Pool
    Great Trickster
    Extremely Adaptable
    Quite Calm & Collective

    Unique Skills:

    Zanjutsu Master
    Shunpo Master (All Variations)
    Close Combat Master
    Good Kidō User
    Great Hakuda User
    Master Hohō User


    Gender: Female​

    Tsuneo has a very calm and easy-going connection with Nana. He has many nicknames for her. Such as Tsuna and Meimei. Nana, his zanpakutō is annoyed by the way he addresses her. If anything she is fine with the first nickname, but the last, she dislikes. However, this goes both way. For her wielder, the only nickname she uses is Tsune-chan, giving him a feminine honorific, though to no avail, does that annoy him. He in other words, accepts it with honor. Nana's personality can be quite condescending, though her bond with Tsuneo is quite deep and strong. She is not fond of Shinigami in general, even if her power is used by one. She eventually accepted her wielder. Despite her personality, which is pretty much all "high and mighty", even playful and or mischievous, she has a kind heart and can be very protective, even if she doesn't show it. Some may even say she's somewhat a tsundere. Their relationship is quite good, even if she doesn't literally show it, Tsuneo knows how she really is, and does not pay it any mind and rather smiles in return to keep her in the mood she's in.​

    Spirit World:
    The world where Tsuneo's zanpakuto resides in, or its actual form stays in, is almost covered in the color emerald. Despite this picture, there is more to it. Green vast pillars reaching for the endless dark green sky. Sparkling emerald snow falling slowly only to melt right away when it touches the surface. Glowing stones, crystals, pulsing on the walls surrounding the world. Water running down the many canals around the area. A half-broken throne chair at the end of the path of the stairs. That is usually the place where his zanpakutō is seen sitting, as if you're in the Empress' domain.

    Spirit Form:
    Nana has a slim fit body and is quite beautiful. With her long emerald hair, golden eyes. She has the aura of a queen. Wearing a white and blue outfit, whereas the white is covering her from the waist down, while her chest is covered in blue. This is what she looks like.


    Sealed State:
    The zanpakutō is quite normal when its sealed. Nothing is odd about it, however the hilt is green with white checkered squares on it.

    Shikai: Kyōretsuna

    Release & Command:
    Once Tsuneo is about to show the first of the two forms of his zanpakutō, he points the sharp end of his blade towards the surface, and the sharp side is towards the opponent. He stabs the zanpakutō into the ground. After that, he places his palm on top of the hilt and utters the words that'll show his zanpakutō's first state. "Evolve and manipulate, Kyōketsuna." A small circle surrounding the blade on the surface starts to shake. The blade vibrates slightly before dark but emerald steam erupts from the the ground around the blade. Cracked emerald lines appears and extends from the blade in all corners. The same steam starts to erupt from the cracked ground and the emerald lines around the zanpakutō. The shape of the the blade is not drastically different. The hilt is pure black with emerald checkered squares this time. While four small L shaped poles appear on the guard of the zanpakutō.


    Shikkyaku no Kyūtai (Falling Orbs) - This is a passive ability generated by the dark green steam which erupts from around and below the zanpakutō after the first form is released. It keeps on regenerating endlessly and manipulates the air around the area where the wielder is, and the opponent. It is not harmful but a confusing ability to his opponent. Once the green steam becomes a part of the air, small sparkling but emerald snowflakes are generated. They gradually start to fall down quite slowly, just like a snowfall.

    Keisei no Kaizōdo (Forms of Ones Will) - After Shikkyaku no Kyūtai, if the wielder cuts through the atmosphere created by his zanpakutō, or more accurately, cuts through the emerald snowflakes in a direction, an emerald but thick in length,and sharp in width malformed crystallized layer, in the form of the way his blade swung would immediately materialize, almost as if a protective shield just popped up. This is a defensive ability and can't be used offensively. He can also choose to use this or not.

    Yūdoku no Ichimi (The Toxic Touch) - This is a an active ability that is a part of the zanpakutō after the first form is released. A green aura is surrounding the blade only from the guard and to its sharp end. It is a cruel ability that will eventually harm the target, however internally and mentally. If the blade is able to touch its opponents skin, or wherever it cuts, poison will enter the body and eventually make its way to the mind. The more the blade cuts, the faster it'll increase. What this ability does is that it eventually takes control of the mind and lets the opponent feel sharp but agonizing pain, as if the opponent has been tortured endlessly, or stabbed through the heart over and over again. However this ability can be controlled and cancelled whenever the wielder wants to.

    Hitomane (Mimicry) - This ability is quite useful and confusing, but also manipulative. Once the ability is active, the dark green steam appears around the wielders body, almost like an aura encasing him as a whole. Once the wielder strikes at the opponent, an imitation of that same attack takes form right after and does the same, looking like an entity or a spirit holding a blade, and doing the same as the wielder.

    Mōsō no Monomane (Mimicry Delusion) - This ability is almost the same as Hitomane, but it can make another impact which can be crucial in many ways and can be used simultaneously as Hitomane. This ability is like a second mode of Hitomane and can be switched between either. Mōsō no Monomane gives the wielder the ability to switch places with his mimic. A mimicry of himself can appear before the opponent and strike the way he wants it to, only so he can either appear before the opponent and do something entirely else, because then, it wont be the mimic appearing, it would be the wielder instead. It can also be used in many other ways. For example to create some distance between him and his opponent and such. During this mode, his mimic will be more like a clone of the wielder himself, and after it strikes it will evaporate, dissolving right before the opponent, even confusing the latter if anything.​

    Bankai: Kyōretsuna Tenmei

    Release & Command:
    Tsuneo points the sharp end of his zanpakutō at his opponent before uttering the right command for the latter to evolve into its second but final form. "Discard your shackles. Show your true form. Come forth, Kyōketsuna Tenmei." After the initial command for his blade to evolve into its Bankai form, Tsuneo swings the blade horizontally in the empty air, showing the opponent several imitation just of the blade following the same path. Following thereafter, emerald particles drastically emanates from the blade, which is also pulsing in a darker color to that of green this time. After a second or two the guard of the zanpakutō completely changes, turning pitch black, and in the form of a circle, while also being quite thick. Once it fully moves over to its Bankai form, rather than the Shikai, the sharp side of the blade has a tint of the color dark green. Almost as if toxic poison has been coated on it. The zanpakutō eventually stops pulsing.


    Tsunzaku Kōsetsu (Piercing Snowfall) - This ability can only be used in combination with Shikkyaku no Kyūtai. The former cannot work if the latter isn't around. This ability does not require the wielder to use his zanpakutō in a flashy way. The resonance with the spirit will allow the wielder to use his vacant hand. Moving it in a motion where the emerald snowflakes will become something much more hardened, to that of something like dark but green crystallized spears, extending from the snowflakes towards the target, digging into the surface if missing the latter. Only the wielder has the ability to pick up these spears and use it as an extra weapon, but they are extremely weak and can shatter easily if used in a defensive way.

    Yūmon Komichi (Tormenting Path) - This is an ability that appears and lashes towards the target in what direction the wielders cuts, whether its close or long range. Once the wielder swings the blade vertically towards its target, massive dark green energy in the shape of an arc erupts from the zanpakutō and has extended force behind it, reaching its destination with quite the speed. This is a unique ability, because a small thread, or a spiritual string is latched onto the zanpakutō. The string itself is latched onto the back of the massive energy unleashed from the blade. If the wielder chooses to swing the blade horizontally, the arc will swing from its vertical position, and do exactly what the blade does. If the wielder swings his blade to the right, it will also move in the same direction. This ability is quite unique and the true potential of what it can really do in numerous of other ways is still unknown to Tsuneo.

    Bun'ya Sosai Tenmei (Shattering Green Field) - This ability is not harmful, but it allows the wielder to enter a domain controlled by him and his zanpakutō. It is essentially a small portion of the spirit world that materializes around the wielder and his surrounding, especially around his opponent. Vastly long but six dark green pillars emerge from the sky and digs themselves into the ground, three on each side, with humongous space in between them. The steam is seeping around on ground level, while the sky is dark green. Vague dark green smoke is also filling the air, the atmosphere. The wielder only has a hilt in his hand, the blade from the guard to its sharp end dissolves once the field is active, becoming a part of it, leaving the wielder without a blade in his hand. The wielder can also hide in his domain with ease, and appear wherever he wishes to. Even behind his opponent if the opponent can't find him.

    Gensō kyōki (Illusionary Madness) - Once Bun'ya Sosai Tenmei is active, the wielder can touch the surface with his hand stretched out, to use the steam on the surface to generate a spiritual dark green hand that'll aim for his opponent. It can go through the opponent, even if one might believe its blockable, it will just go through. One has to dodge it in order to get away. If the hand is successful in his attack, the mind of the target will start to play tricks on him. Bring out his biggest fears, tormenting him. Confuse him. Show him illusions of the opponent and anything similar. It will literally, if not escaped, give the target a traumatic experience, and eventually drive him mad. One has to use the force of their spiritual power to drastically get out of it, if they are unable to dodge it.

    Enge Kadō (Swallowing Vortex) - This ability allows the wielder to suck in all the dark green steam in the area generated by the blade and his other techniques. It is all swallowed by his zanpakutō, making the surface and the atmosphere quite normal. If this ability is used while Bun'ya Sosai Tenmei is active, the dark green sky, and the pillars are the only things that are left standing, and the blade regenerates back on the hilt. The zanpakuto gets tremendous spiritual power inside it, making the blade turn into the color of dark green from the guard and up. Albeit most of the abilities in Bankai form becomes null and void because of this, the wielder has the ability to use the ability retained by his Shikai form. This is only if the wielder prefers zanjutsu in his situation.

    Kaiho Kadō (Releasing Vortex) - After Enge Kadō, if the user wants to, he can release the tremendous spiritual energy stored inside his blade throughout his situation, or battle. The energy will spiral out from the blade in the form of a bullet fang, penetrating anything in its path. This will turn the blade from the guard up back to its normal color, but this ability is used only if the situation is dire, and there is no other option. It is an uncontrollable technique, and can physically and perhaps mentally damage anything in its path.


    CQC - 7
    Kido - 0
    Hoho - 7
    Zan Resonance - 8
    Reiatsu - 8

    Total: 30 Points

    - Is quite fond of books and history in general.
    - Likes to make jokes around his underlings.
    - Despite his rank, he always enjoys training.
    - Doesn't in particular hate the Hollows, but only cuts them down so they can pass on to something better.
    - Is somewhat fond of sake but doesn't let it get the better of him.
    - Likes to have a good relationship with his underlings and outside in Seireitei.​
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  14. Leon De la MénoFather of the Fallen
    Theme of Sin/|\Theme of Existence
    Basic Info
    Name: Leon De la Méno
    Alias/Nicknames: Father of the Fallen; Protector of the Sand; The Blind Messiah
    Gender: Male
    Age: 650
    Age Appearance: Early thirties
    Race: Human -> Tsukirei -> Hollow -> Arrancar

    Affiliation: El Reina
    Rank: Argén

    Aspect of Death: Sacrifice

    Additional Appearance Information:
    Standing at 5'9'', Leon is average when it comes to height, if not smaller than most Arrancar. His build is far from muscular and his stance almost always stiff. He is never seen wobbling around or losing his balance.

    Unlike most arrancar, he does not have one hollow hole, but two - one for each eye. It is not known where his mask is, as it is nowhere in plain sight. So far, no one had learned the whereabouts of his mask or does he even, as some speculate, have one.

    The scars on his face and body are occasionally seen glowing red, as his Reiryoku is flowing through his body. When actively releasing Reiryoku, the scars are glowing even more intensely. The origin of the scars is a mystery too many, and only a few Arrancar are familiar with the story.

    Below Leon's quiet presence, lay an intimidating soul; his mind does not seek conflict on his own behalf. There is no goal of his own that he seeks to achieve, other than to serve as a pillar for his new family. However, he does not show his inner side most of the time, not directly at least; he would much rather stand on the side, keeping an eye on his fellow Arrancar. He will not stop them from fighting, he will not stop them from killing - a true ghost on the sidelines; but he will make his presence more than known if someone is about to kill one of his own.

    There is a certain aura of protection seeping out of him, and that was recognized by Arrancar in Hueco Mundo. Whether they liked it or not, most of them were unable to hurt him - but instead of ridding them of their existence, he had helped them stand up. It was an undeniable proof that he considered the Arrancar his own race.

    Although not showing the same amount of mercy, or any for that matter, to the opposing forces, he still shows a certain amount of respect. If his enemy is down, he will show them a peaceful death, instead of torturing them, as some Arrancar are famous for their sadistic strings.

    His purpose, other than to provide as much safety as possible for his kin, is to serve El Reina. Leon never opposes any order he receives from his superior queen. If he is on the battlefield with them, he knows that they will be that much safer, the reason behind them being on the battlefield is little of his concerns.

    Although not fond of every Arrancar, and not afraid to state it, it does not mean that he will not do everything in his power to ensure his or her safety; even more if El Reina demands it. After all, her wish is his command.

    But, there are rare occassions when the cocoon of patience and peacefulness breaks and the direct well-being of one of his own is left in Leon's hand - whether one is willing to test the boundaries of that patience and risk bringing out the demon inside of him - the end result won't be the one they enjoy. There is a grave difference between an enemy that was unfortunate enough to stand in his way and an enemy whose purpose is unclean and macabre.


    “You are my family now. And I will protect you as long as we are bound by these holes in our chests.”
    El Padre

    The story of Leon - a son, a brother and a husband is far from an easy read. Blind from birth, he was considered a freak, a demon spawn. At the time when he was alive, that was a common train of thought, especially in a religious family as his. Early in his childhood, his father went to war, never returning home. His mother, left alone to take care of her parents and children, had to work two - even three jobs - only to have some food on the table for her family. What was left of it. She was heartbroken by her husband's death. The resources were slim and someone had to take the shortest straw. The decision was not as hard as one would think; there was one person in the five member family that was to be fed the least. And that would have no means to complain, as long as he didn't even see how much food they had overall.

    Around his tenth birthday, he was left to travel to school on his own, as his brother demanded more freedom, ultimately not having to help Leon anymore. One normal day, following the same path, he was attacked. The mysterious assailant did not talk to him, nor did he steal anything. Instead, Leon was bashed into the nearby wall. Unable to see, nor sense, the hollow in front of him - he was left in the hands of fate itself. Instead of being devoured, a local shinigami had saved his life, driving the hollow away. From that point on, he was able to sense spiritual energy, more and more with each passing day.

    Out of the darkness, he was granted a weak gift of sight. Being able to detect spiritual energy, he eventually learned to pick up on it and trace the outlines of spiritual beings and objects. As he grew, his affinity became stronger and he was able to see more of he world. Some people, interestingly enough, emitted a different color of spiritual pressure, but he was unsure of its meaning. Still, no one had paid him heed and he was branded an even bigger demon upon mentioning it to his family. Their dissonance grew to the point of him being kicked out of the home and left to fend for himself on the streets. That was a gift for his fifteenth birthday.

    Fast forward ten years and you have a man who survived. The cold, the hunger, the pain; he survived. Were it not for his ability to detect spiritual energy, though, one can only speculate that he would have had been in the soil long time ago.

    No, not only did he survive - he had succeeded. Against all odds, against the stream. It is tragicomic how many opportunities a blind man can have if he has a pair of eyes hidden from the public. His actions, what he had to do to survive - were far from anything he would ever be proud off. But despite all who wanted to take advantage of him - he managed to find himself a job, a small apartment. The only reason why he had gotten the job in the first place was because the higher-ups thought they could provide him with less resources without him even knowing. Were they ever wrong. But Leon did little to oppose them, he had survival on his mind and there was no time to stand up for himself. After all, at that point he had it better than ever before in his life.

    Interestingly enough, he even found himself a romantic interest. Whether she was a beauty or not was up for debate, all that had mattered was that she was pure on the inside. Never before had he such a connection to someone. His best friend, his love - his wife. Yes, he was truly happy. However - all good things have to meet an unceremonious end sooner or later. Their end came rather soon.

    Jealousy is a poison that does a lot of harm upon innocent people.

    After his wedding, his brother had remained in contact with him. And although Leon felt happy - considered family family, after all they've put him through - his brother had much more menacing plans hiding behind the smile. His brother, however more successful, more appreciated, more loved than Leon - lacked one thing; the ability to have family. And seeing his brother happy, after all the hardships he had to go through - it just didn't fit; Leon was not made for happiness.

    He waited. And waited. For the right moment. For the happiness to soak in; for Leon to settle down and to get gripped by a false sense of security. What was a few years spent waiting to see his brother's life get destroyed. Connections to wonders in such a materialistic world. And the time was about right - their fifth anniversary. A man would be impressed by how many things can be achieved by only a few phone calls. A little money on the side, behind the curtains, and his wife would be no more.

    To kill her? No, it would be too easy. Not enough pain. She had to get broken, she had to disappear. For his life to collapse - she was the pillar that needed to be crushed.

    On the other hand, Leon had suspected nothing. He was too relaxed in his own world, content for the first time. He had forgotten all the misery of the past and instead focused on the gift of the future. When time rolled by for their fifth anniversary, he had gotten everything set up. Using his best effort, he was ready for the best night of her life. And he was even ready to propose having a child.

    She never came home that night. The police did say they will look into the matter, but nothing had came out of it. After a month, she was had been declared officially missing, and although the authorities wanted to declare her dead by absentia - Leon refused. It was not until half a year later that he had been sent a package. The strangest thing he had noticed was that someone had actually sent a package to a blind person. He would never forget what was inside.

    Eventually, his life force depleted, as he was unable to cope with the sudden collapse of his only pillar. He had refused to believe the truth and sheltered himself by withdrawing into his own world. Dementia. A scary word. Not as scary as jealousy, but certainly not pleasant. Leon's brother would fall victim to it. Soon, the pain he had inflicted was not enough. Leon himself was the next in line. He would suffer torture, he would suffer pain.

    Unfortunately for his brother, instead of hiring people to do it - he opted out to do it on his own. His first - and last - mistake. Of course, Leon had little means of defense, but his brother had little patience. Their very weak struggle still ended prematurely, with a knife in Leon's body. His body tensed up against it for a few moments, before going limp. He had no will to fight death.

    But he would find out, in mere seconds, that death was but an invitation to a much greater state of existence. He had become something more than a mere blind man - a tsukirei. A wandering ghost. Were it not for his brother yelling out the truth over Leon's dead body, the truth of his wife's whereabouts, maybe his ascension to the afterlife would have went differently. But instead, unlike most spirits - wandering or not - hunger took over his body immediately. He had no chain attached torso, he had nothing but two chains overlapping and attaching to his sockets. But he was free to move, he was free to think. Most importantly, he was able to snap the neck of his brother, before waiting for his spirit to arise.

    Being blind during his time alive meant absolutely nothing - he was finally able to see. Shapes, figures, strings and energy. It bounced of the walls and the furniture. It painted the picture for him. For him to see the sickening image of his brother in front of him.

    He would only later find out that most spirits start consuming other spirits after their transformation into a being called hollow. His brother would have been lucky if that were the case, but Leon was not unable to let him live. To believe that his brother was destined to transcend into a peaceful afterlife was absurd, the only place to hold him would be hell. But Leon made sure to send him somewhere even deeper. Even darker. Where he would never be able to return from.

    After that event - he was roaming the earth, seeking his wife out. Through hordes of hollow and other spirits. Through shinigami that were sent to make him ascend. No one would stop him from seeing his wife.

    Like in a good story, he had found her - but life was no story and certainly not a good one. He had come too late, only to see his wife's rotting corpse in an empty room. The only thing that kept him from destroying the entire building was the chain that was still attached to his sockets. In a fit of rage; a fit of sorrow and pain - the chain was no more. Using all of his willpower, he ripped his own sockets out, breaking the chain and releasing the power that made him a hollow.

    It was the beginning of a brand new ascensions.

    Past suggests that all hollow are merely mindless animals, not capable of any rational thought but the instinct to feed. To soothe the hunger. Leon was the exception to the rule. He was certain that his wife was unable to end up in hell - but had to go somewhere else. He had no other choice but to go there himself. No other choice. No other reason to exist. If whatever God exists had given him this opportunity, he believed it was for a good reason. Whoever stood in his way promptly became his meal.

    Until he became something more.

    Many decades later, the figure of a reborn man walked through the empty desert of Hueco Mundo. Bringing himself to a halt, he switched his gaze to a grounded Arrancar in the vicinity. She was weak, not able to survive. And he was able to feel it. It would be easy enough to feed on such low ranked members of the hollow family, but he had other plans on his mind.

    Countless years had passed since he was able to break his mask. Since he had to brawl with others his kind just for a shot at another existence. But he overcame it all and immediately switched his focus on seeking out his wife. For a long time, he had hope. But he learned that hope was nothing but an illusion in the world he inhabited. A series of events had taught him a valuable lesson about the world of hollow. About the world that did not hold his wife.

    But he had found a purpose, amongst the broken hopes and sunken ships. If he was unable to protect his family when he was alive, he would do see in this one last chance that he was given. And he had learned who his new family was.

    The Arrancar.


    CQC - 0/10

    Hollow Techs - 5/10

    Sonido - 1/10

    Defensa - 10/10

    Reiatsu - 4/10


    Custom Skills

    A skill that is in its essence similar to echolocation, only on the basis of Reiryoku - by focusing on other sources of Reiryoku, Leon has learned how to notice its bouncing of other objects in the room or the space. The same works for bursts of his own Reiryoku, as he is able to pick up on his surroundings and give himself temporary sight. It is stressful on his Reiryoku, but allows him to be active during the battle.

    Enhanced Senses:
    Due to Leon's lifelong blindness, his other senses had the chance to grow stronger than other peoples. He is able to pick up on different individuals by using his auditory senses fairly well, even developing a slight form of echolocation, although it has stopped developing due to the use of Rei-Location. His strongest sense, after hearing, is scent.

    Cero Estático:
    A custom version of Cero that Leon developed due to his inability to shoot a normal Cero as precisely. A Cero forms in either (or both) of his hands, allowing him to sustain it without exploding or hurting him. Upon touching another object or person, the Cero will be sent surging through it much like electricity.

    Resurreccion - El Fin De Los Dias

    Sealed Form:
    A zanpakuto hidden within a cane. A weary cane made of unknown material, with bones encircling it; the markings on the cane resemble a life circle of an individual, with the most recent markings (and the ones closest to the head of the cane) show the transformation of an Arrancar into a more powerful deity, although they are not finished. The head is noticeably made out of a different material than the rest of the cane, much softer and fragile. It faintly resembles a crow, although a much more macabre version, with its eyes missing and the surface of its face deformed.

    Release Command:
    "Open your eyes and bear witness - The End of Days"

    Release Process:
    Upon reciting the phrase, Leon will bite off the head of his cane - slowly disappearing into thin air, his body dissipating into a flock of crows. The process will begin from bottom and only when nothing of Leon is left will the crows fly into the opposition. Not causing any damage, but rather trying to inflict panic and insecurity into his enemies. Before colliding with an object or a person, each crow will vanish, one by one. When no crow is left on the field, a thick fog will engulf the area, one part always thicker than the rest. Out of it will emerge the released form of El Padre.

    The thick fog lingers on for as long as Leon is in his true form - giving unto his enemies the feeling that he has had to live with for his entire life.

    Power and abilities:

    Cero Ojos:
    The sixteen eye like openings on his two horns serve as a constant release of Reiryoku, instead of eyes. With them slowly pulsating small and conserved amounts of Reiryoku - Leon is given a gift of sight, his Rei-Location constantly mapping out his surroundings. Should his Reiryoku source drop to the last reserves, half (or more, depending on the severity of the situation) of the openings will close.

    A variation of Cero Córnea is possible, called Cero Apertura, although one beam of said Cero in question is not as strong, sixteen at once still make for a powerful Cero.

    His core ability allows Leon to numb any part of an opponent's body he touches. The ability is not permanent and lasts until another part of the body is numbed; or Leon is no longer able to sustain his Ressureccion.

    However, he is able to numb another opponent, without canceling the effect on the first person.
    Elastic Skin:
    The skin connecting his ribs to his legs is elastic enough for him to be more athletic than he usually is, able to make a bridge or turn his upper body around by twisting.
    The Father's Wish:
    The most important ability of Leon's ressureccion. He is able to call upon the crows to generate an object made of their fathers anywhere inside of the fog. The object's size varies depending on the amount of fog used to generate it. With each object generated, the fog decreases. When there is no more fog, Leon is unable to call upon any more objects, but it does not cancel out his ressureccion state.

    The variety of objects is basically limited to Leon's imagination, which may differ greatly from the imagination of any other person due to his inability to see.
    The End of Days: (Not powerful enough to use it)
  15. [​IMG]

    : Elam Saotome
    Gender: Male

    Appearance Age: 24

    Height: 5''11
    Weight: 175 LBS

    Race: Quincy
    Rank: Commander

    Affiliation: Human World Coalition

    Fighting Style:
    As you can see. Elam is a sophisticated fighter. Using his mind in a battle more than combat. However, he is capable of showing skills when it comes to archery and swordsmanship. He is more of a ranged fighter and is a force to be reckoned with, but he is also a devastating opponent if it ever comes to close range.

    Elam can be seen as a cold person. He rarely shows any emotion unless its neccessary. He is quite straightforward and blunt. He is quite loyal and faithful to their cause. He has extremely well-develeoped senses. He tends to stick to things until they are done. There is more to him then what meets the eyes.

    Echt Quincy. Those are the words of someone born with a noble status. Elam was born into a European family, a well known at that. He was a pure Quincy, with both his loving parents being Quincies themselves. He was a pampered little boy during his younger days. Living in a big estate, with plenty of friends, toys and what not, he had the perfect life. His parents had quite the reputation, and they often visited other families of the same status or similar. It was more or less an elegant party here or there. He was nurtured quite well. As time went by and he became older, around the age of eight, he was trained by his father, who told him about what the purpose of a Quincy really is, and the fact that there are unknown and mysterious entity all around the different realms. Back then it was more or less something Elam understood to some level, but the most important part of his sessions with his father was his training to become a Quincy worthy of the family.

    By the time Elam became a teenager, he had a great understanding on the aspect of being a Quincy and what it entaled. Along with many other teenagers like him, who were also Quincies, they were taught more regarding their fighting style, how they usually use a bow and arrow as their signature weapon and so on. Eventually, Elam found his own fighting style beside the typical one. He ended up with dual swords. The family eventually moved from Europe to another country, on the other side of the world, or more specifically Japan. That's where they ended up.

    Well received in another country, their reputation was exceptional even there. Despite being european, there was some japanese blood running through his vein. It was more specifically his great grandfathers, hence Elam's father actually being Japanese. The reason for why his surname is Saotome and not something a European would have.

    Much time passed and his parents were no more. He was alone, an eye patch covering his right eye. His personality quite cold and different than what it was back in his younger days. The only thing he remembers from the horrific day that took away his family, was that to a certain someone, who was part of something, that eventually burned down one of their many houses, and especially where he was staying with both his parents.

    He inherited the status, the reputation of his parents, and his personality was quite strict. Some would even call it bad. He eventually showed unique talents as a Quincy and even destroyed countless of Hollows. Unfortunately, turmoil came to the World of the Living as a chaos was loose around the latter. Hollows emerged from Hueco Mundo, and drastically increased. Reasons were unknown, and by that time, Elam was already a part of the Human World Coalition, where he worked alongside another Quincy just like him. They were a special two-man cell who did most of the dirty and exceptionally dangerous work in order to protect the humans.

    His relationship with his partner, Reiku grew as time passed by. If anything, she would be the one who knows Elam the best.

    Quincy Items:

    Seele Schneider
    Quincy Cross

    Custom Items:

    Name: Geist Bombs

    Just as the name implies. It's a small bomb with spiritual power condensed in it. A small round lid is keeping it sealed, once its popped open, the flow of the spiritual energy slowly escapes the round capsule it inhabited. Once its thrown, a spiritual explosion will destroy anything around it. It is way more powerful than anything ordinary, and can even be used to disrupt the spiritual energy around an area.

    Name: Sanrei Ring

    Just like the Sanrei Glove artifact. This artifact is unique and is activated once its worn by the user. Giving the latter exeptional power and growth for a certain amount of time, however it drastically exhausts the user as well. It can scatter the reishi in the user's surrounding, making it difficult to manifest a weapon, such as a bow and or a sword.

    Name: Dual Blades
    Just like in the appearance picture. The two swords he wields are the ones he keeps strapped behind his back, horizontally.

    Name: Pandora & Mithral

    Well forged with unique and rare materials, and with reishi. Unique revolvers used instead of a bow. Gives the user the ability to shoot reishi-made bullets. They are very similar to a Hollow using Bala or even a Cero. It has two modes. One is where they can be used excessively; like a burst of spirit bullets oozing out from both Pandora and Mithral. The second mode, is much more similar to how a sniper is used, however only two bullets from each revolver can come out. They would be faster, wider and have penetrating power which can be extreme, especially on point blank.


    Custom Quincy Techniques:

    Hohl Spatz (Hollow Sparrow) - In other words, Hollow Sparrow. One exceptional way to condense and manipulate the reishi from the surroundings or anything that lets out the former. Giving the user the ability to manifest black sparrows to heed their Master's words. Extremely fast and can even pierce like a sniper bullet. The Hohl Spatz can also be used in many other variations as well. For example, being a messenger, in an old tradional way.

    Sklaverei (Holy Slave) - This technique uses the most basic ability to gather reishi in the most powerful way, by enslaving it. It can literally tear away the components that make up spiritual based objects such as those that make up Hueco Mundo and Soul Society as well as the bodies of spiritual beings. When the body of a spiritual being is affected by this power, the user can literally assume the characteristics and associated capabilities of their victim. It can only be used in Vollständig mode.

    Fata Morgana (Mirage) - This technique allows the user to manipulate the reishi in his surroundings to create a mirror shaped mirage, albeit transparent in front of the user or wherever he manipulates the reishi towards. It has the ability to suck in attacks such as a Cero, Bala and even Kido only to reflect it back towards the one who used one of the latters. The only difference is that once similar techniques to the ones mentioned gets trapped by the mirage. It literally manipulates the energy from the techniques only to make it more suitable and similar to Quincy Arrows. The said techniques are also enhanced and truly becomes a slave for the Quincy.


    Unique Traits:

    Extreme Reishi Manipulation
    Master Hirenkyaku
    Master Ransōtengai
    High Blut User (All Variations)
    Master Vollständig​

    Unique Skills:

    Master Archer
    Close-Combat Master
    Dual Blademaster
    Dual Gunmaster
    Great Strategist
    High Intellect


    Blut Arterie - 10
    Blut Vene - 6
    Hirenkyaku - 8
    Quincy Items - 6
    Reishi Manipulation - 10

    Total: 40 Points

    - Has a personal issue with the Shinigami, hence he dislikes working with them.
    - He has an interest in books, and generally tends to read some to pass the time.
    - If anything, he tends to be soft for animals such as cats, even though he technically has a sparrow.​