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  1. So a Bleach RP in the making. Most of you do know what this RP will be based on. At least the setting. Main reason for why I've made this thread is to see exactly how many would be interested in it. Since as of right now, I dont see any Bleach RPs on the site. (They've all died out, I think). This, however, can be an exception.

    Anyhow, here are some simple need-to-know for when or if the RP ever starts.

    It will only be about Hueco Mundo and Soul Society. Meaning, Shinigami/Arrancars to choose between.

    The other races/world of the living will be introduced later in the story.

    You can make a Captain/Lieutenant for a said division, but do so after the OOC is made, and when this is much more organized.

    Espada's will exist in this RP from the start, so yes you can pick and play one. You can make a Fraccion too if ya want.

    Anyhow, more in regards of the ORIGINS of the Hueco Mundo and some original story in regards of the Soul King/Palace will be shared later. I do have this planned out to some degree with my co-GM @Artorias

    You can ofc, ask him any questions as well. He's in this just as much as I am.

    Anyhow.. Who is up for this RP? Interested and all? Oh and, any questions, go right ahead and ask, or PM if you want.

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  3. I'm a big fan of Bleach, so I'd be interested if it gets enough support to kick off.
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  4. -sniffs rp-
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  5. I will join if we get enough people.
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  6. I'll just note I'm following this.
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  7. I'm interested! i have an arrancar and a shinigami i haven't had any chance to use much n_n
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  8. I'll keep an eye on this.
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  9. No questions yet? -slinks back to the darkness-
  10. I am a huge a Bleach fan! It's a shame that there aren't many going on anymore.

    I would defiantly be keen to join. Though I think you need to mention more about where you wish for this to RP to go ^_^ so far you haven't mentioned much (which I gather it's done on purpose to see who is interested without giving away to much XP) But anywho count me in! If you need any help setting up pm me I've loved bleach for a long time and would be happy to help out.
  11. I dont really want to reveal anything because honestly. I need to see if, like you said, people are interested in this. Enough people for me to go forward with this. Dedicated players at that.

    But I am glad to know that you're interested in this. I'll be sure to give you a PM if I need any help. (Which I may) @Cirilla
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  12. how many people do you need? o.0
    not counting you yourself there's nine people that have shown interest in a bleach rp o.o
  13. I would say at least 2-3 more before I get an OOC up for this.
  14. I'm interested. New blood on the forum, but I'm a capable writer with a strong knowledge of the Bleach universe.
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  15. I'll keep my eye on this. If it seems to go somewhere I may join.
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  16. Interested as well..I'll keep watching for a while.
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  17. This sounds like ENOUGH for me to make this RP happen! I get an OOC up as soon as I have the ability to do so. Still working on a few things.
  18. Room for one more? Was in a bleach RP before but it died and I had an Espada I made then that I really want to use again.
  19. @Akashi
    Always down for a bleach rp I actually had a vizard in my last bleach rp
  20. i'm gonna have to rescind my interest in this... as much as I wanna do a bleach rp i've never liked RPs with this many people and in my personal experience they don't generally work out anyway, sorry >.<
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