Bleach: Mirror World

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  1. This is Bleach,with the arrancar and captains switched places (also Ichigo and crew and Urahara)

    This is the tale of our hero Grimmjow Jaggerjack,once an ordinary high school kid until he meets the Shinigami Mira Rose then his whole world turns upside down.Now he's a substitute Shinigami plunged into a world of hollows and shinigami. Meeting several crazy and cooky Shinigami captains along with his friends Neliel Tu Odervanshk,Edorad Leones and the last Quincy Ulquiorra Cifer can Grimmy adjust to his new life?

    Character Swaps:
    Kisuke Urahara (Sosuke Aizen) the Captain of Squad 5
    Arturo Plateado (Byakuya) a nobleman and Captain of squad 6
    Nnoitra Gilga(Zaraki Kenpachi) a vicious fighter and Captain of squad 11
    Sosuke Aizen (Kisuke Urahara) a candy store owner and the man responsible for Grimmy's powers
    Szayelaporro Granz (Mayuri) a creepy and crazy mad scientist who's captain of squad 12
    Coyote Starrk (Kyouraku) a lazy and scruffy man who's Captain of squad 8
    Teir Halibel (Soi Fon)
    A vicious and stern woman who's captain of squad 2
    Barragan Luisinbarn (Yamamoto) a stern old man and the leader of Seireitei who's captain of squad 1

    If you know of any other arrancar who would fit in the other squads please let me know and I'll place them appropriately that's just all I could think of at the moment

    Anyway that's my idea and constructive criticism is welcome
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.