Bleach: Life as a espada! (ooc/canon)

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  1. "Life as a Espada"

    "You have been in Hueco Mundo trying to get stronger for years now and finally Sosuke Aizen has accepted you."
    This is after then when Aizen get captured and Shinigami's won... but now Aizen is run away from his chains and back to the Hueno mundo.
    His old palace is taked over by some other strong villains and he needs to find more help to bring it back, but it easies said than done because his name is knowed.

    ps: Aizen have not Hōgyoku with him and part of his power are not returned yet.
    They live in to the desert under the endless night, every steps will hold new adventure and dangers.
    Accepting: occ/ canon charasters (Hollows/ Arrancars/ Espadas/ even betrayed shinigamis and hell villains)

    Canon charasters:
    I know that almost all of them died for the series, but it's up to you how they survived.
    Espadas/ fraccions List (Canon)

    Charlotte Chuhlhourne
    Abirama Redder
    Findorr Calius
    Choe Neng Poww
    Ggio Vega
    Nirgge Parduoc
    Emilou Apacci
    Franceska Mila Rose
    Cyan Sung-Sun
    Ulquiorra Schiffer
    Nnoitra Jiruga
    Tesra Lindocruz
    Grimmjow Jaegerjaques
    Shawlong Koufang
    Edrad Liones
    Nakeem Grindin
    Yylfordt Granz (me)
    Di Roy
    Zommari Leroux
    Szayel Aporro Granz (me)
    Aarionerio Arrurueirie

    Former Espada
    Neliel Tu Odershwank
    Pesche Guatiche

    Betrayed shinigamis (Canon)
    Aizen sousuke"leader"
    Gin Ichimaru
    Kaname Tosen

    Hell villains (Canon)
    Shuren (me)

    Any other canon charasters:

    Ooc list:


    Appearance: (If not picture)
    Age: (optional)
    History: (Optional)
    Zanpakuto Name:
    resurreccion: (If arrancar)
    Shikai/ Bankai: (If shinigami)
    Anything else?:

    [Will make my forms later]

    Have fun and Join! :)

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  2. Picture:
    Name: Szayelaporro Grantz
    Race: Arrancar
    Rank: Octava Espada "Former because the numbers don't count anymore"
    Appearance: (If not picture) -
    Age: (optional) 25-35 years in human age
    Personality: Sarcastic, quietly, usual very calm but dangerous when angry, Stubborn, harsh, Tricky, clever and hard to get alone with.
    History: (Optional) He was belong to the Aizen's army, therefor captured By Captain Mayuri for a examination test. Sometime based when he recovered himself,escaped and got back to hueno mundo. He have very disputed relationship with his Brother, someway he hates him, but he saved his life so there is some Brotherly care too.
    resurreccion: (If arrancar) Sip Fornicaras
    Shikai/ Bankai: (If shinigami) -
    Anything else?: He is Yylfordt Grantz little Brother

    Name: Yylfordt Granz
    Race: Arrancar
    Rank: "Grimmjow's Fraccion"
    Appearance: (If not picture) -
    Age: (optional) 30-40 years in human age
    Personality: Harsh, aggressive, hot-headed, sarcarstic, tricky but loyal to the one he likes.
    History: (Optional) Like his Brother he belonged to the aizen's army too, under Grimmjow's commands. He is saved By his Brother after get half killed By Renji. He and his Brother have very disputed relationship, Yylfordt is very posessive toward his Brother and try his everything to control thing.
    Zanpakuto Name
    resurreccion: (If arrancar) Del toro
    Shikai/Bankai : (If shinigami) -
    Anything else?: He is Szayelaporro's older brother​