Bleach: Everlasting Aeons

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Two Swords, Epiphany of power for two factions (Shinigami and Hollow), have been stolen by a lone Vizard. The first sword is Sōkyoku, which has the strength of 1,000,000 Zanpakuto. Originally thought to have been destroyed by Jushiro and Shunsui, it practically was. However, one thing forgotten is the weapon's Pheonix form. Reborn from the ashes of it's tribunal, so to speak, Sokyoku was hidden from the others by Old Man Yamamato, for he alone knew of it's regeneration abilities. Birds of a feather flock together, so they say. It is kept sealed in a pocket dimension adjacent to Hueco Mundo (the two energies canceling each other out to deal the blade Neutral). The second is Shinshoku, which holds the equal strength of 1,000,000 zanpakuto, tainted by Hollow energy. This is kept in a separate pocket dimension, adjacent to Soul Society for similar reasons. These are the primordial swords, from which came the first Plus and Hollow. These swords have no wielder; in fact, these swords wielded their original owners. Although they can't be used (or even less, held properly), The vizard (henceforth known as 'Hachidori') has an ulterior motive. He is going to use their combined energy to create the 'Handan', a blade with so much power it is capable of wiping all three dimensions clean. Unfortunately, all of his attempts has ended in failure... So far

How he had managed to steal these swords is impossible to determine. However, it has been done. Soul Society is now falling apart. The blade's energy was used to stabilize the dimension, especially with so many high-powered shinigami living there, it needed to be countered by a central force. Now that it is missing, the shinigami there find they are slowly losing their power. To make up for this, the Soul King provided the ultimate Sacrifice. He imploded himself with the Oken in order to create the Fracture. The Fracture is an area that is slightly hazy, and is a very weak point between the dimensions of Soul Society and the Dangai Precipice world. It allows for all of the ambient reiatsu of the shinigami that live in Soul Society to leak through like a giant drain, which helps stabilize the world.


Hueco Mundo, on the other hand, had no such luck. With their leader gone and most of their troops killed in action, the Espada decided that enough was enough, and it was time to disband. They figured that while they were the only Arrancar remaining, they should play that and take over sections of Hueco Mundo for their own. The only problem was that Shinshoku was stolen. None noticed immediately, for they couldn't tell from the scenery. Shinshoku was originally hidden inside of Hueco Mundo's very Moon, and now that it was gone, the powerful espada's reiatsu was dominating the world, causing it to crumble in on itself.

Having no Martyr to sacrifice caused the energy from Sōkyoku's dimension to rain on Hueco Mundo. The moon, or rather, what was left of it, was bombarded with Shinigami energy before the two types of spiritual pressure mixed so perfectly it actually exploded (like hot glass under cold water). These shards of moonstone caused whatever Hollow it touched to immediately Shinigamify, and become Arrancar. With this new legion of Arrancar, a new Espada was born. None are sure of their goals yet, but there is no doubt they are dastardly.

Aside from this, there have been quite the changes in Hueco Mundo. The absence of the moon has allowed the sands to shift like the ocean, revealing a kingdom not even heard of in legends. Ocultos is a large kingdom, eroded and covered in sand. The white brick that build it up shine like the moon, and many believe it to be an ancient legend. What secrets are stored in this castle of the gods? Only the bravest dare to venture inside.


Meanwhile, in the central dimension there has been much chaos and panic among the citizens. None are truly sure about what has happened, but there has been a recent uprising in Humans with strange abilities and skills. It appears that the reiatsu left behind from Aizen and Ichigo's (very anti-)climactic battle had awoken something hidden deep in many of the humans. The effects had actually spread World-Wide, especially with the energy from both swords pounding down on Earth (though heavily filtered through the other two dimensions). As for the Humans, several of the top species' scientists have begun researching how they gain their abilities. After discovering the human innate ability of Crystallization to adapt to the world of spiritual presence and being, a form of Apprenticeship has been created in order to "mold" certain humans the way they chose to do so. This has birthed a special squad in soul society known as "Squad Negative One".

The Hogyouku in question had been assumed to be taken by the Shinigami, which was only half true. It was actually Kisuke Urahara that had taken the device, seeing as he created it in the first place. He had provided Soul Society with a fake (although cleverly crafted). This hogyoku was then given away. Providing it to Shinji, Kisuke made a formal apology for everything that had happened to them over the many years, and explained how to use the Hogyoku. If they wanted to, they could remove the Vizard curse and become true Shinigami again. Although the vizards thanked Kisuke for the gift, they haven't used it. At least, not the way Kisuke originally intended. There was no turning back now. No, instead they are using it to turn other shinigami (willingly) into Vizards if they so chose to do so.

Although still incredibly Rare, the Quincy race are slowly making a comeback. With help from Mayuri, Captain of squad 13 and previous enemy of all Quincy, Uryu has made contact with several quincy around the globe, and have gotten together to help instruct Awakened humans in the art of being a Quincy. A full recovery of the race is eminent.