Bleach d20: The Mirror of Dreams

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Ok, first off, this is a Bleach d20 game, so that means dice. However, dice will be used almost singularly for combat, so there will also be alot of standard roleplaying. Bleach d20 is a fan made system made to be used with DnD 3.5. The rules for Bleach d20 are attached to this post. Now, for those of you who wish to play a Materializer (Orihime type character) or an Augment (Chad type character), several powers and abilities are missing. Talk to me about this and we can work something out.
Ok, on to plot.

You are a member of a special squad known as Yamikaze. The squad is commanded by the Captain-Commander, with no official heirarchy, other than senior members, and junior members. Missions are assigned to smaller groups of members, known as Wings, and each Wing is commanded by a Senior member, chosen by the Captain Commander at the same time that the mission is given. As a member of Yamikaze, it is your job to eradicate the most powerful and most evil hollows, as well as any other enemies of the Soul Society that might rear their heads. From time to time, Wings are also sent out on research missions, to help investigate strange, and usually dangerous, spiritual phenomena. It is upon one of these investigation assignments that we shall begin our story.

Rules: Ok, here's the rules
Level: 5
Ability Scores: 32 point buy
Class: One of the three Shinigami classes, Quincy, Augment, or Materializer
Race: Human
Status: Spirit if Shinigami, Alive otherwise.
Max HP for each level
Note that everyone is human, and as such, the human bonus skill points are alreay included in the class skill points
I may award bonuses to skills based on character background

There will be two character sheets. A stat sheet, and a description sheet. My advice, liberal useage of spoiler tags.

Stat Sheet
Just your basic 3.5 character sheet, with a few modifications, mostly in the Skills area.
Modifications: Everyone knows Common, which is a universal Spirit Language.
Feats: You must have my permission to take the Inner Hollow feat.
Knowledge Skills Available: History, Local, Technology, Spirit World, World of the Living, Hueco Mundo, Soul Society, Hollows, Religion, Kido, Geopgraphy, Nature, Religion, Architecture

Spirit World, World of the Living, and Hueco Mundo directly replace Planes (If you recieve a bonus to Know: Planes from a feat or ability, apply the bonus to Spirit World for Shinigami, or World of the Living for non-Shinigami)
Soul Society directly replaces Nobility (Apply any bonuses to Know: Nobility to Soul Society)
Kido directly replaces Arcana (Apply any bonuses to Arcana to Kido)

Description Sheet


CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: (Be sure to inlcude age)

ZANPAKTO NAME: (Include both it's Shikai name and Bankai name)
RELEASE COMMAND: (Include the command for both Shikai and Bankai, as well as any Activated Abilities)
ZANPAKTO DESCRIPTION: (What it looks like. Include sealed form, Shikai, Bankai, as well as it's Spirit form)
ZANPAKTO PERSONALITY: (Remember, zanpakto are people, too!)
ATTAINING SHIKAI: (How your character attained Shikai. This should be about aparagraph long)
Custom Abilities
The The Judgement Ability set is a subset of the Darkness type, similar to how the Acid Ability set is a subset of the Earth type. This is due to the dark nature associated with judgement and Judgement Day. A prerequisite for all abilities in the Judgement set is that the user must be Lawfully aligned, thus granting them the right to pass judgement.
Flavor Note: Force is used as there is no resistance for it, the way there is no way to stop the passing of Final Judgement.
Judgement Blade: This changes the form of the zanpauktou's blade into a blade of pure force, causing it to deal force damage. This may still be used in conjunction with Executioner's Blade.
Judgement Form: This changes the form of one of the zanpakutou's attacks, changing it to pure force. For example, Projectile-based Zanpakutou will now do force damage, whereas Summon-based Zanpakutou will gain the Force subtype and do force damage. Executioner's Blade may still be used in conjunction with Wind Form. Your zanpakutou's damage decreases by one step when using this ability.
Executioner's Blade: This allows you to charge your zanpakutou with rippling force. As a move-equivalent action, you can charge your zanpakutou with force, giving it an additional 2d4 force damage. This effect lasts until you release your hold on your zanpakutou or reseal it.
Flavor: The blade cuts through your target, yet causes no bodily harm. Instead, it causes your target to see traumatic visions of their own Judgement Day, and the punishments they will recieve. The images are so real, that the wounds recieved in the images appear on the target's body. The visions last less than an instant in real time, but can seem to span days or even years to the victim.
Greater Executioner's Blade: This requires Executioner's Blade to take. It grants an additional 2d4 force damage when manifesting Executioner's Blade, for a total of 4d4.
Superior Executioner's Blade: This requires Executioner's Blade and Greater Executioner's Blade to take. It grants an additional 2d4 force damage when manifesting Greater Executioner's Blade, for a total of 6d4.
Swift Executioner's Blade: This requires Executioner's Blade to take. It allows you to manifest your Executioner's Blade as a Swift Action.
As a standard action, the zanpacto causes magical vines to sprout from the ground and attempt to entangle a foe. Target makes a Reflex save (10+ 1/2 level + INT) modifier to resist becoming entangled, lowering their attack rolls by 2, and dex by 4. Second level (with one other Kido type ability) Allows player to create vines in the from the air, regardless of ground conditions. Second Level (with one other Earth type ability) Allows player to use this ability to target 2 foes within 20 ft of each other.
Augment Kidou spells (sonic):
This allows the caster to spend two additional spell points when casting a spell to cause additional status affects from the sonic subtype. First level causes deafness in the target of the spell. If the target resists the spell, the deafness has no affect. Lasts for 1 round/level.
Augment Kidou spells (Light):
This allows the caster to spend two additional spell points when casting a spell to cause additional status affects from the light subtype. First level causes blindness in the target of the spell. If the target resists the spell, the blindness has no affect. Blindness last for 1 round/level.
Name: Jean Chastang
Gender: Male (I figured I'd include this seeing as Jean could be both a male and female name)
Class: Warrior Shinigami
Zanpaktou Name: Unscythe, Liberator of Souls (Shikai); Unscythe, Killer of Kings (Bankai)
Release Command: Shikai- "Avenge the innocent, Unscythe, Liberator of Souls!"
Bankai- "Cut down the oppressors, Unscythe, Killer of Kings!"
Zanpaktou Type: Darkness/Light/Weapon
Description of your zanpaktou: Sealed- Regular katana with a rusty blade, as though blood had never been cleaned from it's blade, though this does not reduce the sharpness or durability if the blade. (Executioner's katana)
Tsuba(Crossguard)- Lotus
Shikai- Basic Scythe (Note: Does not seperate in middle. 6' tall, 2' blade)
Bankai- Giant, jet-black scythe. (Note: Just the scythe, not the girl. Scythe is as big as it appears, assuming the girl stands about 5' tall.) Also, and executioner's hood appears along with a noose tired around Jean's neck, that trails off into nothing, looking as if he's being hung from some unseen gallows.
Spirit- Unscythe, as he appears as a spirit. (Minus the axe)
Zanpaktou Personality: Unscythe is very judgemental, and the more sway a person holds, the more judgemental of that person Unscythe becomes. Needless to say, there are several Lieutenants and Captains that Unscythe feels are unfit for their position, not that he would ever say this. Unscythe knows his place as executioner. He is merely a tool to pass judgement, nothing more, nothing less. However, this doesn't stop him from pointing out everyone's faults to Jean, who often tells him to lighten up, and to ignore the faults in others, as not even Unscythe is without his blemishes. Unscythe takes the form of a scythe, as if to embody France's bloody history of revolts and executions.

Description of your character: Jean is 6'7" tall, and a lean 210 lbs. Or at least that's how much he'd way if he were still alive. As one would suspect from his height and weight, is he fairly lanky. However, he has shown strength beyond what one would expect, easily wielding the released form of his zanpaktou, which is nearly as tall as he is. He has a fair complexion and black, medium-long, straight hair. that curls slightly towards the tips. Jean would rather have straight hair, but no matter what he does, he can't get rid of the curls. He wears glasses, though only to read. He has blood red eyes, which are often bloodshot from his lack of sleep due to his habit of putting off sleep to finish a book. When not required to be in traditional Soul Reaper uniform, he changes into black slacks, white shirt, and red tie with black dress shoes. (And yes...He is a bishonen)

Personality: Jean loves to read. He can almost always be found with a book in his hand, relaxing beneath a tree. His favorites are sacred texts from various religions. Along with the sacred texts, he also reads histories, encyclopedias, and almanacs. However, that is not to say that he only reads what most would consider to be boring. He also reads works of fiction and mythos. His favorite so far is the mythos and legends of the Norse, with his favorite character being Sigurd. Now, while this might make him seem anti-social and a bit of a loner, he is quite happy to be amongst friends, easliy being able to carry on a conversation whilst reading. In truth, he prefers it when he has someone to talk to while reading, hating it when he's alone. Able to get along with most people and personalities, the only thing that seems to bother him to date is if you steal the book he's reading. However, even then he doesn't seem to get mad, and simply chases after the perpetrator until his book is returned. Often, it is Yachiru Kusajishi, the child-like lieutenant of Squad 11, that steals his book, often resulting in a chase across the entire Seireitei. Jean has also been seen reading stories to Yachiru on occasion.
However, despite all this, Jean has a darker side. And while he himself may not be fully aware of it, seeing it as 'only natural', Unscythe has taken notice of this somewhat unnerving change. To Unscythe, it appears that Jean has manifested the violent history of France and it's ruthless treatment of it's leader in more than just his zanpaktou. When faced with an opponent that is particularly cruel or oppressive, Jean seems to gain a much more judgemental and vindictive personality, a personality that Unscythe considers eerily close to a combination of his own and that of a Hollow's. However, Uscythe does not believe that this is a sign of Jean undergoing Hollow-fication, but he is not yet ready to rule out that possibility. So far, Unscythe has decided to keep the scope and possible meanings behind this change a secret from Jean, a descision with which Head Captain Yamamoto, the only person Unscythe has deemed qualified enough to tell, agrees with completely. Unscythe told the Yamamoto his thoughts on the matter shortly before Jean put in his request to be transfered out of 11th Division, though it is unknown whether this information had anything to do with the transfer or not.
Pastries/cakes- Eats cake with Yachiru every other Saturday.
Wine- Always has a bottle of red wine on hand. Unless Lieutenant Chojiro has paid him a visit recently. He has a glass of wine with every meal.
Order/Neatness- Not anal about it, but has a habit of cleaning his squadmates' rooms for them, even when they don't ask. Has caused minot friction with squadmates in the past, perticularly while a member of 11th Division.
Rightful Judgement- Tyrants and puppetmasters shall be punished.
Cooking- Jean cooks alot of his food, as well as all his cakes and pastries.
Hot Springs- Jean loves soaking in hot springs.
Smoking- When near cigarrette/cigar smoke, he has trouble breathing.
Perfumes/Scented Candles, etc- Has a sensitive nose, and gets a migrane when near heavily scented areas/people.
Preying on the weak- Eradicating tyrants and oppressors is one of his core beliefs.
Overly Messy people- While he can stand a little mess, there are some people that are just too much.
Fish- Jean can't stand the taste of fish.
Relationship with Others(Relationships from Jean's perspective)
Chojiro Sasakibe- Good friend, and a welcome sight in a strange land.
Yachiru Kusajishi- Like a little sister.
Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto- The epitome of justice.
Isane Kotetsu- Has a secret crush on her. Hasn't told anyone yet.
11th Division- Thinks them to be too obssessed with power, with the exception of Yachiru.
Kanpachi Zaraki- "A man who seeks to crush all others in hopes of finding himself. I pray that he finds himself before it's too late."
Rangiku Matsumoto- "A bundle of fun, and an all around nice person, if you can get her out of bed."
Shuhei Hisagi- "A good man and kindred spirit. I don't mind cooking hima meal when he comes over."
Others' Relationship with Jean(How others view Jean)
Chojiro Sasakibe- "A great man, and a great addition to the Division. Hmm. I wonder if he'll teach me the secrets of making black tea. Head-Captain was pretty upset with me after the last accident."
Yachiru Kusajishi- "Johnny's fun. I like playing tag with him, and he even gives me cake!"
Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto- "The lad seems to be a hard worker, and we are glad to have him with us here in 1st Division."
Isane Kotetsu- "Jean's nice. He's calm and peaceful. And he's taller than me. Yay!"
11th Division- "Jean was really strong. Course, he's no Kenpachi, but he was a great fighter. He fit in well here."
Kenpachi Zaraki- "Who?"
Rangiku Matsumoto- "Jean's a nice kid. Not one to hold a grudge. He takes things in stride. Like the time I hit him with my zanpaktou, or when I have him clean my room, or that time I spilled hot tea on him, or..."
Shuhei Hisagi- "Jean? The dude's alright by me. Doesn't mind cooking me a meal if I ask."

Character's History:
Jean was born in France in 1910, four years before WWI. At the start of the first World War, his parents moved to America, settling in Indianapolis, Indiana, where his father worked as an automobile mechanic at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, working on Peugeots, a French model that held dominance in the Indianapolis 500 during the years of the war. Having a natural curiosity, love of reading, and quick on the uptake, by the time he was 13, Jean worked side-by-side with his father. Sadly, Jean perished in a terrible accident that also claimed the life of his father and one of the drivers. The year was 1930, and Jean was twenty years old. The day of the accident, Jean could swear he could see a serpent-like shadow creature with the upper body of a man, six arms, and the face of a skeleton running alongside the car that caused the accident that claimed his life. Only later did he learn that his was what was known as a Hollow. The accident had caused Jean to blackout, and when he awoke, he was alone, and underneath the car that had crashed. However, he found that he was not trapped by the car, and easily passed through it when he tried to push it off of himself. Still in a state of shock, and not quite comprehending what had just happened, he looked himself over to make sure nothing was broken. But the instant he looked down, he saw two things: One was that he was floating in midair. The other was a chain coming from his chest. A few moments later, Jean realized that he was dead.
For the next few weeks, Jean thought about what had happened, what he had seen, and what had happened to his father and the driver, as neither of their spirits were to be found. That's when it returned, the Hollow that had caused the crash. It grabbed Jean in one of it's six arms, only to loose that same arm, along with the other two arms on that side of it's body, a moment later. It's head soon followed, with it's entire body now disappearing into thin air. Where the creature had stood, a strangely dressed woman now stood, a gleaming curved sword in her hand. She wore what looked to be a robe or cloak of some sort, though Jean had never seen anything resembling the style before. She spoke to him, saying everything would be alright, immediately after which she hit him over the head with the back edge of the sword, leaving a large bump on his head and knocking him silly. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry. I'm new at this and I guess I forgot what part of the sword to use to send you to the Soul Society. Here, lemme try again." And before Jean had a chance to protest, she had placed the pommel of her sword on his forehead, and was wisked away.
During the travel, Jean must have lost consciousness again, because when he awoke, he had no recollection of how he had gotten to where he was. The place he found himself in was strange. It looked to be some place in Asia, possibly China or Japan, but he had never read of place quite like this. Looking around, he noticed someone running towards him. It was the lady that had hit him on the head with her sword. Not wanting to be hit again, Jean tried to stand up and run away, but tripped over himself and landed face down. "Wait! Don't run! I want to apologize!" the woman yelled. Dazed from falling and hitting his head yet again, Jean came to the conclusion that Fate wanted him dead, AGAIN!, and that this woman was the one ot do it. Rather than try and fight against Fate, Jean consigned himself to whatever demise awaited him. The woman had soon caught up to him, a little out of breathe, though it was to be expected for one so...well endowed. After catching her breath, the woman extended a hand and helped Jean to his feet. "Hi there. My name is Rangiku Matsumoto, and I am a shinigami, or Soul Reaper. You must be Jean. Sorry about what happened before. Like I said, I'm still pretty new at this. I only recently became a member of the 13 Court Guard Squads." Trying hard to wrap his head around all this, Jean asked, "So,you really are here to kill me again. That's what reapers do, right?" Rangiku smiled and laughed, much to Jean's annoyance. "Oh no no no. Soul Reapers are charged with bringing the souls of the departed here, to the Soul Society, as well as fighting off corrupted souls known as Hollows, like the one that I saved you from." Jean looked at Rangiku with a mixture of fascination and utter disbelief. "SO then, Miss Rangiku, if your not here to reap me, what are you here for?" Rangiku looked for a moment as though she had just remembered something really important, and began looking through her robes. "Oh, right! It's aroud here somewhere...AH! Here it is!" Rangiku exclaimed as she pulled out a piece of with an invitation written on it. "You have been deemed to have a decent amount of spiritual energy, and have been invited to join the 13 Court Guard Squads as a Soul Reaper. Of course, it's more of a draft than an invitation, so really there's no point in thinking it over. Come on now, I'll take you to the school where you'll be learning the in's and out's of being a Soul Reaper." And before Jean had a chance to say otherwise, Rangiku had grabbed his wrist and started dragging him towards the Spiritual Arts Academy. There, Jean spent nearly 70 studying how to become a Soul Reaper. While he excelled at hand-to-hand combat, he had spent so much time learning about the new culture and focusing on his sword technique that he never really developed a talent for Kidou. Due to his lack of skill with kidou, Jean spent seven years at the academy, as opposed to the regular six. However, upon graduation, his sword combat skills were good enough that he was given a place in the 11th Division. However, Jean has recently been reassigned to 1st Division, upon his request, stating "I feel that I can no longer work under a man such as Captain Zaraki, a man who uses his power and intimidation to get what he wants, even if it means putting in danger the lives with which he has been entrusted".
Attaining Shikai:
It was his third time he had been to the World of the Living since graduation from the academy. This time it was in southern Japan. It was supposed to be a routine patrol mission. He was part of a five-man squad consisting of himself, a 20th-seat mebmer of 4th Division as medic and squad leader, two unseated members of 13th Division, and an unseated member of 2nd Division. The area had been labeled a "low-risk area", meaning that the chances of running into any Hollows were slim-to-none, with the chances of running into a powerful Hollow even less. In fact, no Hollow did appear. Unfortunately, this was because the Hollow had been there for several years. Its plan was to slowly feed off of the community, hiding its presence using a form of mind control, erasing any mysterious disappearances from peoples minds. The reason no Hollow activity had been reported is because the Hollow wiped its victims from the memories of the community, so no missing persons were ever reported. Upon the arrival of Jean's squad, the Hollow nearly revealed itself, lusting for the spiritual energy of the shinigami, seeing it as a welcome change from the spiritually inactive residents of the community. However, it managed to stop itself from revealing its presence before the point of no return. It chose to bide its time and wait for the shinigami to leave, deciding that it didn't want to risk death over a quick meal when it had an indefinite food supply. However, it was unable to restrain itself that long, and after only a few hours, made its move. It happened in an instant. The sqaud member from 4th Division went flying into a building, before falling to the ground unconscious. The remaining four members quickly drew their zanpaktou, and turned to face whatever it was that had thrown the medic. What they saw was a large Hollow, roughly the size of a public swimming pool, with the upper body of a man, and the lower body of some kind of caterpillar, but instead of two arms, it instead had six tentacles. It's mask covered its head completely, like it had gotten its head stuck in a vase, with no openings other than its toothy maw, which ran the circumference of what would have been the neck of the vase. It opened its mouth and let loose a mighty bellow. The next thing any of them new, they were pinned to various houses and buildings, skewered by its tentacles. Using its remaining two tentacles, it grabbed one of the mebmers from the 13th division and the member from 2nd Division and ripped their bodies in half, while they were fully conscious, and before they blacked out, devoured them. It let out a wicked laugh. "And I thought you shinigami were someting I had to fear. You're probably one of the easiest meals I've had in a long time. I haven't even had to control your minds." Angrily, Jean yelled out, "What do you mean by 'control your minds'?" The Hollow laughed again. "You see this community? I've been controlling their minds for years, making sure that whenever I killed someone for my meal to wipe them from everyone's memories." Hearing this, Jean new he had to defeat this Hollow, or else it would continue to use the people of the community like cattle. That's when Jean heard a voice in his mind that he had never heard before, or maybe he had only heard it in his dreams. "If you judge him to be unfit for this world, then release me." Looking around, Jean tried to find the source of the voice. Finding none, he tried thinking his words to the unseen man, for it was a man's voice that he had heard, figuring that if he could speak in his head, maybe he could hear in his head as well. "Who are you, and how do I release you?" A moment later, Jean blinked, and in the instant that his eyes were closed, the world around him had changed. He now stood in a graveyard, with a gallow in the center surrounded by eight guillotines, placed at equal intervals. Before him stood a man dress in 18th century noble's attire. He stood behind a tree, his head blocked by a large branch. THe man stepped out from behind the tree, and Jean saw that the man in fact had no head. "I am Unscythe. You have finally embraced your destiny as judge, and I myself have judged you to be worthy enough to lend my power to. While your destiny is that of judge, mine is that of executioner. From this point on, you may wield me as your instrument of justice, eliminating those unfit for existence." Jean blinked again, and the world was as it had been. He now knew what he had to do. He spoke to the Hollow, not in anger, not in fear, but in firm resolve, the resolve of a judge passing sentence without doubt. "Hollow, by the acts and crimes you have committed here, not just today, but in the years since you arrived, and the years before then, I judge you. I judge you to be unfit for this world, for this existence, and for my mercy. COME FORTH, AND AVENGE THE INNOCENT, UNSCYTHE, LIBERATOR OF SOULS!" And with that, Jean drew Unscythe, and for the first time, judge and executioner would pass judgement as one. In one swift motion, as he drew his sword, he sliced all three tentacles from teh left side of the Hollow, freeing himself. By the time the tentacles had dissappeared, Jean had already closed in on the Hollow, mere feet from it's neck. He raised his sword-turned-scythe above his head, proclaiming, "You have been judged unworthy, and now you must bear the punishment." The Hollow let loose a roar in protest, but was soon silenced as Jean immediately cleaved through the Hollows thick neck in one quick swipe of his scythe. Jean then thanked Unscythe for his assistance, and saw to the tending of the two other squad members who ahd survived.
Heh, yeah, I kinda went over the top with Jean. Of course, this was also my application to acutally join the game he was in, so it kinda had to be.
Well, will be trying to get my Quincy person done soon. Did attach the rules you were using to this post, though.
Class: Quincy
Level: 5
Status: Alive

STR 8 (-1)
DEX 18 (+4)
CON 14 (+2)
INT 12 (+1)
WIS 8 (-1)
CHA 12 (+1)

Combat Stats
HP: 30
BaB: +3
AC: 18
Fort (good): +6
Reflex (good): +8
Will (poor): +0
Spirit Charge Output: 4
Max Spirit Charges: 12
Max To-hit enhancement: +2
Max Damage enhancement: +2

Versatile Bow (Quincy, Web): When summoning her bow, Karla can choose either Web or Crossbow construction.
Distinctive Bow (Quincy, Powerful) :-2 on all disguise checks opposed by other quincy while using their bow, but Karla gets one additional bow attribute.
Evasion: A successful reflex save for half damage means NO damage.

Class Features
Quincy Bow: Web
-Deals 1d8 damage, gets dex modifier to hit
-after all other modifiers, each attack is turned into two attacks at a -5 penalty
-Summoning is a move action. It is made out of raw spiritual energy.
-Deals Force damage
-Overcomes Hollow DR as if it were a Zanpakuto
-Threat range of 20, double damage on a critical hit
-150ft range

Quincy Bow: Crossbow
-Deals 1d10 damage, gets dex modifier to hit
-Has a +1 to hit
-Summoning is a move action. It is made out of raw spiritual energy.
-Deals Force damage
-Overcomes Hollow DR as if it were a Zanpakuto
-Threat range of 20, double damage on a critical hit
-155ft range

Quincy Cross
It's a focal point for Karla to make her bow, worn on a small bracelet around her right wrist. It appears as a greek cross with a rose in the center, all made out of silver. If a Quincy's Cross is lost or destroyed, they can not form their Bow and can not utilize any other class abilities. A Quincy may form a new cross through 12 hours of continuous uninterrupted meditation. A Quincy may only have one cross at a time.

Formation Fighting
When they have at least two adjacent allies, Quincy receive a +1 Morale bonus to all attack rolls.

Favored Enemies
Hollows (+2 bonus to damage rolls and various skills)

Spirit Charge
By taking a Move action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity, a Quincy may add a number of Spirit Charges equal to their Spirit Charge Output to their Spirit Charges held. A Quincy may not hold more than their Maximum Spirit Charge, all amounts over that are instantly lost. While holding any amount of Spirit Charge, a Quincy must make all necessary Concentration checks. Failure to do so instantly causes the loss of their held Spirit Charges.

By paying Spirit Charges when making an attack with their Bow, a Quincy may enhance their To Hit and Damage with enhancement bonuses on a one to one basis for each enhancement. (e.g. it would take 1 Spirit Charge to provide a +1 enhancement bonus to that attack's To Hit, but it would take 2 to increase the To Hit and Damage by one each). These enhancements apply to all attacks in a Full Attack Action.

Outside of combat, Quincy may gain an amount of Spirit Charges equal to their Spirit Charge Output by half an hour of meditation. This is lost if they are disturbed during this time.

Bow Attributes
Explosive: When the Quincy attacks, they may use this ability by paying 2 Spirit Charges. If they do so, all characters on squares adjacent to the target take Force damage (Reflex Save for half, DC (10+1/4 Quincy's Level) equal to the bow damage of the Quincy, without any additional damage or effects that their normal attack has.
Powerful: The arrows have their base damage increased by one step (already accounted for)

Master Shots
Looping Arrow: When the Quincy misses, they may pay an amount of Spirit Charges equal to the amount the attack missed by+4 to attempt the attack again, with the same enhancements and modifiers in place.

56 points
Class Skills:
Use Magic Device, Tumble, Forgery, Hide, Move silently, Craft, Sense Motive, Supress Reiatsu, Concentration, Diplomacy, Bluff, Knowledge (world of living)

Craft (Quincy) 5
Sense Motive 8
Supress Reiatsu 8
Concentration 8
Use Magic Device 3
Diplomacy 4
Tumble 4
Hide 2
Move silently 2
Knowledge: (World Of Living) 4
Bluff 4
Forgery 4
NAME: Connor MacFinn
CLASS: Spellcasting Shinigami

Str: 8
Dex: 18
Con: 8
Int: 19
Wis: 8
Cha: 8

HP 25
AC 18 (+4 dex +4 defense bonus)
Attack Bonus Finessable Melee +6
Attack Bonus Other Melee +1
Attack Bonus Ranged +6
Languages Known: Scots Gaelic, Latin, Greek, Aramaic, Sanscrit, Old Egyptian, Sumerian, Old English and Archaic Chinese.
Initiative Bonus: +4

Class Skills: Speak Language, Knowledge(History), Knowledge (Local), Knowledge (Spirit World), Knowledge (Soul Society), Knowledge (Kido), Knowledge (Technology), Jump and Tumble

6 History
6 Local
1 Technology
6 Spirit World
1 World of the Living
1 Hueco Mundo
7 Soul Society
1 Hollows
1 Religion
7 Kido
1 Geography
1 Nature
1 Religion
1 Architecture

1 Sense Motive
6 Jump
6 Tumble
1 Suppress Reiatsu
1 Speak Language(Scots Gaelic)
1 Speak Language(Latin)
1 Speak Language(Greek)
1 Speak Language(Aramaic)
1 Speak Language(Sanscrit)

3 Weapon Finese
1 Alternate Demon Path
1 Inner Hollow
5 Two Weapon Fighting
Change Form:Two Kusari Gama
Blood Metamagic

Personality: Connor is studious and devoted to his work, if not exactly a zealot about it. He tends more toward caution then recklessness. While he can be ambitious he is generally only so with regard to things that he has an interest in and has not expressed a great deal of interest in soul society politics.
Zanpaktou Personality: Highly conscious of duty but is more interested in combat than Connor and can tend toward recklessness.

Connor is tall and lean with short blond hair and blue eyes. Whenever he can avoid wearing his uniform he wears his tartan plaid(dark green, blue grey and black) under a dark cloak, pants, belt high boots, gloves(one of which is a soul separation glove) and fedora. He wears a black messenger bag containing a spare soul separation glove, mobile phone, laptop, expensive pen, camera and moleskin notebook./SPOILER]

Connor MacFinn was a highlander born in 1669. A son of a swordsmith he joined the Jacobite rebellion at 20 and was killed in the battle of Dunkeld. Finding himself poor and with a skillkset that was basically useless he devoted himself to whatever jobs that he _could_ do and to studying. He soon found that he had an extraordinary talent for languages and scholarship in general. After about two decades of this he established himself as one of the foremost experts on ancient languages. He came to become the librarian of one of the most prestigious libraries in the soul societies. He kept his post for an exceptionally long time, almost 300 years. During this time he developed an intense interest in Kido. Eventually he resolved to acquire some practical expertise. He joined the Kido Corps and after a five year education in the academy he excelled for a time as an impressive new member for a few years before mysteriously leaving it to return to the academy to become a shinigami. There he gained a friendship with the son of a minor noble house, Matsumaya Haru. With his prior skill he quickly graduated along with Haru (due in part to his advanced tutoring) however he was unable to achieve shikai. On one of his first mission with Haru he encountered a strange hollow. It swiftly defeated Haru and focused on Connor. He found himself on the defensive with little hope of staying alive. At this moment he received a sudden rush of inspiration and activated his shikai. However while with this he slew the hollow it also inflicted a strange wound through his Sanketsu and Hakusui. The two of them were found and brought back to the Soul Society where they were administered to by Haru's family healer. When he recovered he learned that Haru had decided to adopt him as a member of the family due to the debt he had incurred due to Connor having saved his life. He swiftly discovered the extent of the damage he recalled a dangerous procedure he read about in an ancient scroll; The Shattered Shaft Ritual. He managed to pull off the ritual despite his relative inexperience in Kido for such things however the ritual had an unforeseen result which only Haru knows about; He has developed an inner hollow.
I'll first need to read over your character's description. After that, I'll PM you so we can discuss it.
Common is the 'Universal Language of Death", otherwise refered to as Common.
Saves: You get two good and one bad, assigned how you like.
Ok, to clarify what Knowledge(all) means, it simply means that all the Knowledge skills are class skills. You will still need to buy ranks seperately. There has never been a case where you can buy one rank for all of them at once. And no, you cannot take all the Knowledge skills as a single skill choice. However, depending on your character description, I may give you extra class skills and/or skill bonuses.
Traits and Flaws are not allowed.
As for your last question, heh heh. Well, let's just say that the Soul Society is capable of recruiting from N. America (Jean) and Germany (Korbl) , at the very least. Any further details will either be revealed in the RP itself, or aren't important enough for me to think about.

*takes note of the many many 8's*

Hrm...Looks like there will be lots of Str checks and mind controlling in this RP...
Edited post to hopeful compliance.
Common is the 'Universal Language of Death", otherwise refered to as Common.
So my character can speak neither English nor Japanese nor German. Excellent :)
Hrm...Looks like there will be lots of Str checks and mind controlling in this RP...
Why of course! Disadvantages are supposed to be disadvantageous. My only regret is that I can't take 3s
If you've got the Int bonus for it, you could know one of those languages. Or I might give you one based on your character descript.
oh right forgot about those languages... adding now.

NAME: Karla Engelbert
GENDER: Female
CLASS: Quincy

Karla tends to be lazy and a slacker when given the chance. She hangs out with some Shinigami, but has some issues relating with them, aside from a few close friends and coworkers.

Still, she manages to be more relateable than other members of the yamikaze...
A Long time ago, the shinigami were killing Quincy left and right. And young Karl Engelbert wasn't liking it. He didn't want his family and his kids to be killed because of their blood, so when the death god came knocking, he tried to work out a deal. Karl got lucky and wasn't killed on site, and so the Engelbert line of Quincies became tied to the shinigami.

Flash back to the future, and the shinigami have employed the Engelberts as executioners. Their ability to render something deader than dead (as much as that counts for in the spirit world) makes them a good middle ground between simple exile and a giant phoenix halberd.

Karla was the member of her generation of the Engelberts with the highest spiritual potential, by far. As such, when she turned 13, she started training in how to be a quincy, from fighting to crafting the tools they use to aid against hollows.

When she was 16, she was taken over to soul society, to learn the duties and procedures of her office.

Having her life hijacked by a long-dead guy does not sit particularly well with her, and so she wishes to amend the conditions of her family's contract. Strongly.

Executioners aren't needed too often in the Soul Society, so Karla can spend most of her time working with the Yamikaze. Her ability to utterly destroy a soul is put to work on the more notable hollows that the group faces, and she's only one Quincy, so she can do her thing without causing OMFG IMBALANCE.

I figure that Karla would start with five seele schneiders, and make more whenever she has downtime. They are powerful, but they get used up after you fire them, so it's not too gamebreakery. Her family would have a Sanrei Glove, to be used whenever the plot is about to get escalated.

It'd also be neat if I could use some expendable capsules to mimic spellcasting, kinda like how Uryu does at points in the anime; I think it might be reasonable to have the casting stat be charisma (like kido is) so the focus is still on my mad bow skills. That way I'd get some low-level spells for useful things, but spellcasting really good kido is still the realm of the shinigami.

plan-wise, it would be GREAT if I could have her fulfill one of the later two of the three ways of becoming a captain and take leadership as her 6th level feat, to represent the command she gains. There'd have to be some houseruling, but it would be a good way to explain leadership. I do want that expert shinigami cohort so.

Definitely gonna need to talk more indepth on those things, though.
Well, I think 5 seele schniders is a bit much. However, I'm willing to let you have 2-3 each 'mission', restocking after each. I believe when Uryu went to Hueco Mundo he only had two or three with him. As far as Spell Capsules go, I say sure. Maximum of five per mission. However, since it's ment as an aid for something you can't normally do, I'm capping Spellcaster Level for them at three. As for the Leadership bit, I'm ok with it, but you said Karla's a slacker. Do you think she'd really put up with a protoge?
"Protoge" is another word for "secretary". Everything seems okay other than that, though Uryu had at least five on him in hueco mundo. 'Course, he could also use them as swords, instead of having to always fire and lose them.

'bout how many spell points can I jam into each spell capsule?
Don't worry about it. I haven't had time to do much these past two weeks cause of work. I'm not sure Archy. I'll let you know later tonight.
yes, I am still interested. Just kinda busy with school.
Yes, it's still alive, despite real life trying it's best to kill it.
//I am actually quite interested in joining this. Did you make up the rulebook or? It's very well thought out/done.