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    *If you wish for something to be added, PM Ali with all relevant information*

    Karakura Town Map (open)

    A. Kurosaki Clinic
    B. Tatsuki Arisawa's home
    C. Furin Hall (風臨会館, fūrin kaikan) (karate dojo)
    D. Inoue family home
    E. Matsukura Hospital (松倉病院, matsukura byōin) (abandoned)
    F. Urahara Shop
    G. Karakura High School
    H. Onose River (小野瀬川, onose-gawa)
    I. Sunflower Sewing (ヒマワリソーイング, himawari sōingu)
    J. Karakura Hospital

    1. Mizuiro Kojima's home
    2. Asano family home
    3. Karakura shopping district (空座 商店街, karakura shōtengai)
    4. Old Karakura train station (空座 本町駅, karakura honchō eki)
    5. Karasu River (空須川, karasu-gawa)
    6. Yasutora Sado's home
    7. Hirohyaku Supermarket (スーパーヒロヒャク <寛百>, sūpā hirohyaku)
    8. Orihime Inoue's current apartment
    9. Tsubakidai Park (椿台公園, tsubakidai kōen)
    10. Uryū Ishida's home
    11. Karakura Community Park (空座 ふれあい公園, karakura fureai kōen)
    12. Mashiba Middle School (馬芝中, mashiba-chū)
    13. Yumisawa Children's Park (弓沢児童公園, yumisawa jidō kōen)

    Squad Information (open)

    Below will be info on what each Division in the Gotei 13 does (copy and pasted directly from the Bleach Wiki) as well as the members in the squads according to our RP.
    Squad 1 (open)

    Shin Kamukura
    Head Captain
    Played By: @The Jest

    Jayr Izushihama
    Lieutenant of Division One
    Played By: @Ali
    No special duties have been noted for the 1st Division. The First Division is ranked highest among the 13 Divisions. Even subordinate members of the First Division are considered model Shinigami. Emergencies must be dealt with swiftly; quick decisions and quick actions are essential. The division is able to ascertain a situation and mobilize quickly even before an order is issued. That is the true value of the First Division.

    Squad 2 (open)

    Yue Xiang
    Captain of Division Two
    Played By: @Ganryu

    Killala "Kil" Setsuda
    Lieutenant of Division Two
    Played By: @Estrélla

    No special duties have been noted for the 2nd Division. Since the linking of the Onmitsukidō with the 2nd Division well over 110 years ago, its role may have changed from its original duty.
    The 2nd Division has been directly linked to the Onmitsukidō for well over 110 years ago by former Captain Yoruichi Shihōin who was Commander-in-Chief of the Onmitsukidō before being promoted to a captain. As such the special operations of Soul Society has become the full measure of what the division involves itself in primarily. Members are tasked with assassination, policing, detention and message couriers.

    Squad 3 (open)

    Axel Rover
    Captian of Division Three
    Played By: @Axel Rover

    Lieutenant Position is OPEN

    No special duties have been noted for the 3rd Division.

    Squad 4 (open)

    Shizuka Kurenai
    Captain of Division Four
    Played By: @Detective Zero

    Sakihana Kuchiki
    Lieutenant of Division Four
    Played By: @N/A
    The 4th Division is the medical/supply division. They are responsible for both treating the injured and doing most of the manual labor, such as cleaning the Seireitei. The 4th Division is further divided into teams that have specific assigned jobs. Other division members use their spiritual power only for fighting. Members of the 4th Division possess spiritual powers that are used to tend to wounds and provide relief. They use these special powers and the benefits of their daily training to act with precision and speed to aid injured comrades. 4th Division administers emergency first aid to injured division members and transports them to the General Emergency Relief Station.
    In addition, the nurses who work in the Sōgō Kyūgo Tsumesho (綜合救護詰所, the coordinated relief station) have special Shihakushō (死覇装, Garment of Dead Souls) that are pink in color with hats that are reminiscent of nurse uniforms of the Human World.
    They are looked down upon by the 11th Division who usually bully them around because they believe that the 4th Division are just a weak medical team, as opposed to the 11th Division, which is combat-focused, although most members of the 11th Division are afraid of the Captain Shizuka Kurenai.

    Squad 5 (open)

    Aki Kobayashi
    Captain of Division Five
    Played By: @WhiteWolf

    Makoto Fujisaki
    Lieutenant of Division Five
    Played By: @The Jest
    No special duties have been noted for the 5th Division. The members of this division are all highly skilled, having been trained by a captain who excels at everything, including battle readiness.

    Squad 6 (open)

    Shisa Kuchiki
    Captain of Division Six
    Played By: @N/A

    Fubuki Eisei
    Lieutenant of Division Six
    Played By: @Wolfstar
    No special duties have been noted for the 6th Division. The 6th Division is seen as a model division by every Shinigami and is known for its strict adherence to rules.

    Squad 7 (open)

    Fehsmerl Nemsi
    Captain of Division Seven
    Played By: @Windstormugly

    Lieutenant position is OPEN
    There are no special duties of the 7th division, though they are known for adding their strength to most missions and undertakings of the Gotei 13. This division is made up of dutiful and hardworking people willing to dirty their hands. Captain Fehsmerl has created a land of his sought balance within the division, and every member becomes a part of his path.
    Fehsmerl is currently looking for a new lieutenant that shares his view of the world.

    Squad 8 (open)

    Anh Trang
    Captain of Division Eight
    Played By: @Saito Hajime

    Lieutenant position is OPEN

    No special duties have been noted for the eighth Division.

    Squad 9 (open)

    Captain of Division Nine
    Played By: @Shoske

    Lieutenant Position is OPEN

    The mission of the Ninth Division is to protect the Seireitei. It is always on standby for combat because it is the security force of the Gotei 13. Traditionally, Ninth Division has overseen arts and culture. For this reason it is known to be in charge of the Seireitei news magazine. All the lieutenants of the divisions of Gotei 13 hand in their reports to them.

    Squad 10 (open)

    Nicias Xyl
    Captain of Division Ten
    Played By: @Nicias Askani

    Lieutenant position is OPEN

    No special duties have been noted for the 10th Division.

    Squad 11 (open)


    Ishida Kenpachi
    Captain of Division Eleven
    Played By: @Artorias

    Kairi Veritahl
    Lieutenant of Division Eleven
    Played By: @Detective Zero
    The Eleventh Division is a direct-combat Division with a specialization in swords-only combat, forgoing the other Shinigami arts and thereby being one of the most specialized divisions in the Gotei 13. As such, it is common practice for members to be carrying their Zanpakutō at all times. The division's doctrine of dominating in battle is what appeals to its members; they believe that fighting is what makes life worth living. This is what separates the 11th Division from the others and makes them the strongest division. Everyone in the 11th Division are highly skilled in fighting. They believe if they are going to die anyway, they have to go down fighting gloriously.

    Squad 12 (open)

    Getsuga Shiba
    Captain of Division Twelve
    Played By: @SashaBliss

    Rosina Ootori
    Lieutenant of Division Twelve
    Played By: @N/A
    The 12th Division develops new technology and spiritual tools and its been the home of the S.R.D.I. for 110 years. The 12th Division has been directly linked to the Shinigami Research and Development Institute over 100 years ago by former Captain Kisuke Urahara. As such technological and scientific research has become the full measure of what the division involves itself in primarily. Members are tasked with research and collection of data and samples, something both the current and previous Captains are very enthusiastic about, though not to the same extreme.

    Squad 13 (open)

    Hiyoko Yamagishi
    Captain of Division Thirteen
    Played By: @The Jest

    Lieutenant of Division Thirteen
    Played By: @Shadow Wolfgirl
    Karakura Town is under jurisdiction of 13th Division. No other special duties have been noted.

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  2. Shin Kamukura - Head Captain
    ~ Hueco Mundo In A Dream ~

    "Ack.. guh...arghh! You and your kind shall never prevail! Disgusting beast!"
    Smooth red liquid erupted from the mans lips, splaying onto the ground in strewn puddles and patterns. He could feel his chest ache with every subtle breath, the shattered fragments of bone clinging on to the internal muscle, bounding around with unbridled freedom; it was an utterly agonizing feeling.

    The man lay on the sandy grounds of Hueco Mundo, staring up into the moon lit sky, admiring the moon in all it's brilliance and glory. He began coughing violently, feeling his lungs expand and collapse with all his bodies might, the recollection of previous events filling his mind while he attempted to numb himself to the excruciating pain. Each breath took effort, as he was sure one of his lungs was punctured; his right arm was immobile and un-useable in it's tattered and dislocated state. His face ached from bruises and if it weren't for the hand of a shadowed figure, the large gash on the side of his neck would be spurting with crimson blood, most likely causing the man who seemed all but defeated to bleed out in that very spot, unable to do anything.

    His body had began convulsing moments before, searing the pain of his broken appendages deep into the confines of his mind, iterating that this pain would be his last feeling in this life. His pale blue eyes shifted from their connection with the moon to the face of the person cauterizing the wound on his neck. The hand was small and rather soft, though tainted with the mans blood. Gurgling sounds escaped his vocal cords as he attempted to ask just why the person above him was keeping him alive in such pain - then he remember just who he had been fighting; a relentless bastard who cared little for the lives of the Shinigami.

    The bloodied man grit his teeth, hawking a large glob of blood and saliva up towards the persons face. He watched as a blurred hand directed itself to the eye of the helping hand, wiping away the well-placed shot.
    "Trash", it uttered.
    The man felt a crushing presence on his ribs once more, most likely a foot but he no longer possessed the strength to lift his head and check, the hand was removed from his neck, causing the wound on the side to begin gushing once more. He could feel the convulsions of a dying body set on, as his damaged limbs flailed the best they could to close the wound on his neck, only for him to remember each hand had been torn to shreds and made un-useable.

    He shifted his eyes once more to the figure atop him, glaring at the silhouetted person, realizing it had eerie red, glowing eyes. He used the last bit of his strength to look to the sides of his tormentor, finding 4 other silhouettes, one beside his tormentor, another off to the side with wild flowing hair and an exposed mid-drift, one far behind scribbling something onto a notepad with a glaring set of glass lenses etched in red, and the fourth, perched on top of a rock, eyes malevolently squeezed shut and an frightening Cheshire grin plastered on it's face. His head fell back into the sand, the soft collision feeling more like a pounding of his head against concrete.
    "According to my calculations, with the amount of blood he is loosing, he is sure to die within moments.",
    "Tch, he should have been dead long ago, she's just toying with him now!",
    "You truly have a love for prolonged misery...".

    The man could barely hear the words surrounding him, for the blood pounding in his body had long since silenced his tormentor and the people with them. The blood soaked man's head swiveled back and fourth on the sand, his mentality clinging onto its last bits of sanity and life.. As his vision blurred, a gleam of white stood out to him, it seemed off in the situation, but he remembered it clearly from the before battle... before the thing had turned into something so in-human. Half a mask with a large white horn protruding from the top and a serrated looking side, choppy and uneven. He felt the tug of unconsciousness pull at him as the person above him took hold of his hair, violently lifting him only to take his jaw in hand, and rip with vicious intent causing his skull to part, and blood to spill, ending his life then and there.

    ~In Squad One Barracks~

    Shin awoke in a cold sweat, his long burgundy hair plastered to his glowing skin. He was breathing hard, the pain in his body just now subsiding as he clutched at his arms, ribs, and neck, only to make sure they were all still there. He had long since sat up from his slumber to survey the room around him, assuring his frightened psyche that he was indeed still in the Soul Society and that he wasn't in fact stuck in the deserts of Hueco Mundo, dying a most painful death. It was the middle of the night, clearly he had just awoken from a nightmare, though he had never experienced one that allowed him to feel the pain of the subject, that was completely new, and rather frightening to the Captain.

    Vague bits of the nightmare coursed through his head: flashing red eyes, five figures, blood and pain, and that eerie smile from the one perched on the rock. The man stood as to shake off the jitters running rampant through his body, he could tell by the voice in his dream that the subject of torture was in fact the previous Head Captain of the Gotei 13, what shocked him though was the brutality of his death. Shin brought a hand up to his lips, pressing down on the bottom line of teeth to make sure his jaw was still in place and not loose in the slightest. He cringed as the memory formed it's way back into his mind, all the gore amplified by his racing heartbeat. Never before had he experienced that, and if he ever did again, it would be to soon. Who exactly were those people in his vision? To be taken out with such vicious tendencies was an atrocity for even an evil being; for evil-beings had morality, in a sense, even if twisted, they still understood that killing a man with such brutal and malignant force was utterly horrible, there was no other way to describe what Shin had just witnessed.

    If sleep were an option before, that had been stolen away much like the previous Captains life, Shin was to anxious to try and sleep, let along close his eyes; he only wanted to know the identity of his predecessors demise, and he was going to find them...
    and kill them.

    This post has been written by Ali but is in no way a reflection of her personal characters.
    Shin Kamukura is @The Jest 's character and will furthermore be roleplayed by @The Jest ,unless otherwise stated.
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  3. Kaito Shira

    "Such a dull existence that you lead little one...and yet its much more interesting than my life as a whole." The voice sighed as it held on to pretty much the only living creature around him for miles while said creature simply sat in the palm of his hand watching him with bright yellow eyes. This lonely and bored soul went by the name of Kaito least that's the name that first popped into his head on the day of his creation, but to be honest he didn't much care for it. "You understand my plight don't you little one? The plight of just having to live day by day in this hollow sea that barely ever shifts with time." After that sentence he paused for a second and gave a small chuckle at his ironic use of "hollow" which confused the little lizard like hollow that has been sitting quietly in the palm of his hand. After sitting around for 10 more minutes Kaito decided that sitting out here in the wastes wouldn't really do much to alleviate him of his boredom so he gently placed his venting companion back upon the ground before making his way back towards his "home".

    "I wonder how the others are doing? Hmm perhaps I could see how our leader is she'll probably just stick me with something even more boring than living." Sighing as he came to the conclusion that nothing around here was gonna provide him with adequate entertainment he wandered around aimlessly watching as small hollows would pop up from under the sand every now and again. After what seemed like ages he saw the white castle in sight allowing him to breathe a sigh of relief now that he could simply laze about properly in his quarters. "Well at least if I wait around here something interesting might pop up, but I hope it just doesn't involve me having to fight." With that out of the way he began his usual slow pace towards the large structure wondering just what was in store for him upon arrival.
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  4. [xtable]
    {td}hueco mundo{/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}

    He walked the sands of this place in silence as his wooden weapon sat across his back, he traced the scars on his face and had a brief memory of a woman and then sadness and rage but beyond that he could not recall. He looked up to the moon that hung in the sky of this place casting the constant glow on this place as it's only illumination, Guerra sighed before turning towards the large castle in the distance and making his trek there as he was sure the others would be arriving there soon. Most hollows stayed away from this man for they knew to trifle with someone of this power would only be met with failure and an agonizing death.
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  5. Yue Xiang
    Captain of Squad 2

    In the cool hours of the early morning, a woman walked calmly down the street. It was it a stark contrast to the scene around her as agents of the Onmitsukidō swarmed past her, running after a shinigami in the distance.

    She stopped a mere moment to see him before continuing her calm walk.

    "I wonder how they'll do."

    As the Onmitsukidō closed in on the shinigami, he turned suddenly, drawing his zanpakuto. In a flash, it became a halberd. Swinging at their general direction, large rocks sprung up from the ground, sending some to fly backwards, and the rest to scatter in various directions. From various directions they tried attacking him, only for him to retaliate with his halberd each time.

    "Get the perp!"

    One of the agents swore, and pulled his zanpakuto out infront of him. A hand landed on his shoulder.

    "Have some class."

    The woman continued walking gingerly forward. As she approached the shinigami, he pointed his halberd menacingly towards her. She merely pointed a finger back.

    "I didn't do anything wrong! Stop chasing me!"

    "Oh? I'd considering resisting arrest pretty wrong, criminal."

    With a grunt he pulled his zanpakuto back to thrust. The woman only raised an eyebrow.


    Six bars of light slammed into him, immobilizing him

    "Take his Zanpakuto."

    "W-who are you!?"

    The woman didn't answer him, but turned away, her Haori showing exactly who she was with one number: two. She addressed the group of agents before her.

    "Who wants to guess your first mistake?"

    They looked more scared now then they had pursuing the criminal. One of the agents did speak up.

    "We let our target see us, Captain Yue"

    "You let your target see you. Do you know the bigger mistake though?"

    A silence permeated the area, no one having answer to that one.

    "The Onmitsukidō is the invisible justice of the Seireiti. We keep the other Shinigami, like that jackass-"

    "I have a name!"

    "-in line. You all seem to like fighting. If you want to fight, you better damn well do it well. We keep the peace, and justice. Fighting is dirty, it means you failed. We can't afford a single mistake. I didn't see any of you try Bakudo once your sneak attack had failed. came with you to see how you operations were going. I'm disappointed. Training from hell tomorrow with me."

    The woman from before was behind him, and kept walking, without a concern towards the shinigami they had been hunting.
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  6. 611222 (2)2.jpg
    Getsuga Shiba Captain of the twelfth Division
    Soul Society in his lab
    It was dark, there was a single light source on at the moment. There were multiple click sounds, the clicking could be heard from the whole room. There Getsuga sat in front of a screen, a very large screen. He had his zanpakuto for 'safety precautions'. More like kill those who intruded upon his lab. 'click, click, click, click' he kept on typing not stopping for a break. His fingers moved in a rapid succession as the keys clicked.
    Once he had stopped he looked at the screen quite pleased with himself. Then he touched a single button. He waited for a minute and finally a scroll had come out the side of the computer. He put said scroll in a case and set it next to the hundreds if not the thousands on the shelves.

    "Finally I'm done" he groaned while hunching over.

    'I wonder where Rose-Chan is' he thought to himself while scratching his head.

    Once back to his computer he sat, leaned back, set his feet on the desk, and put his hands behind his head and mid upper back. Closing his eyes he started to drift off.
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    • The Menos Forest- The Professor's Laboratory

      Show Spoiler

      The Menos Forest...

      By far one of the most dangerous and populated of the areas of Hueco Mundo, save for the great fortress of Las Noches in the middle of the desert. True to its name, the forest is absolutely filled with Gillians and Adjuchas in their most natural states. While none of them may not be as strong as an Arrancar, they would make a powerful force when they detect and fight an intruder all at once.

      They also make for great lab rats whenever the need is demanded to conduct an experiment. For something else lurks within this forest, located beneath the surface of the forest, away from Menos and Arrancar alike.

      Underneath the ground lies a giant set of metal rooms, similar in design to the rooms in Las Noches, as if they were directly removed from said fortress. The roots of the quartz trees above are used as the source of power for the many technological devices and gadgetry that are lying about on tables and hanging about on the walls and ceiling all over the place. This includes what appears to be a large computer that takes up most of a wall, the giant monitor's bright light being the only thing illuminating this room.

      Sitting behind this computer, staring at its screen, was a rather small and scrawny man, whose lower jaw and chin are covered in what appears to be a fragment of a white mask, stroking one of the two ivory horns coming out of the sides and bending outwards in contemplation. His eyes were covered by glasses illuminating the light from the monitor, the very same glasses Shin saw in his dream. His skin was a tanned-brown as was the color of his clean medium-length hair. His variation of the Arrancar uniform made the white aspect of it appear as a white lab coat over a black uniform and pointy shoes. Said coat covered the numbers he has on his arms.

      "...The Menos above seem rather quiet today. I should take the time to get some work done while I have the chance." He thought. While the other Arrancar lived in the fortress of Las Noches, Espada especially so, Lososol found out the hard way that he would never get his work done in such a noisy place, the more brutal and less intelligent neanderthals among the Arrancar there seems to have a bad habit of being very loud in their boasts and bursts of anger. While this place isn't exactly sound-proof, it IS much better a place of peaceful isolation than Las Noches would ever be. Sighing as he thought this, he began pounding his fingers on the keyboard at incredible speeds.

      "Hmm...Project Five. An interesting challenge this one is. But if I can succeed, it would mean wonders for us. Just as much wonders as...No, no, I must not think like that, not right now." He thought. He then stopped and spun his chair around, looking at a giant metal dome of some sort locatedright in the center of the room.

      "...Project Five shall succeed as they wish it to be. ...In return? You may be able to finally be put to use yet, My dear, Zeus. ...That is, after I've ironed out all the bugs first." He said to himself as he stared at this creation he calls 'Zeus'.

    • Karakura Town- Mashiba District


      Sun's rising, businesses are booming, and people are scattered all across the town to begin the work and student life. Yep, it's essentially a normal day in the town of Karakura. Well...Normal for normal people, rather.

      For people like Yosuke Tanaka, however, it's a calm before a storm like any other day in the life of a Quincy. Admittingly, it's difficult for him to be able to balance his job as a Quincy and his life as a school boy, but he has ways to relax and take his mind off both.

      For instance, Roller-blading...across rooftops. For him, this was a typical bit of exercise as his bleached-white short-length hair flutters in the wind as much as the black trenchcoat flutters from hanging it over his shoulder, his sky-blue eyes focusing on what's infront of him, as the edges of the building rooftops happen to have conveniantly placed wooden planks leaning diagonally from the floor to the edge, creating ramps to jump off from, made by Yosuke himself by placing them and moving on to place the others one after another. As could be told by the school uniform he has on, this is a daily route to take for when he heads for school.

      This method is very dangerous, yes, but it's also more conveniant for the one nicknamed "Sky". It's much faster to roller blade than to walk, it's easy to get to the rooftop from his family's apartment, it doesn't get in people's way down below, and to top it off, it's very good exercise for his work as a Quincy.

      Plus, it's just plain fun, making yells of excitement every time he jumps from one roof to the other, sometimes doing something different by performing tricks while in mid-air to make things interesting.

      "At this rate, I'll get to school in about 4 or so minutes." He said to himself as he heads for the High School in Gakuencho District.

    • Karakura Town- Mashiba District


      As the Quincy, Sky, jumped over one of the gaps, he didn't notice someone sleeping in the backalley below him. ...Well, even for a normal person it would be hard to do. As he is, it would take a considerable amount of awareness to see him or even notice his existence. If they did see him, though, they would notice a boy of short brown hair, about middle-school aged, curled up in a ball in a similar way as any four-legged mammal would sleeping on top a giant batch of cardboard boxes.

      Two things about him were immediately peculiar: first was his attire, a white robe with a black sash, seemingly over more clothes and white shoes. The second was what was on his head, what appeared to be a white headband with two fox-like pointy ears, no, more like the top part of a white fox mask that was broken off.

      As Sky's shadow above quickly went across the back-alley on his way to school, the little ears started to twitch on this boy's head as his emerald green eyes slowly opened up. He uncurled himself and gave a stretch and yawn as he sat on top the box pile. Without a word, he jumped to the ground and began removing the boxes, revealing what appeared to be a dead body that looked exactly like him. To the common eye, of course it looked dead or asleep, but in reality, it was never really alive to begin with. It was this boy's gigai, the physical artificial body made to look like him and make him able to physically interact with this world.

      Immediately the boy placed his hand on the chest of his gigai, entering the body as if it was water, and pushing his entire body into it, disappearing into the gigai completely. This boy finally opened his own emerald eyes, and stood up, giving yet another stretch.

      "Welp, looks like it's gonna be another beautiful day." He said, mostly to himself, as he walked out the alley way and into the streets. While it was ultimately pointless to do so for the sake of learning, he would be found and thrown in school again if they see him walking around in the middle of the day anyways, so he decides to further his incognito attempt by heading for the Middle school across Mashiba District.
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  7. [​IMG]
    (In his standard Shinigami Shihakusho and a Captain's Haori)

    Axel Rover (3rd Squad Captain)

    Soul Society

    "Excellent as always, 2nd," an old looking man shouted while clapping as he saw the Captain of the 2nd Division stop a Shinigami criminal, scolding her squad mates due to their incompetence. He was standing a few meters in the air above the intersection that was close enough to the Squad 3 buildings to draw in the interest of their captain, Axel Rover. Below him was the event that transpired. He slowly descended until he stood to Yue's left side, then patted her left shoulder with his right hand, and smiled at her.

    "Perhaps you can cure me of my boredom and teach me the skills of a true assassin. I would quit my own squad to be the lieutenant of a successful lady such as yourself, of course," he added, chuckling afterwards. He quickly took his hand off of the shoulder of the woman and walked forward a few paces to ensure that if she did get angry at his small joke, the old man wouldn't be close enough to get any wounds on his body. Everyone in Soul Society knew of Axel's weird humor, and always wondered if his jokes were insults or just random comments he said to get a kick out of the person's reaction. He didn't even know which, after dozens of years of throwing them around. The captain then turned back to Yue's direction.

    "Anyway, I really am bored, so maybe you can interest me for the evening," Axel smiled again, but this one was more meaningful than the last. He enjoyed the time that the captains gave him, as they could discuss a lot of pressing matters, as well as just have fun. He had finished his paperwork just a bit ago, so the man had time on his hands. "I was thinking of eating since I haven't done that since last night, heh," the Shinigami rubbed his stomach with his right hand while looking down at it with worry. 'You will be filled soon, I promise,' he thought to himself.

    Characters Mentioned:
    Yue Xiang - @Ganryu


    Vash (9th Espada)

    Hueco Mundo

    "What do you think about Shinigami?" A certain Arrancar asked Kaito, the 4th Espada, right after he used Sonido to appear about 3 meters in front of the strong being. This Arrancar had a blank expression on his monstrous face, and looked like he was wearing gold armor with white horns attached to his head and chin. His trusty Zanpakuto was in his right hand, as tall as him, and he was very tall, standing in at 11 feet. The speed he accelerated to in order to get to Kaito's location in the endless desert left a trail of dust behind him in a trail that wasn't exactly straight, but was everywhere. The 9th Espada Vash decided to just run around Hueco Mundo until he spotted on of his fellow comrades, so that maybe they could see his view on things. Shinigami and Humans are very interesting species to the Gillian Class Arrancar, so much that he goes to Earth to observe their activities a few times a week. They are very different compared to Hollow, which literally feed on each other to gain power, and that is what most of them only think about as well. It was a boring concept to Vash, and an unnecessary one in his opinion, since his recent power surge was due to gaining power the Shinigami way, which was self-training his Spiritual Power, not needing to feast on others to do so.

    "Why do you have to be so annoying again. Who cares about the filthy humans but yourself, huh?" Asked Korosuki, the golden mask attached to Vash's left kneecap, the annoyance he felt being quite clear in his voice.

    "Your logic is quite flawed Koro. We hollows have to care about Humans, as their souls are our main meals, or well, they were before this guy took us over, ugh," Koroseki the golden mask attached to Vash's right kneecap said in disgust. These two hollow who were able to take over a small portion each of the 9th Espada's body didn't respect his way of doing things, but it wasn't like they were powerful enough to force him to do otherwise. Vash usually ignored them, not caring for their useless comments, as nothing they said would convince Vash to give up his curiosity. The only thing they really controlled was the Espada's urges to try and get Shinigami to strike him down with their blade in order to get to the mysterious location that was Soul Society. At least it was mysterious to him, since he had only heard of the place.

    Characters Mentioned:
    Kaito Shira - @Blitzfang43
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  8. [​IMG]

    Sakihana Kuchiki
    4th Division Lieutenant
    Noblewoman ; Daughter of Shisa Kuchiki

    WITH: ? ? ? | WHERE?: 4th Division Barracks {Outside} | FEELING?: Slightly Tired

    Sakihana had a bad start that day. To put it simply, sometimes -once in a while really- her workaholic behavior caused her to be rather reckless in terms of being late and randomly crashing to sleep. She always busied herself with work--even trying to do other Division's work and did whatever means necessary to avoid personal socialization. It was by choice though, she just had trust issues and wasn't necessarily all that shy. Today, Sakihana had missed the entire meeting involving the entire main gotei 13. The girl had felt terrible, this was the first time she had actually missed a meeting like that--She often came late mostly but never did she not attend a meeting. As long as she made it to work, she felt fine.

    Quietly the girl stood outside her captain's office. She wanted to ask her captain if she was allowed to give yet another formal apology to the head captain--This one about not attending and even if the head captain were to merely shake her off--She still felt it was right and necessary to do so in general. Not because she was noble, or her father told her to -which he would anyways-, But because it truly was the right thing anyways. Even if her captain gave her duties to fulfill, she would save the apology. Better late than never right? Quietly as Sakihana was deep in thought about how to formally apologize to the head captain and what to say and do in the future, her eyes slowly closed and soon her head tilted down slowly as her back leaned against the wall behind her. Some members who were walking nearly and passed the girl giggled or even whispered.

    "Isn't that Shisa Kuchiki's daughter?"
    "How can such a girl be the child of Shisa? Surely she is to plain--and even sleeping out in the open!"
    "Shhh.. You're not supposed to talk about her.."
    "No one is around..!" One of the woman from the group waved.

    Sakihana was only half asleep and as she opened her eyes, she glared rather menacingly across from her, Her hands folded behind her."Shut up.." She uttered as her tone was clearly irritated by the words of the women in front of her. "Y'know for a Kuchiki-girl and direct descendant of Shisa you are quite rude!" One barked before leading her friends away. "Tch.." Sakihana went back to her previous position, crossing her hands over her chest in silence as she was bothered and annoyed by the words of the women she was around. To her, friends weren't needed. People only hurt and betray you sometime in the long run so she never closely associated herself with others for that reason. Clearly those women knew nothing--Even her father was an arrogant man himself. He seemed to never bother knowing the names of fellow shinigami, and even talked down on the head captain sometimes... Sometimes. His compliments ended up being backhanded compliments, and yet the man still had relations and friends outside of business and such surprisingly. So how was Shisa any different than Sakihana? Well... Maybe it was their looks... and how he associated himself with people.

    The brunette went back to closing her eyes as she stood there waiting for her captain and let out a heavy sigh. Despite being a lieutenant, she was used to the gossiping rumors, and harsh criticism be it indirect or not. People only respected her cause they had to--because of her role and her bloodline. But other then that it was a different type of treatment as opposed to how people generally respected her father or other Kuchiki members. She was only ever truly respected somewhat if she was near him. Soon 2 other shinigamis of the 4th division, males, looked over at Sakihana. However left her be--seeing as this was fairly normal at this point despite it happening only half the times. It ws as if the girl had Narcolepsy. Though, she probably did have it--who knows. Now it was back to the waiting game while trying not to completely fall asleep, but Sakihana knew that in a few seconds she would probably fail miserably.
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  9. Killala Setsuna|Squad 2 Lieutenant
    Location: Soul Society
    Interaction: @Ganryu @Axel Rover

    Kil watched from a distance as Captain Xiang scolded the Onmitsukidō as they screwed up in they're pursuit and capture. Perched in a tree the purple haired Lieutenant had sympathy for the newbies, but she also understood where her Captain was coming from. If it wernt for Xiang the group would of suffered major injuries if not even causalities. One eyebrow raised as another Captain approached Yue, striking up a conversation it seemed. Deciding it was best to report in before she became busy with other matters, Kil Shunpo'd to Xiang's side before kneeling in respect. "Reporting in Captain. The South side has been cleared of all disturbances. It seems it was just a couple Shinigami with 1...or 10 too many drinks." She explained calmly, though the last part held a bit of sarcasm. Her voice was deep and strong yet alluring. Standing she gave a quick bow to Axel, unsure what he wanted with her Captain.
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  10. Shizuka Kurenai - 4th Div Captain
    Soul Society - Seireitei - Outside the 4th Division barracks

    It wasn't too long after that Sakihana would begin to doze off that her Captain eventually arrived back to her office. The white-haired woman looking at her lieutenant standing there against the wall, she couldn't help but faintly grin as she crossed her arms over her chest, "Having another afternoon nap, Saki?.." Her voice was quite gentle and despite not even looking that much older than her lieutenant at all, Shizuka always made it clear that she was plenty older. Shifting her white Captain's Hoari over her shoulders as the sleeves were unoccupied, Shizuka looked over to her door before moving to crack it open, "I hope things were still kept in good shape while I was gone.. I'm sorry you had to miss out, but honestly, you didn't miss much.. Though, you're free to join me later if you wish to join in on a few of us Captains sharing a drink.. Of course, I wouldn't know how Shisa would react about his daughter having anything like that..." She laughed a little bit as she slowly entered her office, leaving the door wide open.
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  11. Hajime Yuki, Division 8 recruit

    Location: Seireitei, near the outer wall.

    Hajime felt like he had drawn the short stick in terms of his placement in the Gotei 13. At first he had just been happy to get a placement, but he soon realised he couldn't have been placed in a less unfitting division. His captain was a woman called Anh Trang, whose name he couldn't even pronounce properly. He quickly found out that division 8 had become known as the "party division", with their captain, while hard working enough to be tolerated in her position, spent a lot of her time doing wacky nonsense and horsing about the Seireitei and the Soul Society in general. Hajime had hoped to get a captain that would give him some decent work to do, but all his "assignments" so far were phrased like "get drunk" or "have fun" or "live a little". He had since taken it upon himself to seek out menial chores to do, anything that would mean avoiding getting caught up in the captain's silly diversions. He was simply patrolling the Seireitei for the time being. It was hardly inspiring work, but it was better than doing whatever Captain Trang wanted him to do.

    But much to his dismay, he heard the sound of someone playing an instrument. Only his captain would be loudly playing instruments on a day like this. Turning around, he quickly noticed Captain Trang coming his way. Also coming his way was a column of other Shinigami, all of different ranks, mostly from the 8th division, but a smattering of people from the other divisions too. It was quite the spectacle, and other Shinigami in the area were taking notice. And now their notice was on him, because Captain Trang and her posse decided to stop right in front of him. Lowering her guitar, the captain gestured to him; "Come on, Hajime! Drop what you're doing and join the party!"

    "Captain..." Hajime began, the dejection in his voice all too apparent. "What the heck are you doing?" Anh gave him a wide eyed stare, as if she couldn't believe he had asked that. "It's a conga line, dummy! What did you think it was? Now come on, join the line!"

    "No." He replied flatly. This response illicited a variety of responses from the others in the line, ranging from giggles to moans of frustration.

    "What's your problem, Yuki? A beautiful women asks you to party, you just say yes." A male Shinigami piped up. "Come on, it's fun!"

    "And we're all going drinking later!" A female Shinigami added.

    Hajime just rolled his eyes. "When I joined the Gotei 13, I thought I was joining a respectable unit. A serious unit. Do you even know what those words means, Captain?" Others might have balked at speaking like that to a captain, but Hajime had learned that Anh Trang rarely took any remarks thrown her way seriously. Her response was a pouty look. "Okay, Hajime, have it your way..." For a brief shining moment, Hajime thought that the captain may just have given up on getting him into this "conga line".

    But suddenly, she stood up straight with a determined expression on her face. "Soldier, this is an executive order!" She bellowed. "You will put your hands on your captain's hips, and you will party till you drop! Do this, or I will be forced to report you to Captain Xiang for insubordination! Do I make myself clear!?" Hajime let out an exasperated sigh. She really wasn't going to give up, and he had a feeling she really would report him to Captain Xiang, if only as a joke. He didn't know Captain Xiang well at all, but from her reputation, he wasn't sure she wouldn't actually take a report of insubordination seriously. "Okay fine, you win." He reluctantly took his place at the front of the line with his hands on Anh's hips. Anh immediately ushered the line back into action and they were all off on their way, with her playing the guitar obnoxiously once again. He caught sight of a few of the Shinigami not participating snickering at him as he went by. He earnestly wished he had stayed in the Rukongai and never applied to the academy right now.
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  12. [​IMG]
    Collaboration Post
    @Ali @Zeroisdead @Detective Zero

    The emotionless first sat atop a large block of white marble, a stand-offish appearance in a rather large and empty room. She was cross-legged, however her posture remained straight as an arrow, never slouching or leaning in the slightest - a rather habitual tendency of hers. To her left sat a small white cup, filled to the lip with some type of tea, though which type would remain a mystery until she tasted it for herself. Her senses were alert as always, feeling the different spiritual pressures around her come and go from Las Noches, and sometimes even Hueco Mundo in general.

    The squabbling and bickering of two impish arrancar below the large block was enough to deter her focus from detection, causing her Icelandic blue eyes to shift downwards with a threatening glare at the two - their quibble never ceasing. She took a deep breath, calming herself; no use getting annoyed or angry over the general tendencies of another - or others.
    Kihimi motioned for her tea, grasping the handle with a rather dainty touch before bringing the steaming liquid to her lips, sipping a rather generous mouthful, her eyes shutting as the broiling liquid slid down her throat.

    She placed the cup to her side once more, jostling the sleeves that captured her pale arms so the extensions of fabric wouldn't be caught in the hot liquid.
    "Do remind me why I keep you around, Kurono?" She spoke with an emotionless tongue, watching the two below her among many other arrancar continue with their bickering and name calling.

    After the Primera had spoke out, a figure could be seen sitting almost directly behind her as if appearing from thin air. Bright, hot-pink hair swayed gently from what looked to be a woman behind Kihimi - the Primera. Leaning in a bit over her shoulder, the pink-haired woman reached over to her own outfit's collar to pull it down below her chin, a hollow mask revealed covering her entire face underneath her nose. Moving to pull even that off, Kihimi could otherwise feel the woman's other hand snaking its way somewhere along the Primera's body as the woman spoke ordinarily, almost sharing the Primera's blunt tone, "I don't know.. Perhaps to teach and keep an eye on those lacking control and power.. Or perhaps a faux attempt to alleviate you from lone thoughts that forever haunt you.."

    With the woman speaking, the pink-haired arrancar could be seen as the one the Primera had spoken to - Quinto, otherwise Kurono Akitachi, "Though.. I don't think I've seen you take much interest in listening to idle banter of the Fraccione, seeing you tend to remain isolated from others, Kihimi.. I just might think you're influencing the others among us with such ideas of solitude. Like Sexta.." Kurono's blue eyes - a darker shade than Kihimi's, had veered off elsewhere as she looked down upon those below among other things that seemed to distract her. Speaking like she really was just sitting beside the raven-haired arrancar and not doing something, Kurono's tone shifted to a softer, quieter and slightly higher pitch, "Working alone does often times work, but company in numbers is never something to turn down without second thought... Don't you suppose you agree to that, even a little?"

    Many times had this singular point passed through the Primera's mind in deep thought; a state she constantly seemed to dwell in.
    "Influencing?" She hummed silently to herself in contemplation. "I suppose you may be right Quinto, however, working alone allows one room to stretch their wings, per-say, and care little for those around them. Having someone by my side often distracts from the objective at hand," she picked her tea up once more to take a refreshing sip of what she had now identified to be Jasmine, "and assuming you'd like to keep your physical hand, I would watch where you explore." She set her cup down beside her, posture remaining stout and strong. "what say you, Kurai? Am I in the wrong with my conclusion?" She had turned to face the seventh Espada, watching him with a stoic face and little emotion.

    Kurai glanced towards the other two Espada, staying his seated position along the edge the marble cube, trying not to think of what exactly Kurono was 'exploring'. “If you are referring to your tea, it is, in fact, Jasmine.” he said with a slightly smug tone. His observant, golden eyes then returned to the two Arrancar below them, “As for your statement about solitude, yes, being free of others allows one to focus more on themselves, and not have to worry about the opinions and views. I suppose there is strength in numbers, but one does not particularly need others if they are strong enough to carry themselves."
    He sighed lightly, "It's hard to tell who is worth the time, and sometimes having to deal with other people is simply not worth the time nor struggle. Solitude is simply an escape." He spoke rather softly, not really caring whether or not the two were listening.

    Taking Kihimi's warning, Kurono's hands had pulled away before she moved to stand up, grinning faintly as her sharp eyes looked over to Kurai, taking in what they both had said, "An escape, yes.. But a temporary one all the same, but a permanent one often seen a burden. For each of us, we all have our own reasons to be where we are now.. But we have shared reasons as well, one of which is that we are here to protect our domain.. In some ways, I feel even Segunda may share familiar views to that of which I hold, but we all have our own goals and ends to meet..."

    "Perhaps it is time I put an end to the squabble below, 'lest our more unsavory brethren decide to end it themselves.." Eyes shifting back towards Kihimi, a look holding both that of respect and slight dismay of the current situation, "It is a shame you don't feel up to the.. Several offers.. Your ideals are your own however, as are mine, but leaving that shadow of solitude every now and then may help in the future.. Simply words to take as you please."

    Finished speaking at the moment, Kurono had used sonido to move merely a few meters away, floating in the air in front of Kihimi and Kurai as she also was right above the several arrancar below. Taking a moment to be still, she focused her reiatsu before the remnants of her hollow mask regenerated the 'facemask' section back in place, her fingers pulling the collar back up and over it as she spoke out one last time, "The strong can risk being alone, but what of the weak.. It is a principle that can be shared both ways but for those who cannot, working together will assure a better survival.. Perhaps even a better world."

    Kihimi stood from her seated position, winding her arms around in a couple circles to break the stalemate feeling coursing through her bones. She could hear the soft voice of Kurai interject his opinion into the Quinto's statements and her own answers and took to that as a final opinion.
    "Are you saying I should assist each and every arrancar who seems weaker than the rest? I'm not the type to suffer fools, nor aid them in their frivolous endeavors." She looked out over the open space in front of the statuesque block the two were on, finding that Kurono had moved out in a leading position to observe the argument below the three.
    "I do believe the two fighting below will clash quite hard with you, Quinto - they are just as hard headed -if not more so- than yourself," the Primera focused on the two below, then to the pink haired wild-child type before her, the famous shark toothed mask forming over her face as she re-zipped her jacket, "or should I handle it? Become more of a 'team player', as you both seem to suggest so strongly."
    Kihimi almost wanted to laugh at that thought, though the idea of laughter was foreign to her; she only assumed this was the natural response to something that took her own ideals as preposterous. She had her hands rested in her large and roomy pockets, lips caught in her tell-tale straight line that never seemed to waiver; if anything, her eyes showed more emotion.
  13. [xtable]
    {td}Las Noches{/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}

    He arrived at the large castle that rose out of the wasteland his kin called home, he walked to where he felt Kihimi's power and watched as she and two other espada spoke. He took a moment to reflect on the power he felt from the three others besides himself, the 1st, 5th and 7th, one with power above his while two who's power was great but when you stayed in the presence of espada like Kihimi and himself then the stick on which you are measured becomes much larger.

    He merely stared at the group, pulsing his reiatsu lightly to alert Kihimi along with 5 and 7 since he had nothing to add to their conversation he would let his power speak for him and plus he preferred to only speak if spoken to first and no one had addressed him as of yet.
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  14. Yue Xiang

    Characters: Kil Setsuna & Alex Rover

    Xiang's rant at her squad was interrupted by the presence of captain of squad 3, Rover, her..... equal. She did admit his stealth was to be complimented, she hadn't noticed him before he had spoken. She must be losing her edge. Her squad wasn't the only one in need of training. The Onmitsukidō she dreamed of was still far away, especially it's captain.

    Xiang listened intently for what he needed. He apparently 'needed' to cure himself of boredom. She never could understand how he'd managed to get himself bored.

    "I think I'm starting to understand Squad 3's....'situation'. I'm flattered Captain Rover by your offer. I have the perfect lieutenant already however."

    Kil couldn't have timed her entrance to give her report any better. Xiang couldn't help but smile.

    "Thank you for the report, Kil. You are the perfect lieutenant. What the rest of the squad should be like."

    She emphasized the rest of it to the members of her squad still standing by. A thought struck Xiang. Her smile became somewhat sly.

    "Lt Setsuna. Captain Rover here needs some help. Sadly doesn't have a lieutenant at this exact moment. Your next assignment is to accompany him while we turn this criminal over to the barracks."

    "I have a name! It's-"

    In a flash Xiang disappeared with the downed criminal.

    As soon as she was out of earshot, she threw the body to the ground. It complained loudly, and she turned to an agent.

    "You. Redo his bounds, and take him to the detention unit. I have business elsewhere."

    Xiang wasn't heartless as to abandon Kil completely. She'd rescue her of course. She simply didn't want a bad impression infront of her squad, or for them to think she was going soft.
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  15. timeskip_masako_by_reimeinoyoru_d6n2qv0_by_rei_kiri-d7n7xob.jpg
    Aki Kobayashi | Division 5 Captain
    Seireitei | Division 5 Barracks | Captain's Office & Other

    Aki woke up amidst her recently finished paperwork. She sighed deeply, ready to start the morning off without worry after a long night of getting the said paperwork done, though as she rubbed the sleep off her face and ran a hand through her hair she immediately regretted sleeping in the office. Standing up and patting herself off she shook the grogginess away from her expression as best she could, trying to bring herself back to looking tidy and presentable.

    Stepping out of her office, Aki was immediately greeted by a blur of brown and white. A dog danced around the captain's legs in greeting, a goofy smile plastered on his face. She chuckled and pat the Basenji on the head with a small smile and a cheerful, "Good morning, Tadao." Aki took a deep breath of fresh air before heading on her way to grab some coffee hopefully soon, Tadao following behind cheerfully.
    She came to a stop outside of the small area they'd put aside to eat a quick meal and did a small stretch and a quiet yawn before going in. The captain immediately met the gaze of one of the division 5 members sitting alone as many of them were probably still asleep. He greeted her with a small smile.

    "Ah, good morning Captain. In for some coffee?" He held up his coffee cup and gestured to the coffeemaker they had in a corner. "Pretty good today if I say so myself." He greeted Tadao with a pat on the head as the captain went straight for the coffee, though she did offer a smile. All of her division knew that she was absolutely not a morning person, and hardly functioned without some coffee in her system beforehand, despite her efforts to hide her hate of mornings.

    Aki took a sip of her freshly poured coffee, nodding towards the squad member. "Enjoy your morning." She said politely as she headed out once again. She decided to take a stroll with Tadao outside of the division barracks, a stroll in which the Basenji was very excited to do. Aki had no problem doing so, as she knew not many would approach her or want to bother her in her free time aside from other captains or, though rarely, her own division members. Either way, as she watched Tadao - who was bouncing around and exploring the streets - and sipped her coffee, she couldn't think of better ways to start her day.

    That was, until she turned a corner and ran into Captain Rover of division 3 and Lieutenant Setsuna of division 2. Oh Perfect, She thought. She truly hadn't expected to meet anyone on this stroll, and it was too late and too far to retreat to the division 5 barracks. All she could do was compose her expression from one of surprise to a polite smile, her Basenji, Tadao wagging his tail excitedly at the new people. "Ah, good morning."

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  16. Kaito Shira
    Just as Kaito was going off on one of his random tangents in his mind about his number being a good thing to have or not he was surprised to see one of his "comrades" appear in front of him. "Well good...whatever time it is to you as well Vash," he responded with his normal greeting coming to a stop while giving him a half-hearted wave. The question that he ask did interest him a bit on why he would want to know about the Shinigami, but thinking of possibilities was way too much work for his current mindset at the moment. Kaito never really bore any form of ill feelings to the Shinigami so long as they didn't attack him without just cause simply because of who he was, but he wasn't exactly friendly enough with them to consider them non-threats in case he ran into one. "They are odd beings for sure well not that we have any place to judge, but I think them to be a rather amusing race to interact with at times." Now after giving his answer he considered the conversation done with and continued walking towards home simply wishing to sleep for a few days before venturing out into the wasteland again.
    Rei Shibua
    The sound of a loud buzzing could be heard in a small room earning a groan of recognition before meeting the ground as it was knocked off its pedestal. Sighing as he leaned over the bed to look at the time Rei saw that once again he would be late for school which meant another day full of lectures from his sensei. With a heavy amount of effort he managed to drag himself out of bed and get through his morning routine which typically took him a good 30 minutes of preparation. Since he was gonna be late anyway he decided to put on his regular clothes since he hated wearing that stupid school outfit when his felt so much better. Yawning as he made his way downstairs he gave a small hello to his mother who had just recently woken up as well before making his way outside of the house. "Man this is gonna be a long day...why can't they pay us to go to school I mean then i'd have perfect attendance." Seeing as he was already late enough as he was Rei though that hurrying up wouldn't kill him so he went into a light sprint which to others looked as he was going full speed. Thanks to that little jog he got there in about 10-15 minutes happy to see that he set a new record for himself. "Well time to go through another day of wondrous learning," he mocked speaking aloud to himself before going inside the building."
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  17. [​IMG]

    Standing in the hallway, with his back against the wall and the window. A white and blue milk carton in his hand, a black straw escaping the hole as he was sipping through it casually. His black hair ever so slightly fluttered with the wind, as the window was open, he was looking down, towards the track field. Some of the other classes were having a fun time, running laps around and the likes. Akira was wearing the usual Karakura Highschool uniform. Grey pants with black shoes, a white shirt with a black tie, and a grey jacket over it, however, unbuttoned. A simple smile was plastered on his face.

    "AKI!--- AKI-kuun!.. There you are!" A familiar voice echoed in the background, a few meters away from him. His attention shifted over, looking in the same direction. "Masao.. What took you so long... And don't ever call me by that name. How many times do I have to say that?.." He responded, before moving away from the window, drinking the rest of the milk in one go, before throwing it inside the bin next to him.

    Masao was a friend he knew from middle school, who ended up in the same high school as him. "Sorry sorry... I was actually on my way over here but ended up overhearing some of the first years talking.. And the conversation was quite interesting." This friend from the middle school had quite the confidence, and happy demeanor as he walked past Akira, beckoning him to follow, so they could get to their class.

    A dull look came over Akira, before they started to walk down the hallway. "Well? I bet you're dying to tell me about this interesting conversation?" It was always a habit of his friend, to never finish what he truly wanted to say or share. "Ah yes.. You know me so well.. It was a rumor.. Yeah.. A rumor or.. Wait.. It was on the news... Yes.."

    A sigh escaped Akira's lips. "If you don't even know what it was.. Then why did you even bring it up.. Baaka.." An apologetic laughter escaped Masao's lips in response, knowing quite well how he was like. Turning to their right, they started to ascend the stairs, making their way over to the second floor, where their own classes were about to start.

    "No no.. I know what it is, but this is what I heard.." Masao started, as Akira's attention peered over to him. If anything his friend at best would talk about something silly, like he always did, or perhaps the conversation was something trivial and not even worth mentioned. If anything, it was more like something that could be talked about as they got to their destination, something for Masao to share because he was always like that.

    "It was an accident. On the news.. Someone apparently drove their car into a restaurant, and judging by what the eye witnesses shared. The guy was screaming.. Yes.. He was terrified.. Saying that he was seeing things or.. Something was chasing him, but I bet.. That's just an excuse.. He was probably on drugs.. or I dont know.. It was weird though.. Right?" A silly but trivial laughter escaped Masao's lips. As if it was nothing but just some unfortunate but random event that can happen from time to time.

    Akira followed, laughing on the outside. "Right.. I guess thats what it must've been." There were two reasons for as to why he didn't overthink the situation. Not everything involving strange occurences can be about the Hollows, and the other reason was Akira's denial about it really being the former. "Well it was odd.. But the guy was taken in by the cops.. Anyhow.." Masao clearly stated, firmly believing that the guy was mentally ill.

    The door to the class slid open. "We're here.. Let's talk about this later yeah?.." Before Akira knew it, they were already by the classroom. Besides, his attention was now elsewhere. "Uh.. Sure." He responded, though not entirely thinking about what Masao just said. The latter jogged over to his class, which was quite packed. Akira's hands were pocketed, as he slowly made his way to his seat. 'It can't really be an hollow, now can it?..' That single thought ran through his mind.

    If an Hollow was truly lurking around tormenting the humans, he'd have to at least do something, but then you had the Shinigami. 'If it truly are the Hollows.. Then I'm sure a Shinigami will take care of that.' Akira was unsure about the entire ordeal. What rumor Masao brought really ruined his peaceful mind.
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  18. [​IMG]
    | 11th Division Barracks |

    The 11th Division Barracks was busy as always, the training yard that was behind the barracks was currently in use. The Shinigami of the 11th Division stood in a pattern, one versus one as they swung and parried attacks. They trained every day, for hours on end. The 11th would not fall behind, and they would be the best warriors the Seireitei has to offer. They used their Zanpakuto's in training, no fake wooden swords to protect themselves. They needed to feel the sense of danger in a fight, the opposite Shinigami was unpredictable, and could cause some serious harm. It drove them to train harder, especially with Ishida standing near the entrance, watching the training.

    Hearing a cry of pain from one of the Shinigami, Ishida located who it was and where they were, and he disappeared in a flash of Shunpo and appeared beside the Shinigami. The poor recruit had a cut across his arm, rather deep, but nothing that should stop him from fighting. "Why have you stopped fighting?" Ishida's eyes bore into the mans, the Shinigami kept his head low, afraid to make eye contact with the Captain. "I-I need medical treatment. I'm wounded." He stuttered at first, but tried to show confidence and bravery, rather than weakness. "This wound is nothing. Do you think the Hollows, Quincy and whatever else you may face will stop attacked once you get a little cut?!" Ishida folded his arms, some spiritual pressure leaking from him as he began to grow angry with the pathetic recruit. Fighting and Surviving was something he took seriously, and he was now having to deal with a pathetic worm. "S-Sir. It hurts-" Ishida didn't need to hear anymore after that. Ishida can be a kind man, but when he was on the training field, he changed completely and turned into a 'monster'. He showed no care for anyone feelings, the battlefield wasn't' the place for that. "Get out of my Division, and go join the fourth." Ishida's words came out slowly, every word seeping with venom as he basically kicked the Shinigami out from his Division.

    Leaving the Shinigami behind, the training slowly died down as everyone looked to see what was going on. "Get back to work!" He yelled, startling the Shinigami and back into training. He was sending the unnamed Shinigami to the 4th Division because that was the weakest Division out of the 13th, a fitting place for any failure from the 11th to go to. Some transfer out of the 11th before they show any weakness, or no love for fighting. The consequences are less severe if they transfer on their own free will. "Kairi! Go get the paperwork for a transfer to Division Four." Kairi was always with the Captain during Training Hour, so he knew she heard him.

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    "No way will that Shinigami win."
    "Doesn't anyone know better by now than to fight Captain Kenpachi?"
    "But then again he is a brute....."
    "Hey--Whose the blonde?"

    And with the line of comments made by the 11th Division members, Some slowly turned their heads to face the one and only non-looking brutish member ; Rosina. Surely she was indeed the odd one out within this large group watching the fight, and that was mainly due to appearance and looks. Not to mention her current expression. Rosina had been standing in front of the other 11th division members with a rather peculiar look of gleefulness. Her hands were folded across from her, hiding in their sleeves as she heard some muttering of the 11th division members, clashing of zanpakutos from the fight, and hateful words spewing all about her. She merely released a giggle.

    "Hey? Lieutenant Rose? What are you doing in our barracks?" One inquired. However despite her warm and fuzzy aura -the woman was nearly sparkling- ; she punched the member square in the face without looking."I'm here to watch Kenpachi--Pipe down!~" She stated with a slight giggle, hands clapping together as she leaned her face on the back of it. The woman packed quite a punch at the member as he was on the floor holding his nose and the other members crowded around Rosina with interest.


    "My, my!~ You all and this attention--Its quite nice!" Rosina laughed. "Please, don't tense yourselves.. Aren't you men ever exposed to women with this much beauty? Men should compliment them, not worry over something so trivial!~" she joked, waving her hand at them happily. "Men these days..~" The woman sighed in amusement before everyone heard the Captain of the 11th Division speaking.

    "Kairi! Go get the paperwork for a transfer to Division Four."

    Suddenly the small crowd immediately stood up straight with fear as they heard the result of the fight. Only then was the blonde visible once again, Fuzzy and warm aura around. "Guys? C'mon--When you're around me there isn't a need to display such a fear towards Captain Kenpachi! Really!" She commented despite the known factor of 'Captains being higher than Lieutenants.'. The woman then stepped forward.

    "Oh dear what time is it now.." she commented to herself, she was definitely late to check up on her own captain and raised her hand up. "Congratulations Captain!" She cheered, the members behind her gasping out of fear. "I hope it wouldn't be a bother later if I visit here again!" She suggested. "Though, not sure if you make tea here.. Good quality tea.... Just look at your men and this place..." Rosina muttered in a raspy and faint voice deliberately rather jokingly. She stood there nonchalantly with a grin before slowly turning away. "Well--I must leave now and go back to Captain Shiba~" The blonde laughed softly. "Though I'm not so sure about the guarantee of the tea visit." she shrugged predicting a major workload from Getsuga Shiba rather than generally speaking. But the meaning could be taken in any way.

    The girl then used shunpo as a way of travel in order to get herself out of the 11th division Barracks and with that simply left.

    "Who would've thought Ms. Rosina can pack quite a punch."
    "No--Who would've guessed Captain was the only reasoning."
    "Not to mention her fuzzy behavior was quite eerie , yes?"

    After traveling not to long of a distance, Rosina had landed in her own Division's Barracks and quietly looked around."Hmm.." She uttered through the silence which she was used to. The woman made her way through some of the buildings and found her Captain's office, knocking on the door before coming in with a grin again. Same fuzzy and 'sparkly' demeanor.

    "Captain!~" She called, before giving better attention at the scene. "Oh so you did all the work." Rosina pointed out obviously. "You are aware that I could've done it? Later that is.." she remarked as she stood beside his chair and sighed becoming much more serious rather than putting up a fuzzy demeanor.

    "Apologies, Captain. Of course I will indeed make it up. I was at the 11th division barracks and I will kindly assure you that I am not mixing any of my personal business andor affairs with my work."

    Rosina said, slightly bowing down. She stood straight and looked at the scrolls stacked and computer screen. "So.. What will we be doing? Or I for that matter." She corrected herself in assumption as she folded her hands behind herself.

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