Bleach Corruption

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Bleach ~ Corruption

The world as you know it now is no more. Once proud, bustling cities have collapsed and been remodeled in the shape of the new race - the Arrancars. The powerful race of half Shinigami, half Hollow tore into the Human World and quickly, and efficiently took control over the powerhouses of the Human World (Japan, USA, and Europe). War rages between Arrancar and the Shinigami who fight desperately to save the slowly dying Human Race. Even a select view Humans who have been gifted with supernatural powers do their best to push back the Arrancars.

Choose your race and then choose your goals as you step into this new and changing world. You can choose to take part in the massive war between those who want to control the Human World and those who was to defend it. Or, you can choose to stand by and watch as the races kill each other in a gory bloodbath.

Hone your skills, become stronger, and make allies as you struggle to stay alive in this new and exciting Bleach style roleplay!