Bleach Clash

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    We are new and would like to invite you to come along and form our Bleach community. Since we are new all positions are up for grabs

    Come along and have fun :D

    Alternate to bleach

    The residents of the human world and those of the soul society have been at peace for quite a long time now. However as more and more humans begin to become aware of the sprit world they begin to distrust the shinigami as well as the hollows.

    Many wars begin to break out between the humans, special humans and hollows as would be thought. However many fractions within the humans who distrust the Shinigami declare war upon the soul society.

    The humans have developed methods that allow them to travel to the Soul Society as well as Heuco Mundo freely wreaking havoc upon these two realms.

    Wars are continuous and the battles bloody between them all. Will the shinigami restore the world to the way it’s meant to be? Will the humans and special humans rule all? Will the hollows conquer all leaving the world in darkness?

    Only you can decide the fate of the worlds

    Come and join us and decide the fate of the worlds at: