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    Approximately a century and a half ago, there was a long and arduous war between the hollows and shinigami in the human world, involving mortal men and women who somehow found themselves fighting back in the midst of the combat. When the war was over and the dust was settled, only four men from different sides, different battles, and different parts of the world, remained standing.

    Eventually, these four were contacted by a being of higher power, a transcendent being who had a job in mind for them.

    "You four have witnessed the terrors of war," the being said. "I need the world purged of such conflicts. You four are my chosen. You will ride out and stop the occurrence of any further war... By annihilating those that would start it. This is the only way to ensure your survival. You will bring my Apocalypse, and be known only as the Horsemen."

    The four men agreed to this mission. Each had their own personal reasons for doing so; one driven by a thirst for knowledge, one driven by anger and revenge, one driven by religion, and one simply driven insane.

    They bided their time, garnering power and preparing for the destruction they were destined to do. Then, within the past month, without warning, they struck, Soul Society being their first target. The four of them rampaged through the world, destroying all they saw. They slew all witnesses. They left no survivors. They then swung through the defenseless Rukongai, exterminating the souls that resided there. The entire attack took less than a day. When shinigami returned from their missions in the Human World, they found their world demolished.

    Without hesitation, they marched on Hueco Mundo, the invasion in this world parallel to the invasion of Soul Society. The only difference between the two was that they had experience from Soul Society, resulting in the attack on the world of the hollows being swifter, more efficient, and much more ruthless.

    While the shinigami attempt to rebuild Soul Society and the hollows revive Los Noches, the Horsemen set their sights on the Human World as their next target. Why they have not launched their attack yet, nobody knows. But if this happened to two of the three worlds, it's a safe bet to assume it will happen again...


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