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  1. GM(s): Akashi - Nevvy


    Approximately 5,000 years ago, a being, an entity was sealed shut from our world, our realms. Before there was a Seireitei, or the Soul Society as we know today, there was only the Soul King and his palace. However, the Soul King was never alone. He had a sibling, or rather, a twin sister who was the Soul Queen. Together, they created Soul Society, giving the mankind a place they could pass onto after their human lives ceased to exist. Only those worthy would have a place in their realm. Back then, entities such as the Hollows did not exist, and there was no Hueco Mundo. The siblings eventually created the Royal Guard, who would protect and fill the palace with something else than just the two of them. These Royal Guards, in our present time, are also known as the Zero Division.

    Things eventually became rocky between both the siblings. Where the Soul Queen had other ideas for the rest of the world, the realms, where the Soul King had something else in mind. The Soul King, wanted to give his creations, the humans the free will and the desire to live, while the Soul Queen wanted to devour and control such creations for how own purpose. The Soul King knew that his sibling, his little sister was turning into something else, and the power inside her was tremendous. Even more so than himself. They distanced themselves from one another, where the Soul King always kept his eyes on her. The Zero Division, or the Royal Guard were controlled and ordered around by only the Soul King.

    Eventually, the Soul Palace went into a disarray, when the followers, or these unique creations the Soul Queen made from her own darker spiritual energy attacked the Royal Guards, and their captain, Murabuki Shintei. These true followers of the Soul Queen where an entire different race than that of the Royal Guards, or the Shinigami. They were called the Jōkyaku, and there was only ever six that were created by the Soul Queen. Just like how the Royal Guards where to protect and serve the Soul King, the Jōkyaku were to protect and serve the Soul Queen. However, they had a different name. They were called the Nazoth Squad.

    Before Murabuki Shintei was attacked by the Jōkyaku, there was an uprising, or rather, an insurgency. The Soul Queen wanted to take over the palace, and the Soul King was hopeful that nothing of the sorts would happen. The love between the siblings turned into hatred, especially for the Soul Queen. Their battle was intense, but eventually, by tricking and betraying his sibling, the Soul Queen, the Soul King was capable of sealing her along with the Nazoth Squad.

    Knowing quite well how difficult the ordeal was, the Soul King created a realm just to keep her sealed shut for all eternity. A portion of his own power, his own life essence was required for the unimaginable seal and the realm, which would also incapacitate him forever. This realm in our present time is known as the Hueco Mundo. But, in the midst of their battle, one of the Jōkyaku was able to escape, and in order to have the Soul Queen return and rise in the long future, the Jōkyaku killed Murabuki Shintei, the captain of the Zero Division/Royal Guards. Without anyone knowing, or noticing, the Jōkyaku changed his appareance identical to Murabuki Shintei, and took his place, waiting for an opportunity to get his Queen, and the rest of the Jōkyaku back.

    The ONLY one who knew about the demise of the Soul Queen was Murabuki Shintei himself, since the rest of the Royal Guards were put to sleep, during the fight between both the siblings.

    Even with the Soul Queen sealed somewhere deep within Hueco Mundo, which was nothing but an empty realm to keep her chained and shut, along with her retainers, or almost all of the Jōkyaku, cracks throughout the seal were made. Gradually but slowly, her dark essence leaked, which eventually created something we all know in our present time as the Hollows. These corrupted beings, just like in our present time, love to toy with the humans in the World of the Living, feast on them, or eventually corrupt them if it ever came to be.

    In our present time, the Royal Guard are lead by their captain, Murabuki Shintei, as they all seem to believe. But actually, Jagal, the fourth Jōkyaku is the one who has taken the face and the appearance of Murabuki Shintei, and his Zanpakutō. Not even the Soul King or the Royal Guards know this. No one in Soul Society except the Soul King, Jagal, and the real but deceased captain, Murabuki Shintei know about the Soul Queen and her current fate. The Soul Queen and her existence was erased from the memories of the Royal Guards after she was sealed by her sibling, and after that, due to the seal and the creation of an entire different realm, he became dormant. To the rest of the realms, the Shinigami, there is only one who is the creator, and thats the Soul King.

    The Shinigami came to be from the humans who passed onto the Soul Society, eventually allowing these pluses to create the Gotei 13 within the Seireitei to uphold the balance and to keep the Hollows from terrorizing the humans back in the World of the Living. With their free will and desire to help and protect, these heroes were the original captains of the Gotei 13, and what they stood for. Thus the Shinigami expanded and became what they are in our current time and age.


    The war between the Shinigami and the Hollows has been going for a very long time. the Shinigami protects the World of the Living by such corrupted beings such as the Hollows. Hollows have evolved by themselves, and they are different in many ways. Menos, Gillians, Adjuchas among other types. Feasting on eachother to evolve if possible among other things. Jagal, who over the course of his long but secret life in the Soul Palace split himself in two. Letting his other half govern and make plans from Hueco Mundo for the inevitable uprising of the Soul Queen.

    Jagal, the only Jōkyaku still alive and kicking, and his other half, who works independently, Vaham, have been working in unison to create a doorway for their Soul Queen. Vaham is the leader of the Arrancars, or as we call them, the Espada. A powerful class of Hollows capable of fighting against the Shinigami. Their existence has been known to the Soul Society and the Seireitei through rumors. Vaham, who is the other half of Jagal, is just as powerful as his original self, and is always surrounded by a dark cloak covering his entire body, and a silver demon mask covering most of his face.​
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    1. A maximum of two characters are allowed. If you want more. PM one of the GMs.

    2. No godmodding/metagaming or powerplay is allowed. A fair warning will be given, but if it persists, you will be booted from the RP, and your character(s) will be killed.

    3. No OOC drama. We encourage IC drama instead, because that's always interesting. If there is someone you are not thrilled with, rather PM one of the GMs or take your OOC drama to PMs.

    4. Minimum two paragraphs per post. Good grammars and punctuation as well please. Good enough so the readers can understand what you are trying to write and portray.

    5. ACTIVITY!! It is extremely important. Be as active as you can to move along in the RP. If something has come up please notify one of the GMs. If no clarification or explanation has been given for your absence, your character will be controlled and moved out of the way. If too much time has passed with no notification, your character will be killed or sidelined until further notice.

    6. If you're making a post, we prefer quality over quantity, but obviously, quantity with quality is great as well. We just dont want any half-assed posts.

    7. When posting, please add some sort of clarification as to who or what character you've mentioned or interacted with. You can obviously add more details to make it much easier for the readers.

    8. We as the GMs, are free to add or change the rules as we please. If we do change, you will be notified.

    9. We, the GMs appreciate great suggestions to the main plot and even sub plots. Please PM us if you have an idea or two, but if you also have questions, do not hesitate to ask. We are here to help you as much as we can, and to make this experience as easy and possible.

    10. When creating a captain-level Shinigami, make sure you add the current experience they have next to their rank. This is how they will be ranked: Senior, High, Veteran, and Rookie.

    11. There can only be two Senior Captains. There can only be three High Captains. There can only be four Veteran Captains. There can only be three Rookie Captains. As the roleplay progresses, ranking can change depending on your character development.

    12. A Senior Captain would be someone just as experienced as Kyoraku, Unohana. A High Captain would be someone just as experienced as Urahara, Yoroichi. A Veteran Captain would be just as experienced as Byakuya, Soi Fon. A Rookie Captain would be someone just as experienced as Hitsugaya.

    13. If you made a Senior Captain, you cannot make another Senior Captain. You can make a Captain-level character with another rank if available, but you cannot have the same twice.

    14. Please take into consideration the flow of the RP on a whole when posting. This isn't the one man glory train. Use ingenuity but do it responsibly. We're creating plot, not slamming it down and ending arcs before they begin.

    15. Every character should have a purpose rather than simply exist. We're looking to drive the plot, not sit there and drink tea every other post. Aimless characters do not end up in positions of power. This includes amnesia characters, people who are captains just for kicks, and others who have no business having the position.

    16. No WIPs allowed guys. Please, when you're making your characters, post them only when they are finished. Make sure your CS is organized and well thought out as well. We don't want half-assed CSes.

    17. Also, one can make reservations but thats only limited. We dont want everyone to make reservations so its technically first come first serve. So get your characters up asap and claim spot/division as you see fit.

    17. No twin characters allowed. Also, make your own characters. do not port over canons. Do not pull material to port over.

    18. All Iwaku rules apply




    Rank: (Captain, Lieutenant)

    Accessories: (Optional)

    Zanpakutō Sealed Appearance: (Image or description)
    Zanpakutō Shikai Appearance: (Image or description)
    Zanpakutō Bankai Appearance: (Captain Only: Image or description)

    Shikai Abilities:
    Bankai Abilities:

    Kido Spells:
    Other Skills:






    Number: (Sexta/6, etc)
    Tattoo: (Location on body)

    Accessories: (Optional)

    Aspect of Death: (Sorrow, Deception etc)
    Mask: (Image or description)

    Zanpakutō Name:
    Zanpakutō Appearance: (Image or description)

    Pre-Resurrección Appearance: (Optional: Image or description)

    General Abilities:
    Unique Abilities:

    Resurrección Appearance:
    Resurrección Release Command:

    Ressurrección Abilities:



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  4. Could I reserve the 12th division senior captain?
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  5. I'll reserve that spot for you. But please have your CS up asap. Cuz when one reserves, I expect it up fast. Thanks :)
  6. Okay I'll put it up tomorrow morning since it's super late, I'll work on a little bit tonight.
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  7. [​IMG]
    Name: Xenethis Straunnem
    Gender: Male

    Appearance Age: 24-26
    Actual Age: 667

    Aspect of Death: Despair

    Number: Cuatro (4th)
    Tattoo: Left Pectoral Muscle

    Mask: It usually covers the right side of his face, but Xenethis is able to remove it completely.

    Zanpakutō Name: Fiera (Wild Beast)

    Zanpakutō Appearance:


    Pre-Resurrección Appearance:

    Xenethis is a unique Espada, capable enough to materialize the full state of his mask. He can use this state at free will, along with the black crimson flames erupting around his Zanpakutō. He rarely does materialize his own mask to its complete state, he'd rather not. A Shinigami may even consider him a Visored, as his mask is pretty much similar or even identical to theirs.


    General Abilities:

    His general abilities doubles in strength in his Resurrección form,

    Blademaster - Xenethis is exceptionally good with a blade. He is left-handed, and usually has the blade strapped down from his right hip.

    Close Combat Expert - He is able to fight without his blade as well, he may be really good or in other words, an expert at it, but its not something he excels in, but he can still be force to be reckoned with.

    Sonido Master - With his extreme speed, it was only natural that he'd become exceptional when it came to Sonido. He is able to use it to its full extent.

    Enhanced Hierro - Xenethis has been through plentiful hardships in Hueco Mundo. He has been through decades of battles against other creatures such as him. Taking a beating. Never giving up. Having a smile on his face. This allowed him to harden is skin to such a level, that he could tolerate almost every basic or above normal or average attack.

    Enhanced Pesquisa - This is an ability Xenethis has used his time perfecting. Over the course of his time, he has been able to detect various of spiritual pressures/energies throughout Hueco Mundo. He is also able to detect the type of energy he's noticed, whether its a threat/worthy, or not. He was a hunter before, devouring any Hollow's in his path, searching for stronger enemies, hence his natural affinity to perfect this easily.

    Descorrer - A technique used by Espada-level Arrancar, and sometimes others, to open a Garganta between the living world and Hueco Mundo.

    Gran Rey Cero - This ability is given to all Espada. Xenethis is able to use this ability, though the color of this particular cero is pure black with a small hint of the color gold and crimson. Once it hits its destination, it erupts immensely, showing three different colors scattering about. That would essentially be black in its wholeness, along with gold and crimson, which will be similar to small particles flowing about but eventually dissolving.

    Cero - Like any other Espada. Xenethis is able to shoot off a regular cero, which is quite normal, and is not black, but dark red.

    Bala - This should not come as a surprise. Like most of the Espada out there, Xenethis is also able to use Bala in succession however he sees fit. Shooting them out like condensed bullets in quite the speed. May it be burst or not. However, the color of his Bala is unique only to him, being pure black with a hint of the color gold and crimson, just like his Gran Rey Cero.

    Unique Abilities:

    His unique abilities doubles in strength in his Resurrección form,

    Enhanced Strength - Xenethis has been one for his strength, honing it throughout his life as an Hollow and before he even became an Arrancar, let alone a Vasto Lorde. It is exceptional and this also goes to show that his brute strength is also quite devastating.

    Extreme Speed - This is Xenethis' forte. He was a beast, and a rare breed at that, being a mix of a Sabertooth and something else, even in Hueco Mundo. He was unique, and had a natural talent in being extremely fast, along with his reflexes that grew gradually with time. If anything, his speed is said to be unique only to him, and how he utilizes it.

    Sombra Abrasador (Scorching Darkness) - Unique only to Xenethis. As the Pre-Resurrección picture shows. His blade can be engulfed in dark and red energy, which will flow around his entire blade, and extend even further from his Zanpakutō's length, as it is shown in the picture above. It can be used to deal burning or frost damage to his target or opponent. The burning feeling will last for a while. This energy has almost a mind of its own, wrapping the energy extending from the hilt even around his arm, like a chain. If anything, it would almost seem as if the darkness around the Zanpakutō has a mind of its own, looking for the right moment to lash out fiercely.

    Cero Bóveda (Arching Cero) - Unique only to Xenethis. He is able to charge a cero before his chest, at the center of it. It requires slightly more time than a normal Cero before the energy can be released. Once it is released, it will gradually, but quickly, as it approaches its target, it will start arching and widening itself in length. You could say its similar to the Getsuga Tenshou in that regard. However, the color of this particular Cero is unique unlike the others. Its color is pure dark golden, with the outlines being black instead.

    Muriendo Empuje (Dying Thrust) - Unique only to Xenethis. He can point a finger at an enemy or a target, showing a small black sparkle right before his fingertip, before releasing the energy. It is extremely fast and quite thin. Once it hits its target, it will create a small hole, but the penetrating power behind this is devastating. If anything, it could even be seen as a beam.

    Focused Healing Regeneration - Xenethis is able to heal his wounds to some extent. Though it takes time for his wounds to heal back normally, unfortunately its nothing like High-Speed Regeneration. Xenethis is also able to focus his healing ability in a certain area to amp the healing factor increasingly, quickening the healing process. If he does this, he can only focus on one part.

    Terrifying Spiritual Pressure - Xenethis is able to release his spiritual energy to such extent that one would feel some sort of hopelessness and definetely his bloodlust.It can even be able to make weaker opponent freeze wherever they stand, or fall down on their knees. His spiritual energy represents fear and despair. It may even make his targets shake or sweat almost immediately. However his spiritual energy is on par with some of his own kind, the Espada.

    Esconder (Conceal) - Unique only to Xenethis. In his life as a beast or an animal, hunting his prey or stronger opponents allowed him to experiment with his own Spiritual Energy. He is able to decrease his reiatsu to such extent that it would be undetectable by his enemies, may they be his own kind or not. This is mostly used to toy with weaker enemies. Startle them, or to be as stealthy as possible. Hiding in plain sight, perhaps.

    Rasgando Arroyos (Ripping Streams) - He has the ability to shake the foundation of the surface, or in other words, the ground, without using any gestures, or rather without motioning his hands or anything in that regard. He essentially manipulates the spiritual energy in his surroundings, especially beneath the surface, which allows him to make the latter into something dangerous. The spiritual energy rips itself away from beneath the ground and erupts, like a beacon, shattering the surface, almost as if an earthquake destroyed the ground. He has the ability to create upto six Rasgando Arroyos, ripping themselves out from wherever he wants them to come out from. This ability can be dodged, but if one is caught, they'll be shredded and the impact is way worse than a Bala, Cero or anything of that standard. The spiritual energy must charge before its unleashed. Eventually, the area above the energy will start to shake.

    Resurrección Appearance:

    As you can see, his entire body changes. His hair extends, is spikey and longer. His eyes are however, still gold, and not red like in the picture. The mask here is actually the perfect and the original state it always was in. His Zanpakutō changes drastically, and is a mixture between a glaive, scimitar and a katana. He also has claws extending from his fingertips, just like a Sabertooth, or a general beast. He also has a black spikey tail, which is not shown in the picture. Other than that, he has two blade like wings, sharp extending from his back, with them pointing to the left, as it can be seen in the picture above. He is half naked from his hips to his face. His skin is black and hardened extremely. His knuckles show a hint of the color crimson. His chest has a black spikey metal like armor which is a part of the body. The picture should give you a general idea.

    Resurrección Release Command:
    Torment, Fiera!

    Resurrección Abilities:

    Solicitantes Feroz (Wild Seekers) - This ability can only be used in Xenethis' Resurrección form. Two blade-like wings appear on his back facing left. He can retract them at free will and they are extremely sturdy and hard. Xenethis can release the silver blades sealed within them if he so wishes for. They are quite heavy and bomb-like. Once they are released they are extremely fast and can track their target to a certain degree. They seek what they want to destroy. They are usually covered in black/red reiatsu. However, wherever they end up, a small, but devastating explosion will occur, creating a big crater on the surface. The black energy will not immediately dissipate, it will stay and swirl for a while before dispersing. These Seekers will be generated by his blade-like wings, and can be used again.

    Lagrimeo Raudal (Tearing Torrent) - This ability can only be used in his Resurrección form. Xenetish is able to tear the spiritual energy in his area, whether its in Hueco Mundo, Soul Society or the Human World. His hand will be in a claw-like form, as shown in his Resurrección picture. He can use his hand to rip inside the spiritual energy right next to him, only a very small fragment, before he scratches forward, towards his said destination. His own reiatsu , which is dark/red will mingle and blend with the spiritual energy he rips forth, which will create a devastating torrent, or in other words, a fang shaped tornado. It will blow everything in its path away, and rip through buildings. It can damage his target or opponents as well. One can clearly see it coming, but one would not know the extent of damage or destruction this can create. It will also gradually become wider by sucking in the air/wind around it. The color of this ability is a mix of the normal blue spiritual energy found everywhere, which Xenethis rips forth, along with his own dark and red energy. His own energy will eventually take over.

    Mentira (Deception) - As seen in his Resurrección form picture. Xenethis' blade drastically changes, becoming a mix of a glaive, scimitar and obviously a katana. Mentira will allow him to, if he misses, or if his attack is blocked, after a brief moment, another, invisible attack, in the same way as his last one wil occur. Mentira wil basically imitate the way Xenethis swung his blade, towards his opponent. However, the damage from Mentira is there, but it is weaker than his original. One may not be able to see it coming, but it is something his target or opponent can predict, if they've experienced it before.

    Sombra Mordaz (Eating Darkness) - This is the next version of his other ability, Sombra Abrasador, which can only be activated in his Resurrección form. His entire blade, unlike shown in the Pre-Resurrección picture, will be wrapped in pure but black energy, and not a mix of red and dark. If an attack with this ability active is a success, it will allow Xenethis' Zanpakutō and its energy to suck the spiritual energy away from any spiritual being, or spiritual aware people. It can only suck a small portion of his target or opponents energy, but if his attacks are keep on succeeding, more will be drawn out. It is almost as if the energy around the Zanpakutō is in a frenzy. Xenethis can activate this ability at free will, but only if he's standing still, to allow his reiatsu to extend to his Zanpakutō.

    Xenethis is cunning, playful, manipulative, smart and a patient man. He can also be cocky. However, he is also the type to toy with weaker enemies, or enjoys being amused by them until he gets bored. Xenethis is fearless as well, meaning, he takes crap from no one, even if they are his own kind or not. He usually does as he pleases, and is pretty much careless. He can easily get bored, and quite blunt with words no matter who he talks to. His bloodlust is immense, and fighting an opponent who is a threat or on par with him, would only create a smile, or an evil grin on his face.


    Theme Songs:
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  8. Oh question, would it be okay if my character is the same from the previous bleach rp we were in, just much more in depth?
  9. I want you all to know when you reserve a captain spot, make sure you also reserve the type of class your captain is, because thats limited as well. I implore you ALL to read the rules, they are important and has some information you need to know.

    @SashaBliss What do you mean. Elaborate on how he would be the same?
  10. @Akashi Know what nvm gonna go for something different.
  11. I'll go about making my character when I'm not at work
  12. I'll likely be making an Espada as a heads up, though I can't say what rank he'll be; mainly as I was planning to take a very old bio on another site I was on and upgrade it... but your Espada ended up being fairly similar to him @Akashi . So, I might end up changing him up a bit or just making a character from scratch :P
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  13. Appearance: Eyes are a purple color and stands at a 6'2.
    Name: Kairi Veritahl

    Age: Looks to be mid-twenties
    Gender: Female

    Division: 2nd
    Rank: Lieutenant

    Accessories: Wears the standard shihakusho but often takes it off when she knows she'll be releasing her zanpakutō. Otherwise will be seen in this:

    Zanpakutō: Keito
    Zanpakutō Sealed Appearance: (open)


    Details: It is longer than an ordinary katana, closer to that or beyond a nodachi/okatana. With each differing stage of the zanpakuto, they each change the host's capabilities both physically, mentally and spiritually. In a way, the essence of the zanpakuto and host become one in balance.

    Zanpakutō Shikai Appearance: (open)

    Shikai Abilities: - "Force unto submission, all who oppose... ______ (Keito)"
    - Upon release, the blade itself vanishes as two gauntlets form around Kairi's hands and shin-plates of similar design appear on her legs. This is where she spends most of her time fighting. The zanpakuto itself essentially bonds with her this way, increasing her strength and durability. In its Shikai state, Kairi can temporarily double or triple her power for a short time with a boosting move she calls Kyouka-Ni/Mi (2/3). As well, besides the boost, the attacks themselves have unique effects to the opponent should they connect. She can either add an intense increase to kinetic force to add a hell of a punch, or a lingering effect that will eventually numb the areas she attacks. The numbing is differential depending on how many times and where the opponent is hit, as well as their resilience. There is a visual difference between the two, as if she goes straight for the powerhouse, her fists would spark with an aura that looks like its crackling with lightning. With the numbing effect, they'd see a fire-like aura.

    Bankai name: Keito Kuraiga
    Zanpakutō Bankai Appearance: (open)

    Bankai Abilities: - "Shatter their will into nightmares... ______ (Keito Kuraiga)"
    - This is where things get intense. When Bankai is released, a red glow emanates brightly from her right eye and her entire right arm morphs to a giant, monstrous-like gauntlet/claw. Her attire also changes along with it, in which it is said in this release her zanpakuto's true form shows itself most as she nearly takes his entire shape in appearance and attire. With greater power and speed, her previous abilities are obviously increased while gaining much more destructive capabilities. The sword returns to the fray in the shape of a giant blade, much like a zweihander which she seems to swing around with ease. Despite gaining the blade back, she still retains most of her fighting through her body. As destructive and overpowering this bankai may be, it's dangerous to stay in it for too long.

    Depending on form, the longer the battle goes, the more straining it can be on her body in all aspects that it increased. Pushing too far can damage herself and even render her unconscious, and if much greater, lead to drastic injury or even death.

    Kido Spells:
    * Hado #31 Shakkaho
    * Bakudo #8 Seki

    Other Skills:
    * High Offense
    * High Speed
    * High Reiatsu
    * Expert Hakuda user - Prefers this fighting style as it greatly compliments her Shikai

    Personality: Putting it simply, unpredictable at best. Loyal and kind to friends and family, serious to her duty, lax socially. Enjoys her battles a bit too much

    History: Kairi never remembered much of her past in the world of the living, but in the Soul Society, she grew up from the beginnings of her teens in the worse-off districts of the Rukongai. Often having to do menial chores or thievery to those who denied her to get food, it was common of her to get into some fights. Most, she'd win, some she didn't. However those scraps of food were becoming more and more of a burden to her than a haven. She needed to eat more without feeling hungry in shorter spans of time, and that itself caused more issues, more fights.

    She wasn't happy with any of it, despite getting a kick out of the fighting she had done. Most girls avoided her for that, both for causing trouble and in slight fear. Boys wanted to pick fights to show who was boss, only to find their tails tucked between their legs and kept their distance from her. She grew lonely rather quickly.

    Eventually however, these particular reasons were what revealed her to some scoutings that the Shinigami from the Seireitei had undertaken. She was offered to join on more than one occasion, but refused twice albeit reluctantly of her own pride. On the third, she finally gave in, convinced that her life would be better to join them, atop of still retaining who she was.

    The academy was rough for her to take on, often finding trouble with Kido. Despite that, she more than made up for it from her resilience and immense willpower to keep fighting. She wasn't satisfied to be seen as someone weaker than somebody else, unless it was something understandable in the difference of power, like a Captain. Her rugged attitude often got her into fights both in the academy and afterwards in other squads, but she never let the consequences get her down. She loved fighting, albeit half of them were caused by stupid reasons from the opposite party.

    Despite her attitude, along with her fighting style and habits, it got her into the 2nd division in the end. A perfect fit for her if not the 11th. Training hard in a style that actually benefited her choice of fighting, she learned a great deal of discipline being among the 2nd Division and the Onmitsukidō. Aside from the 2nd Division, if she needed to train, there was always the 11th Division, in which she could feel free to knock a few rounds. Knowing the fact about the stories of Kenpachi's always meant that they were the strongest of the shinigami, her personality and drive ended up making that something that always thrilled her when she'd hear it. Ever since, she's always had it in her to someday be able to fight on par with her captain and the others, wanting to find the fight of her life, and she knew full well that if she ever grew strong enough, people like her Captain would be able to grant her wish.


    *For the sake of adding more flavor to the character details:

    Zanpakuto spirit: (open)

    *Theme song:
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  14. Well Akashi...Primera Espada or Segunda Espada. Don't really care which one, but I will take one.

    I might make a Shinigami...which if I do. 11th Division Captain (ofc).
  15. I'll reserve the Kenpachi.
  16. Decided on a rank. I will reserve the Sexta. And likely he and the quatro will not get along in similar fashion to the Canon two xD
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  17. Appearance: As shown to the right​
    Name: Kurono Akitachi

    Appearance Age: Looks to be in her mid-twenties
    Actual Age: 437
    Gender: Female

    Number: Quinto, 5
    Tattoo: Her Espada tattoo is placed on the left side of her right breast.

    Accessories: N/A

    Aspect of Death: Sacrifice

    Mask: [​IMG]
    The remnants of her Hollow mask consist of the sides of her face, her mouth, and an extensive area below and around her neck extending down to, and also covering the upper and middle half of her breasts. She usually hides these remnants from view with her jacket. The mask on her face is removable, able to be regenerated by natural abilities as a hollow.

    Zanpakutō Name: Kumorikira
    Zanpakutō Appearance: (open)
    The blade is a Wakizashi, smaller than an ordinary Katana

    General Abilities:
    Reverse-Blademaster - Kurono is exceptional with a blade using it in a reverse-hold grip. Right-handed, she leaves her blade sheathed to above her rear on her hip, in contrast to the Appearance photo.

    Close Combat Expert - While better with her blade, when push comes to shove she will prove to be a challenge up close, utilizing her body to its fullest if need be.

    Sonido Master - Speed being her strong suit among all other abilities, Kurono's agility is only surpassed by those above her in speed. Sonido, like the shinigami's 'counterpart' - flash step, is a valuable technique to know and control.

    Enhanced High-Speed Regeneration - Cat-like in nature and in form, Kurono adapted to a higher healing factor, trading the usual boost to a stronger hierro to a better function of healing more drastic wounds sooner. With this trade-off, her 'armor' is weaker than most other Espada but can heal at a better rate.

    Pesquisa - An ability to detect various spiritual pressures/energies in an area. Some that have honed this skill are capable of determining threats and what type of spiritual pressure or energy they sense and where.

    Descorrer - A technique used by Espada-level Arrancar, and sometimes others, to open a Garganta between the living world and Hueco Mundo.

    Gran Rey Cero - This ability is given to all Espada. When Kurono uses this, the color of this cero is pure black at the core with an outline of hot pink.

    Cero - Like any other Espada and hollow, Kurono can fire a regular cero that is hot pink with a darker hued outline. She fires it from her hands and is capable of Cero Doble

    Bala - Faster but weaker than a Cero, bullet-like projectiles are launched by the fists.

    Unique Abilities:

    Delga Seis - In pair with her high-speed regeneration, she can drastically increase this already quick healing with more severe wounds by remaining still, focusing her own spiritual pressure/energy to envelop her and quicken the process. This requires her to remain focused and disengaged from combat. This is nearly impossible to do in the midst of a fight unless she has help.

    Presador - Similar to her Delga Seis, she can envelop herself with her own energy to actually cloak her presence. While not as effective as Xenethis' Esconder, it is still a plenty stealthy maneuver. Those of particularly strong senses and experience can still detect her through her guise, as her initial spiritual pressure is still fully there.

    Rascada - A special form of Bala, her hands take a form more like a claw rather than a fist to send three, small slash-like bala's. Somewhat weaker than an ordinary bala but competes in greater number and are sharper. The wounds it may cause would not be deep and at best break the skin. This ability would be more useful as a suppressing tactic or distraction. With this said, it is not strong enough to allow her to use her resurrección's ability with it. While it would be stronger in said form, the wounds would still not be considerable enough to take effect.

    Resurrección Appearance: Retaining a mostly human shape, Kurono's hands and feet sharpen like claws, a tail forms and her hair lengthens down to just above the tail's base and a pair of large, furred ears prop up above her head.
    Resurrección Release Command: "Stalk the shadows, Kumorikira"

    Ressurrección Abilities: Like most if not all Ressurrección, her abilities more or less doubles in strength. In this form, if she manages a considerable enough wound, Kurono can manipulate the perception of those afflicted by her, some to a lesser extent than others depending on their own strength compared to hers. Almost as if her blade and claws were 'poisoned,' sound would be quieter, light would be duller, touch numbed. Each being environmental disadvantages predators often capitalized on.

    More cat-like and nimble in this form, her speed and regeneration are heightened the most while a few other abilities become available to her. Her tail strong enough to force someone back, she's capable of focusing a small cero by the tail's tip, the power behind it less destructive but more penetrative.

    Personality: Kurono is calm, taciturn, level-headed, and analytical, preferring to not engage in combat: she is content with silently observing both parties until the fighting reaches its conclusion. She strongly opposes the notion of killing others, especially if done to gain power but will not hesitate to draw that line to those she deems an irreversible threat. Get her to shift from this calmness and you'll have an entirely new beast to deal with; Once calm and level-headed would now be irritable, taciturn to rather mouthy.

    History: Like most of her kind, not much is remembered of her past as her mind cleared enough for rational thought once she became an Adjuchas. Once that happened, she found a goal among all the devouring, to gain more power with a purpose. She spent several years below within the Menos Forest, watching how the circle of life for hollows had gone. It was a vicious cycle, where those that were weak were destroyed and those that were strong thrived. It was no different to the circle of life we all know, but as it went on between sentient and not-so-sentient hollows, it only fueled an anger within. She was a victim of it as a predator to her prey but deep within she strives to fix that cycle.

    Before becoming a part of the Espada, Kurono had long left the Menos Forest for what lie above. Having become a step further, she left to avoid an unnecessarily drastic shift in the Forests' violent 'ecosystem.' Above, she sought out those that were both weak and strong. She observed those she found interest in, to know their motives and how they acted. To those who showed a genuine form of malice, she fought them to see their resolve. If they failed her test, she killed them if they showed no signs of stopping, only to have seen them become true monsters, once again mindless. To those who were weak, she protected those that simply wanted to find a purpose, rather than being someone's meal, tired of being cowardly. If they were not able to survive alone, then working together as a group would fair better.

    What it all entailed described many things. Perhaps this is what brought the attention of the Espada to her. Whatever the case, she was one of them eventually.


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