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  1. The beautiful light blue sky spreads far and wide, blanketing the marvelous lush green plains of the Soul Society. A world separate from the world you know as the Human World. It is here that souls go to dwell in until they pass on and eventually reincarnate back into the human world. It is the afterlife, and here is where a group of souls manages over the natural cycle of things. They are called Shinigami, Soul Reapers who help keep balance within both worlds. They live in the heart of the Soul Society, this 'Capitol' is called Seireitei. A circular shiro with four main entrances called the Four Great Pure Soul Gates. In the castle one night, a Captain was sitting at a desk writing on paper with a fude.

    His light blue eyes were locked on the words he was writing down and when he took a short break, he gave a hefty sigh and batted down his pure white hair. He stacked several sheets together and pat them on the surface of the desk before setting them off to the side to begin a new stack. Momentarily he finally pushed himself away from the desk and stood up. Waltzing around the room and peering outside the window every now and then to take his mind off of the work he had been doing. He was thinking about long ago when things were so much simpler and he wasn't such a high rank. He didn't ask for this to happen but it did and as such, he accepts it.

    There was a knock at the door, followed by a fellow shinigami who entered only about two steps into the office. With a great and respectful bow, the man spoke, "Captain Arita is here to see you... as you've requested Captain Hitsugaya."

    "Thank you... you may go now..." The man replied with a calmness in his subtle and deep voice.

    Once he had left, only a moment passed before his presence was replaced with another Captain. Captain Otonashi Arita closing the door behind him and finding a place to sit down, "Toshiro... What was so urgent that you needed to speak with me so early in the morning?"

    Toshiro turned from the window and sat at his desk facing across it to look at Otonashi's Bluish-grey eyes. At first, it was truly an urgent subject that Toshiro had been keeping in for a rather long time. And at first, he deemed it necessary to bring it to Otonashi's attention. However, with more time to think, all he can really assume is his own thoughts. He could just jump to conclusions when things in fact are just fine. For now, when it is all so soon, Toshiro decided that he would tell Otonashi later, "It's not really urgent my friend, I just wished to see you while I was free from my papers." he answered.

    Otonashi looked at the mountain of white that only he could assume was about sixty trees behind the Captain and then took his eyes back to Toshiro, "Well I understand that. It's really good to share time with you Master but, are you really sure you are free with paperwork that high?"

    "Oh, I've handled worse..." he replied with a faint smile.

    "Master, I don't mean to pry on a matter that could be personal to you but, in recent months, you've been rather... distant. Even your own division have been gossiping about how you've started being less social than usual. A lot of the Gotei 13 are aware of this activity and are questioning your actions. Many, including myself believe that something very important is on your mind... Are you certain everything is all right?" Otonashi adjusted himself in the chair and leaned forward.

    After a few moments of silence, Toshiro just gazed at Otonashi before shaking off the tension in his shoulders, "I've told you, it is nothing... really... I understand and respect your worry but there is nothing at all wrong that is on my mind. I just asked you here to enjoy a nice game of shogi. Is that too much to ask?"

    Otonashi sat himself straight up though with disappointment in his expression, he still cracked a smile and nodded, "Of course Master Toshiro..." the pair set up a board and played until the very eve of dawn with both Shinigami winning three matches each.
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  2. Makoto squirmed, feeling the lumpiness unlike her bed at the barracks and picked up the unpleasant hospital smell that only belonged to the 4th division. Her head ached just a little worse than everything else. Everything around her was dark. Just peachy. She must have had her ass handed to her pretty badly. That was no unusual occurance but each time was just as much an embarrassment as the last. It had been a while since the last time, actually, several years. Sitting up, she looked around for the light of the doorway only to feel several pairs of hands try to ease her back down onto the bed with the usual garbage. "You're still injured. You need to rest." Yeah right. It hurt to move but not nearly as juch as it hurt to sit there.

    Get off and stop pampering me, idiots," Makoto said, shoving the doctors away, "and what are you doing in here with the lights out?"

    There was an awkward pause. The banter from the doctors stopped for a moment and even the few conversations on the side died down.

    "The lights are on-"

    Whatever followed that Makoto didn't catch. She blinked and rubbed her eyes. Still nothing. It was as black as it had been before. Then she felt around her eyes for any scars or injuries. Nothing there.

    "There's nothing wrong with your eyes but it appears that for the moment, you're blind. Come with us. We'll have to do a few more tests. Once we figure out what's wrong, we can can try to fix it."

    Makoto felt a pair of arms hoist her back up and help her out of the bed. Alright. This was fine. It was just a little injury, no big deal. It'd take a day or two and then a week or two off vacation called bed rest and she'd be back on her feet. After a trip down the hallway and into another room, she was seated in an examination chair with some contraption to hold her head in place, giving her plenty of time to reflect on the events of the night or two or a few before. It came back in little pieces, chasing the little arrancar, blowing off her captain's orders when it got near the center of town, it mowing them all down in a few seconds... and her getting a face full of cero. It was a wonder that she still had her head intact. She supposed she should consider herself lucky. The poking, prodding, and following of simple directions lasted for about an hour.

    "So how long will I be out and about how much is this going to cost me?" She asked as the check finished. There was another awkward silence.

    "I'm afraid your nerves between your eyes and your brain are completely fried. No amount of kido is going to repair something that complicated, nor can any of the technology we have now. Things might improve over time... but I wouldn't count on it. I don't think you will ever recover your sight. I'm sorry."

    The doctor went on with a few other things but Makoto had already descended into her own little world. She slumped in her chair, shock sinking in.
  3. Shizuka Kurenai, crimson The news with Makoto was unnerving on top of other reports Shizuka was receiving as of late. Sighing draggedly, the young Captain stood up from her chair and put down one of many files onto her desk. Stretching her arms out, she brushes both hands through her long white hair before approaching a window, hand wiping her forehead. "This has not been a good week.." One of her subordinates were in the room with her, likely an aid who had just delivered the recent reports for Shizuka. She turned to face him, thinking, "You're certain there's nothing even the Twelfth Division's research can help us with?" The man shook his head with a small frown, "I'm afraid not Captain. Among the others to watch over, there's no signs of us currently having any means to heal such a wound for Third Seat Makoto Kamata."

    She crossed her arms, faintly growling a sigh, "Alright.. That will be all then, you're dismissed." The man relaxed a bit as he then bowed, "Of course, Captain Kurenai." He then soon left her office. She brought her thumb up to her mouth, putting the nail between her teeth as she thinks, "Damnit.. If it's one thing I don't like, it's somehow being useless.... I need something to drink." With her Captain's uniform tucked around her shoulders like a cape, Shizuka left her office and wandered through the 4th Division barracks. Greeting and passing by other shinigami, she needed somewhere to think other than her own office, and some coffee or tea may actually do her some good.
  4. Sitting with crossed legs on the floor of the captain's office, leaning back against the desk in the room, was Demita Riugi, the loyal second seat of devision two. It was a lovely morning, but she wouldn't be getting out at all for quite a while, not while she needed some time alone with her zanpaktou. She had passed by the captain as he was leaving much earlier, having gotten permission to settle in his office until he returned, but of course, that was just wistful thinking that she would have much time to herself. Not when she had to help out with all of the reports there were to sort through and the occasional intrusion of a low rank shinigami to bring more or ask favors and other such nonsense.

    A heavy sigh left the girl's lips as she opened her eyes, running her nimble fingers over her sheathed sword, letting her vivid green eyes look about the room and make sure everything was still in check before she pushed herself up to her feet and sat down in captain Otonashi's desk, flipping through a few papers and spending a good deal of time organizing the mess he had managed to create of it all, groaning when there was a knock on the door. More... More paperwork... Never really free, now are you? She shook her head, bidding the soul reaper well and good day before setting the new stack under the old and getting to work on the things Otonashi should have been doing.
  5. Kaiten Haji lay across Hibiki's legs as he sat cross-legged in the middle of his quarters. The ungainly nodachi was balanced precariously upon his knees; the slightest move liable to send the unsheathed blade cascading to the floor or into his lap. It was silent within his quarters, the lights dim, the door shut and locked and even his own breathing seemed nonexistent. Those who knew their zanpakutos well knew that he was in his realm, imparted only to him. However, this was not about communing with the spirit of his blade but about relaxation and peace. It was early in the morning and as always there were things to do, things that had to be done but Hibiki took his time and for all the seeming plodding he did, he was just as expedient with his paperwork as the other captains.

    To him, there was little in Seireitei that imparted to him serenity like that of his zanpakuto world. Even at its calmest, the Seireitei was bustling with people going about their day, having something or another to do and no sooner would he walk out that door than he would be pressed to do something. Hyperbole on most days but it was the act of leaving that started it all; leaving his quarters meant that he was awake, aware and ready. On most days he was, but only because he took this time in the morning.

    He was dressed only in his shihakusho, his captain's haori on a peg by the door, ready for him as he finished. Titles meant nothing to him and here in this room, he made sure of that; he was captain only when he wore his haori and that was only outside his quarters. 'Captain' meant that he had to lead, had to have answers, had to explain but 'Hibiki' meant that they could enjoy themselves over sake and the events of the day.

    In his inner world, he was much the same as he was now, minus the blade across his body. Instead the form of Kaiten Haji sat next to him, both facing off the edge of one of the many plateaus in the inner world. Clouds billowed past on unfelt breezes the same as KaitenHaji's hair and clothes. He wasn't swaying as he normally did, his body just as still as Hibiki's. In this time, they shared a deeper connection than just blade and wielder. They had come to the belief that Kaiten Haji was a reflection of Hibiki, something that scared the captain. His spirit was cold and unemotional except when he killed. Kaiten Haji's voice rang out every time he slashed an enemy with his shikai and the blade of bankai growled ferociously when they scored. The spirit loved bloodshed, even if it didn't sound like it. The times they spoke of such things, Hibiki could see it in Kaiten Haji's eyes, the spark of passion that grew into a glorious flame. That was what he feared and why he rarely used his bankai.

    "You should return," the spirit said, the voice flowing like a breeze among the grasses.

    "Cramping your silence?" Hibiki teased, his voice matching.

    "You have responsibilities awaiting you, unlike me."

    "Eh, they can wait."

    Kaiten Haji gave the barest shrug and said no more. He didn't have to. Hibiki opened his eyes to his quarters and slowly stood up, his blade in one hand. Stretching out and feeling a satisfying crack in back, he let himself relax before sheathing the nodachi. Pulling on the haori, he looked at the disheveled mess of the two bedrolls side by side in the corner. It had been some time since he had last seen Kokierra and he woke up missing that warmth beside him. With a sigh, he strapped he blade to his back. He didn't care what anyone said about it; the aftermath of the angels had proved to him the necessity of such a thing, even given how good he was with kido. He fumbled with the lock for just a second before sliding the door open and allowing the light to come in.

    "Maybe I could just stay in..." he muttered.
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  6. " It's quiet just like always isn't it, Yamimaru?" Endo looked at the zanpakuto, which Matsumoto gave to him. "Sometimes life doesn't get well with you, it always resulting the opposite of what you hope" Endo smiled at Yamimaru.

    Around 310 years ago,
    It was just like today, the wind was howling swirl, and the sound of calm river flowing could be heard clearly resonance the sweet vibe of autumn. Suddenly Endo noticed a huge pressure coming towards him and disappear suddenly, he was very familiar of this scary presence, it was the presence of a beast that he will never forgot . "I know you're there Zaraki, you can't hide your presence CAPTAIN" with Endo's sudden expression changed. "Fujiwara... how much has it been already since I took you to my squad?" Zaraki with his serious face, it was different like he usually was with Endo, he usually a lot more cheerful to Endo. As Endo noticed it he answered "5 years." Zaraki closed his eye gently and began to nodded "okay then, how about becoming 20th seats in division 11?" Endo packed his things up and said "I refuse, I want to be a normal soul reaper, higher position would only be a nuisance."
    "I see then... defeat 30 soul reaper of division 11 then i'll stop asking you about this again" Zaraki smirked that a ghost would scared a t him. "Only that? Training center 1500 today." Endo vanished to thin air. "Tsk... 30 soul reaper including me, Endo" He laughed like a mad man.

    3.00 PM , training center.
    Endo sat with his leg crossed and eye closed waiting for 30 soul reaper to come. As he open his eye the door opened and lied between the light a group of shadow arrived. "We meet again ENDO! let see if you're ready, 5 wave to be set first one 15, second one 5, third one 9 and last you'll need to defeat me"
    Zaraki laughed once again "LET'S DO THIS!"
    "Tsk, that pirate freak" Endo said to himself.

    First wave has started and Endo calmly stood at his position awaiting for the men to attack, a sudden silence filled the tension of the room. "HIYAAAA!!!!" the group of ten man attacked him but he was clever to jump over them and in a result of them getting their own medicine.
    "Tsk.. next wave will be 2 minute I'll ensure you, pirate freak." After wave to wave finally he reached to the last round between him and Zaraki, "Endo, I'll be using another patch in my eye if you don't succeeded then you must accept my promotion" Zaraki place his eyepatch to the opposite direction of the first patch. "Save your words, you freak. 15 minutes..." and so the battle begins...

    and that's the only time Endo failed to predict his victory, he won but it took him 5 minutes longer than he expect."

    "As expected my Disciple but you 1 thing that you haven't obtain yet..." Zaraki stood up and opened his right eye patch.
    "Tsk... you call that good, you just underestimate me with both patch on, that's not how I win, I DEMAND A REMATCH!" Endo pointed his zanpakuto towards Zaraki. "It's pitiful... It's so pitiful that you still don't get what I've told you through years and look at you now strong yet weak at the same time" Zaraki went out of the dojo including the other 30 shinigami, while he was going out he said something that Endo aven't figured out until now, "by the way Endo, you haven't reach shinkai yet, Yamimaru have awoke yet from his slumber and there's a reason for that figure it out by yourself," and so he left. "ARGHHHHH......! what was I missing power, intelligence, durability?! Why! Yamimaru what's the missing puzzle to wake you up!"

    and around 10 years later, Zaraki was a goner and yet again I was abandoned by the one I loved

    Present day

    "Yeah... I miss him too... right Yamimaru?" Endo smiled at Yamimaru, "I must be an idiot right? talking to a zanpakuto who's sleeping. Well time to get back to captain Durendal for the report" Endo stood up and walked to the division 11 office.
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  7. Kurisu Kurohime

    It was a slow process but eventually blonde lashes fluttered against painted red skin, revealing purple eyes rimmed with blue as almost instantly after the small action had caused her features to scrunch up. The thirteenth division captain held no love for awakening from a good slumber but it only made it worse when she felt the common symptoms of a cold present. It wasn't that rare for her to be ill but that didn't mean it didn't brush her the wrong way. "I blame my previous life" was the quiet whisper accompanying her unwanted awakening as she slowly rose from the futon she previously was wrapped up in.

    Eventually gaining the drive to stand up, Kurisu yawned with a tired huff as she studied her plain room with a blurred gaze, empty and devoid of any emotion currently. It was to early in her standards to think about anything in particular so she turned, heading towards the bathroom to
    get ready. It only took her a few minutes of grumbling before she exited, having changed into her uniform minus the haori as she briefly ran a comb through the thick waist length blonde hair as to pull it high up, a black ribbon coiled in with it to keep it in place. If one were to look at her, more specifically her uniform they would notice the small changes that had occurred over the years. First off was the white bandages wrapped around her waist, causing the usual black robes to be bound to her form. The sleeves were far from joined to the rest, having been bound to her upper arms by thin straps and finally was the finger-less gloves upon her nimble hands. Either way, the captain grasped her haori with a gentle mumble as her other hand grabbed Mizuppoi Haka before she stepped out, features slightly flushed but still stoic as per usual.

    Heading towards her office, Kurisu reveled in the cool touch of Mizuppoi Haka, the sealed blade feeling comfortable within curled fingers. She often meditated to speak with her zanpakutou but begrudgingly she had to pass that off for now as she took a left, eventually reaching the doors to her office. Now in her supposed 'work mode' she stepped inside with curiousity as she left the sliding door open. Taking a seat, Kurisu was glad to see there was little to do due to her efforts on the stack the previous evening, it almost caused her to smile but that faded instantly. Settling her zanpakuto on her lap she took the first sheet, staring at the words written before cocking her head with a hum, only to sign it after careful deliberation. This repeated continuously with the occasion scowl instead.

    Fortunately the stack was seemingly gone within a hour and so she was currently leaning back within her chair, eyes cast upon some passing member of her squad before looking back to a large tree looming outside, pink petals illuminated in a ethereal hue with the light of the glimmering sun. "Maybe I should go visit Otonashi-taicho..." she contemplated, unsure to where he was but she still resolved to meeting her previous captain before the day was over. "Maybe even interact more with the other captains.." purple orbs remained lidded as she tapped her fingers against her cheek, lips pursed. Kurisu had only become a captain a while ago and so had not spoke much to the other captains except Otonashi who still was referred to as Taicho from her. With a muted grumble she got up, arms above her head as she yawned. "Guess ill observe my squad first..." with that she stepped out, deciding to keep an eye on what her squad members were up to.
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  8. "I see... and she is doing well I suspect..." Toshiro asked, referring toward Kurisu.

    "Yes... she is adjusting to her new squad and her new title as Captain. I'm very proud of her, although, she calls me Taicho as though I were still her captain." Otonashi replied making another move on the Shogi board.

    "Perhaps she calls you that because she has high respects for you. I've read many reports involving her... It seems to me that Kurisu sees you as more than just a captain. I find the two of you are close." Toshiro explained.

    "You might be right... we are close friends, and I suppose that that is one of the reasons to my name..." The pupil agreed.

    "Yes... and what of Demita? What subject does she influence?"

    "What is there to explain... she is my exact opposite and both of us know it... But I'm not complaining, I wouldn't have anyone else doing my paperwork..." A smile came over Otonashi's face.

    "Something tells me that you have almost as much paper work as I do..." Toshiro grinned.

    "Yes sir, but I'm not gonna make Demita do it all. She deserves a lot more than what she's given, sometimes I feel like she should have been someone else's lieutenant." Otonashi responded.

    "She was initially supposed to be in the 11th Division but many seats believed her to have better use in the 2nd... Anyway, we can't talk about just Demita... what about that Takiko girl? The one who won't accept anymore promotions to a higher rank?"

    "Oh, the class clown but a sweet girl... She goofs around every now and then, and likes to make people notice her. I have a hunch that she might want attention but that's only me." Otonashi said.

    "That hasn't stopped her from her occasional successions on missions. But then again, I'd guess that she'd want to be acknowledged for a job well done." The two chuckled together.

    "Yes... I completely agree..."

    "One more subject on your division... What of Makoto?"

    Otonashi's smile faded, "They reported in from 4th division two days ago that her eyes aren't functioning... She's blind."

    "I've read the reports on that as well. You ordered for your squad to cease chasing down a free arrancar and a team disobeyed you. The team was headed by Makoto... the result of the mission came back with the entire team being killed save for her."

    "Yes, she disobeyed me... and I saved her from the Arrancar just before it delivered the final blow..."

    "Will you deliver punishment?"

    "Yes... as a captain I am forced to do so..."

    "Hmm, maybe a transfer to an unseated status in 4th division."

    "I'm not transferring her..."

    "What do you mean? You said it yourself... she's blind... what use is blindness going to help an agent in a stealth operation?"

    "I'm not transferring Makoto... I'm going to demote her down a few ranks and see what I can manage..."

    "Otonashi, do you think that there may be a little chance that she will prove more troublesome than useful in later missions?"

    "I have my feelings but I am not going to turn her away just yet. I want to be absolutely sure before I officially transfer."

    "Very well Otonashi, do what you feel is best... I won't oppose you but support you..."

    "Well... I had best get going... I've got to go visit Makoto and then save Demita from my work..." Otonashi stood up and bowed to the Head Captain just before turning and stepping for the door.

    "What about the game..." Toshiro mentioned.

    "No need, the next two steps, you will checkmate my king... My pieces are too scattered to fix that problem so you win anyway... It was good to see you Master Toshiro... thank you..." Otonashi left the room leaving Toshiro to look at the board and then at the mountain of papers forcing him to give a heavy sigh. Otonashi rubbed the back of his neck as he was walking down the halls and finding his way to where they were keeping Makoto. He exhaled from his nose just as his hand slid open the door, "Hey... I'm here to see Makoto Kamata..."
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  9. Makoto just laid there, staring blankly at the ceiling. Or at least she would have been if she could actually see it. After being told the news, when they tried to remove her from the chair, she had clung to it and refused to let go, demanding a reexamination. Shortly after, she'd been sedated and hauled back to a room for generalized bedrest. Not that she needed it. She felt abosutely fine, just rotten. Who ever heard of a blind shinigami? Well, actually she had but only of one who was blind from the start. She didn't have that amazing reiatsu sensing to let her get around or anything amazing like that. Heck, she'd tried sensing and recognizing the doctors and whatnot as they passed and that had been a complete failure. She could recognize them by voice better than by reiatsu and they were terribly not memorable so that wasn't saying much.

    "Damn it... How long am I going to be like this?" she asked herself. No one had the heart to break in and remind her that the answer to that was probably forever. She knew it too, deep down but had to keep asking herself anyway. If she didn't, she would have been completely lost. She'd be confined to this bed till she wouldn't be allowed to stay, then she'd go back to work and be retired within a week. There was no way that she could just manage without being able to see, now more useless than the weakest new recruit, fresh from the academy. It was just a matter of time, waiting for the axe to fall. Her head perked up, feeling the presence of a visitor and knowing exactly who it was but that feeling was soondeflated when she realized a couple things. One, recognizing him was as easy as smelling gasoline. He stuck out like a sore thumb. Two, he was the person she wanted to see the least while looking like a wreck. It was about that time to have the news broken to her that she was being retired, though. Yeah, that must be why he was here. That made sense.

    "Hi, Captain," she greeted with as bright a smile as she could manage which wasn't much. Better to just take it in stride. It would have to happen sometime.


    Durendal was sitting on the floor of his office in front of a mountain of paperwork, wishing he was ignoring it. Draupnir stood behind him as materialized company.

    "You could help, you know. It isn't like you're going to get to stretch till this is over with anyway. Help and you'll get to have some fun faster."

    "I think you mistake my idea of fun. You like swinging me around. I like helping you acquire more exquisite swords of the finest quality and you know there's none here," Draupnir shrugged. As her contribution, she straightened up the stack of completed work and set it back down on the desk where it belonged. They had quite a collection but they both knew that that wasn't enough to sate their desire for a complete collection. "Look at it this way. Is this what you wanted all your experience, all your skill to go to? The fine precision of a sword, reduced to the strokes of a pen?"

    Durendal shrugged. If that was so bad, he'd have quit within a week. Draupnir knew that too. She was just teasing.

    "If you wanted a treat after work, you could just say so instead of giving me the run around. "
  10. [​IMG]

    Takiko brushed a glint of sweat from her forehead as she ran along the rooftops. She had courier duty today, bright and early. She pulled three letters out of her mail pouch and read the names. Her eyes went wide for a moment when she saw who they were, but soon a playful smile spread on her lips. "Sweet! Nothing like some praise from the captains to brighten my day! Hope none of these are bad news." Returning the papers to the pouch, Takiko side-flipped off the roof and landed in the courtyard of Squad Five. The green-haired woman made a dash for the door and burst through it into the hallway. She did a cartwheel and a somersault before skidding to a halt before Captain Nogitsune door. As if cued by fate, the door opened and there stood the captain, mumbling something about staying in. Takiko gave a deep bow and popped back up, so quickly that her breasts bounced once. "Letter for Captain Nogitsune." Takiko removed the letter from the pouch and held it out to Hibiki while bowing. After taking it, Takiko would wait a moment in case there was a response before leaving. Before leaving, Takiko would hold two fingers up to her temple and wink while giving a salute. She'd then race off.

    "One down, two to go!" Takiko took off again at a run, deciding she'd deliver Captain Kurohime's letter next. Making her way to the Squad Thirteen section of the Seireitei, Takiko kept her eyes peeled for the blonde woman. Reaching her destination, Takiko spotted her target leaving the building. As Takiko was about to jump off the roof and perform a few flips in the air, her foot slipped, and she began plummeting to the ground. However, the branch of a large tree caught her, and a plethora of pink petals began raining from the tree. With the wind knocked out of Takiko, she slowly slipped off the branch and landed flat on her back upon the ground. For a second time, Takiko lost her breath, and she lay gasping for a few moments. Finally regaining her breath, Takiko bent her arms back and placed her hands on the ground. She pushed her leg up and in one fluid motion lifted her herself off the ground with a backflip. Blushing lightly at the embarrassing scene, Takiko brushed the dust off her butt while walking up to Captain Kurohime. " a letter...hehe..." Takiko bowed quickly, pulled out the letter, and held it out. Once taken, Takiko would lightly scratch the back of her head while waiting if there was a response. Before leaving, Takiko would give an awkward smile before zooming away.

    "Well...that was downright pitiful. I'll have to make sure my next delivery goes off without a hitch." Her last destination was the Captain of Squad Nine, Keitaro Seishin. "Such a boring man, maybe my performance will actually get him worked up!" Keitaro's office was within Takiko's sights, more specifically the window. "Hehehehehe!" Jumping off the roof, she flipped once before holding her foot out in front of her. Takiko burst through Captain Seishin's window, bashing through the glass with her boot. "Ya~ho~!" When her feet reached the floor, Takiko did a front flip, sprung off Keitaro's desk, and did a spinning flip so-as to face the captain. Once firmly on the ground, Takiko slammed her hands onto the desk, her breasts bouncing twice in the process. With her boobs in his face, Takiko spoke. "You have a meeeesage!" As she said her last word, she lightly jiggled her breasts back and forth. Only moving her right arm, Takiko reached into the mail pouch and produced the envelop. She held it out to the man and winked. Come on, this has GOT to get a reaction from him! Once received, Takiko would wait to see if there was a response. If not, she'd make her way back to the Squad Two area and see if there were more messages.
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  11. Shizuka, crimson

    It was indeed seeming to be a rough day with the reports that had come along, Shizuka still wandering through her division as she stopped by a courtyard garden. She looked upon a cherry blossom tree, lightly crossing her arms as her eyes looked up, mind in calming thought. A subordinate of hers passes by and gives her a nod of the head as they were off, busy with their work. Sighing out, she moves to take a seat on the edge of the floorboards as they lead out to the garden infront of her as another shinigami passes her by, "Oh.. Hello there, Captain." She smiled at the woman, "Hello there. It's a nice day for weather so far isn't it? Besides the work we have cut out for ourselves atleast.. I have a favor to ask if you would not mind." "Of course, what is it Captain?" "It would be very nice of you if you could get me a cup of tea, if you have time. I find it would be nice to have some to calm my nerves and my thoughts.. I imagine it has been stressful on all of us today." The female shinigami nods her head with a small smile, "Of course Ma'am, I can get you that cup of tea." "Thank you then.. I will be here while I think. Let anyone else looking for me know that as well." With a bow, the woman was gone as Shizuka's attention went back towards the tree, exhaling quietly through a deep breath. "Something different for the day would be nice for once.. Something to get my mind off of all this.."

  12. Kurisu Kurohime

    Having finished observing some training within the thirteenth division she had quickly spoken to her lieutenant before heading back to the large sakura tree settled within the division's barracks. As she exited the training room, her hands gently closing the doors before she turned, a large thud causing her to spin around with wide eyes, staring as she watched the form fall onto the ground with a breathless gasp. Worriedly the thirteenth captain headed over towards the fallen girl with a concerned glance as she stood before her, quiet as ever. She barely moved as the girl got up by flipping, causing the captain to idly raise a brow. 'Why did she flip...' Kurisu ended up asking herself before taking the letter. Staring at the ivory envelope she nodded, a smile gracing her lips as she turned to Takiko."Thank you." She murmured, watching as the girl vanished only seconds later.

    There was a silence around Kurisu after Takiko vanished, one that left the blonde shinigami staring at the envelope with a stoic gaze, fingers having applied pressure to the delivered mail caused it to crumple slightly. Eventually she snapped out of her daze, blinking away the previously consuming thoughts as she slid her finger against the rim, tearing the envelope open in a quick motion. Plucking the folded paper from its confines she unfolded it with a push of her fingers, revealing the ebony words written before her, clear as day. Her posture was rigid as she stared, eyes unmoving from the contents before lips parted in a gentle sigh, a smile coming unexpectedly to her lips. She was quite glad to hear from the couple who raised her before her entrance to the shinigami work, her job having kept her from seeing them. Her features, still flushed from the minor cold, seemed softer by comparison to before. Folding the paper back up and returning it to the envelope before she headed back to her office for a moment, putting it in a draw at her desk before leaving to head towards division two's barracks.

    Her journey towards the second division took longer due to her deciding to walk, her fingers brushed against one another behind her as she interlocked them, curling each one with another behind her back as her purple eyes turned to gaze at the occasionally shinigami running past in a hurry or chatting away with another as they themselves to their time to go to their destination. Shrugging slightly she reached up, idly scratching her cheek as she turned a corner with a little more light to her eyes. Even since her promotion she found seeing the second division quite calming, even seeing some of the reapers she worked with helped sort out any internal issues roaming around in her mind for a moment. Knowing the way quite well, Kurisu stopped briefly to say hello to a few people before she reached the office belonging to Otonoshi, her knuckles rasping against the door before she entered.

    Instantly she took note of Demita, her head tilting to one side as she stared at the stacks of paperwork that brought a slight shudder to her posture. She never believed that the paperwork was a tough job until she became a captain.
    "Good morning Demita-san." She greeted, turning her gaze gladly from the paperwork that was probably driving the second seat crazy by now."How are yo-..." Noting that Otonashi wasn't here, purple orbs softened, a frown on her features. " stuck doing...all of that?" She asked, having closed the office door as her attention was focused purely upon Demita.

  13. Demita groaned as she heard but yet another knock on the door, letting her shoulders fall and her head hang as she pushed another paper into a done pile. You would think that with thirteen captains there wouldn't be so much paperwork to do, but the fact she was sitting here with stacks of it proved that theory wrong. She thought quite a few harsh things that she could say to whoever was at the door to get out of any more of this wretched sea of white, but she shook her head to clear them away, knowing better than to be so irrational. She looked up just as the door opened to reveal an old friend instead of a messenger. A faint smile lit her features to see Kurisu, setting down her instruments and looking up to the woman who she had once been very close to when she herself was only a sixth seat.

    "I am doing fairly well, thank you for asking, though with Otonashi out for the moment, I am indeed alone with all of this paperwork... I'm likely going to need to get some good lotion after this. And a couple bandaids for my paper cuts." She said with a bit of a humorless laugh before letting her head rest against the desk. "But I gather your day is going fairly well, since you came over for a visit...?" Demita inquired curiously, though she didnt look back up. She felt too heavy to move much more than what she had been: take a paper, read it, sign it, take another.
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  14. Otonashi wasn't about to hesitate, so he approached Makoto's bed and sat down at the side keeping his eyes on her face. He felt sorry for her seeing her just staring off at nothing at all... Just a flat surface with no character at all. The captain sighed and leaned forward in the chair. Holding his hands together and thinking a moment. He eventually rubbed his neck briefly just before opening his mouth and speaking, "Makoto... I trust that you've already taken a thought as to why I am here. Well I'm not going to beat around the bush and will get straight to the point. Already you are aware that you can't see... You are blind for reasons unknown. However, there is no doubt that you know the reason for you being in this medical bed... Disobeying a direct order from your captain, rushing into a situation that needed further assessment to resolve and prevent further casualties, endangering the safety of you, your teammates, and a population of about two thousand people... Luckily... only the teammates died and less than half of the population were lost... Do you realize at all what I had to do to save you AND the majority of the population? And to top it off the Arrancar got away because of you revealing yourself to him. Discretion was a very important factor..." Otonashi wasn't at all negative or aggressive though his words still held a sting of poison to them when he spoke, "I'm gonna tell you now that your seat rank is revoked... at least for right now..."

    Meanwhile, Toshiro finished another few papers before slowly laying the fude down on the desk and breathed in and then exhaled deeply. Not two seconds after did his forehead drop and slam onto the wooden surface. He groaned a bit before pushing himself to sit back up in his chair and then stood up. Stepping over to the window and peering out again, his gaze just became caught in the sight of the layout of the land. Crossing his arms and leaning his shoulder on the wall beside the window he found himself talking to himself, "Sometime I'll have to tell him... I just hope that when I do... it won't be too late..." Toshiro watched out the window for a while before returning to his desk.
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  15. Makoto didn't move or even look at her captain. It wasn't like she could see him even if she did. He was being way too nice for his own good. It didn't take rocket science for her to know that she probably shoukd have been transferred, fired, or court marshalled. Souk Society often turned a blind eye over the severity of the action, instead focusing on the result. Disobey an order which resulted in a great victory and they wouldn't look twice. Disobey and screw everything up and it was pretty bad no matter what law was broken. It was a pretty big step down but a relatively light punishment given the circumstances.

    "Captain, you know that that view probably isn't very popular and the punishment pretty light. I was expecting to be dismissed at least, on my condition if not as punishment," Makoto replied slowly after a long pause. So maybe close to a thousand people had died. She knew that every shinigami that had been with her had died but no one had given her the mission debriefing. It was a sombering number but it didn't really show on her face. Being on a figurative chopping block for a while had already begun to take its toll on her and if anything, her captain was just spending his credibility on a lost cause.

    "You do know that I probably couldn't even find my way around my usual duties anymore, right? There's no sense in trying to keep something afloat that is just going to sink."

    Man, all this pessimistic yammering was bad for her but everything that she could do before was worthless now. Her skill with a sword? Useless if you couldn't see where you were going. Stealth? Hard to do when people could hide their reiatsu well and she could only grasp vague positioning at best. So she was a little stronger and a little faster than the average unseated shinigami. Without a doubt she was probably now more useless than the average recruit fresh from the academy.
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  16. Kurisu Kurohime

    After the hatred for the sight before her vanished, a small smile came to normally pursed lips as she stepped fully inside, fingers relaxing one by one till her posture was relaxed. "I'm sure you will need to get some lotion and band aids..." She murmured, poking the stack with a blank stare, although it made her recoil quite quickly, as if touching it would add to her own load. Looking around the office she took a seat carefully, hands pulling the haori tighter around her with a small huff, shaking her head. "Specially after all this..." Was the accompanying grumble as she finished with a small smile. "Though I am glad to see you are okay Demita-san."

    Settling her hands upon her lap, blonde locks were sprawled against her shoulders as she tilted her head, mind racing to try and think if today was entirely as great as she believed.
    "Well...I guess you could call it that. " She added, leaning back slightly as she shrugged her shoulders. "I'm still tired from working on ...paperwork over the night. My squad is working I guess it has been pretty good." She finished, smiling softly as she nodded. Though after a little thought she cocked her head to the side with a slight pout. "It is still odd being a captain though...Maybe I should of just stayed here..." With a tired huff she shook her head. At least then she wouldn't have to deal with paperwork...

    Kurisu stared at Demita with raised brows, a small look of concern on her features as she leaned forwards.
    "Demita-san...are you sure you are alright? You look exhausted." She questioned, her thoughts leading to her eventually stand up, walking over to the desk as she interlocked her fingers behind her back, a small grin on her lips. "You should go out and take a break." The thirteenth division captain told her, looking down at the lieutenant who was far to tired to move due to the horrendous paperwork that had exhausted her
  17. Hibiki hadn't been expecting to be greeted by a pair of bouncing breasts as soon as he opened the door and frankly, they didn't matter though they were a sign of enthusiasm, something a number of shinigami could learn. To be honest, a pair of breasts was almost welcome given what had been waiting outside his door before - traps... traps.... and more traps. All Kokierra's doing. The captain's eyes shifted to each side as she offered the latter, half expecting his partner to be lurking nearby and this shinigami to be an elaborately constructed trap. After a moment or two of contemplation he took the proffered letter and watched her for a few seconds, again, half expecting her to go up in a burst of kido or something. When she thankfully didn't, he nodded in thanks, watching her head off to her next destination before turning his attention to the letter.

    It was unadorned, very plain, and had nothing more than 'Captain Nogitsune' written upon it. He didn't recognize the script at all but whoever it was seemed a bit out of practice with a fude, had never learned until they had joined recently or had simply used their other hand because ambidexterity was useful - he should know. Flipping over the slip of paper in his fingers, he deliberated over opening it more. Even if the shinigami hadn't been a trap, there could still be one there, in the kanji. With a sigh and knowing that if he didn't open it, it would bug him the entire day, he broke the seal and opened it. Inside were just two words in that same script reading, 'Look up.' His stomach sinking, Hibiki looked up and a small glowing orb that he hadn't noticed at all that morning.

    "Shit," he muttered as the orb exploded.

    From the smoke came a burst of a hundred blue octagonal rods showered down, pinning him to the ground.

    "Dammit Kokie!" he yelled, prying out the rods closest to his hands before yanking out the others.
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  18. Hidden on top of a rooftop was none other than the Squad 8 Captain, Kokierra Oza. He had been waiting in hidden silence near Captain Hibiki's quarters, waiting for the other to emerge from his quarters.

    While he waited there, Kokierra thought back on his previous endeavors against Hibiki. He had left about... twelve traps just outside of his fellow Captain's door, and each one went off. Of course they were all Bakudo, Kokierra would never think to hurt Hibiki.... He never said he wouldn't do other things to Hibiki... Like... Paralyze, restrain, encase, freeze, among others... Kokierra had a nasty habit for experimenting with two Bakudo at the same time and they had... interesting effects.

    Hearing the sound of a door opening, Kokierra's eyes widened and he could barely stifle a giggle as he raised up just enough to watch the wary expression on his partner's face before taking the letter.

    Biki... I thought you would be smarter...

    Giggling like a madman in his head, Kokierra anxiously awaited what would come next. See, Kokierra had thought this through. Although he may not trust it, he knew that Hibiki wouldn't be able to stand it if he didn't open the letter, working exactly to Kokierra's plan. He watched in delight as he watched Hibiki's mood sink to the bottom of the ocean as the man looked up at the glowing orb of Kido.

    Letting out a peal of squees and giggles as he watched Hibiki get pinned to the ground, followed by a yell directed at him, he jumped down from the roof and landed in front of Hibiki.

    "Yes!!! It worked!!! My plan worked!! My trap worked!!" A loud gasp from Kokierra could be heard. "MY TRAP WORKED!!!! Bikiiiiiii!!!!"

    The rest of the rods pinning Hibiki to the ground disappeared, but they were replaced with a happy and loud and bubbly Kokierra, who practically leaped onto Hibiki, still on the ground, and gave the other captain a tight hug.

    "My trap worked!!!! I finally got my trap to work!!!! I did it!!!!! Itworkeditworkeditworked!!!!!!" He wrapped his arms tighter around Hibiki, giving an incredibly effective bear-hug.
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  19. Standing back up, Otonashi just turned himself away from Makoto, "There is more to a boat than it's sails or hull... Wood can be replaced, structure can be rebuilt, sails can be resewn. Like a wound on a body, it can heal if given time and work. If a part of a boat is rendered beyond repair... There are ways to improvise and keep it afloat. Your eyes are the wheel of the boat... Completely destroyed and there is no way of repair... Still and resting on the water with no way of maneuver, but the boat also has oars. You can continue to steer, just from human propulsion. A blind man can still find his way around, he can still determine actions around him, he can still use his other senses to see for him. I have belief in you, belief that you will not let being blind get the better of you and force you to give up. You may question my decision... all of Seireitei can be against for all I care... You are apart of my squad Makoto, not theirs and I will say where you belong. As far as things go you belong in my division and with my word, I'll make you stay in my division. You are a broken vessel, well I'm your captain and I'm going to fix you, even if I can't repair the very thing that's broken. Understood?" Otonashi didn't even wait for an answer. He took a step forward, "Good... I expect to see you in my office by tomorrow..." And with that, he left. Closing the door behind him, he sighed feeling that a portion of his emotion had released. It was time to get back to his office, it seemed that Demita has had enough torture.

    Toshiro was writing down on some papers when his head lifted up. He felt the presence of someone behind him. However, he didn't turn or maneuver so as to defend himself. The presence was familiar. A fellow shinigami was settling on his toes knelt down in the frame of the window, "Captain Hitsugaya..."

    "Report..." Toshiro responded.

    "I have the report all here sir..." Leaping into the room and presenting a scroll to the Head Captain, the shinigami was still knelt down and bowing.

    Taking the scroll in hand and opening it up, Toshiro started to read. Complete silence filled the room and with a clench of his hands with the scroll in them, Toshiro closed his eyes, "I knew it..."

    "Sir... what are we to do?"

    "Continue to observe their actions... if anything else comes up... you are to inform me as soon as possible. That's it for now."

    "But captain... shouldn't we deal with them immediately?"

    "No... I need to be sure if they are still a threat... Tell no one of this just yet..."

    "Y-yes Captain..." and with that, the soul reaper took his leave back through the window.

    Toshiro thought to himself for a moment only to mutter to himself, "Damn it..."
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  20. Makoto let out a long sigh as her captain left. Like usual, he had no doubts about having his way with things. Sure, she might eventually be able to manage something but he seemed to be using his name to erase a time limit that by all means should have existed. In short, she shouldn't be there as long as she was unable to do her job. And since things had already been done, she wasn't even allowed the luxury of having time to think about her situation.

    "Why can't anything just be easy?" she muttered to herself, throwing the blankets off and swinging her legs over the side of the bed. It was a pain to have to do something for others, not leaving her a choice in the matter. Frankly, she still felt like crap but there was no way she could afford to sit still. If she did, she probably wouldn't get out of that bed for a week. Hauling herself up, she headed for the door, a few hundred feet behind her captain. As ashamed as she was to put it, there was no other way that she'd get to the office by tomorrow unless she had someone escort her and doing that would have sunk her heart to the pits of despair at her own incapability. As shoddy a method as this was, all she had to do was feel around the walls and keep pace with her captain who probably had work that he was shirking. Moving a little faster so she wouldn't be left behind, she met a face full of wall.

    "Ow... This is stupid..."

    With great difficulty, she navigated her way out without any more accidents and a few angry words at the front desk got her officially released. After all, she was perfectly fine aside her eyes and they had already said that they couldn't do a thing about that. Now was the harder part.
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