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  1. Toshiro Hitsugaya Bleach.png

    Change can happen at anytime. Alteration can occur out of unexpectancy. Betrayal can come at the shift of emotion. These are phrases looked upon and spoken in each different way by Toshiro Hitsugaya, once renowned Captain of the Tenth Division back in the old Gotei 13 of the Soul Society. Over time, these three statements, though all the same in context but different in words, have proven to make Seireitei's fate overly extraordinary. Some time after the arcs involving Grimmjow Jeagerjaques, Ulquiorra Cifer, and Sosuke Aizen, a new threat had emerged and declared dangerous actions upon the Soul Society. This threat turned out to be a group that called itself the Seraph Angel Organization.

    These beings at first seemed to just be a group of souls full of religious intent but when they proved their threatening power in an assault against the Soul Reapers, things began to turn. In fact, sometime in the fighting, Ichigo Kurosaki, the Soul Reaper hero of the story faced off against these beings alongside his ally Toshiro Hitsugaya. During the fighting, the "angels" reached out and spoke to Ichigo. Their words started spouting truth in Ichigo's eyes and though he fought back, it was a matter of time before Ichigo had given in and turned on Toshiro. The pair of Soul Reapers clashed only for Ichigo to attempt to convince Toshiro to side with the angels as well. Hesitantly, the captain accepted to side with Ichigo only to cut his head clean off in a single slash. Toshiro murdered Ichigo in order to protect the Soul Society.

    Luckily, the "angels" were pushed back and Seireitei was successfully defended. However, casualties were a big issue as many Soul Reapers, Lieutenants, Captains, and even the Head Captain himself had been killed. With so few left, the society has taken great measure to rebuilt itself. Now nearly three hundred years had passed since that fateful time and the Soul Society had been reconstructed. Toshiro Hitsugaya, through great effort and much debate from the others, had been named the new Head Captain and thanks to his genius mind, skillful knowledge, and will of pure leadership, he has turned the once nearly destroyed and ruined Seireitei into a society even greater than ever before since the dawn of time itself.

    But with a new Seireitei comes a new selection of traits, ways of life, and especially people. You are men and women of the New Seireitei as Shinigami of the Soul Society. Delivering lost souls to a paradise deserving of their unrestful spirits, "bleaching" the world of sin and evil that threatens the worlds of balance, and to protect the society itself. May you give your own lives to do these things as the many others have before you. For those who join, good luck.

    Now for details on joining this Bleach RP. Welcome to all of you! For those of you who intend to join, I am sure that you are at least a "little" bit aware of the Bleach universe and the jest of the story. Most of it has been altered by me to make this rp an alternate universe of the original Bleach. You are the next Generation of Soul Reapers and if you have any questions about Bleach, you may ask me or use the Bleach Wiki page at

    Bare in mind that if you want to be involved with a Canon Character then ask me about the character and I will tell you their fate. If they had died during the "Seraph Angel Arc" then I will inform you of how old you may be to have met them and allow you to make your bio connect with them. Just ask me about a specific character and I'll tell you.

    Now to explain the profile layout for characters.

    You may post the profile in this discussion/thread or pm it to me... though I'd just say you may as well just post it here lol :).

    Name: Please make it like a real name... Oh and it doesn't have to be Japanese solely because of it being a Japanese produced manga and anime.

    Race: Simple, easy to remember. Soul... simple as that... if you'd like something else, just talk to me.

    Age: (Remember that souls age much much slower than humans.)

    Gender: Male or Female... simple as that.

    Division: There are 13 Divisions... the wiki may help you with basic info about them. Ask me if you aren't sure about something.

    Rank: Are you a Captain or a Lieutenant or just a soul reaper of that particular division. This includes the seat as well.

    Zanpakuto: Specify the Name of your Zanpakuto. This is where you detail what its normal appearance looks like.

    Zanpakuto Spirit Form: What your Zanpakuto's Spirit Form looks like. Don't forget the Inner World as well.

    Shikai: The first form of your Zanpakuto. Specify the phrase that you speak to activate the Shikai. It has to include the name of your Zanpakuto. Also detail how it appears and what happens.

    Bankai: The second form of your Zanpakuto. Specify the words you speak when you use the Bankai and the basis of the Bankai attack and effect. Note: this is only meant for ranks 3rd seat and above.

    Skills: Traits and Talents of the Character themselves. Just give ability and certain points about your character that sticks out, this could include fast reflexes, impressive wits, overwhelming strength, or a keen mind and sensitive heart. Stealth, your form of combat... you name it, it belongs here. Be sure to list a fighting style, your characters strong suits and weak sides.

    Personality: This is where you explain the personal traits of your character's in depth characteristics. Are they rigid, short-tempered, or calm and easy... are they dorky and adore women's breasts all the time or are they easy going and fun loving? Have fun with it but still keep a serious side to it.

    Appearance: How your Soul Reaper looks like. Hair look and color, eye color, body build... etc. Even equipment and clothing. Images are permitted.

    Character's Bio: Give history about your character and other such things. Again, you are permitted interaction with a canon character from the Bleach universe. Just ask me about the character and I will detail you on their fate.

    Now for the Black Profile Template:








    Zanpakuto Spirit Form:

    Inner World:







    Note: For the Battle Data chart... bare in mind that I run through your character and register stats based on my understanding of the character. Once I've announced your character's Battle Data, you may add that at the bottom of their CS. BTW if you see me posting Battle Data for your character... It means they've been approved.

    Lastly we had rules to mention. I am easy when it comes to good roleplaying but there ARE some points I'd like to mention.

    1. If I write something happening in the rp... no one can deny or work around it. What I say goes and you work with it not around it.

    2. Be sure to roleplay with the intent to not over rule everyone else. Only I am allowed to do that.

    3. When you are roleplaying, in character, It will be in the (IC) rp thread in the Fandom Roleplay forum list. If you have something to talk about out of character then this thread is where you are free to go to.

    4. If you make an Argument in regards to something involving the rp, like a character or something... please try and resolve it with whoever you are arguing with. If it continues for more than five posts then... well... I'll intervene.

    5. God modding is very frowned upon. Do not dodge an unavoidable attack or if I say you were hit do not ignore me. Know your character's limits and act accordingly please. Just don't god mod.

    6. Metagaming too... I hate metagaming... if you know something but your character doesn't... don't metagame!

    7. In your first post, type "Rain over the frosted frozen sky, Hyourinmaru" to prove that you have read and agree to the rules here.

    8. Killing another player's character is only allowed if permitted by me and the player themselves. Then again, if its okay with the player... then what say have I really?

    9. There are situations where a character may die... NO it is not a grudge from me to you. Understand that situations may occur that puts you in danger and can kill... death is a factor that must be considered. Don't go into a fight you KNOW is a death sentence because it will become just that.

    10. You are not permitted to play as a canon character as your primary character.

    11. If you are to attack an NPC, make sure that it is realistic in your characters ability to hit them if you wish for an automatic hit. If you attack a powerful enemy, it's not going to be easy to hit him directly so be considerate.

    12. Please, I know I mentioned this once before... don't try and put yourself in obvious great danger... things will not go too well...

    13. No controlling other people's characters without their permission.

    14. Please do not double post. You may post once per round. A round lasts until all players post and once the last person has posted, you may post again. Actually... Once I post, you may post and may not post again until I post again... that should make sense.

    15. Have loads of fun and enjoy our Bleach Universe!

    Link to the RP:


    Approved Primary Characters:

    1. Aaronace52 as Otonashi Arita

    2. Xylime as Takiko Kirishu

    3. Shadicmaster as Demita Riugi

    4. Nevvy as Makoto Kamata

    5. Detective Zero as Shizuka Kurenai

    6. Yaoi Master Gavin as Hibiki Nogitsune

    7. Incubus Prince as Kokierra Oza

    8. Aka~Kitsune as Kurisu Kurohime

    9. Liam van Alkema as Keitaro Seishin

    10. Greedalion as Endo Fujiwara
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  2. Takiko Kirishu (open)

    Name: Takiko Kirishu (Taki for short)

    Race: Soul

    Age: 201

    Gender: Female

    Division: Squad 2

    Rank: Seat 17

    Zanpakuto: Yurei no Sesshoku (Ghost's Touch) is a 2 ft (~60cm) simple katana.

    Zanpakuto Spirit Form:
    Yurei no Sesshoku is a pale, serious looking woman with barely any presence. She wears a completely black dress with a headband in her hair. Her hair is white, but it only seems to blend in with her too pale skin. The only real color she has is in her amethyst eyes, but even those don't seem to have much life in them.

    Inner World: A room that is completely empty. A purple fog lingers in the air.

    When in Shikai form, a purple aura seems to come from Yurei no Sesshoku. When in this state, any strike made by Takiko will not appear, and it will not be felt by the enemy. That is, until Yurei no Sesshoku is sheathed. As soon as that happens, any cut made will be felt immediately. This is to lull Takiko's enemies into a false sense of security, thinking that she isn't making contact. This means that as long as Takiko can keep fighting without sheathing her sword, she could rip them to sheds and they'd never know it. As long as Takiko has Yurei no Sesshoku in her hands, she can see all the damage she has done to her enemy. However, there is a downside. If at any time Yurei no Sesshoku is knocked out of Takiko's hands before she sheaths it, all the damage she had done up to that point is null and void.

    Phrase = "Betray their senses. Yurei no Sesshoku!"

    Bankai: Hasn't unlocked it yet, but this is what it will be.

    In Bankai state, Takiko's zanpakuto retains it's Shikai form and powers (as well as it's weaknesses), but now Takiko can enter into an ethereal state. However, there are many rules that come with this power.

    -Takiko can only stay ethereal for five seconds. She can leave it sooner, but can never surpass five seconds. No matter where she is or what she is doing, Takiko will automatically become physical when her five seconds are up.

    -Upon leaving her ethereal state, Takiko must remain in her physical state for no less than ten seconds. Even if she left her ethereal state sooner, she still must remain physical for the full ten seconds. After ten seconds, Takiko can wait as long as she desires to enter into ethereal mode again.

    -Takiko cannot do any harm while in her ethereal state, but in turn, cannot be harmed. There is one exception though. If an enemy uses a strong enough spiritual attack, it has a possibility of knocking Takiko out of her ethereal state, along with doing half of the damage Takiko would have taken if she were physical.

    -In ethereal mode, Takiko becomes transparent and doesn't make a sound. She also cannot speak, and therefore cannot do an incantation for any Kido while ethereal.

    -Takiko can pass through objects while ethereal, however, this can be very dangerous. Should she be in the middle of passing through an object when her five seconds has expired, she will be trapped within said object. It is also important to note that she cannot pass through the earth itself. However, she can pass through chunks of ground that are no longer attached to the earth, as well as through floors of buildings (or roofs) as long as there is another room beneath her.

    -Takiko cannot pass through a living organism or its appendages (the exception is plant-life). However, if she is hit by them, she won't take damage. Her body will still react to the blow though.

    -Takiko cannot sheath her blade while in ethereal mode.

    This is her very basic form. With proper training, Takiko may be able to extent the ethereal time limit, lessen her recovery time, and might even be able to sheath her zanpakuto in ethereal from. (the last possibility is very unlikely though, and might only be possible at the very very end of the rp, if ever)

    Phrase: "Transcend this plane of existence and let our haunting touch resonate through their souls. Yurei no Mijime Sesshoku!" (Ghost's Abject Touch)

    Equipment = Instead of the usual shinigami shoes, Takiko wears thin boots and small, lightweight greaves. She also wears long gloves with a metal piece over each hand in case she needs to block with her fists. She has her Zanpakuto of course and hidden in the bow of her waist ribbon are two small daggers for quick and easy assassinations.

    Fighting style = She mixes her sword fighting with kicks, trying her best to catch her enemies off guard. Because she practiced as an acrobat, she prefers to dodge, but will block randomly in hopes, again, to catch those she fights off guard. She can fight hand-to-hand if she is ordered not to kill something.

    Strengths = Takiko's strong suits are speed and flexibility.

    Weaknesses = Takiko has very weak Reiatsu and her Kido is miniscule. Also, she is by no means a strategist. She can plan her own moves well enough, but she isn't very good at directing others.​

    Always craving attention and praise, Takiko will stop at nothing to get people to notice her, especially if they purposely try to ignore her. However, she does know that there is a time and a place for such things, and will control herself when in a serious situation. She is a goofball, working to make people laugh whenever she can. She does have a temper at times, which usually is seen when a person shows her up or ignores her too much. She has a hard time realizing when someone is getting annoyed with her, but if they snap and begin to yell, she will back off. As for fighting, she really doesn't care whether or not she has to. If a fight starts, she'll be more than happy to show them up, but she doesn't go out of her way to start one.


    Takiko has sea green hair that she wears in a messy ponytail. Her purple eyes are sharp, but playful. She wears the traditional black and white garbs, but wears a giant purple ribbon around her waist to try and draw attention to herself. She stands at about 5 ft 3 in (~160 cm).

    Takiko grew up in Rukongai around the 36th district. Her family wasn't well to do, but they got by fine and were able to live peacefully. For as long as Takiko can remember, she has always craved attention and she would often show off in front of the other kids in order to hear their praise. At a young age, Takiko was dared by one of her friends to do a handstand for 5 minutes. Takiko, jumping at the chance to show off, worked all day to learn how to properly handstand. By the end, she was able to hold it for long enough time, and was even applauded afterwards by some of the people who had stopped to watch. This made Takiko realize that she could get a lot more attention if she performed. So she began her training to become a acrobat of sorts. She would learn something new and interesting to entertain people, and when it stopped working she would learn something new.

    One day, Takiko was balancing on a ball with only one foot when a Shinigami passed by. The woman was impressed, and Takiko soon found herself heading to the academy to become a Shinigami. Takiko worked hard, but more because it got her a lot of attention if she was able to do something well. Near the end of her academy life, her teachers suggested that she join Squad 2. She was reluctant to, knowing that said squad was known for training assassins instead of showy warriors. However, she trusted in her superiors' judgment and followed their instructions. Most of her Shinigami life has been spent as a courier, delivering packages and messages. However, her fighting skills were nothing to sneeze at, and she was able to climb the ranks after many years. At the moment she is content with her seat, preferring to follow orders and be praised by her superiors rather than become a leader.

    Takiko's Data Traits:
    Power: 60
    Defense: 40
    Mobility: 70
    Reiatsu: 40
    Kido: 20
    Wisdom: 50
    Stamina: 60

    Takiko Kirishu's overall Data is: 340

    "Rain over the frosted frozen sky, Hyourinmaru"

    I have a few questions if you don't mind:

    1) Would you also like us to add our Zanpakuto's inner world and spirit form?

    2) I wasn't sure if I was going to have a Bankai (and if I was, I don't know what it would be at this moment). Would you like me to come up with one before you accept it or is it alright if I get back to you later?

    3) I was using the Japanese term Shinigami instead of Soul Reaper. Would you prefer me to use the English term?​
    Thank you kindly!
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  3. I have been looking at my first post over and over again and I knew I was forgetting a thing or two...

    @Xylime For question 1: Yes... it would be great for you and all the other players to do this. Primarily I'm just more on the Zanpakuto's spirit form, the inner world is a great addition though.

    Question 2: It is unusual for a Shinigami to get through the academy without a Bankai as the only one in existence who has passed without mastering bankai was Kenpachi Zaraki. However, this is a time of a "New Seireitei" and there is a big opportunity for Takiko. I will allow her to not have mastered her Bankai yet and to have been accepted as a full-fledged Soul Reaper by Head Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya himself, how does that sound?

    Question 3: Shinigami/Soul Reaper... I use both phrases actually so I really don't care... By all means, Japanese or English... be my guest.

    Lastly, thank you and welcome to my group for Bleach: A New Seireitei. Please feel free to ask me anything else, have suggestions regarding the story or how to improve your character. Oh and BTW, a big heart felt congrats to you for not only featuring her strengths but also her weaknesses... Love you for it. It's good to see somebody taking right measures to know their character's limitations.
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  4. Aaronace52
    1) Alright! I edited my CS and added them above the Shikai category. Feel free to accept or reject.

    2) Okay, thanks! I could have sworn it was Shikai that every Shinigami needs to know and only a select few can actually use Bankai...but I haven't watched the anime/ read the manga in yeeaaaaaaaars (so many years....I feel a little old) so I could very easily be wrong.

    3) *nods* Then I'll probably see what term other people use the most and convert to that.​

    No need to thank me! I've been scoping for a Bleach rp recently believe it or not, so it's nice to see one pop up.
  5. Yes of course... and it just so happens... (I had just noticed) that because Takiko is of Squad 2... her Captain... just so happens to be my primary character so Takiko will be getting some interesting tie ins... that is if you don't mind.

    Takiko Kirishu - Approved!
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  6. Show Spoiler

    Name: Otonashi Arita

    Race: Soul

    Age: 338

    Gender: Male

    Division: Squad 2

    Rank: Captain, 1st Seat

    Reiatsu Color: Red

    Zanpakuto: Reivun o Nenshō (Burning Raven) 24 Inch long Katana style sword with a jet black perfect edge blade and hand guard with bird wings on two sides (the edge and bunt side of the blade).

    Zanpakuto Spirit Form:


    "Reivun Nenshō" or "Reivun" is a strong masculine male spirit with pale skin, fiery red hair and eyes, and a built body of a highly powerful presence. His black outfit match the attractive entity of a Raven bird engrossed in a fire environment.

    Inner World: A dusty and hot wasteland with plains of molten rock and oceans of fire. Thus the land that emphasizes not destruction, but passion and emotion.

    Shikai: "Embrace Your Passion, Reivun o Nenshō"

    When released, Reivun o Nenshō's blade becomes engulfed in a forever blazing fire. Not only that, but a powerful black smoke like aura spirals around the Zanpakuto and Otonashi himself. When in Shikai state, Otonashi uses aggression as a key trait. Using speed to keep with the flow and dance of his sword and strength to cause strong blows upon his opponent, Otonashi prevents any openings for the enemy to take, keeps them on the defensive to keep them from counter attacking, and to plow them with overwhelming fire blasts and slashes. Sometimes, he can swing his Zanpakuto to cast a charging fire blast called a Fire Bullet.

    Bankai: "Bankai Nenshō Moeru" (Nenshō Moeru = Blazing Combustion)

    When unleashed, Reivun o Nenshō's fire burns much larger. The black smoke like aura that once circled around Otonashi, has become a strong pull of dark spiritual pressure and Otonashi's clothes and hair flows in an overwhelming gust of energy. With two hands grasped upon his Zanpakuto, Otonashi holds it right up and slashes in a straight downward fashion. Most times she attempts to strike the enemy but he really doesn't need to. When the blade clashes into the ground, a powerful shockwave blankets the land only to be followed by a raging wall of extremely deadly fire. This fire is completely spiritual energy generated which causes it to be a great force against most anything, physically and spiritually. The fire because it is generated from spiritual energy is emphasis on his own zanpakuto. The fire, whatever creature with reiatsu it comes into contact with, becomes even stronger. The fire becomes stronger because it feeds like a leech off of spiritual energy and the more effort the opponent may put into shielding itself from the blast, the more they are just killing themselves by dispersing more energy to the fire. In the radius there is no escape or cover. This ability, Otonashi only uses as a last resort as the ability will render the land caught in the radius just as much of a wasteland as his Zanpakuto's inner world. Plus it really drains Otonashi's life force.

    Note: The fire that is generated from Otonashi, only from his Bankai has a leeching effect. Who ever comes into contact with the fire, the fire feeds off of their spiritual power to grow larger and stronger. Inflicting harsh fire damage + the amount of energy Otonashi put into it + the energy it is taking away from the opponent makes it a great and dangerous force. The effect of preventing damage is irrelevant here as the fire just takes away their power to get rid of their defense.


    Fighting Style: Aggressive but also tactical, Otonashi reads his opponent and keeps press on them never letting loose and keeping them from counter attacking. There are times however where he will allow the opponent to strike first and if he maneuvers it, then his aggressive attacking kicks in preventing any more aggression from the enemy. Otonashi's fighting style is a personally developed style combining Toshiro's style with a series of slashes, kicks and punches primarily meant for close quarter scenarios. On this end, his resolves are true and pure as he will not hesitate to kill.

    Strengths: His tactics in all varieties of warfare, leadership, speed, strength, and especially his Reiatsu and Reiryoku. Very high amount of spiritual pressure and energy As a matter of fact, thanks to being a part of the 2nd division, Otonashi specializes in quick and fast nearly unseen moves used through the effects of the Lightfoot skill.

    Weaknesses: He is not too focused when it comes to Kido and prefers to stick to his own abilities. Otonashi has a tendency to not be able to keep his cool all the time. Truth be told, it doesn't take much to provoke him and confidence can get the better of him as well. Acrobatics isn't his best as he is trained and built for fast reflex and movements. His speed is what gets him through stealth missions. Another weakness of his is the typical beautiful women. A sucker and womanizer, Otonashi can become easily distracted just from "thinking" there is a sweet beauty somewhere near by.

    Personality: Otonashi is a confident and usually calm man. He has unbeatable wits and knowledge in a wide variety of things. He tends to enjoy long walks and interacting with his fellow squad members. He loves to play Go and Shogi and finds time in everything to shoot for a woman's company. A womanizer, Otonashi is a big time sucker for women, especially female squad members. Edgy and at times short-tempered, he has situations where he will become easily provoked or ticked off if you say the wrong thing. Though these traits are certainly big enough, Otonashi has perfect faith and loyalty in the society and his Mentor. Holding great leadership capabilities, is not afraid to take charge and tell people what they should do.

    Appearance: As shown above, the image at the very top, Otonashi Arita is a pale skinned male with black hair and Bluish Grey eyes. In certain situations of mood, his eyes will show an interesting silvery colored pupil. He wears the appropriate Shinigami black outfit but also the 2nd Division white cloak with the insignia of the squad on the back. In addition, he wears a pair of finely crafted sandals, a red sash that goes around his waist like a belt and over his right shoulder for his Zanpakuto as he holds it sheathed on his back, not his hip (like Toshiro). To top off everything else, he has comfortable black gloves and a pendant with a silver "Raven" on it.

    Bio: Otonashi was very young but was alive when the Seraph Angels assaulted the Soul Society. He lost his mother, father, and both sisters in the battle and he himself witnessed Ichigo's death at the hand of Toshiro. After the angels fled from Seireitei, the young soul encountered Hitsugaya one on one though neither of them shared a single word. For a good seventy-five years since, Otonashi had entered the academy and passed. He became a Shinigami faster than most and became a target for many opportunity hunters. The now Head Captain, Toshiro Hitsugaya, met with Otonashi and offered him to be his personal student.

    By the time it was present day, Otonashi was Toshiro's closest friend and best apprentice. Now a captain himself with a division all his own, Otonashi takes all of the things Toshiro taught him and uses it as his own. He remains on good terms with his mentor though the best they can do most of the time is talk briefly, share a single cup of tea, or play one game of Shogi or Go and have to get back to business elsewhere. They still keep a good bond between one another and as such, their loyalty for one another will never die.

    Otonashi in the long years of the society has been doing everything he sets out to do. Presenting missions for his fellow members (and flirting with them too) and keeping proper management in his division always. Not much is extraordinary about Otonashi in terms of past events that are not already public to all of Seireitei. But then again... everyone has a shadow in their history always and will never be a completely open book for everybody to read.

    These are his data traits:

    Power: 85
    Defense: 75
    Mobility: 90
    Reiatsu: 90
    Kido: 60
    Wisdom: 80
    Stamina: 80

    I may as well post my primary character... Just to get it out of the way.

    @Xylime BTW I have redone Takiko's Battle Data again now thanks to my charting...

    These are her data traits:

    Power: 80
    Defense: 100
    Mobility: 100
    Kido/Reiatsu: 30
    Wisdom: 50
    Stamina: 100

    Takiko Kirishu's overall Data is: 450
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  7. I'll add Takiko's shiny new stats to the bottom of her CS. (poor thing, so little wisdom)

    And tie-ins are good! Takiko's going to love all the attention she'll get from her captain. (funny how their personalities ended up working out)
  8. Yeah it's very interesting... I wasn't actually expecting anyone to make a character for Squad 2... I'm looking forward to seeing Takiko in action.

    Oh, and no need to worry about the wisdom thing... If I increased it or another trait any more... I'd wonder why she's not a Lieutenant... lol

    No need to worry though... 450 is an impressive score.
  9. If only I had a banner... things would be going much much faster.
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  10. Reserving for had after slot. Will have CS up within the next couple days.
    "Rain over the frosted frozen sky, Hyourinmaru"
  11. @Shadicmaster Good... I'm glad you've shown your interest in the rp... I can't wait to see your character...
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  12. Rain over the overly long release blurb, Hyourinmaru.

    With that out of the way, I suppose I'll make a character when I get to a more typing friendly device but in the meantime, might we get a little insight on the seraphs and what they do/what SS knows they want? A definite time gap between the mentioned events and current time as well as current SS policy on quincys, arrancar, etc would also be helpful.
  13. @Nevvy hehehe well at least you got the first part and Hyourimaru right. Forgive me for the rather large first post... I am rather thorough with some things.

    Good questions though, I understand that you and a few people might be curious about the other races. Well my friend, I will gladly answer that.

    For the Quincy, Ryūken Ishida was found to be truly the only remaining Quincy in existence. During the attack on Seireitei, Ryūken assisted in protecting the society. The Soul Society has come to understand Ryūken's own outlook on his people and came to accept them. After returning to the human realm, Ryūken had decided to start a family. He taught his children the way of the Quincy. Upon the day of his death, there were eleven Quincy who desired to continue the line of the Quincy existence. Only this time, they are not going to do the same mistake as in their history. Ryūken had three children where the first had five children, the second had two children, and the third had four. However throughout the long years, the Quincy race still remains few, as some Quincy only had one child, while some children didn't accept the ways of the Quincy, or a Quincy died too fast before having a child, etc. They are out there though.

    As for the Arrancar, after they were defeated, they were purified by the Shinigami. Their powers and abilities were lost rendering them no more extraordinary than the average soul. None are accepted into the Soul Society as a potential shinigami though. Being no longer Hollow, and their Soul Reaper abilities removed, Arrancar have just been living in Seireitei as extra additions to the Spirit World. They are of no threat anymore, so the Soul Society isn't too worried about it.

    If you are looking for a Definite time gap between the Attack on Seireitei by the Seraph Organistion and the time that the RP starts is 307 Years, 8 Months, 1 week, and 6 days.

    For Insight on the Seraph. They have long since disappeared from the Soul Society. Toshiro has told tales of the attack telling truth about what happened. It was no secret that he was the one who slew Ichigo by decapitating him. The numbers of the Angels were actually fewer than the Shinigami and yet, they were so much more powerful than them. They didn't have a chain of command only having "disciples" of "The One" which was never truly introduced only mentioned and discovered to be a "God" which the Angels worshipped. Engrossed in shear believe of a higher Entity, the Seraph Organization believed Shinigami to be a "False" authority of the Spirit World and believe that The One and his Angels were right to possess power over Seireitei. After the attack, the Angels were driven from the Soul Society. As far as Toshiro goes, it is believed that they were all killed or most were killed and the few that remained fled out of fear of being executed. But in three hundred years, they have yet to return and Toshiro prays that they never do.

    I hope this satisfies you... I can't be too open as that would uh... Spoil the fun. You know what I mean? :)
  14. [​IMG]

    Name: Demita Riugi

    Race: Shinigami

    Age: 197

    Gender: Female

    Division: 2

    Rank: 2nd seat

    Zanpakuto: Kage Ningyō Hyō (shadow puppet panther)

    Zanpakuto Spirit Form:

    Kage Ningyō Hyō, at times just called Hyo, or, shadow, is a very pale spirit with the piercing amber eyes of a panther, as well as the ears and tail of one. It is very strong willed and does not bend to Demita's will easily, often making for a tense relationship between them. The spirit often manifests as male, though, in the very nature of the spirit, it is nothing more than a shadowy panther, making it just as easily a female. Despite this, it seems to take on more of the masculine side due to preference.

    Inner World: Mainly a vast, black, smoky like shadow filled expanse, it is hard to actually understand the depth of the world, though, if looking hard enough, one can make out a forest, in the center of which is a very small amount of light, muffled by the shadows, in which Hyo normally awaits another conflict with Demita.

    Shikai: Strike from the shadows, Kage Hyo!
    In this form, the normal katana form that Hyo possesses can be broken in half and still retain a sharp pointed blade which is now two slightly curved daggers wielded by Demita. Such is done by partially sheathing the blade, calling the incantation so as to summon him into shikai form, and then rapidly pulling the sheath from the blade. The two are already locked, and so the sheath becomes a second hilt, serving two daggers to use which have now a long ribbon of raven black silk attached to them. In shikai, a very small amount of control can be exerted over the shadows, depending on how dark they are. In 'controlling' shadows, she can form objects from them, using them as weapons or shelter, though, if a shadow is too light, there is little that can be done with it, so often times a shadow has to be heavily darkened to use at all.

    Bankai: Raise your strings great puppeteer, Kage Ningo Hyo!
    In this form, the two curved daggers that Demita wields finish their curve so as to become large rings, the sharp edge cracking, splintering, and splitting so as to make a pair of chakrams, the hilts being the handles that cut down the center of each circle, and the ribbons form into chains that can expand and retract, connected to eachother so that the weapon is one again. This is mostly a ranged weapon as it is about two and a half feet in diameter, a rather cumbersome melee weapon. In addition to the weapon change, Demita's shadow rises to life, being controlled by Hyo, and is just as real as she is. The living shadow that Hyo uses is identical to Demita, aside from being quite a few tones darker and more shadowy to say it simply, but, she can be harmed, and with the more damage that Hyo takes, the less effective his bankai form is until he is taking up too much of Demita's energy to sustain the form and reverts back to his sealed state until she can recover her energy.
    Developing abilities (CANNOT BE USED EFFECTIVELY/AT ALL):
    She can form a large dome of pure shadow, and within, can attack all she wants, as well as summoning and controlling the darkness around her, even making more shadow like clones of herself, though they are just as weak and disposable as paper.

    Ran'nā Hyo, or, shadow runner, in which she can disappear into the very shadows, masking a good portion of her riatsu, and then flash step between the shadows, resurfacing in another one. This technique is far from mastered, and even when she has mastered it, she can only use it six time before she needs a very long break to recover enough to use it again.

    ~Experienced in all ranges of combat-
    As she is normally seen with her zanpaktou unreleased, she is experienced with getting up close and personal with her targets, even more so in shikai, as her range is further shortened. She has, however, great skill in long range attacking through use of dart guns, blow guns, and ultimately, her bankai.
    ~quick to think and fight on her feet
    -due to having a very slight form, looking no more than fifteen years old for the average human, much like the current head capitan did in the past, she is very agile and lithe. She does have a lot of lean muscle, and thus, is a fast runner and can be a hard hitter when she tries, though more often than not she has to think her way out of tricky situations when things have gone wrong as she doesn't beleive in running from a fight.

    Personality: Demita isn't quite the person who you would go to for a nice cup of warm milk, cookies, and a bedtime story to say it plainly. She's cold outwardly, showing little to no emotion most of the time, and prefers to keep it that way, though, a very few people, such as her captain and the head capitan, have seen her crack in fits of rage, bouts of depression, and even more rare, actually being happy, though these states are normally induced after heavy drinking.

    Appearance: Pale skinned with amber-brown eyes and long black hair, she doesn't look all that special. The only real difference between her and pretty much every other Jane doe out there is that she has strange black markings on both arms that she will normally dismiss as tattoos, though anyone who knew her would know that she's lying. She never tells anyone about the marks.

    Bio: having died at the tender age of fourteen, Demita left her brother, only three at the time, behind. She often harbors deep resentment for shinigami and hollow alike, for taking her, and letting her be killed, but she can normally rationalize out of such feelings and if not, she quickly developed an emotional mask to hide it. As soon as she possibly could, she entered the academy and passed through reletivity quickly, knowing that now, she would at least have a chance at going back to see her brother and fufil a promise to her parents to look after him as they had died. When she did return, though, many years had past, and now, it was clear that her brother was long gone, not in the sense of death, but something far worse. He was turned hollow, and such a thing actually frightened her as, even in life, both her and her brother had such strong spiritual pressure. She feared what could become of him should he be left alone, but she didnt want to have to hang the guilt over her head that she was the one to kill him as a hollow. She never did find him, however, but even so, she would never go into their world just to do so.

    As she grew a relationship with her forming zanpaktou, she would often times he pulled into his inner world, just for him to test her, leaving her in the darkness for hours to stumble about helplessly, even getting injured quite a few times. Eventually, though, she was able to find her way to a small patch of light where Hyo had matterialized. He taught her many secrets about the shadows and the world that they live in. Parallel to theirs, shadows go about their lives just as we do, and thus, by attacking a shadow, you do it's owner the same harm. He then taught her how this can be used with him as he could pass between either world, and thus, when using him in shikai or bankai, she could shape and summon things from the shadowed realm. Learning such things proved dangerous to others, though, so she would often spend entire days off in a secret training spot so as not to harm anyone until she mastered it. Each time she is told of a new skill, she goes up there to master it so as not to harm her squad in which she had quickly risen in rank, all the way up to second seat, subordinate to who she believes is a pervert and an idiot, though she can't deny that is some aspects he is better.

    power: 80
    Defense: 70
    Mobility: 80
    Reiatsu: 70
    Kido: 75
    Wisdom: 75
    Stamina: 75
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  15. @Shadicmaster Demita Riugi - Approved!

    Wow... I'm rather... excited now... Welcome Aboard, Lieutenant.

    I've run through the charts a little bit and had taken a long time to get it right... I couldn't make her score too high nor too low and the problem was, she is very very interesting which makes it ever more difficult to give her a proper score...

    Here is her data traits:

    Power: 90
    Defense: 90
    Mobility: 100
    Kido/Reiatsu: 70
    Wisdom: 70
    Stamina: 80

    Total Battle Data Score: 500 flat
  16. Thanks captain! ^^
  17. Just add that to your CS and she's perfect!
  18. Um, I'm pretty sure that what Xylime said was right. When reading the wiki, shikai is required to pass academy. Bankai is almost always required for seats 2 and 3, but even in the high up families the only get someone skilled enough to use bankai every few generations, and normally it takes hundreds (multiple) to learn to use it (unless you're the reckless type any take the way that kisuke and ichigo did it)
    Not trying to over rule judgement or anything, just wanted to point out something mentioned in both the anime and the manga and thus is present on the wiki.
  19. .............................................................................................................................................................


    Stand corrected...

    Thank you Shadicmaster...

    I watched the anime and read some of the manga and I suppose that I got the two mixed up... If you read my post about Kenpachi, you'll see that I was explaining the very explanation about Shikai but said Bankai instead... I looked it up too and now I stand in shame as I spoke wrongfully... Forgive me... Well then... as far as this goes... Bankai is for the higher ranks of each division... Thank you for fixing that.
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