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    (Please read the rules etc. in the OP of the OOC/Sign-up before doing anything. For a background on what happened before the RP got here you can look to the third post of the OOC/Sign-up and look at the RP History)

    It has been three month's since we last saw the Shinigami, however many things have changed. Many of the Lieutenants gained Bankai and took the test to become Captains, now strengthening the Squads that were once weak without anyone to lead them. However the time is ticking closer to war...and the emergence of the enemy has begun...​
  2. Yu Amagi sat in his new office at Squad three as the new Captain, granted it didn't feel right since his mentor wasn't here, and wasn't the one to give it to him. Yet he was here anyway, yet his first thing he had to do was accept Chie Oda's resignation. She was the lieutenant of the squad but was no more. However he did request for Shizuka to join his squad which was accepted rather easily enough. Hard to believe that he now had to keep track of an entire squad and make sure they were doing their part. Truly a big jump from what he once did. As he was looking at a list of his members his door barged open which made him look up at a red head who was grinning. "Heard your the new caps...... I don't see it, but hey its an upgrade from what we did have. So caps, wanna give me a mission? Oh and Im Ginko Otsuka." The woman said which made Yu look at her before vanishing and appearing before Shizuka. "Hey." Yu said before grabbing her shoulder and reappearing next to Ginko with Shizuka. Yu sat down in his chair and took out a piece of paper. "Well we do have a certain kind of mission. It's suppose to be rather hard. Apparently there's this red haired male id say around Shizuka's height going around trying to get this certain powder? Apparently this is happening in district forty three near the north side. Think its obvious that you should prevent him from getting this weird power. Now go on, try not to die. be real shitty if my first mission resulted in death, but hey. I trust you guys, and the only way to get stronger is to get knocked around...... a lot." Yu said as he looked at the pile of papers he had to do and sighed. Ginko nodded and walked out the door as she waited for Shizuka.
  3. Shizuka stood in the courtyard watching a bird jumping from branch to branch on a tree in the courtyard before feeling a hand grip her shoulder and before she was taken from the courtyard and appeared in the Captains office, this caused her to blink a little before straightening her expression. She then look to her right to see her to see Ginko, someone she hadn't really seen before. She then looked at Yu who began speaking about what seemed a mission. The mission sounded simple enough but what interested her was if she could kill this guy...regardless she wanted to. Shizuka then turned and stepped out the office then walked past Ginko and out the barracks before shunpoing towards the 43rd North District, instantly planning to look for a male with red hair
  4. Ginko watched Shizuka walk out of the office and right on past her, not wasting any time in dealing with the matter. Shrugging at this, she followed along behind her arriving in the district within a few minutes. Looking around she rested her zanpakuto on her shoulder as she yawned. "So not really any damage. Was that report even right." Ginko asked looking around before hearing a man yelling, which made her shunpo to the sound to see indeed a red haired man grumbling as he walked out of a shop. "Where the fuck is this shit!"
  5. Shizuka stood on the roof of a building within the Rukongai, looking around for the red haired man as she then heard shouting to see Ginko shunpo to seemingly the location of the shouting. Shizuka followed to the location appearing on another roof as she saw a red haired man, assuming he was the one they needed to kill...regardless if it is him or not she wanted to kill him. Shizuka then swung her left arm towards the man, a knife flying out from it, speeding towards him.
  6. As the man walked along he saw a red hair woman which made him squint his eyes before he felt something metal stab his leg. "Ow! The fuck!?" He shouted looking down at the knife before pulling it out looking around as he looked at Shizuka on a roof. "A knife? Please, if you want to kill me..... You gotta use something better ladies." Tiz said grinning as he broke the knife in his hands as pulled out his own knife and rushed at Shizuka, only to see Ginko swinging her sword down at him, which he blocked with his knife then spun around kicking her in the left side with his right leg. Sending her flying into a house, before pointing his knife at her. "Swallow, Behīmosukujira" The knife extended out a bit as he plunged at her with his knife pointed at her chest.
  7. Shizuka watched Ginko get hit back by the red haired man as he then ran at her aiming to stab her in the chest, this caused Shizuka to shunpo off to her right as she then raised her left arm and pointed her index finger at the red haired man, firing a Hado 4 at him before then throwing another knife at him with her right hand, Shizuka then shunpoed further back, seeing just how fast this man was...she wanted to kill him...but she wanted to see what he could do so she could either drag the killing out or go straight for the kill
  8. Tiz crashed into the roof as he saw a hado come flying at him, which made him crack his neck as the hado seemingly disappeared while he grinned and side stepped the knife. "Are these even your zanpakuto?" He asked before bursting off the roof towards Shizuka. As he neared her Ginko reappeared with a different sword in her hand that was cutting her hand causing blood to drip, yet somehow it was raising her power than lowering it. As she swung down he blocked again but got stuck in place before being kicked in the side of the head. Tiz held his place however, as he placed his left index finger on her right leg, a byakurai then went through her leg which made her flinch as she kneeled down, which Tiz then grabbed her head and kneed her in the face , causing her to fly off the house. Tiz shunpoed behind Shizuka as he aimed his right leg at the back of her head.
  9. Shizuka watched her Hado disappear causing her eyes to narrow very slightly as the red haired man then burst off, coming towards her, yet he was stopped temporarily by Ginko as she attacked him with a different looking sword however she was quickly dealt with. The red haired man then disappeared and re-appeared behind Shizuka, this caused Shizuka to turn slightly as she raised her right forearm to try block the kick that then sent her flying off the roof into a building. Shizuka got up slowly from the rubble, clearly this man had some power but what was this power he had? could he absorb Kido? she had to be certain of this...Shizuka then fired a Hado 4 out from the building towards the red haired man then shunpoed out of the building onto another nearby roof, throwing a knife towards the man, then shunpoing high into the air and throwing a few more knives towards the red haired man
  10. Tiz's kick connected with her, despite the blocked attempt, which lessened the damage yet still sent her through a house. He saw another hado coming at him which vanished as well followed by Tiz yawning as he knocked away all the knifes coming at him. "Doesn't matter where you throw it, if it wont work it won't work. You females are retarded." Tiz said before feeling a blade cut into his leg in which he shunpoed on instinct to a different house. Just to see a blade poking out of a house much like a shark through water, yet this tore right through the roof as it went towards Tiz which made him look at his leg and smirk. "You bitches are decently fun after all." he said as he held his knife down stopping the oncoming blade tearing through the roof. yet that when a pair of hands burst through the roof grabbing his legs. Tiz grit his teeth as he stabbed his knife into the arm, yet that only made the grip stronger.
  11. Shizuka watched as the red haired male was caught by what she could assume was Ginko, Shizuka saw an opening in this and threw many knives towards the man then began spinning a knife in her right hand as it grew, forming into a scythe, Shizuka then swung her scythe in the air towards the red haired man, sending an arc of black fire towards him, aiming to cut him in two or at least severely burn him
  12. Tiz who was still stabbing the arms of Ginko, saw that more knifes were thrown which made his right eye twitch, He deflected the knives with his own, watching as she finally brought out her true zanpakuto which made him grin. She swung it sending an arc of black flames at him, which raised an eyebrow as he held up his knife attempting to absorb it, only to not work. His eyes widened a bit as the flames hit him as Ginko let go of his legs, leaving Tiz who was patting out the flames, with a giant burn mark on his chest. He looked at Shizuka and cracked his knuckles. He held his knife at her before firing off a giant beam of red energy at her. It wasn't a kido from the looks of it, so it had to do with his shikai.
  13. Shizuka watched as her flames caused some damage to the red haired male, although she did damage she was far from satisfied as there was no blood. Shizuka then watched as the red haired male fired a giant beam of red energy at her, to her it seemed almost like a cero and so she was going to treat it as such, Shizuka's Scythe blade then ignited with black flames as fire then formed around her in the shape of a dome, protecting her from the attack however due to her not so great control of the fire she was burned slightly here and there
  14. "Ha game over brat!" Tiz said as she went to block the attack, he shunpoed above her aiming the knife down at her preparing to fire off another beam of energy, when suddenly several hado four went flying at him, which all vanished, yet his grin went bigger as his hair slowly raised as he laughed. "You remind me of this idiot from squad five! Kido does not work against me!!!" Tiz said as he was prepared to fire off two beams. One at Shizuka and one at Ginko who was standing on a roof. When a bright light went off in the far distance which stopped Tiz as he groaned in annoyance. "Shit, outta time. I'm in so much trouble for not finding that stupid powder shit." Tiz said before looking at the two females and bowing. "Another time ladies, but for now I must leave." Tiz said shunpoing off in the distance at fast rate, out of sight within a couple seconds.
  15. Shizuka watched as the red haired male appeared in the air above her, she then saw several hado 4's fly towards him only to be seemingly absorbed by him. She saw him charging up two beams when suddenly he stopped, she only heard that he was out of time and couldn't find some powder...he then said his farewell and shunpoed off. This caused her to seal her Zanpakuto...however not being able to kill this man frustrated her yet she didn't show this, instead she stabbed her zanpakuto through her left palm...something she had done before. She then pulled her knife out her hand then turned her back to Ginko then spoke "We're done here..." Shizuka then shunpoed off, heading back to the Squad 3 barracks
  16. Ginko wiped her head as the man shunpoed off, seemingly without the powder. So does that mean the mission was a success? Either way she sealed her zanpakuto and trailed behind Shizuka who also stabbed her hand for whatever reason. So when they got back, Ginko kicked the door open again with Yu just blankly staring at them, as he looked at both their bleeding hands and frowned. 'Okay, Shizuka bonding is nice but don't teach others to stab their hands." Yu said where Ginko raised her hand. "Ummmm this is by my own shikai. It does that. Anyway, we stopped the man from getting the powder.... He got away, but we stopped him. Well something stopped him. If anything, we delayed him." She said which made Yu scratch hi head. "I see.... Well as long as he didn't get it, that's a pass. good job you two....... stop stabbing your hand Shizuka." Yu said as he dismissed them.
  17. Shizuka walked into Yu's office behind Ginko who booted the door open, she then stood next to Ginko as she spoke, Shizuka listened to Yu speak then mention her hand which caused her to look away and curse him in her mind. Shizuka then turned and stepped out the office, she then pulled bandages out from her left sleeve and wrapped them around her left hand before walking off to go who knows where...
  18. Keina “Hmpt!” was the only noise that Keina had been making for the past couple of hours. It became harder to keep her grip on the black staff as sweat trailed from her shaky arms down onto her hands. Nonetheless she managed to hold on, barely. Kenta chuckled as he stood in front of his older sister, watching as she struggled to keep hold of his Shikai. He was impressed by the amount of time she kept hold, since dawn. A fifth seat showing this amount of strength just screamed potential, though she still had a long way to go to become greater, but he felt she was good enough to atleast help in the upcoming war. His hand wrapped around the black staff before he pulled it away. Keina fell to the ground with a sigh of relief despite her face being buried in the ground.

    “You did well,” Kenta commented before he teased for once, “Wanna wear the gloves now?”


    Kenta bent down and pulled Keina from the ground. He lifted her into his arms before he walked out of the Squad Ten training grounds and into her room. He laid Keina on her bed then sat besides her. “I was kidding. You’re wearing the gloves next time though, you’re going to fight me while wearing them.”

    “Yeah, yeah,” Keina mumbled, curled on her bed with the covers pulled over her, her head lying on her pillows. “…Think you can handle that though? Without the, you know…hollow problem?”

    Keina sighed. “I think I can…but I’ve been training since dawn, and it’s almost the afternoon so thinking isn’t my strongest suit currently. Can we talk about it later, Kenta?”

    Kenta nodded before standing up and kissing her forehead. “Yeah, we can. You rest up.” Keina nodded and shooed him away as he left. Kenta walked out of the room and shut the door gently. Time to return to Squad Nine, Kenta thought as he left the barracks.

    Kenta Once at the Squad Nine barracks the first thing Kenta did was go to his room. Since returning to the Gotei 13 Kenta had remained an unseated in Squad Nine, but the rank didn’t bother him much as he had the strength. He would still do as he pleased since to him he had the freedom of a Captain, but unlike a Captain he didn’t have the weight of a whole Squad on his shoulders. His mind wondered back to when he was training after the announcement of Kuchiki, Kurisa’s death. Back then he felt like he wanted to become one of the greatest Shinigami after hearing what Kuchiki, Kurisa thought of him. But he didn’t have that feeling anymore, he didn’t care. Not that it was bad, but he was content as things were now.

    He was helping his sister, working with Squad Ten on the Tenchi case, protecting people. He couldn’t deny that he was a bit uncomfortable in the Seireitei though. His past best friend didn’t feel as such which was awkward, and coming back after breaking the law…Takara made good points about him really only breaking one, which he technically had no choice in. The other two wasn’t even a sure thing so in a way he didn’t break the law, but to him he still did. His mind then wondered back to the time he spent with Takara when he was away from the Gotei 13, he hadn’t spoken with for a while…And while he would probably never admit it, he was starting to miss her. As annoying as she was, he was comfortable around her since she reminded him of family, she felt like it. But maybe that was just her charm, if you could ever see the charm in that lazy fat-ass. Kenta did, he guessed, he wasn’t sure. But he was sure that he liked whatever it was.

    His hands slammed onto his face to stop the memories of her swarming his mind. You can go visit her soon, but for now you have other important things to worry about, Kenta thought before dropping his hands and walking to his drawer. He looked down at the origami dragon Keina had given to him the time he brought her here to stay. He put his hands together before bowing his head in silence. Kenta walked out of his room, soon walking out of the barracks and entered one of the outer districts. It looked like pure shit, shittier than the shit he had taken not too long ago. But there were reports of a ghost like figure running off to this place, and he knew exactly who it was or atleast could have been. He also knew well enough that they wouldn’t let themselves be seen so easily, so it could have been to lure Shinigami. He’d have to keep his guard up the whole time.

    Hikari Hikari always felt weird when he sat down in his office. The reason was simply because he was scared of what Tabo had done in the office during his time being Captain. Not too long ago had he come across something white and sticky, turns out it was just from a doughnut. He would have to ask someone to clean the office for him as he was too busy to do it himself, though he wouldn’t ask them to do it for free. Pulling some reports from him desk he sat them on top of it and began reading through them. Lots of things that seemed related to Tenchi. Large hollow gatherings, a few disappearances…They would be handled quickly. He also needed to focus on his Squad’s strength as well, not just physically but mentally. Now that he was Captain he couldn’t be as relaxed as he was when he was Lieutenant.

    Standing from his desk he then walked out of his office, he wanted to take a small walk as he thought. Keina needed more training, but having Kenta around and her training with Tabo took allot off his shoulders. Nothing he had to think too much about, but she needed to go on more missions rather than just training. Haruka was lieutenant now, and more impressive. Hyperion as well, he had gotten much stronger. He found that those two were ready for what was about to happen, but maybe it was time for them to help more around the Squad. Of course Haruka had already been doing so by being Lieutenant, but Hyperion could atleast lead some Squad members on missions. He didn’t trust him training the members though, too risky. Hikari figured he’d train the newer members and unseated, like the newest member Ayami, he had yet to fully see what she could do. And the newest members needed to become stronger and smarter, fast.

    The plan sounded like a decent one, he’d just need to see it put into action. His next priority was the Shinrai clan. Thanks to Himeko and a few others the clan grounds were fixed in just three whole months, it still needed work but it was stable. Next thing to do was to find his father, and then get other members from the clan and bring them back this time. He was going to bring his clan back no matter what.

    Standing in an area between two cliffs, Kenji stood there a few feet away from his brother Kentaro. He had been searching for him for years, and thanks to the help of some Squad Two Shinigami named Scarlett he was able to put the pieces together of all he had gathered. ”…Kentaro…Why’d you do it man?” Kenji asked with pained expression.

    “Why’d I do it?!” Kentaro repeated with a laugh, “I don’t think I really need to explain that one, Kenji!”

    “I mean, I know dad was a piece of shit! He wouldn’t get help for mom and sis’ illness because he didn’t want people to get suspicious of my spirit energy! He beat us for hours if we tried to go get help, or even mentioned it! I’m not questioning his death, hell, I was considering doing it myself,” Kenji replied, “But why did you do it? You were so kind, timid! Were you hiding your true self? Or did you just crack?”

    Kentaro looked left and right as if checking his surroundings before looking Kenji straight in the face. His own face going dark Kentaro replied, “Because she told me to.”

    “She? Who the hell is she?”

    “Our baby sister, she’s alive you see!” Kentaro replied with a huge grin, poking his head, “In my mind! She tells me who the bad people are, and I take care of them!”

    Kenji’s eyes widened at the last statement, soon realizing that his baby brother was fucking loony! His eyes returned to normal before he smiled, arms open as he took a few steps forward. “Whatever the case, I found you at last baby brother!” Kenji said as he wrapped his brother in his arms, next his blade entered his brother’s back as tears dripped down Kenji’s cheeks. “I’m sorry, but I couldn’t see you suffe-“boom! Kentaro exploded sending Kenji flying into a tree. After a moment Kenji regained himself, groaning as he lifted up and wiped the dirt off of his face.

    “And she told me that you are one of the bad people,” Kentaro said from a few meters away with a staff in hand and a tag in the other with beads floating around him, revealing that the other him was just a clone. Kenji stared at Kentaro, someone completely different than what he remembered. He was mentally ill, and not in the way that could be controlled. Kenji’s first thought was killing him, Kentaro had suffered enough. The beatings, and now his own brain was fucking him up! Kenji wasn’t sure if it was the right choice, but he was never the type of person to dwell on what was right and wrong.

    Kenji reached up and took his earring off, throwing it off into the distance. “Destroy or Create, Kami!” Kenji called out as his spirit energy began rising, covering a great distance causing the nature around them to suddenly die. Kenji shot towards Kentaro and swung his Zanpakuto down at him in which Kentaro quickly blocked before slapping the tag of Kenji. Kentaro kicked Kenji in the gut sending him fly back before sticking his hand forward with the beads following Kenji. Before Kenji could land the beads surrounded Kenji. The beads began glowing alongside the tag markings, and then they exploded violently.

    The dust clearing revealed Kenji crouching on the ground with golden wings surrounding his body which shielded him from the explosion. Kentaro was unbelievably quick Kenji had realized, but it was something he could deal with. Kenji flew into the air, flying in the direction Kentaro was in. Once above him Kenji wrapped the wings around himself then shot down at Kentaro like a drill. Kenji felt beads wrap around him this time, then found himself being hurled. Where? He couldn’t see. He tried unwrapping himself but the beads were too tight! Another violent explosion went off that sent Kenji plummeting to the ground and hitting hard. Kenji growled before standing up, his wings were cracked so he couldn’t fly anymore. “I thought brothers didn’t hurt each other! That’s what you said back then!” Kenji heard Kentaro yell before beads wrapped around his wings, and with ease were ripped from his back, “You said we’d never hurt each other! Only hurt those who hurt us! That including father!” Kenji screamed in pain as he put his hands on his back, the spot his wings were ripped from.

    Kenji opened his eyes gazing left to soon see his wings being swung towards his neck, beads surrounding it. He knew it was the same on his right, aiming to decapitate him and then explode. Boom! They had collided and exploded, though Kenji was fine. Kenji had gone into his Hades shadow mode so the attacks went through him. Fully standing Kenji turned around towards Kentaro then shot towards him. Kentaro prepared a block but instead of hitting Kentaro Kenji went through him. Kenji quickly deactivated the ability and spun around, a bow in hand with seven arrows arched back which he let fly forward before Kentaro could react. Both were caught in the explosion radius, though Kentaro took most of it. The dust cleared revealing the two bleeding with tattered clothing.

    “Brothers don’t, and I’m sorry for not following through with that. But I’m not going to sit around and watch as my brother is being hurt either,” Kenji replied between heavy breaths. Kentaro narrowed his eyes before standing up straight and holding his arms out with atleast a million beads forming behind him. They then began sticking to each other soon forming a giant man in armor. “Then let’s end it here.” With that the giant then punched down at Kenji, resulting in a larger explosion than before.

    “Fuck! This thing is heavy!” Kenji yelled out. As the dust from the explosion cleared it revealed Kenji being covered by two large black hands. They had protected him from the explosion, and if he hadn’t had this then he probably would have been done for. His portals weren’t wide enough to catch the fist inside, and he couldn’t use his shadow ability again yet. Kenji jumped back with the floating crossed leg Mahakali statue floating backwards, mimicking his movements in a way. “But I agree, baby brother, let’s end it.”

    Kentaro continued to glare at Kenji while Kenji held a face of determination. Kentaro jumped back as well, with his bead giant mimicking his movements as well. “No point in dragging it out with small attacks if we both aim to kill each other.” After Kentaro finished speaking the two then thrust their palms forward. The giant’s exploding fist colliding with the Mahakali’s hands, though instead of two hands all of them shot towards the giant rapidly. The fist mixed with the explosions caused the battlefield to start crumbling and become destroyed. Kenji decided to stop with the back and forth, therefore he shot forward quickly and chopped down with all the hands splitting the giant in two causing a massive explosion. In his line of sight Kenji saw Kentaro jumped high upwards, possibly trying to get onto the cliffs. Kenji deactivated Mahakali before following Kentaro upwards, trying to run out the massive explosion as well.

    Landing on the cliff Kenji grunted as his leg had got caught in the explosion, it was covered in burns but for the most part it’d stay intact, at the worse it’d be unusable for a month or two. He looked forward as Kentaro turned around, his arms gone from the Mahakali taking them off with the chop. “I’m sorry Kenny!” Kenji called out with tears streaming from his cheeks. Kenji got up on his leg and shot forward, “I love you!” Kenji appeared behind Kentaro by using his doors, his Zanpakuto then struck Kentaro through the chest. Kentaro slid off the blade before Kenji fell to his knees sobbing. He dropped his Zanpakuto then pulled Kentaro into his arms, “Forgive me in the next world, please!” Kenji cried out with his head in Kentaro’s chest. Finding his brother at last, just to kill him…


    Kenji sighed as he stopped thinking about three months ago. It was over, and it was done. He never really came to the conclusion if his choice was right or not but he was fine with not knowing. He told no one about the situation but Aya, but whom else was he supposed to tell? Shit for dicks? Hell no! Not that he’d care, not that Kenji had any reason for telling him or anyone else for that matter. He remembered returning to the Gotei 13 not knowing what else to do. His overall plan was to just ride along with his brother no matter what once he found him, but he guessed he gained a sense of morality while being in the Gotei 13. Especially since he decided to stop being that one guy who had allot of sex a few days after the fight. He decided to stay with the Gotei 13, not that he had any attachment to the place, but because Aya stayed. And he wanted to see if he could become something more.

    “So far? Nothing,” Kenji mumbled as his hand dangled from the top of the barracks. He hardly did shit so there was no wonder why he was still unseated after over three months. But hey, the deal was that the Gotei 13 helps him and he’d return the favor. But after that entire time only one guy, girl thing had accepted to help. And all they asked for in return was to torture him, and he liked that sort of stuff so it was ok. But he figured he’d do something atleast…well, after his nap of course.
  19. Gio
    Gio had far too many doubts in his head about what he was about to do. For the last three months he put in significant work in regards to hakuda. But his assignment was to improve in both zanjutsu and hakuda. So after three months of hakuda with a little spitfire of squad 2 he had to make time for zanjutsu. Naturally he tended to his squad five duties in tandem with training. Mok would have shot him again if he didn’t. So now he was looking at the Squad 11 Barracks. If there was anyone qualified to make him better in Zanjutsu they resided in this barrack. It might have been best to try to get the captain but Gio liked living. No point in having two captains aiming at his life. With a deep sigh he stepped in and looked for the Lieutenant. Speaking to her was less likely to bifurcate him….so he believed.

    Sinai probably got the better deal of the group. Whereas Gio and Genesis had to go to another squad captain, she got to go to her own captain. Thankfully with in the last three months she was able to meet the illusive man but it was when Lieutenant Rio became Captain Rio. Her training with Gio and Genesis had been fun and she had something to show for it, considering she was now the 7th seat of squad 2. It was just a time for promotions apparently. Without much hesitation Sinai knocked on her captains door in hopes he was around. At the very least if he wasn’t there she had a back up plan,

    Genesis Rain….three months ago she was just a nurse. Now an idiot and a Kid dragger her out of her comfort zone. Well the kid was her fault she tried to use the girl to get out of training but wound up being dragged into it anyway. For the last three months she tried to teach the girl, Sinai, some basic healing kido in exchange for hakuda lessons. At least that’s what she told herself. Sinai herself and Gio had formed a little training group, trying to teach other and better each other. She wanted nothing to do with combat, but they drew her in. After years of avoiding her own zanpakuto they got her to release it. Both wound up on fire, so it was almost worth it. Being out of practice was an understatement. Now that the gang agreed to split for a bit and train on other things Genesis could really think of anything she wanted to work on… except her zanpakuto. So with a very strange guessing system she wound up at squad 13 to speak with the captain. With a soft knock she announced her presence
  20. It was quiet and if it weren't for the drying piece of parchment in her hands it would have been just another day at the academy for Kame Mihara. Only accompanied in her dorm room with her lifeless set of armour, Kame took a moment to reflect on the precipice of her application. She had spent five long years at the academy, graduating one year earlier than usual due to her diligence. Five long years to hammer out her resolve, lay down her plans and review them until her brain hurt. Five years of researching what she could about the Gotei 13 and Seireitei. Yet Kame still found her hand fumbling with the envelope, why? To stand hand in hand with those stained with the blood of her district disgusted her - serving under them was even worse.

    It was to her great displeasure the fact remained that in order to carry out her vengeance the Twelfth Squad was the one to join. Kame sighed before swiftly wetting the envelope with her tongue, sealing her application inside. There was no doubt in her mind that she'd make it in - she'd had five years to worry about that. Rationalizing the few butterflies in her stomach as anxiety over a late start in her morning workouts, Kame sent the letter out for the captain of the Twelfth Division to review before going for a morning jog around the Seireitei, sword strapped to her hip just in case. She'd check back into her academy dorm once her workout was finished to see if she'd been accepted or not.
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