Bleach: A New Beginning

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  1. 10 years... 10 Years since the Soul Society fell to an unknown source. Ichigo and his friends, the original Gotei 13, the original Onmitsukaido, and every other person of note had fell to this unknown source, dead or dying. And Now, 10 years later, a new Soul Society has been created. This one is different however. This one allows Arrancar, Quincy, Fullbringers, Special Humans, and even Vizards into it's ranks, all are welcome except for Hollows. During the 10 year power vacuum Hollows of all shapes, sizes, and types have nearly over-run the human world, most notably Karakura Town. Normal humans haven't noticed this except for the mass of deaths over these 10 years, but those with spiritual power have noticed, and the amount of deaths and Pluses turning into hollows or getting eaten by hollows is disturbing, numbering in the thousands and hundred thousands. A New Central 46 has not been selected, for their is no Soul King for them to take orders from, so it was decided by the strongest of each 'race' that the Captain Commander shall lead in all things spiritual concerning the Soul Society and the many people and 'races' in the Soul Society agreed to this. With a new leader, new laws, and a more welcoming Soul Society, things are starting to look up for those in the Soul Society, but not all is well. Hollows are still over-running the Human World, and the unknown force is coming back...

    Today is the first day in which the Soul Society is Officially back, and there are many things to be discussed and taken care of before anything else can take precedence. Most notably is the purging of the hollows over-running the human world and Karakura town. Captains also have things to discuss, like how they will run their separate Divisions from now on, how to get a secondary base set up in Karakura Town so that the purging of hollows will be easier to do instead of just sending Shinigami and Arrancar through a Senkaimon and hoping for the best, a method of communication in the human world without the use of Hell Butterflies, and how to construct Gigai so that Shinigami have an easier time in saving un-aware humans.
  2. Yometsu:
    It was just another day in the barracks of Squad 9 with Yomestu working on putting together the next issue of Seireitei news magazine which mainly just contained the new updates for the soul society. "Man this its taking way too long and i'm getting bored," Yometsu thought yawning as he looked at the pile of documents stacked on his desk before having a thought, "I know just what this situation calls for." After putting in a few more lines Yometsu decided to grace himself with his own little "lunch break" to help keep his mind fresh and not exhausted from being in a room all day looking at papers. Most of his squadmates simply sighed as they saw their lieutenant practically skip out towards his usual spot to hide in case the captain came looking for him and caught him slacking off.

    "Come on you sorry lot is that all you guys are capable of! Lets go all of you stand up and at least give me a warm up," were the words being shouted from the captain of Squad 11 as he looked his subordinates lie upon the ground clearly exhaused from his "training" session. Seeing that they were just gonna lie there licking their wounds Krivats sighed as it seemed as though the only person who could take a beating here was the damn training dummy he had crafted by Squad 12 to withstand his blows. After picking up a new training blade and giving the others a day off to rest he decided to spar with his modified dummy seeing that as the only way he was getting a work out until his lieutenant showed up from wherever she went off to. After a few swings he saw little point to keep going as he slowly lost interest and instead decided to go have his nap a bit earlier than he planned until something big happened, and for the sake of the person waking him it better involve a strong opponent.
  3. A hazy smoke rose into the air, blending with the serene atmosphere that had befell on the newly reconstructed Soul Society. As one of the few survivors of the cataclysm that had wiped out thousands upon thousands of lives, yonbantai taichou, Ouka Jinnai, could never forget the shadows and pyres that threatened to consume the very tapestry of not only Seireitei, but of the entire Soul Society. Back then, late Captain-Commander, Kyoraku Shunsui, mustered all available forces and marched against the entity that had destroyed them almost utterly. Perhaps, it was a matter of pure luck or maybe divine intervention, but in the end, she was able to survive the ordeal. Although, she would never forget that day; the day when the Soul Society was placed upon the knife's edge... or rather, the knife was actually plunged, and the lucky few, scrambled and survived. Still, they were recovering from that disaster, and with the new sotaichou, the chances of them regaining back their former glory was already a plausible dream.

    Speaking of the captain-commander, Ouka had always viewed the younger captain Wang with utmost respect. For someone who was almost a hundred years younger than her, captain Wang spearheaded the drastic yet beneficial change that Soul Society was enjoying now. Captain Wang was a ruthless and efficient individual. His personality and ways garnered him a lot of... well, loathers, but for Ouka, they matter not. She believed that it was better to be feared than to be loved. For one, before anyone could be loved, they had to be feared. Individuals 'love' their significant other because they 'fear' to lose them; they know how significant that entity matters to them. Besides, fear drives people into action unlike love which promotes inactivity and abuse. The denizens of the Soul Society would loathe captain Wang now, but Ouka believes that the latter would become a prominent figure. It is not too far-fletched, but Ouka could see a faint image of the late captain-commander Yamamoto within captain Wang. If only half of the denizens in the Soul Society could see the future that captain Wang had visioned for them... progress would be faster.

    Of course, the other captains were a given. Captains Hibiki, Hiruma, Himika, Kamiya, and the others... they all had different ideals and standards. However, all of them were building towards the same goal: redemption of the Soul Society. They were hard-working captains who oversaw the progress of each of their divisions, and as it seemed, they were smoothly transitioning from a desolated band of survivors into a progressing community. Oh! Yes. That poor excuse of a captain, Lancaster, was always a thorn to Ouka's side. Not only was he contributing little to none for the development of the community, his only spare time is senseless and reckless violence. Violence. That was a word that would always make Ouka cringe in disgust. Why must there always be violence in these times? Senseless... just like the captain doing all of those deeds. They had already lose so much... why the need to keep fighting without hesitation? It was extremely dark; a morbid darkness.

    Ouka's thoughts were abruptly interrupted as the teacup that she was holding in her hand shattered under her pained grip. The scalding tea ran across her pale fingers, turning her snow-white skin into a furious hue of red. "I should really calm down..." Ouka mumbled to herself, the gentle breeze soothing her mind as she watched the surroundings from the comfort of the lobby of the Fourth Division's barracks.
  4. Tae Wang strode out of his office which could just as well be called his throne room. Today was just the beginning but it was an important and auspicious day too. It was the day that marked the official start of the new Soul Society. He could hardly say it stood up to the last in terms of power and efficiency as it was merely in its fledgling state and there would be problems upon problems in the times to come trying to manage the now much more diverse divisions with their varied needs but the system they had now had much of the old fat and pointless traditions trimmed. The idiotic old nobles were squarely shoved back into place and there was no Central 46 to louse things up and be vulnerable. No, everything would operate as he desired it. It also made him the lynchpin of it all. It wasn't out of arrogance, though he was aware that that too was present, nor self inflation but as things stood, everything would depend on the strength of the captain commander's decision making to keep the precarious balance in check. If Soul Society didn't move as one, they wouldn't recover nearly fast enough. Not only would they have to do that but they would have to grow stronger. Things didn't just happen and leave. They'd be back at some point and probably before they were as ready as he would like to be. He had thought about what to do in that case and had ultimately decided from the start that he would not even attempt to defend it. He would evacuate and prioritize saving anyone who was on their way to becoming strong enough to matter and he would do it on a massive scale this time. No one else could be depended on to look further into the future and make the most rational decision, however inhumane it might be.

    "I suppose I ought to let them celebrate a bit seeing as how hard they've all worked on reconstruction," he said to himself, stowing a few projects that he'd had in mind to later date. It would be bad if he did things like a slave driver as happier subordinates tended to work better. There was still a mountain of things to do and he wasn't sure how much time he could afford to let them waste but for now it was alright. Perhaps he ought to pay a visit down to the rest just to see how things were coming along. There was also the matter of establishing a force to combat the rising hollow population in the living world that had cropped up due to their decreased activity. That was a force they didn't have but they would have to make, hopefully without mobilizing half of Soul Society to do it.
  5. Hiruma went in his office, sighing as he's stuck doing the boring paper work he hated so much. Today would be a good day to go out to drink some sake. or to see children play ball, or something. Even dating would be an excuse to get out of this mess. But the issue, is that there is no such thing happening at this time and hour, it may be a decent day, but slacking off was out of the question, at least for now. The issue isn't really about signing documents, even though that the office work itself is fastidious. It tends to be the fact that he could be training. There are things he seemed to need to work on anyway. Besides, it could take a single invasion to finish them. And it wouldn't be a good idea to have that aside. After a few moments, he left his office, thinking that the whole idea of reconstruction is insane. He's sadly aware that if Wang didn't do it, someone will take that place. Maybe it is a good thing, after all, but Hiruma isn't sure how to think of it.

    Akari walked among the forest, to witness what remains of the wilderness. Withered trees, while some are growing, while the there was no grass left, just bare earth, along with one she is in front of; filled with numerous scars, it rather looks like a practice dummy than an actual tree. Eventually, She ended up stabbing through the tree. Either that the tree was dying anyway, or that it was already dead, and no one seemed aware of the fact. The thrust was good, but it wasn't as she'd like to expect, it didn't exactly went smoothly. And the other trees didn't seem so suitable, so she decided to head back to her office.
  6. Emilia was currently out in one of the districts of the seireitei, playing with some of the children that were there. Despite popular belief about Arrancars, some were fairly nice, and in Emilia's case loved children. "Alright! Who want's to go next?!" Emilia shouted as all the kinds started shouting "Me!" before Emilia bent down and picked up a little girl that had on worn and ragged clothing. Emilia held the girl to her chest, and spoke softly with a kind smile. "Hold on tight, and feel free to tell me if i went too high okay?" Emilia said as the little girl nodded her brown haired head with a small smile. With that, Emilia crouched down, and focused all of her strength into her legs, before jumping up, going 100's of feet in the sky in nearly 2 seconds, before the little girl tugged on Emilia's white uniform. Emilia smiled and stopped where they were in the sky. She brought the girl out of her bosom and held her while turning so that she could show her all of the Seireitei. "Isn't it beautiful?" Emilia said with a small smile as they looked around all of the Seireitei. Before Emilia started falling towards the ground, as she landed on her feet and let the little girl who now had a large smile on her face go. Emilia spoke quickly before they started asking for their turns. "Alright, sorry guys, but i have to go" At the disappointed 'Awwww' of the children Emilia almost stayed, before she gave a bright smile. "Sorry but i have to go see my captain now, but next time when i come around we can all do this again!" All of the children gave bright smiles and loud 'Yays' before Emilia crouched and jumped towards her Division's training grounds. It took around 20 minutes to get there, but Emilia arrived silently, watching as her captain slept. She quietly got up to him, her face ablaze with a light pink blush, as she neared her face to his. However, before she could do anything her embarrassment got the better of her and instead of kissing him, she shook him awake. "Hey Cap, you can't be sleeping, today's a special day! What say you and i go get some sparring in with each-other. I may not be able to beat you, but i know i can entertain you, and i learn a lot when we spar!" Emilia said with a challenging smirk on her face, in all honesty she really just wanted to fight someone, and the regular members of their Division may have been strong, but they weren't strong enough to entertain Emilia.

    ~~~ Rin Kamiya ~~~
    Rin was currently doing the most important thing in the world! She was fighting off wave after wave of overgrown teddy bears that had somehow taken over the world! Rin quickly cut open a massive teddy before appearing before another one and cutting it's head off. However, one of the teddies got behind her and punched her in the back of the head! Rin startled awake, and looked around, before realizing that the massive teddy invasion was just a dream, sadly. Rin gave a disappointed squeek before she looked around. She had piles of paperwork yea, but she could take care of that later. Rin suddenly remembered that she had to send a hell butterfly to the Captain Commander, as one of her Recon Unit's had managed to come back for the first time and give information on the human world. Even before the Soul Society had been rebuilt the Senkaimon was still here, and she had managed to send in willing soul reapers but now that she had an actual Division it was her job to keep the others updated on the happenings of Karakura Town.

    Rin quickly flashed her Reiatsu, which in turn summoned a hell butterfly. Rin quickly recorded her message into the butterfly and sent it on it's way to the Captain Commander. The message was "One of my Division's recon teams has come back safely for the first time. According to their report there are multiple Area's for any bases we need, those of which are an abandoned warehouse, an abandoned school, and a cluster of houses that were the home of a small group of Hollows that her unit had managed to take care of. But the most important information, was that the hollows numbers had suddenly decreased by 20%, which means that there are less hollows around and we could start taking hollows out with a lower chance of death, it was still around a 70% chance of death for normal division members, but in teams that chance decreased by 50%. Division 13's Private Senkaimon will be open for use from this day on until the Kido Corps are re-created so long as the people going through have been approved by you Sou-Taichou."​
  7. Krivats Lancaster:

    After finally getting in a good rest something had finally dared to wake the captain which meant it had plans to live a short life. However, when he opened his eyes it was just his lieutenant as she had returned from whatever it was she went out to do. "Hey there Emilia glad to see that your back," he replies not fazed at all by the woman being so close to his face, but rather smiled and got up yawning and popping his different bones. After doing his usual morning routine he turned around and pointed outside towards the training grounds and began his walk there saying, "You have no idea how bored i've been since you left it was just one slaughter after another with these men i swear we really have grown softer ever since that attack," he said adding a physical form to his venting by striking a hole in the wall and looked at it, "There were days when this place was filled with those...but I intend to get us back to that day soon and your gonna help me do it alright lieutenant."

    Hiro Tengmaru:

    Finally after hours upon hours of paperwork he had finished approving and reading through every single report that the scouting parties had managed to bring in on their journeys into the World of the Living. He paused taking time to stretch and adjust himself to walking again since he had been sitting down practically all day today filling in for the captain as she went to go off and lounge about somewhere. Hiro decided to go and report to his captain as he thought that she would enjoy hearing about someplace called "Build-a-Bear" workshop that would work as a perfect bargaining chip to get her into filling out her reports. Speaking on that he watched as a hell butterfly floated out of her room which meant that she was awake and hopefully made headway on those papers he gave her a day ago. "Captain I see your finally awake," Hiro says upon entering her room making a mental note of the still rather large stack of papers there sighing mentally before continuing, "I just came to go over the other recent reports that were not if grave importance but still wouldn't hurt to be known."
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  8. Emilia followed her captain while walking. "Sorry about taking so long, i got a little distracted. There were these orphan kids in one of the Districts and i just had to show them the view of the new Soul Society from up high." She said with an excited voice, both excited to spar with someone, and even more excited that it was with her captain, the though made her blush a little before it was pushed away. She watched as he punched a hole into the wall unfazed, as it probably wouldn't be the last one any time soon. "The we might as well get started eh? To signify that we're gonna bring the 11th Division back to the way it was!" She proceeded to strike a hole in the wall next to his, before continuing the walk with him. "And of course i'd help ya do it, ya doofus..." She finished with yet another small blush as they arrived to the Training Grounds. It was a fenced off area, there were tree's all around and there was a massive clearing in the middle. She went to the clearing and stood on one side as she cracked her knuckles and flexed her body to get the kinks out. She took her stance, putting her right arm in a boxer position and her left hand drew out her Zanpakuto, but instead of holding it like normal she had it in a reverse dagger like grip as she bent her knee's. Emilia kind of wished that she knew how to access her Ressureccion so that she could give her captain a better fight, but that's why she was training, so that she could access it. She had accessed it once before when she first turned into a hollow and the power was amazing, her strength was 3X as much as it was now! She wished she could feel that power again, and hoped that she could regain it again one day.
  9. Krivats:

    As they made it to the training grounds Krivats took a second to make sure his swings hadn't dumbed down while he had fallen asleep and cut down one of the trees with ease smiling as he saw it fall down. "Alright Emilia don't hold anything back you hear," he yelled and as if by a trigger his Reiryoku spiked at an alarming rate showing that he was going to be serious at the beginning after having to hold back all day with the regular squadmates. Krivats felt an itch in the back of his head hearing a voice yell out to him, "Just make sure you don't scratch me up too bad this time ya brute!" It stated which he planned on ignoring since he was ready to go wild. As if in a flash Krivats appeared in front of Emilia striking down with everything he had since he knew she should be tough enough to at least survive one of his full blows head on
  10. Krivats speed surprised Emilia as he appeared out of nowhere, though being an Arrancar she could track his movements, but she wasn't fast enough to react properly. As fast as she could Emilia lift her sword up and put all of her strength into the block. Their blades clashed, and a 4 foot crater was the aftermath as it seemed that Krivats and Emilia were at a standstill, showing that with full strength they were evenly matched. Emilia quickly jumped away, causing Krivats Sword to continue it's downward path without any interference as Emilia jumped back. Emilia quickly charged a small ball of energy in her hand and shouted "Bala!" And sent the small bullet of energy towards her captain as she moved around to the side, in a hope to blindside and flank him.
  11. ~~~ Rin Kamiya ~~~
    "Ugh, come on, it's the first day of the Soul Society officially being back, why can't we just relax and bother with paperwork and reports tomorrow? If it's not really really important than i don' wanna do it..." Rin said with her laziness coming out as she laid down on the floor and started rolling back and forth like a burrito. She knew that Reports and Paperwork were important, but unless they were really really important she didn't want to bother with it today. Today she just wanted to louse about and relax, and hopefully get Hiro to potentially do the same, after all, relaxing with friends is better than relaxing alone, and Rin considered everybody in the Soul Society her friend.​
  12. Krivats:

    Krivats was rather impressed to see Emilia block his full on strike with such ease which made his even more excited. He watched as she back up to gain ground and fired off this little ball of energy and while a normal person would have stepped out of the way of such an attack he simply stood there and watched it come. Krivats then proceded to do the strangest thing by holding up his hand and stopped it dead in the palm of his hand before simply crushing it. He laughed as his blood finally started to get pumping when he looked at his hand which was a bit singed from stopping the attack then turned his eyes up to find Emilia who had managed to escape from his vision while that transpired.


    His only reply was to sigh watching his captain roll around on the floor and questioned all of his life decisions that brought him to this point. Though he did have to fake being a workaholic most times he was just as lazy as Rin when it came down to it, but someone had to set a good example for the squadmates. "You know i did hear a little rumor about a shop in the World of the Living that supplied humans with making their own stuffed animals..for free,." Hiro began knowing this would be the perfect thing to get his captain in an excited mood, "But then again its not really all that important and i'll respect your wishes and ignore such boring news captain."
  13. Emilia wasn't at all surprised by the fact that Krivats blocked her Bala, as it was mostly just meant to be a distraction anyway. But seeing him block it with his hand kind of pissed her off a little, as that showed that Krivats had an amazing amount of Spiritual Power, but if Emilia would have gotten hit by a Bala like that it would have pushed her back and do blunt trauma damage to her. As she arrived behind Krivats she jumped upwards and came down on him from above as she Swung her Zanpakuto and spun at the same time, looking very much like a Buzz-saw, while at the same time she was charging a Cero in her free hand.

    ~~~ Rin Kamiya ~~~
    Almost as quickly as Hiro finished talking Rin tackled him, leading them both to land on the floor with her straddling his waist as she grabbed the collar of his shirt and brought him uncomfortably close to her face, as her own visage was one of serious focus. "You will tell me about this place or you will regret it..." Rin said as she brought his face even a little closer. Rin's mind flashed to her private quarters and the many teddy bears of various sizes and shapes that littered it. 'Don't you worry my fuzzy friends, you'll be getting more added into your family soon enough!' Rin shouted in her mind with Conviction, she will get more fuzzies for her 'fluffy family' or so help her she was going to rampage in the human world 'till she found it herself... ​
  14. Krivats:

    He was happy to see that Emilia had managed to elude him and was able to get a surprise attack off at the same time making his reaction a bit slower than usual when blocking the her strike. Another crater was made below him as their swords clashed and he just couldn't help but smile as he threw her off to help him regain his stance. He was a bit surprised when he saw her "little" surprise in her hand, but stood his ground and didn't make any attempt to block this attack. "If your gonna fire that thing better make sure its with all you've got," he warned as he watched her charge up to strike.


    He had to admit he was a bit startled as he went down to the ground as his captain practically pounced on him. He smiled at her threat and knew his plan was a success before replying. "Fine i'll take you and ya know what i'll even get you every stuffed animal you want but..," he paused before pointing at her massive stack of papers, "You have to deal with at least half that mountain by tomorrow or I may just forget exactly where its located." Yeah he knew it was a cruel, at least for her, trap but those papers needed to be done and he'd do anything to make his captain put forth some effort and wasn't backing down like he usually did for her in the past.
  15. Emilia twisted her body while Mid-air when Krivats threw her off, hoping to gain momentum, before she fired off the Cero while still spinning, causing it to become more like a lazer that traced the ground and smashed into Krivats as she yelled out "Cero Haz! (Cero Beam)" This wasn't a special move of any kind, Emilia just found out that if you fired a Cero while moving it became more of a Laser or Beam than just a normal Cero. The Cero left a deep trench in the ground and a large cloud of dust puffed into existence when the beam crashed into Krivats. Emilia couldn't see anything in the cloud, so she just upped her guard as she waited for something to happen.

    ~~~ Rin Kamiya ~~~
    So quickly it was almost like she used a Shunpo did Rin appear behind her desk going through the large stacks of paperwork before she landed on a particularly strange report. Inside it one of her Recon teams had managed to find a large nest of around 20 Adjuchas' and 3 Rouge Arrancars that were leading said nest. The strange thing was that this group weren't attacking humans or eating Pluses, but instead were focusing on attacking her Recon teams, which was strange in the least as there were massive amounts of Pluses at this point in Karakura town, so it didn't make sense. Rin quickly summoned multiple Hell Butterfly's and relayed a message into it before sending the butterflies on their way. The butterflies were on their way to all the other captains of the Soul Society.

    The message was thus. "This is Rin Kamiya, Captain of the 13th Division. I have just read over a report reading that a large nest of around 20 Adjuchas' are being lead by 3 Rouge Arrancars and am requesting assistance on taking care of this threat, I request at the least 3 Lieutenants or 2 captains to help in this, as my own Lieutenant will also be going to take care of this threat. This will be the first step in getting rid of the hollow infection in Karakura Town." Before Rin summoned 1 more Hell Butterfly that was specifically for the Captain Commander. "Sir, as you may have noticed from the other Hell Butterfly that has arrived, there is a strange nest of strong hollows and am requesting permission to proceed with the task specified in the previous hell butterfly." She sent the final Hell Butterfly on it's way as Rin looked towards her Lieutenant. She spoke in a serious tone, which rarely happened, as she stared at him with a serious visage. "Lieutenant prepare yourself, you have a potential mission to eliminate a large group of Adjuchas' level hollows and 3 Rouge Arrancars. You will be getting Assistance on this mission, though from whom, i do not know..."
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  16. Ouka shook her head, apparently surprised as to why her hand turned red after the tea ran down her fingers. The burning sensation somewhat reminded her of the pain that, maybe, her comrades were facing. During the early days of the reconstruction, the number of patients in the Coordinated Relief Station was almost ridiculous. For Ouka, it was somewhat of a normal event... After all, the efforts to stabilize Karakura was intense because of the deadly hollows that had taken residence. The Hollows were apparently targeting squads that were sent to conduct some reconnaissance in the human world. Yes. The majority of the fallen were members of Squad 13, Captain Kamiya's squad. It was quite pitiful. Some made it, some never did-- some made it... just not in one piece. So much blood had already been spilled. These thoughts sent a shiver down Ouka's spine, and the only thing that snapped her out from this chain of thoughts was the pesky, black butterfly that treated her face as something of a flower-- flying here, there... everywhere!

    It was a Jigokucho-- a hell butterfly. These were messengers for the Shinigami. "A message?" Ouka mumbled. Her calm face, suddenly, lit up as she realized what the message was: it was a request for assistance. Apparently, Captain Kamiya wanted to send in a squad to deal with a rising threat of a hollow nest. "Is it that bad for Captain Kamiya to request two captains to deal with it? If it is... I can't leave, then. I need to be here to remedy anything that might happen. Still, I need to talk with Captain Kamiya about this." Ouka decided with certainty. The captain stood up gracefully, and sighed in doubt.

    The Squad 13 barracks weren't that far, but with her speed, it took her a while to actually reach it. The barracks was as homey as it was before. However, Squad 13 was losing members left and right. They couldn't be blamed. Karakura is under their jurisdiction, and they must do all in their power to keep that place safe-- even the cost of shinigami lives. Ouka announced her entry to the division members, and asked for a member to escort her to where Captain Kamiya was. Upon spotting the captain, Ouka smiled at the way that her youth was giving her a boost amidst the terrible fate that befell her members. Ouka knocked on the wall to announce her presence, and upon revealing herself to Captain Kamiya and her lieutenant, Hiro Tengmaru, Ouka bowed deeply to the two, and sat in the traditional style on the floor.

    "Greetings, Kamiya-taichou, Tengmaru-fukutaichou, how fares the both of you?" Ouka smiled warmly at the two. "I came here due to the jigokucho that you had sent. However, I might disappoint you with my answer, but nonetheless, I'd like to reassure you that I will place my squad in constant care for your members. I would have wanted to partake in your request, but if the threat is so great as it seems, then, perhaps, I would need to stay here in Seireitei to attend to any crisis." the captain spoke calmly. "You are the one most responsible for keeping Karakura safe, and I believe that you can succeed in your task. Still, you must take it easy, Kamiya-taichou. Do not let the deaths of your members burden you." Ouka smiled at her fellow captain. "You have good men, Kamiya-taichou. Treasure them." she nodded to Tengmaru with a grin.
  17. Krivats:

    He heard her shout the move as it came towards him but wasn't expecting it to be so fast since it did turn into a beam. In order to not be injured he shouted out, "Lets go wild, Mitō no bīsuto!" As his shikai was unleashed his reiryoku increased further enabling his blade to slice clean through the Cero watching the blast scatter and make more craters upon impact. "Well will ya look at that you forced me have to use my have gotten stronger," he said laughing as he set his blade upon his shoulder smiling. Before he has time to charge forward and continue their battle he was stopped seeing a hell butterfly come towards him delivering the message from Rin. Hearing the details he was even more excited as he turned towards his lieutenant, "Change of plans kid seems like we've got a more interesting fight coming up."


    "Heh well at least it'll beat having to sit around here all day," Hiro said getting up and cracking his bones. He quickly bowed in respect towards Ouka as he walked in to inform her of the news that he would not be able to participate in the battle. "Its alright Ouka-taichou at the very least we can count upon squad 11 to send the back up we need." Though he wasn't too happy with the thought of having to venture out with the beast like captain of Squad 11 he wasn't really in the position to say no to a powerful ally. "Oh and captain don't think about slacking off while i'm gone or else..." Hiro said knowing that she would try and find some way to get out of the work the moment he left.
  18. Emilia quickly had a grin spread across her face at her Captain's comment about her getting stronger. "Thanks Cap! I trained really hard to get where i am today! Though, i'm kind of sad that i haven't gotten my Ressureccion yet..."As she said this a small regretful smirk appeared on her face, before she tensed seeing as her Captain was about to charge forward, before suddenly a Hell Butterfly appeared and went towards her Captain. "Yes! I hope i get to go! I want to try and fight someone who might not possibly smash my face in!" Emilia said this as a joke, mostly, as in previous spars a majority of them ended with Emilia getting knocked out by her Captain punching her square in the face and breaking her nose, subsequently causing her to go to the 4th division for healing. Emilia actually quiet liked the Captain, Ouka, as the girl was very kind to everyone, though not so much those in the 11th division. It didn't matter to Emilia though, as she figured that Ouka would warm up to her eventually and hopefully they could be friends. It wasn't easy being an Arrancar that sided with the Soul Society, as even though the Shinigami didn't hate her, but they were in fact scared of Arrancar which caused them to be isolated, and even other Arrancar didn't interact with Emilia, as they found her too Kind, so other Arrancar thought her more of an annoyance that they'd rather not have around. At this thought Emilia frowned outwardly, she really wanted friends, as the only one she could call remotely her friend was her Captain Krivats... All these thoughts were shaken out as she began to walk towards the entrance-exit to the training ground.

    ~~~ Rin Kamiya ~~~
    Rin quickly gained a happy smile when she saw Ouka enter her office. Rin liked Ouka very much, as the girl treated Rin both respectfully, and playfully, just how she liked it. Rin quickly escaped the terror that was paperwork and tackled Ouka into the ground into a large hug, as Rin rubbed her cheek against Ouka's with a wide smile, before she stood up. Ouka words about Rin's division sank into her head. "Thank you, i really do appreciate it..." Rin said as she looked at Ouka with a small sad smile, a tear forming in her right eye before it disappeared. "And yes, i do know that i have great men, and i thank you once more for the compliment." Rin said as she looked at Hiro with a small blush before it quickly disappeared. "Oh silly silly Hiro, we both know that no matter what, i will find a way to not do that accursed paper-work, you just won't know it..." Rin said giving a sly smirk towards Hiro. "For now, i'm just waiting on Wang Sou-taichou to give me the O.K. for this mission."​
  19. Krivats:

    He had sent the hell butterfly back towards it master with a message that he would be there soon and turned to walk out of the training grounds. He saw Emilia looking down at the ground as if she was in deep thought and wondered what it was about, but got a vague idea after seeing her try to shake her ideas from her head. Krivats placed his hand upon her head and patting it, "Keep your head up lieutenant you'll get nowhere if your always looking down at the ground all the time." With those words he carried on through the building not bothering to place his zanpakuto back in its sheath as that would require too much work. "Your kinder than you let on brute too bad its shown oh so rarely," came a teasing voice in his mind which he just pretended to ignore and picked a random squad member to be in charge until he got back.


    "Oh course you will," he sighed but wasn't too down about it since he had planned to take her to the store regardless of her completing the task or not. He Then walked outside and waited for any captains or lieutenants to arrive after hearing the message. "I guess this time i'm gonna have to really try on this mission..bummer," Hiro thought knowing the importance of the mission and wanted to avenge his fallen squadmates just as equally, but he did have a lazy soul as well when it came to hard objectives.

    The 12th division rocked a little and the sounds of the its captain, still far away from his work, echoed out a few divisions over. His reiatsu flared up in a compact blue aura around him as he stormed out of his man-cave for all of a few steps before becoming too lazy to bother as he brought a nice, easy current of reishi under his feet and glided on that instead. He went right by his actual office where others were forced to do the work that should by all rights be his.

    "Did you lose, Captain?" one of the division member asked in a joking tone.

    "Of course not. It just took a lot more work than usual. It'd take the server dropping for that to happen and we have more auxiliary procedures than the 4th. If Soul Society crumbled, the internet would be the last thing to go," Shinobu huffed. This was a somewhat normal routine for him, always raging about something, even when he won which was all the time these days given that he was quite a few cuts above a normal human's capabilities. Coupled with unrealistically high standards, the result was pretty natural, if unreasonable. A hell butterfly made its way over to him and for a second, he thought about a hasty retreat so he could avoid the message and thus all work involved with it. And with that, he was off in the direction of the 11th. The message has obviously come from the 13th so going there was the last place he wanted to be.


    Wang glanced over as a hell butterfly fluttered over to him flanked by a couple more and delivered a message about some recon and a basic update, then the others about more serious business. Frankly, he didn't care all that much about the percentages for things that didn't matter. He'd never mobilize a force with a high chance of casualties when he could easily send a bit more and negate that. On this day especially so. They had been gaining a good momentum since starting reconstruction and they had better keep it. Things had certainly decided to not be uneventful for him.

    "Permission granted to deal with both at your leisure. Take more forces than you need. There's no point in sacrificing anyone because we were too prideful to send more than enough to barely get the job done. Everyone comes back alive," he said back to the butterfly before sending it back where it came from with his response. The other two he brought with him and began recording another message for them, directed at a certain slacker while he headed off to the 10th or 11th to make sure he could access him in case he needed to send him over there. It probably wasn't necessary but having manpower on hand was the right thing to do. He wouldn't have any disastrous errors when they'd only just begun and had so little wiggle room to work with.
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