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  1. Hello Internet roleplayers, my name is AnimeOtakuGirl8477 and I'm wondering if anyone would like to rp the BlazBlue Game universe with me. This roleplay is an AU universe, meaning that the actual characters will not be involved with the story. The only thing I will ask of you is that there like be no overpowering and god modding characters. Remember, not everyone can use magic. On a further note, I can't have people stealing actual weapons from the original characters. Blood scythe is ONLY Ragna's, not yours

    Here's a character sheet for if you're interested, send me a message of your completed character sheet and you'll be admitted entrance to the group I'll make

    Character Name:


    General Appearance: Eyes, Hair, Height, and other visual details. Pictures also work.


    Current Goal/Purpose: Their agenda they would like to accomplish.
    Secret: That one thing they don't want the world to find out.


    General History: Childhood and important events that helped make your character who they are today.

    Present Life: The events in the present life that tie them to the current plot!
  2. Props for being thorough on the CS I'll see about having one up in a bit. Quick question, though, is it okay if we make parallel characters without making obvious intellectual ripoffs? Like, say I wanted to make a parallel of Azrael, super strong bad guy with limiters,, or a parallel of Kagura, pervert with political power, would that be alright?

    A bit off topic, but if it's not obvious, one of my favorites is Amane Nishiki. Also, in BlazBlue, I found my favorite bad guy ever - Azrael. Tell me, who are your favorite characters, combat or personality wise?
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  3. If I didn't feel that I was already spreading myself a bit thin, I'd probably join in this. Blazblue's got a neat setting with a lot of depth to it, for a fighting game. And it's definitely something where I've tossed around the idea of running some sort of RPG in it.
  4. @Verbal Abuse- Of course that would be ok! I was actually planning on doing the same anyway xD I'd have to say my favorite character personality wise is Kokonoe, but personality wise and gameplay wise would be Noel and Ragna :3

    @R- 9 Pilot- I've always wanted to RP the blazblue universe but I always thought it was a bit complicated if it was just between two people, but then I thought "I could just do this in a group RP.."
  5. I'm working on a CS I have saved in Notepad right now, and I was wondering what is constant in this AU. Is the NOL still in power? Did or does the Mage's Guild exist (my current character in progress is a secret Mage's Guild Operative)

    What about Sector Seven? Does or did the Ikaruga Federation exist? I'll assume that the Black Beast still existed considering that is the premise of all lore in BlazBlue.

    And lastly, what about the Nox Nyctores and the Six Heroes? Maybe they're different individuals? And it seems suiting to ask, since Rachel lives in her own world, do the Alucard's still exist, or maybe they're just different individuals with a different butler?
  6. Then NOL is still in power yes

    The Mage's Guild can exist too, that's another organization that can oppose the NOL lol

    Sector Seven still exists but it's more larger and is more well-known then in the BlazBlue universe

    The Ikaruga Federation hm? I haven't really thought all that much about it, I haven't done so with the Nox nyctores, Six Heroes, or Rachel either
  7. Well, since you haven't thought of it yet, let me pose a few ideas which sound the best to me

    The Nox Nyctores all still exist, since they were meant to be weapons made to use in case of another great evil (such as Terumi or another Black Beast (which means Gigant is still a possibility, oh my)) and participants should be aloud to claim Nox Nyctores if their character fits the weapon.

    The Six Heroes were the same, except for Hakumen*, Valkenhayn (for a to be stated reason), and, technically, Bloodedge (who wasn't really one of the Six Heroes, but someone should take his place as a catalyst in the grand scheme**)
    This means that Konoe "Nine" Mercury, Mitsuyoshi Jubei, Yuuki Terumi, and Trinity Glassfille still existed. This also means that Yuuki Terumi and by extension Hazama/Kazuma is still a problem in this world, and that by extension of Konoe and Jubei existing, either Kokonoe or a parallel to her must exist in this universe.

    The Alucard's still exist, and they are just as prominent, but there will have to be a parallel to Rachel and Valkenhayn, and for the sake of lore, Clavus.

    Show Spoiler
    *:Hakumen is Jin Kisaragi from another timeline. I suppose technically he could exist, or maybe our world's parallel to Jin could be the canon Hakumen, but we'd still need a Hakumen parallel in that case.
    **:And in case you didn't know, Ragna the Bloodedge is the second Black Beast. Yeah.

    So required parallels thus far if my plans are enacted are:

    Ragna the Bloodedge
    Hakumen (?)
    Jin Kisaragi (?)
    Valkenhayn R. Hellsing
    Rachel Alucard
    Clavus Alucard (non-playable, to be determined by the Rachel parallel character)

    Jin and Hakumen are questionable due to the information in the spoiler

    And as for the Ikaruga Federation, they would exist in canon if not for the Imperator, so if there is a parallel imperator or Saya Izanami exists in this universe (and by that extent, sibling to the Ragna and Jin parallels), then the Ikaruga Federation is nothing and Wadatsumi is still a pile of junk. If there is no parallel, then Terumi and potentially other parts of the NOL are the main antagonists, as well as those who wish to join forces with Terumi.
  8. Character Name: Wesli Mikels
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Fox Beastkin
    Age: 24
    Birthplace/World: Near Akitsu - In present UK
    Occupation: Mage's Guild Operative


    General Appearance: Vibrant green eyes and long, fiery red hair, somewhat short and somewhat lanky. Curvy, good birthing thighs, but flat butt. (This is BlazBlue, I couldn't help but mention that) Light skin with the occasional freckle, moreso on the face.
    Strengths: Powerful magic, small profile, light footsteps
    Weaknesses: Physically weak, though not particularly frail
    Powers: Telekinesis and elemental magic, with necromantic abilities she keeps hidden, uses thralls made from inanimate objects using artificial souls
    Weapons: Clawed right hand, magic, a straightsword used mostly for telekinesis, thralls (the most notable of which is a scarecrow)


    Current Goal/Purpose: Secret Operative for the Mage's Guild, sent to gather information on the NOL
    Talents: Very quiet, adept at telekinesis and necromancy. Can create a soul through her magical energy and bring an inanimate object to life as part of her necromantic ability.
    Inabilities: Can't use teleportation, invisibility, or healing magic, and finds it utterly inconvenient. Also inept at fist fighting, relying on her fox claws for physical damage.
    Fears: Sexual attack, deformative bodily injury (ie dismemberment), loss of family/friends, loud noises
    Personality: Wesli is brave, but not fearless. She has the ability to face her fears, but if she's scared, she might shake. Her keen survival instincts tend to keep her alive in battle due to her fear. She is quick thinking and intelligent, and seems to have an inner feeling of intellectual superiority, understanding both science and magic. She shuns Ars Magus because it allows non-mages to use techniques they shouldn't be able to, and believes that mages were given their abilities for some cosmic reason. Wesli also prides herself on the swiftness of her lithe body, and takes good care of her tail and hair, sometimes resorting to cleaning them with her teeth. Overall, however, Wesli believes that the only judges of superiority are fate and intellect, not social status. Of course, what mage doesn't believe in forces outside of science? She's extremely superstitious, believing in fate, spirits, some sort of higher power, luck, et cetera.
    Secret: Mostly, the intellectual superiority complex she can't shake. She also prefers to hide her fear, which is part of her bravery. More than anything, she doesn't want her colleagues in the MAge's Guild to know her father was a former member of the NOL Wings of Justice.
    More: Her father is a former NOL Wing of Justice, and not the kind in white, either. He cut and run, however, after he refused to deal justice to one of his quarries - Wesli's mother.


    General History: Her mother was a beastkin in the same way as Mitsuyoshi Jubei, her father was human. They never spoke of how they met, but were a very loving couple, and being a single child, Wesli grew up with an idealized idea of romance and love. It wasn't until she turned 13 that she was told of how the two met, as a sort of way to dissuade her from romantic entanglement. It instead made her much pickier in choosing lovers. She did, however, as her parents had hoped, end up somewhat loveless until she was old enough to join the Mage's Guild after showing magical aptitude. From there, she became a member of the more military and espionage branches of the Guild, focusing her abilities towards combat magic and assistance. She was adept in multiple magics - telekinesis and elemental - but her true colors were discovered when she found out the secrets of necromancy. From raising the dead to making magic souls, she was innately talented in it, her telekinesis being a simple magic for her. She allowed her elemental magic to falter slightly until recently, when she became much more active with missions.

    Present Life: Currently, Wesli is a spy sent by the Mage's Guild to keep an eye on the NOL and report all findings to the Mage's Guild. Also, through her missions, she gained a contact in Sector Seven - the child of the Six Heroes members, Konoe "Nine" Mercury, and Mitsuyoshi Jubei, the first of which being a member of the Ten Sages

    The sword (open)

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